eoSim Provides Validated Affordable Surgical Training Solutions

surgical training box

Looking for affordable surgical training boxes with performance tracking through various OS platforms? Check out the various elegant surgical trainers from eoSurgical.

With eoSim, Trainees can learn advanced suturing techniques with the top of the range SurgTrac Elite take-home simulator, with access to the Core, Advanced and Elite Curricula.

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Includes everything you need to take your skills training to the highest level:

  • SurgTrac training platform: access to our new SurgTrac software and the 6-module SurgTrac Elite Curriculum (in addition to the Core & Advanced Curricula).
  • Complete the SurgTrac Elite curriculum via distance learning, and receive remote assessment & feedback from our faculty.
  • Follow your skills progression via your online profile – now accessible from any device.
  • See the fastest times for each module via the Top Scalpel leaderboard.\
  • 6 x laparoscopic instruments: Ratcheted grasper, non-ratcheted grasper, scissors, knot pusher (to make reusable endoloops) & a pair of needle holders.
  • 3 x practice models: Peg-board (with thread), three-clip board, two-clip board & suture pad.
  • Disposables for practice models: 1 x roll of nylon thread, 2 x gloves, 4 x precision cutting templates, 4 x dice, 5 x paper clips, 6 x elastic bands, 8 x red & blue instrument stickers, 10 x foam tubes, 10 x white balloons, 10 x green balloons, 12 x 3/0 braided sutures.
  • High Definition 1080p USB plug-and-play scope built in.
  • LED light strip built in to provide optimal illumination.
  • Compatible with Mac OS 10.7 onwards and Windows 7 onwards.
  • Single user license
  • Also works with Tablets and Smartphones – even quicker and easier to get practising.

Learn more on the eoSurgical website!

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Surgical Science Shares 2016 EndoSim Product Updates

endosim from surgical science

Recently heard from Surgical Science about the 2016 updates of their EndoSim system, which won an iF Design Award last year! Using advanced modeling technology, lifelike anatomic detail and realistic touch feedback, physicians can now experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence and proficiency. Watch the video below for the latest EndoSim updates:

About the EndoSim

EndoSim, a cutting edge flexible endoscopic simulator from Surgical Science, delivers medical simulation training with unequaled graphics, usability and haptics (tactile feedback).

The complete EndoSim system includes a haptic hardware platform, with force feedback on insertion and rotation; a unique detachable desktop haptic unit; two scopes (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), with full insertion length tubes; Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1 & 2, and Therapeutic Skills software modules; all necessary computer and monitor hardware; and a height adjustable rolling SimFrame.

Key Product Features Include:

  • True-to-life physiological responses and tool behavior
  • The only available detachable desktop haptic unit for enhanced portability and usability
  • Comprehensive training package, including administrator-friendly course planning features
  • Customizable skill training and case scenarios
  • Extensive performance metrics

EndoSim Software Modules:

  • Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1
  • Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 2
  • Therapeutic Skills
  • Lower GI: Colonoscopy Intubation (additional module)
  • Upper GI: Gastroscopy Intubation (additional module)

About the iF Design Award

Surgical Science announced today that SimFrame, the platform for the company’s flagship LapSim and EndoSim systems, has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Gold iF Design Award. An international jury of experts evaluated nearly 5,000 entries from across the world, awarding 1,629 iF Design Award winners.

Of those, 75, including Surgical Science, were recipients of the additional iF Gold Award for “best in competition,” honoring particularly exceptional design achievements. “When we developed the SimFrame platform we wanted it to be sophisticated, elegant and easy to use, both inside and out,” said Hans Uddenberg, global product manager. “Our team has managed to pair cutting-edge technology with premium design that has established us as a design leader beyond the borders of virtual reality surgical training. This award is a testament to the designers, engineers and others who worked with a tireless attention to detail to produce something of global critical acclaim.”

Learn more on the Surgical Science website!

Hollywood Special FX Artists Help Boston Children’s Train for Pediatric Surgery

boston children's healthcare simulation surgery hollywood

From Engadget.com:

Boston Children’s Hospital has formed an odd partnership with a practical special effects company to create more realistic surgery simulator models. Santa Monica-based Fractured FX is well acquainted with human anatomy (and gore), having worked on FX’s bloody American Horror Story. It also helped recreate surgeries performed in the early 1900s on the Cinemax Series The Knick. For its part, Boston Children’s Hospital has had a surgery simulator program for quite awhile, but decided it needed to up the realism quotient and give doctors a better “haptic” feel for patient’s organs.

