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A big announcement today from MEdSim Magazine, that they are changing their name and expanding their focus to “Medical Training: Improving Performance, Improving Outcomes”. In the 1st edition of the 2016 series, Publisher Andy Smith shares this editorial letter regarding the reasons behind the change, which I encourage you to read in its entirety as it reflects some of the major problems our community faces, and a few ideas on how we can move forward.

One of the reasons Medical Training Magazine is such an important resource is because their parent company, Halldale Media, is the leader in aviation and military training resources — and have a powerful mission to expand those industry’s success stories into healthcare. This does, however, mean that has returned to be the sole independent news source specifically dedicated to medical simulation news and information. Sign up for our free medical simulation newsletter to stay informed with the latest healthcare simulation news.

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From MEdSim to Medical Training Magazine:

From its inception MEdSim has always been about education and more specifically training than simulation per se.

To quote three healthcare leaders: – “its not the simulation, it’s the curriculum.” – ‘‘don’t talk to me about simulation talk to me about how you will help me improve my outcomes.” – “medicine has changed beyond measure in the last 50 years, yet the way we teach and train has hardly altered.”

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By referring to simulation alone we put ourselves in a narrow, small box with a limited if evangelical following. For this reason we will be renaming the magazine from MEdSim to Medical Training from the next issue, using the byline Improving Performance, Improving Outcomes.

In an industry of perhaps 6 million people in the US alone, the leading Simulation societies have memberships of about 3000 and 1500 people. Those numbers are creditable but are they sufficient to impact an industry of this size and complexity?

It is doubtful that they can achieve the change patients demand, hospitals need and we, as the healthcare simulation and training industry, require if we are to achieve our twin and compatible aims of helping solve healthcare’s significant problems while building a decent business.

Whilst we at Halldale/MEdSim/MTM have been evangelizing on behalf of simulation in multiple industries for the past 30 years we recognize that it is indeed ‘not about the simulation.’ Though we all need to continue to evangelize because we know that the use of simulation in a well structured training curriculum dramatically improves personal, team and business performance! In the case of healthcare better training means better patient care.

The decision to make this name change to Medical Training was made over the summer and it was not made lightly, changing a brand is never easy and there will be some who prefer the old title, though we feel that many more will respond to the new one.

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MEdSim Magazine Covers Immersive Medical Training System Which Helps Doctors Improve Communications Skills

medsim magazine

From the MEdSim Magazine Website:

A University of Huddersfield team of researchers has developed a prototype for a tool that will help doctors develop and improve their communication skills – including delivering bad news – by conducting simulated interviews with virtual patients. 

The UK university team’s Immersive Medical Training System (IMTS) won best e-learning product, best presentation, best medic award and the AMEE conference award at the International Medical Education Conference – where the system was actually developed. The multi-disciplinary team was assembled to participate in the conference’s Medical Hackathon – a 48-hour event where software developers, designers and medical professionals work together to create innovative products. The Glasgow event was held in tandem with the conference of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). 

Dr. Yeshwanth Pulijala, part of the development team that also includes two medical students, two computer scientists, and Edward Miller, co-founder of the company Medical Realities, with whom Pulijala is working with as part of his PhD project, says now that they have “proof of concept,” they’re moving on to a more advanced scenario by creating a virtual environment where medical students can just walk into a room and practice difficult communication skills.

Read the full article on the Halldale Media Website today!

Healthcare Education Assessment Training and Technology Event This August

HEATT, which stands for Healthcare Education Assessment Training and Technology, is having its first annual event this August in Orlando Florida. The goal of this meeting is to improve education and training to promote enhanced safety, efficiency, capacity and performance. Expanded objectives for this event will be formulated later this month at The Future of Healthcare Education and Training — at the CAMLS Center in Tampa, FL.

heatt 2014

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 August 2014
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida USA

What is HEATT?

HEATT is a major new event designed to bring together all those who contribute to the development and deployment of education and training technologies and techniques in healthcare. These topics are covered to a greater or lesser extent in a multitude of other events across the world and through the year but there is a need for a single forum to bring the sector together and discuss these topics, not in specialty specific conferences but in an open integrated forum.

HEATT is organized by The Halldale Group, publishers of simulation and training magazines; and the organizers of over 50 training conferences and events for high technology, high risk industries.


We know that healthcare is not working properly and aside from the well documented human cost, up to a half of healthcare expenditure in the US, or $1.2 trillion, is lost due to avoidable error and waste. It will take new and better, individual and team training within a robust system designed to minimize the possibility of error to create a proper system of care fit for patients, staff and the healthcare business. Helping to create that system and support it through timely and excellent training is what HEATT is designed to do.

HEATT will draw the best minds in the sector from all disciplines and professions to a focused forum which will address the overall need for a ‘training renaissance’. By making best use of new and emerging teaching techniques, technology, training and assessment tools and drawing on best practices the event will promulgate best practices and the benefits they offer patients, staff and the healthcare business.

Who should attend HEATT?

HEATT is for everyone involved in healthcare education. If your involvement is from a student’s first exposure in high school through nursing and med school, residency, practice and ongoing career you should attend HEATT and contribute to the discussion.

Hospital and healthcare executives need to be aware of the potential for improvement that other high risk industries have already realized. Hospital managers, risk specialists, insurers and government will be key to the change that is needed in healthcare E&T to develop a system of affordable quality care.

Visit to learn more today!

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