Summary of Product Demo Video Interviews from IMSH 2017 Trade Show Floor

imsh 2017

Hey Simulation Champions! Today we are sharing a comprehensive review of all the product demonstration interviews HealthySimulation produced exclusively from the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare 2017 Orlando Tradeshow floor! These videos will help you to catch up with the latest news and information about innovative new products and services entering the field of healthcare simulation, so be sure to watch them all!

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Exclusive IMSH 2017 Exhibit Hall Video Interviews:

Finally, here is the HealthySim staff writeup about our favorite products from IMSH 2017!

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HealthySim’s Favorite New Products from #IMSH2017

sym eyes healthcare simulator video eyes

This has been an amazing week for healthcare simulation with a huge number of new products proudly displayed at the 2017 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. Over the next few months we will start posting in-depth video interviews with vendors from across the floor — but for now we wanted to share the most awesome new product highlights that blew us away!

  • CAE Healthcare Sets new bar for high-fidelity simulator eyes: Sym Eyes are LCD screen eyes that react to movement in front of them AND light. Each pupil can be set to act independently as well, to demonstrate head injuries. They will be standard in new Maternal Birthing simulators and are estimated to last 5 years.
  • Laerdal Begins Campaign to Save Every Life with donations to NPSF:  Laerdal’s Every Life campaign acknowledges lives lost or harmed due to preventable medical error and strives to connect all of us to the common goal of improving patient safety. Please join them in raising awareness about this important cause!
  • EMS SimulationIQ Launches “Phone Video Capture” Capability: Imagine a world where you could simply your simulation program could use your smart phones to capture video content for your events? That world is coming thanks to SimulationIQ’s Training In Motion systems — details coming soon.
  • Gaumard Unveils Super Tory — Simulation’s first “moving” ManikinWeighing only 8lbs and completely wireless, Gaumard set the new bar for infant simulation with Super Tory S2200 explaining that “every visual assessment provides a wealth of health information. That’s why Super Tory features lifelike limb and facial movements and programmable skin coloration that can simulate the range of visual cues seen in ill and healthy newborns.”
  • iSimulate Improves Reality of Mobile Simulation Systems and Creates Realti: iSimulate, a company always on the edge of cutting edge innovations in medical simulation has updated their iPad based vital sign systems with realistic looking monitor designs, starting with ZOLL. They have also enabled programs to use iPads for real-time video capture and debriefing via Apple products. Their partner MDT also unveiled a new infant fidelity manikin prototype that was extremely realistic and had puppet like mouth controls.
  • SIMCharacters launches Paul, The World’s First High Emotion Simulator: (Note: The author of this article is currently consulting for SIMChracters). Paul was overwhelmingly praised as an extremely realistic preterm infant simulator aged at 27 weeks with a 3D printed airway based off real MRI scans of premature babies. Their facebook video went viral during the event crossing 4,000,000 views!
  • Medical-X Shows Us What Full Range of Manikin Motion Really Means: Medical-X, creators of the Nena showed the IMSH trade show floor what “real motion” meant with the latest of Adam-X, a full bodied adult manikin built on an actual bone metal skeleton, allowing for dynamic range of patient motion that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Simulab Launches PacerMan for Immersive Transvenous Pacing Training: A very large crowd gathered around the Simulab booth for a demonstration of the PacerMan system from Simulab, who know produce the only trainer for the effective training of Immersive Transvenous Pacing. The system comes with a computer interface system for educators to make specific training outcomes and real-time learner performance.

This is by far not a comprehensive list of the trade show floor but a quick recap of the amazing video interviews coming soon to for those of you unable to attend or see it all!

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IMSH 2017 Opens in Orlando to 2,700 Attendees From 51 Countries

imsh 2017

Today in Orlando Florida, 2,700 simulation champions from over 50 countries came together for the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. The event started with Stories from the Heart, a collection of shared stories from simulation champions about their experiences with healthcare simulation. The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2017) is the most important healthcare simulation conference of the year. One in which you will experience complete immersion in situations that may result in lives being improved and saved. Dr. Christine Park, President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and Dr. Chad Epps, Past-President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare — helped open the show.

About the Stories from the Heart:

Many of us have taken part in a healthcare simulation exercise and know the feeling of confidence it can bring. We understand that the knowledge gained can lead directly to improved patient safety, a change in our life, or even save a patient’s life. This is an incredible concept and many of us have a tale to tell. Come join us during our Opening Plenary Session to hear the powerful stories of how simulation has helped save a life! You can read many more Stories from the Heart here.

Mary Holtschneider RN-BC, told the story of a friend, a simulation champion herself who fell unconscious next to the hospital and was found by colleagues and rushed to the hospital that she was going to teach simulation at that day. Thankfully, the interventions that the team had learned from her simulated practice sessions were put into practice, and miraculously she survived even with more than 60 minutes of unconsciousness. Turns out — Mary was her friend in the story!

david gaba

Dr. David Gaba was honored with the Pioneer in Simulation award for his lifetime of work in shaping the industry “for his ingenuity talent and wisdom in leading the creation of modern day simulators and advancing the field as the founding editor of the journal for simulation in healthcare. Dr. Gaba received a standing ovation from the general audience!”