With input from Boston Children’s Hospital doctors, Fractured FX developed models “not only look real, but they feel real,” according to the hospital’s press release. They contain “artificial tissues that bleed and pulsate, man-made blood vessels that feel like the real thing when doctors insert a catheter and special gels that feel like brain tissue when an endoscope is guided through them.” The FX team need to develop new designs and materials for the models, with the doctors giving them feedback as to how realistic they felt compared to real organs.

From Children’s Hospital Website:

“A lot of us had aspirations in medicine, and have collaborated with prosthesiologists to help improve prosthetics artistically,” says Fractured FX CEO Justin Raleigh. “We wanted to take our skills in special effects to try and help people.”

One model, of the neck and upper chest, was developed in consultation with the hospital’s ECMO team, is designed to help surgeons put critically ill children on heart-lung bypass. The model includes tissues that bleed and pulsate, blood vessels and the vagus nerve, which surgeons need to avoid.

A second simulator, developed with the neurosurgical team, is helping teach surgical residents how to perform a tricky procedure called endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV), used to treat hydrocephalus. ETV uses an endoscope to remove tumors and bypass other blockages that prevent fluid from draining from the brain. This requires working perilously close to the basilar artery—if that artery is torn, the patient could die. The simulators, made with special gels that feel like real brain tissue, help surgeons hone their hand-eye coordination.

Learn more at Endaget.com & the Children’s Hospital Website!

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First Oculus Rift Surgery Demonstrates Power of 1st Person A/V & VR in Medical Simulation Training

oculus rift surgery

Level 3 Healthcare recently shared with us an amazing new video highlighting the first surgical event available to experience first person through the oculus rift. The team of Dr Thomas Gregory, an orthopedist surgeon teaching at the Paris Descartes University and graduated in Science at the Imperial College, realized a total hip replacement filmed thanks to two cameras that were fixed at Dr Gregory’s eyes level and recorded the surgery in stereoscopic 3D with a 180° field of view. The footage is now watchable in virtual reality thanks to the Oculus Rift technology. This video now represents an exceptional training tool, to the extent that students and surgeons can for the very first time visualize a surgery and live it as if they were the surgeon. Watch the video below to get a feel for what I believe learners will be able to experience in the future with EVERY healthcare procedure!

This video is a teaser of a project funded by the MOVEO Foundation aiming to improve surgeon training. You can visit the official Foundation’s website here: http://www.fondation-moveo.com/

Surgical Teams Benefit From New S2 Interactive Simulation Training Platform


Recently I came across a post from S2 Interactive, which provides training solutions for surgical teams. Learn why the company continues to successfully help surgery teams improve performance outcomes with their products and services:

Simulation offers obvious benefits in surgical training for both surgeons, residents and nurses. Sophisticated virtual reality simulators provide anatomically realistic recreations of many operations, with inbuilt metrics allowing for virtual practice in order to improve surgical efficiency, patient outcomes and reduced liability. Hospitals and medical schools view simulation training as the preferred method of training for many specialties. Prior to simulation being introduced, surgeon training traditionally consisted of repeated practice on patients. Surgical residents and fellows were exposed to innumerable operative cases over many years with supervision tailored to their needs. This type of surgeon training process has changed radically in recent years. Minimally invasive surgical techniques have led to fast track and ambulatory surgery; service targets and reductions in working time have reduced training opportunities for young doctors; and strong ethical imperatives have made it unacceptable for novices to learn “on patients”.

Should a hospital invest $265,000 for training of 5 scrub technologists and one applies a turnover rate of 20%, the hospital will lose 1 of the 5 recent hires during the first year. Accounting for the turnover results in the hospital investing $265,000 for training 4 scrub techs, a net of $66,250 for the training of 4 techs. The growing need for techs along with a high turnover rate are being forced to examine ways to lower training costs while insuring quality standards and patient care is being met.

surgical training improvements s2 interactive

S2 conducted research to validate users accelerated learning by using VirtualBackTableTM. S2 confirmed the improved skills were transferable to the operating room. Participants reviewed surgeon specific procedures they had previously seen at least 1X in the VBT software. Results indicated that by reviewing the identical surgeon specific procedure in Virtual BackTable for 5 – 7 minutes a competency improvement of 44 – 250% was achieved when compared to the user’s baseline knowledge. The study indicates that VBT, if briefly reviewed prior to scrubbing a procedure, has a significant beneficial impact in surgery. Improved surgeon specific instrument proficiency by the surgical technician will improve the procedural outcomes, increase efficiency, and contribute to improved patient safety. Virtual BackTable has been proven to assist scrub teams learn procedures in multiple specialties. The below charts reflect the dramatic improvement for various scrub members utilizing VBT in order to learn various procedures in multiple specialties. All data is on file at S2 Interactive, Inc.

