Level 3 Healthcare Highlights Debriefing System SIMStation at IMSH 2016 – Video Interview

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At IMSH 2016 HealthySimulation.com was on hand to interview exhibitors to learn about innovative products and services in medical simulation. Today we continue our coverage with an interview with Level 3 Healthcare, experienced medical simulation program A/V integrators who are also distributing the Austraian-based SIMStation system. Learn more through our short interview below:

About Level 3 Healthcare

Level 3 Healthcare is a customer focused group of medical engineers trained in the process of integrating current audiovisual technology to medical work spaces, clinical training centers and simulation labs. Level 3 Healthcare provides advanced multimedia solutions in OR’s, ER’s, ED’s and medical education centers. This healthcare engineering group has pioneered designs in large anatomy labs, dental training facilities, telehealth initiatives, live HD video distribution, 3-D surgical theaters, recording, archiving, content management and video media retrieval systems.

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Level 3 Healthcare’s core competency is integrating the myriad of medical, simulation, broadcast and professional technology into a seamless, easy to use system, curriculum or application. Our approach is to work directly with our clients to understand their needs and curriculum and apply technology to improve efficiency, work flow and learning. Examples of our applications include; intraoperative surgical suites, digital O.R.’s, nursing simulation centers, procedure rooms, 3-D visualization facilities, clinical AV networks, campus-wide central recording systems and telemedicine video conferencing initiatives for collaboration and critical decision making.

About the SIMStation System

SIMStation is the most advanced high-end solution for video supported in situ simulation. SIMStation facilitates high-end simulations and debriefings of a quality previously only achievable in complex, stationary simulation centers. Plug ‘n’ simulate! The SIMStation in situ system is pre-engineered and already configured with all necessary hardware and software upon delivery. We have designed the system so that even people without specific technical know-how are able to assemble and operate it. Assembly of the system is very straightforward: one merely needs to connect each component and room to a single network cable. The entire assembly time takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on location and circumstances.

  • Training Room: 3 HD-quality cameras, 5 wireless microphones plus 1 ambient microphone Patient monitor capturing Control Room Voice-of-God, Voice-to-Trainer Full HD recording in 1080p, labelling of important scenes and checklists
  • Debriefing Room “Debriefing deluxe” with mobile HD projector and SIMStation
  • Tablet Live transmission of scenario in debriefing room

Learn more about Level 3 Healthcare and SIMStation!

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KBPort Delivers Medical Simulation Hardware and Software Solutions


In the world of medical simulation video recording technology, finding individuals with almost 20 years of experience is is a rarity. In that sense, KBPort CEO Chuck Miller has been working in medical simulation a long time having been connected with projects back in 1994! KBPort is a Pennsylvania based company he started with some others in 2005 and has since provided medical simulation centers around the world with video recording hardware and debriefing software solutions.

Watch my video interview below to learn more about the company and its range of medical simulation hardware and software solutions.

Chuck says KBPort’s strength is to be able to take any type of audio/video or data signal from any type of device and marrying those components for a complete debriefing system.  One of the clear differences I saw immediately with their system was that video was not only being shot in HD, but recorded in HD as well. Chuck showed me “Fusion HD”, a HD-recording web-based format, that can handle up to 16 cameras and systems compatible with all major manikin manufacturing brands (called SimLink), with an “all-networked” infrastructure that keeps a minimal technology-rack infrastructure.

medical simulation recording system

Fusion HD Features Include:

  • Hi-Definition Capture and Display
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • SimLink captures Gaumard, Laerdal, and METI Data
  • Multiple Form Factors Available
  • Up to 16 Camera Inputs
  • Up to 4 Monitors or Device Inputs
  • Up to 4 Satellite Camera Inputs
  • All Inputs and Data are Synchronized
  • Supports Wired and Wireless
  • Cameras
  • Touch-Screen Capabilities
  • Custom Solutions
  • LDAP Integration

mobile medical simulation recording ipad

Learn more about Fusion HD and other medical simulation solutions at KBPort.com!