Performance Analysis Company Studiocode Group Rebrands to Vosaic


Not too long ago, HUDL acquired SportsTec, who were the parent company of Studiocode which you can read more about here. Yesterday another big announcement from Joe Salem, VP of Sales and Marketing for the medical simulation division of the company that Studiocode has rebranded to Vosaic. With this rebrand comes a reaffirmation to innovate in the medical simulation space with new features to enhance the already powerful a/v performance analysis system.

Official Announcement:

Studiocode Group, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based video analysis company, today announced their company rebrand under the new name, Vosaic. The rebrand reflects the company’s mission to help researchers, educators, and learners uncover insights to improve performance.

The name Vosaic was chosen to express the multi-faceted elements within Vosaic software that can be leveraged to discover patterns that make up a bigger picture, just as individual tiles arranged in a pattern create a larger mosaic.

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The new brand means great things for our existing and future users – the future is very bright,” said Joe Salem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vosaic. “It is the next step in accelerating progress toward an even better video analysis product with a brand that truly represents who we are and what we do.”

The rebranding positions the company to heighten product development and further specialize its product offerings. New product enhancements and a new cloud-based product are scheduled to be released later this year.

As Vosaic moves forward with its new brand, the high quality of service and hands-on support will remain a focus for existing and prospective users.

We continue to take pride in the exceptional relationships that the Vosaic sales and training teams have built with our existing clients,” said Bob Beiersdorf, President of Vosaic. “Moving forward, we are excited to use our mission and new brand to further empower our users to gain insight through video analysis.

With plans to revolutionize video analysis across new and familiar industries, Vosaic looks forward to an exciting and successful 2016.

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B-Line Medical Continues to Push Innovations in Healthcare Simulation Recording – IMSH 2016 Interview

simcapture node

At IMSH 2016 HealthySim was on hand to get an exclusive video interview with Chafic Kazoun, Co-Founder and CTO of B-Line Medical, to get an inside peek at some of the latest innovations coming to healthcare simulation thanks to this innovative company.

SimCapture Node (aka Mini) – Performance Analysis in the Palm of Your Hand

Imagine holding a SimCapture audiovisual recording system in the palm of your hand! With this innovative product from B-Line Capture the ability to import raw video quickly and easily in any room is now at your finger tips.

“SimCapture Node is a remarkably compact and comprehensive in-room SimCapture and LiveCapture solution for institutions interested in a low-impact installation that is rapid and affordable. With this new in-room solution, users can enjoy B-Line Medical’s best in class support and a single point of contact for software, SimCapture and LiveCapture hardware, and now audiovisual equipment.”

  • Full Server
  • Captures up to 4 video sources
  • Small form factor fits almost anywhere
  • Turnkey solution supported by B-Line Medical
  • Fully scalable and supports all software tiers
  • IP-based and supports cloud-based playback
  • Multiple audiovisual configurations supported
  • Rapid and affordable installations

New DebriefCast – iPad Controller Goes Casting

Wish you could just push a button from your iPad and stream simulation experiences to any connected screen in your building? B-Line Medical’s new DebriefCast lets instructors do this while still maintaining the debrief notes on the iPad only!

“DebriefCast makes debriefing easier than ever. Facilitators can now stream any SimCapture or LiveCapture session to a debriefing station, and maintain use of a “presenter view” on their iPad. This allows participants to focus on the recorded videos in fullscreen, while the facilitator maintains access to events and annotations to guide the debriefing process without distracting the audience.”

  • Link any iPad to any debriefing station with one touch
  • Jump to annotations, simulator events or a point in time
  • Debrief screen responds instantly to iPad touches
  • Change video layouts on the fly
  • Start and stop the session with one touch
  • Session information hidden from participants

SimCapture Ultra Portable (UP) Goes Wireless

The famous mobile recording platform Ultra Portable from B-Line Medical now includes the ability to go wireless, which the option to upgrade for existing customers or include this option for future customers.

