Expanding Business Development and Revenue Generation at Your Healthcare Simulation Program – HealthySimAdmin Video Series Part 8

healthcare simulation management

Finishing off the public release of the HealthySimAdmin video series, here the event’s creator Lance Baily covers business development and increasing sim lab revenue at HealthySimAdmin. Stay tuned for a recap of all the HealthySimAdmin videos, which were sponsored by B-Line Medical, Pocket Nurse, and Laerdal!

Lance Baily shares his strategies for developing a successful revenue-generating program for your simulation program. Within two years of starting business partnerships at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, Lance was able to secure a planned additional income of $250,000 by calendar end of 2012. Lance will discuss how to gain administrative support, legal requirements and documentation development, staff considerations, price points, negotiation strategies, proven marketing practices, and customer satisfaction. Lance will then be joined by the HSA panel of experts to further discuss successful business venture opportunities through topics such as: types of business opportunities, how to secure larger contracts, finding customers, refining services through surveys, and media production.

About HealthySimAdmin & HealthySimulation.com Founder Lance Baily:

As an entrepreneur, medical simulation industry thought leader, media producer, and EMS/firefighter – Lance Baily has the background and the experience necessary to guide simulation-based projects to the next level.

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He runs HealthySimulation.com and is the Founder and Development Director of SimGHOSTS.Org. Lance also co-founded is KeyIn.to – a community-driven ratings and review website for medical simulation products and services.  After serving as a Simulation Technology Specialist in Los Angeles, Lance served as the Director of the 31,000 square feet multi-institutional multi-disciplinary Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSCLV) from 2009 to 2012. This facility is shared among the University of Nevada: Las Vegas, Nevada State College, and the University of Nevada SoM.

In 2010, Lance started HealthySimulation.com, a free and independent resource website for the international healthcare simulation community. This free resource website now provides over 8,000 unique visitors a month and over 3,500 email subscribers with medical simulation related news, resources, product reviews and more.

Lance has also provided medical simulation consulting services for the University of Utah School of Nursing, Central New Mexico Community College, the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning, and the CA Healthcare Workforce Initiative. Lance continued to support sim lab program administrators with HealthySimAdmin, a downloadable two day HD-recorded event which provides an open and online discussion covering the administrative “how to” of medical simulation. In 2011 Lance founded The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS.Org), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides online resources and an annual hands-on training event to Sim Techs from around the world.

Most recently Lance has signed up to support SimCharacters with the launch of the world’s first high emotion preterm simulator: Paul!

Stay tuned for a recap of all the HealthySimAdmin Videos — which are now free to watch!

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2nd Annual SimGHOSTS-ASPiH UK Opens at GAPS Simulation in London


Today more than 85 simulation champions and vendor representatives from around the world came together at the GAPS Simulation Center at St. George’s University in London, UK for the 2nd annual SimGHOSTS-ASPiH event. Gold Sponsor CAE Healthcare introduced the keynote speaker Lance Baily, Founder of SimGHOSTS, who spoke on the past, present and future of healthcare simulation. ASPiH Executive Director Andy Anderson was also in attendance.

About the SimGHOSTS ASPiH 2016 UK Keynote Address by Lance Baily

Lance Baily is an innovator and thought leader in the world of healthcare simulation. Using his background in digital media production and EMS fire fighting, as well as his work as a Simulation Technology Specialist, Lance founded several of the world’s leading websites, organizations, and events in the field of healthcare simulation. Lance also served as the inaugural Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s massive multi-institutional Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. Desiring to make a global impact, Lance founded what has become the world’s most-read medical simulation resource website: HealthySimulation.com.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Lance went on to create SimGHOSTS.org, a non-profit organization that supports professionals in the healthcare simulation industry through hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development. Because of overwhelming global demand, SimGHOSTS now operates four annual events, including ones in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. SimGHOSTS has also forged successful affiliations with simulation organizations all over the world, including SSH, ASPE, ASPiH, Simulation Australia, HIMSS, INACSL, and IPSS.