About Dr. Gaba

David Gaba, MD is Associate Dean for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning and Director of the Center for Immersive and Simulation based Learning (CISL) at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is Professor of Anesthesia (with tenure) at Stanford and Director of the Patient Simulation Center of Innovation at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System where he is also a Staff Anesthesiologist. Over the last 25 years Dr. Gaba’s laboratory has worked extensively on human performance and patient safety issues. This laboratory is a pioneer in applying organizational safety theory to health care.

The laboratory is also the inventor of the modern full-body patient simulator and is responsible for introducing Crew Resource Management training from aviation to healthcare, first in anesthesia and then to many other healthcare domains. He has been the principal investigator on grants from a wide variety of funders. Dr. Gaba is an author on more than 100 original articles in a wide diversity of peer-reviewed journals. He is the author of 18 book chapters, and the well-known book Crisis Management in Anesthesiology. After serving on the editorial boards of several high profile academic and medical journals, Dr. Gaba was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the indexed peer-reviewed journal Simulation in Healthcare, the official journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

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IMSH 2017 Must Sees and Big Announcements

imsh 2017

Hello Sim champs! Excited to see many of you this weekend at #IMSH2017 in Orlando — where lots of great networking, product launches, and educational courses will be taking place! If you are attending, please be sure to stop by and say hi to’s founder Lance Baily at the SimGHOSTS booth #825. Email me if you would like to setup a time to connect!

Here are some sneak peak announcements of must see items for IMSH we have already heard about from the community:

imsh 2017

Stories From the Heart Opening Keynote: Many of us have taken part in a healthcare simulation exercise and know the feeling of confidence it can bring. We understand that the knowledge gained can lead directly to improved patient safety, a change in our life, or even save a patient’s life. This is an incredible concept and many of us have a tale to tell. Come join us during our Opening Plenary Session to hear the powerful stories of how simulation has helped save a life! Discover how simulation can impact a medical professional’s career. Explore the ways that simulation has saved a patient’s life. Become reenergized in your practice by hearing how simulation positively impacts the work we do everyday!

simghosts sim training

SimGHOSTS launches online course development profit share opportunity & Raffles Off Oculus Rift! Interested in creating an online course to help others learn key aspects of healthcare simulation technology and operations? More interested in earning a share of the revenue earned from developing such a course as it sells to their international audience of simulation champions? Stop by their booth #825 to learn more about the types of course content they are seeking and how you can win an Oculus Rift DK2! They are also having their annual “Pub Crawl” Sunday night starting with the “Pub” right near the convention center at 9PM!

cardionics new products

Cardionics launches new products! Imagine a shirt you or your low-fidelity manikin could wear, that would enable your learners to auscultate actual pathological breathing and body sounds! Attend their launch presentation with Dr. Bill Boudreaux from the University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Medicine. Date: Monday, Jan 30th Time: 3 pm – 3:30 pm Location: Rainbow Springs Room 1 & 2 (conveniently located across the lobby from the exhibit hall) to learn more about the SimShirt, SAM Gen III, and more!


Operative Experience Launches First Major BoothLou Oberndorf, the man behind METI, is now helping Operative Experience grow their realistic surgical trainer product lines with some big new product announcements coming this week. We had a chance to see this technology a few years back during the military demonstration at IMSH, but with Lou connected to the project be sure to keep your eye out for Operative Experience.

preemie simulator

SIMCharacters’ North American Debut of Paul — World’s First High Emotion Preterm Simulator at simAlliance Booth – Very excited about this one readers! Come to the collaborative simAlliance booth #325 featuring Paul, the most advanced preterm infant simulation our industry has seen. Paul enables highly realistic critical care training in neonatology for improved learning and patient safety outcomes. He is a preterm simulator for neonates born at 27 weeks with realistic internal and external anatomy including 3D printed larynx which demonstrates authentic pathologies specific to preterm babies with physiological and pathological breathing patterns including RDS, BPD, cyanosis, and hyperoxia. Come see Paul and also learn more about SIMStation’s AV recording and debriefing systems, SimCore’s simulation center management tool, and the AV systems design and installation services of Level 3 Healthcare!


CAE Healthcare Showcasing New LearningSpace Features to Current Customers! Monday Jan. 30th at 7:15-8:15AM in Discovery 45, CAE Healthcare team members will showcase sneak peaks to the latest features to their awesome LearningSpace system. If you are a new customer you can learn more about LearningSpace here or by visiting their booth #600 — the biggest booth this year! I also hear they will be showcasing some new VR technologies which I can’t wait to learn more about!

Got a hot tip on something else launching at IMSH 2017? Email us and let us know and we’ll add it here!