“The SimCapture and LiveCapture Ultraportable are remarkably compact and comprehensive products from B-Line Medical, designed to offer flexibility and affordability while capturing a wide variety of simulated and real clinical activities. SimCapture Ultraportable is the ideal solution to expand the reach of your simulation center in rural or in situ settings. ”


  • Laptop form factor SimCapture or LiveCapture
  • 2 high-quality HD webcams with tripod mounts
  • Integrated boundary microphones
  • DVI / VGA capture of virtually any medical device
  • Hardcase with all required cabling
  • All necessary adapters and extension cables
  • Optional wireless cameras package


  • All-inclusive audiovisual hardware setup
  • From case to ready-to-record in minutes
  • No audiovisual or technical expertise required
  • Record up to 3 channels of video without power
  • Integrate with any simulator
  • 100% web-based–stream sessions live or post
  • Extend the reach of your center or QA program
  • Ideal for in situ simulations or transport capture
  • Optional cloud centralization I

Learn more about all these innovations at B-Line Medical’s website!

Interact A/V Recording from Mangold Provides High Level Performance Analysis


At IMSH I ran into Mike Anzalone from Mangold, who gave me a brief rundown of Interact, an a/v recording an performance analysis system designed for a multitude of industries. The company Mangold International has over 25 years of experience as a pioneer in the development of professional software and system solutions for scientific research. From the beginning of development, INTERACT has turned into a number one leading software in professional recording and analysis of observational data for research institutions all over the globe. Mangold International is now a world class provider of complete observational lab systems for behavioral research based on core competence in the field of software development. Worldwide scientists are working successfully with Mangold International system solutions in a variety of research applications, including early child development, sport sciences, therapy and evaluation, teacher training, animal behavior and animal protection, and last but not least, product development in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Professional video analysis is much more than just jotting down observations Properly applied video analysis enables accelerated answers to complex research questions which could otherwise only be achieved at such great expense. INTERACT is the comprehensive software solution for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Evaluate videos, audio, physiology and live observations all in one single software tool. Get extensive statistical results at your fingertips with INTERACT and find complex patterns in your data. Gain interesting insights on your observations that would have never been discovered without INTERACT.

Mangold INTERACT The Professional Software for Observational Research

  • Live- and video observation in a single tool
  • Smooth and easy to use data collection process
  • Numerous data logging and coding options
  • Limitless transcription and annotation possibilities
  • Powerful data analysis for reliable results
  • For professional use in research and teaching

Pattern Software Module

P.a.t.t.e.r.n analyzes your data with a hierarchical agglomerative cluster algorithm to find hidden patterns at your fingertips. In this process a variety of parameters, such as ranking, duration and the relative position of values are taken into account.

Learn more at the Mangold Interact Page

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Video Enhances Nursing & Interprofessional Healthcare Education

video enhances nursing education

Freelance writer Marcia Frellick recently shared this article on entitled “Video enhances interprofessional education”, and in an age where an estimated 400,000 patient deaths occur to due to medical error in the United States alone each year — we need every tool possible to help improve the educational process. Simulation obviously plays a huge role with professional healthcare education, and the importance of utilizing video recordings should never been undermined. Frellick shares that using the video systems, learners reflected on their own performance and realized “I need to speak up” and “I need to find my voice.” Article Excerpt

Interprofessional training has gained prominence in the RN-to-BSN program at Drexel University in Philadelphia with a 10-week program launched in fall 2015 focusing on patient safety. Nurses watch video scenarios with actors including anesthesiologists, surgeons and other care providers from several disciplines, and use online simulation to respond as a nurse in a specific emergency.

Gloria F. Donnelly, PhD, RN, FAAN, dean and professor at Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions, provides an example from the course: A patient arrives for a routine procedure. A nurse is working with an anesthesiologist who can’t access the airway but brushes aside the nurse’s concerns that the patient has been hypoxic for too long. The nurse sees the anesthesiologist is not following protocol. The nurse must use the TeamSTEPPS model — a system developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that encourages open communication and calling out procedure violations.