In a drive to create excellence, SimGHOSTS has recently partnered with INACSL to develop a new professional competency standard for the position of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist. Lance continues to be a change-maker and innovator in the field of healthcare simulation. All of his projects and efforts are based on a core belief: that emerging technology can create community and empower people to solve bigger problems faster.

In his best selling book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success. Gladwell considers why the majority of Canadian ice hockey players are born in the first few months of the year, how Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates achieved his extreme wealth, and why the Beatles became one of the most successful musical acts in human history. Throughout his book, Gladwell theorizes how historical and cultural circumstances can pave the way for such phenomenal success. Lance asked “What can the healthcare simulation industry learn from a similar of exploration of its own past, present, and future?”

Simulation Evangelist Lance Baily has applied Gladwell’s theories to our industry and will explain why his projects, including HealthySimulation.com and SimGHOSTS.org, have made such huge global impacts in just five short years. By understanding the core truths behind the success of these projects, participants took away valuable arguments they can use to advocate for the expanded use of simulation in their own home institutions.

Finally, Lance explored how the historical and cultural forces that are now in motion will transform healthcare simulation as we know it from a small community of early-adopters to a universal standard embraced by all.

About Gold Sponsor CAE Healthcare:

CAE Healthcare is a medical simulation company with a mission to improve healthcare education and patient safety. We design and build products for patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and clinical simulation management. Our global adjunct faculty and clinicians develop medical simulation scenarios for medicine, nursing, health sciences, hospital systems and the military. Our commitment to quality, lean manufacturing and world-class customer service is unmatched, allowing us to deliver innovative healthcare simulation training products and solutions to our customers in more than 60 countries around the world. From full motion flight simulators to simple part-task trainers CAE are passionate about technology and innovation. It is amongst the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists we feel free to discuss, demonstrate and educate on our new and existing platforms but also to fuel our inspiration to meet the needs of all those working in the field of healthcare simulation. Learn more at CAEHealthcare.com.

Learn more by following the twitter hashtag #SG16UK &
Visiting SimGHOSTS.org today!

HealthySimulation.com Founder & Entrepreneur Lance Baily Interviewed by Modern Outcomes

healthcare simulation modern outcomes

Last month HealthySimulation.com founder and Simulation Evangelist Lance Baily was interviewed via podcast by Matthew Stoltz of Modern Outcomes. The podcast covered Lance’s background and journey into medical simulation, his career, and the many entrepreneurial simulation projects he helped to create including HealthySimulation.com and SimGHOSTS.org.

What You Will Learn:

How SimGHOSTS tackles core issues facing technical simulation specialists today:

  • Training facilitation
  • Professional development processes
  • Showcasing the value of the technical support staff role

How you can validate simualtion purchases with validated customer input

How Healthy Simulation acts as an equalizer ensuring that simulation resources are available across the globe.

Listen to the full podcast on Modern Outcomes today!

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CSDS Simulation Technology and Research Magazine (STaR) 3rd Edition Released

healthcare simulation magazine

The awesome team from Australia-based Queenland Health’s Clinical Skills Development Service have released the 3rd edition of their fantastic Simulation Technology and Research (STaR) Magazine. Featured articles in this edition:

  • Keeping the ANZAC spirit alive through simulation
  • SimGHOSTS Australia 2015 International Conference
  • Lance Baily interview: Founder and Development Director of SimGHOSTS
  • SimGHOSTS Australia 2015
  • The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) simulation audiovisual installation
  • Visiting Professor Workshop: Visiting Professor’s work brings simulation to the masses
  • Pocket Centre profile Mackay Pocket Centre
  • The battle against Ebola
  • Pocket Centres: Your local simulation hub
  • Training for speech pathologists managing tracheostomy patients
  • Clinical trial examination
  • Honorary Fellow interview Caroline Heggie
  • Logistics support for SToRK
  • Simon says: I’m back with a new batch of questions… keep them coming!
  • Accreditation

Read the full STaR Magazine here!

Presenting Today at EMS International Sales Meeting


Today I was invited out to the international HQ of Education Management Solutions (EMS) in Exton Pennsylvania to present about the history of SimGHOSTS.Org and HealthySimulation.com at their international sales team meeting! Konsiderate.com‘s co-founder and CEO Jackie Morck was also out to speak about the new home for online ratings and reviews of simulation products and services.