About S2 Interactive:

“S2 Interactive, Inc. is a Delaware C corp. founded by Larry Foster, R.N., in September, 2011. After working as a surgical nurse and spending 26 years in leadership roles within sales, marketing and professional education in the orthopedic & spine industry, Larry was convinced there was an opportunity to teach hospital staff to learn and manage surgical instruments more efficiently and safely. Larry spent five years working with technology experts realizing with the current trends in healthcare there was a clear need to increase hospital staff productivity/efficiency while driving cost savings. Larry’s vision combined with the introduction of user-friendly “hand held” technology platforms (tablets) enabled S2 Interactive to develop Virtual Back Table and Tray Touch software platforms.

Virtual Backtable™ is a unique cloud-based platform that provides hospital specific surgical procedure staff training. By using Virtual Backtable, the OR staff can deliver any procedure safely and consistently, according to specific surgeon requirements. VBT shortens the training time and sharpens the skills of the scrub staff with a market first virtual instrument simulation option for every procedure using hospital specific instruments and trays. Scoring is immediate in order to provide instant feedback and rapid improvement. VBT has assisted in the instrument training for over 150 various procedures in a variety of specialties. We trained over 1,000 individual users during the past 2 years resulting in a lower costs and faster training time for our customers.”

Read the full article and learn more at the S2 Interactive Website

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Videos Series: Simulab Provides Realistic Cost-Effective Surgical Training Through TraumaMan & CentraLineMan


In the past few months, Simulab has sponsored my travel to numerous locations across the United States so that I could get a firsthand look at Medical Simulation Programs successfully utilizing the TraumaMan and CentraLineMan for surgical training. I spent numerous hours visiting with Simulation directors, educators, and technicians all of whom had ecstatic praise of Simulab for their cost-effective, efficient, reliable and realistic training solutions. During this time I put together several short videos which highlight testimonials by these power users of the company and its TraumaMan and CentraLineMan products.

atls training simulator

  1. Introduction to Simulab – Meet the company’s COO Doug Beghile and hear from top clinical educators about why Simulab is the company to work with.
  2. LSU Hospital OR Ex-Lap In Situ Using TraumaMan – Watch a surgical team repair a nicked aorta and insert a chest tube during an in situ medical simulation OR scenario!
  3. One TraumaMan trains 200 healthcare professionals a month – Learn how Simulab products can train cost effectively through efficient skin changes for technical staff at the accredited Northshore University simulation center!
  4. CentraLineMan Proven to Reduce Infections & Hospital Costs – Learn how the CentraLineMan was successfully used in this Feinberg School of Medicine research project for better residency performance outcomes.
  5. TraumaMan Product Breakdown – Learn about the features of TraumaMan and the new surgical abdomen addon. Watch real time procedure cuts and see firsthand the realism of Simulab skins.
  6. CentraLineMan Product Breakdown – Watch the features of the CentraLineMan during “first-cut” experiences to witness the realism of Simulab skins and training procedures.

cvc training simulator

What I can say from all of this work is that anyone looking to train the procedures below MUST take a look at Simulab. Their attention to detail and fast reliable service was spoken about by end users time after time in the videos above. However, having spent time with their leadership these past few months– my biggest personal takeaway was just how much the Simulab team cared about the training outcomes of their customers. Everywhere we went, folks were thrilled to see the team and vice versa — and that is exactly the kind of relationship you want with a simulation vendor!

TraumaMan Surgical Trainer & Optional Systems Training Opportunities:

  • Cricothyroidotomy
  • Chest Tube Insertion
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Needle Decompression
  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage
  • IV Cutdown
  • Suturing, Incisions
  • Catastrophic Event Team Training:
    • Nicked Aorta Module
    • Flexible Abd. surgical space

CentraLineMan Standard & Optional Systems Training Opportunities:

  • Central Vascular Catheterization Using Subclavian, Supraclavicular, and Internal Jugular approaches
  • Sterile technique
  • Locating vessels with ultrasound
  • Inserting Needle
  • Threading guidewire
  • Passing dilator and triple lumen catheter
  • Performing line maintenance
  • Learning to use ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Locating vessels using palpable landmarks

Have questions about my engagements with Simulab? Email me and I’ll be happy to share more!

Visit Simulab.com to learn more!