Nurses in the class videotape themselves and submit their responses. Members comment as a group and rate the responses. “A problem with claims and suits against nurses is failure to act,” Donnelly said. “This program raises the nurse’s level of awareness of her obligation to speak up. Your license is on the line.”

Video is the Future

Consider that the costs associated with a/v recording and video performance analysis will continue to decrease as the technology continues to improve. Mix that with research that proves that video recording increases provider performance and the future of healthcare starts to become more clear. Read our post about the JAMA research which showed a 31% increase in surgical performance with video recording. More on this important topic shortly!

Read the full article on!

SimAssess Medical Simulation Performance Evaluation Tool From KbPort

sim assess

I just learned of KBPort’s SimAssess which was created to bridge the gap between clinical simulation and visual debriefing. SimAssess provides educators with the means to assess each simulation experience quantitatively. The data-driven debriefing capability of SimAsses helps educators identify strengths and weaknesses individually, across an entire class, and across multiple classes.  This rubric-based assessment toolkit also increases efficiency, reducing the time it takes to evaluate by allowing educators to refer to a substantive description eliminating the need for writing long, descriptive comments. SimAssess eliminates uncertainty in grading and offers evaluative consistency across time, class groups and multiple graders. Learners benefit from exposure to performance expectations and standards, receipt of consistent feedback to improve performance and self-directed recognition of performance strengths and weaknesses.

The cloud-based, easy-to-use, flexible, rubric-based format of SimAssess offers educators and training personnel, the most efficient, powerful technology, that can be customized to fit any teaching style and fully leveraged to maximize learner potential.

Key Features:

  • Assessment – Effective assessment with RUBRIC scoring guide for timely and meaningful feedback. Automated scoring and comprehensive data analytics on learner’s key performance factors.
  • Easy Access – Assess on the fly with fast & easy R-CODE access for respondents. Eliminates scheduling to let educator / administrator focus on the complex task of running simulation.
  • In The Cloud –  Always accessible in the CLOUD and on any web-enabled device. Quick setup and easy to use. Includes latest firewall and encryption for privacy and data protection.

KbPort is a software and hardware development company. Their main focus has been in the medical training community where our founder has been designing recording, debriefing, and simulator solutions since 1994. They have a team of cutting edge engineers who have developed the next generation of simulation teaching tools. Along with their experienced sales team, they have cultivated teaching tools that are simple, realistic and most of all, functional.

Learn more at the SimAssess website today!

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SimIS Demos Next Gen CPR Trainer “AIMS”

kinect cpr trainer

Now you can learn CPR with AIMS: Automated Intelligent Mentoring Instructor from SimIS. At IMSH 2014 HealthySim was on hand to interview SimIS about their state-of-the-art CPR training technology, which uses the Microsoft Kinect to provide real-time body mechanics analysis for better assessment. Learn how it works by watching our video interview below:

What was really great about this training was that it was all done with the hands. Buttons were pushed on the screen, CPR depth, and body posture were all being seen under the eye of the Microsoft Kinect — which provided a more comprehensive performance analysis. All of this was achieved without any cords from CPR trainer to screen, which also picked up on the voice of the learner during the initial patient assessment phase.

About AIMS from the SimIS Website:

“Gamification of common tasks has become an integral part of our daily lives. In most instances, it allows us to save time and resources, allowing us to achieve a greater level of day-to-day social efficiency. These modern principles of delivering thoughtful design has been carefully integrated into our Automated Intelligent Mentoring System to create a portable, low-cost CPR+ training simulator that will revolutionize the way you work with your students, track their individual performance and allow you to spend less time while achieving greater results.

Also integrated is a patent-pending virtual assistant to help users further assess their performance. We call this technology AIMI™, the Automated Intelligent Mentoring Instructor. AIMI™ will give you live feedback as she watches your performance and help you to achieve a higher level of mastery throughout the various AIMS™ product lines.”

Watch their Official Demo Video Below:

Learn more about SimIS and the AIMS CPR Trainer!