I will be connecting my presentation to the work of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”, which points out that our careers are a lot more connected to the circumstances of our upbringing than we may previously have imagined. I know my story towards medical simulation was unique — just as I am sure your story is as well!

I’d love to hear how you started working in medical simulation, so please share with me and your community on the HealthySim Linkedin Group page.

Supported Organization:

ASPiH 2013 – Association For Simulated Practice in Healthcare

This week SimGHOSTS Executive Director Lance Baily, President Joey Failma and Event Director Ryan Eling were invited out to attend ASPiH 2013 in Harrogate England by organizational President Dr. Bryn Baxendale via Executive Member Alan Platt. The Association For Simulated Practice in Healthcare has run three previous annual events within the UK and has quickly become the leading organization and meeting within the region. Over 400 attendees and six corporate sponsors joined the event from around the British Islands and beyond, which was platinum sponsored by Laerdal. INACSL Past-President Valerie Howard, ASPE President Elect Karen Lewis, and University of Miami’s Gordon Center Director Dr. Barry Issenberg were all in attendance!

aspih 2013

I am currently gathering video footage for a complete conference breakdown so stay tuned for more! For now, learn more at http://www.aspih.org.uk/ at watch for conference updates from @ASPiHUK with hashtag #ASPiH2013

INACSL Launches New Website with Help from HealthySim Founder Lance Baily

inacsl website

Written by Lance Baily, edited by Beverly Hewett.

This article highlights the development process of the new website which was lead by INACSL VP of Communications Beverly Hewett PhD, RN and Lance Baily, founder of HealthySimulation.comHealthySimAdmin.com & The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS.Org).

Over the past two years from 2010-2012, the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning leadership has empowered a core team of volunteers and paid consultants to help redevelop the INACSL.Org website.  The completely redeveloped website was released over the 2012 holiday break after a nine month long construction process.

In February of 2011, the INACSL Board of Directors requested Board Member and VP of Communications Beverly Hewett to redevelop the INACSL website.

Having little previous experience designing such a large-scale web-based project before, Beverly initially worked with Eric Bauman PhD, RN, Paramedic who helped to provide an initial comprehensive community survey and needs assessment review of the website.  To assess the publically displayed pages a survey was sent to the INACSL membership, and to assess the website administrative ‘back-end’ control panel a survey was sent to the INACSL board of directors.  Two primary concerns emerged from these surveys:

1)   Requests for changes to the general information posted on the website had to be emailed to the host company by INACSL board members.  As the host company did not have dedicated staff available to make such content-related changes, requests for edits could take several days or weeks to accomplish.

2)   The overall navigation and look of the website was very outdated, which made finding key resources or pages difficult and time-consuming.

In 2008, INACSL partnered with an online membership management data company to host the INACSL.Org website.  At that time there were 400 participants to the annual INACSL meeting.  By 2010, annual meeting attendance increased to over 800 participants.  As the membership continued to grow the need for more control of the website quickly became clear.  In 2011 the INACSL board reflected on the survey outcomes and made the decision to financially commit to redeveloping the website. Continue reading to learn how INACSL consulted with HealthySim founder Lance Baily to help redevelop a modern day website for this professional nursing society!

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GOT SIM Tech Meeting Keynote Review

*UPDATE: Part 3 Added*

Posting the video review of my slides from the keynote presentation at last month’s Gathering of Technicians Meeting in Las Vegas.

The presentation was entitled “Gathering Ace Technicians for the Jack of All Tradeshows!”.  In these videos I talk about:

  • Where simulation technicians come from
  • The unique perspectives and resources each tech has to help their community.
  • The Current (but limited) resources for techs.
  • The call to create more support for sim techs.
  • Survey results from the attendees about background experience, responsibilities, salaries and more.

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

Reflection on the Future of the Healthcare Simulation Industry

Not too long ago I attended Laerdal’s SUN Conference in San Diego and was asked to share my unique background and my thoughts about the future of Healthcare Simulation.  Check it out: