IMSH 2015 Exhibit Hall Video Interviews Recap

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In case you missed any of our video interviews from the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2015 New Orleans, here’s the complete list of all of them. Be sure to start with our IMSH 2015 Exhibit Hall Video Highlights Reel!

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IMSH Videos: Recap of Medical Simulation Vendor Product Demonstrations & Interviews

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At IMSH 2014 San Francisco earlier this year, was on hand to learn all the latest from a good number of leading medical simulation vendors. Over the past several months we have released several video interviews, which you can now all watch for free below. Special thanks to Matt Koss for his help editing these pieces, each of which takes several days to produce!














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More Medical Simulation Videos From Russia

Last week I posted about the 60+ Free Medical Simulation Videos produced through Quickly afterwords Nikolaj Krogh-Jensen wrote in to share more free simulation videos… some of which are from the great nation of Russia!

Topics covered in these videos cover topics such as:

You can watch all the Russian Titled Simulation Videos here, but know many of the videos are in english.

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94 FREE Medical Simulation Videos

medical simulation videos

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Most Watched Healthcare Simulation Videos (Click title to watch on Youtube):

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