As always, stay tuned to @HealthySim for great tweets covering the show!

IMSH 2015 Exhibit Hall Video Highlights Reel!

IMSH 2015 was another showcase year for innovations in medical simulation. Starting off I visited with B-Line Medical booth, who announced a first for healthcare simulation with the ability to capture first person perspectives in their a/v recording platform.

google glass b-line medical

With no headaches on the user’s side, B-Line Medical customers will be able to directly integrate Google Glass devices as a POV camera feed into their SimCapture system. Imagine putting Google glass on your primary learner, your patient manikin or confederate standardized patient. Each one of those unique angles will provide increased fidelity and debriefing opportunities for learners outside the simulation lab.

Benefits of Using Google Glass and B-Line Medical’s SimCapture:

  • High Definition: Video Engineered to provide the highest definition and lowest latency video supported by Google Glass.
  • Unique Perspective: View simulation through the eyes of learners to gain a better perspective of their experience and provide more precise guidance on their technique.
  • Portability: Recording video over Wi-Fi to any SimCapture on your center’s internal network allows you to maintain the first-person point-of-view video no matter where you are in the room.

Laerdal’s LLEAP and Vitalsbridge


Next door, Laerdal showcased their new LLEAP software, which stands for Laerdal Learning Application. To simplify simulation, the new LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators in one intuitive platform. This software is free in 2015 for existing Laerdal customers and looks easy to learn for those already familiar with their platform — or just beginning into simulation.

Laerdal also showed off a new hardware innovation in the form of this small black box called Vitalsbridge — which makes it possible to hook up specific models of Philips or GE Healthcare clinical patient monitors directly to your SimMan 3G or SimMan Essential! *Note that new Vitalsbridge hardware will need to be installed by a Laerdal Field Service Engineer into your SimMan product. Vitalsbridge really increases fidelity for Laerdal customers operating simulation in their professional care environments.

CAE Healthcare’s Fidelis Module, Replay & VirtaMed announcement

cae healthcare fidelis

Lastly for this highlights video we stopped by CAE Healthcare, who unveiled a new module for their Fidelis Maternal Simulator which enables customers to convert Lucina to a standard female patient with a non-pregnant abdomen and new Clinical Scenarios. CAE Healthcare also showed off their new Replay mobile camera system and announced a partnership to distribute European based VirtaMed surgical training products in the United States and Canada.

There’s a lot more video content from IMSH 2015 coming soon so stay tuned to!

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Heading to IMSH in New Orleans Next Week? Things We Can’t Wait to See!

imsh ssh 2015

Are you attending the world’s largest medical simulation conference next week in New Orleans? will be there to capture all the latest news! Follow @HealthySim and #IMSH2015 on twitter to stay connected! We can’t wait to see these things in particular:

  • Spectrum of Innovation Showcase Tuesday 3Pm-6PM – The Spectrum of Innovation Showcases will feature the latest in innovative interventions for healthcare simulation from around the world, highlighting four key areas ranging from low cost and low resource modifications to high technologically sophisticated innovations.
  • SimGHOSTS to Showcase Oculus Rift Booth #235 – Have you ever experienced what has been called the “best VR experience in the world” ? Come learn about how the SimGHOSTS non-profit organization provides online resources and hands-on training events with the latest in medical simulation technologies!
  • Konsiderate Rating & Review Website Booth #635 – The team has been hard at work, come read the latest reviews on a lot of the products and services that will be on display at IMSH, and write your own!
  • Gaumard’s Victoria Birthing Simulator Booth #513 – We missed it last year! Can’t wait to see this innovative hardware from the world’s original innovator of birthing simulators.
  • CAE Healthcare’s Replay Stand Alone Camera System Booth #300 – New mobile recording platform from the folks who bring us LearningSpace, which is rated very highly by Konsiderate users!
  • Laerdal’s new LLEAP Operating Software Booth #109 – LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC-operated Laerdal simulators. LLEAP brings simplicity to running simulation training and efficiencies to the management and development of scenarios.
  • SonoSim Booth #317 New Ultrasound Technologies Based on Partnership with Laerdal – Laerdal Medical, a leading provider of simulation solutions for healthcare, and SonoSim, Inc., a leading provider of ultrasound education and training, today announced a wide-ranging agreement regarding distribution, product development and R&D collaboration.
  • Exhibitor Presentation Theaters:
    • Education Management Solutions – 3D Anatomy Simulation  Sunday, January 11, 5:50pm-6:20pm
    • HGA Architects & Engineers “Physician and Nursing Education: High Performance Learning Environments”, Monday, January 12, 11:30am-12:00pm
    • Mentice Presentation Theater “Trauma-Considerations for Building REBOA Course” Monday 12:10-12:40
    • OtoSim Inc. Otoscopy and Opthamoscopy Training Demonstrates OtoSim2 Monday, 12:50pm-1:20pm

We know there is a lot more than that for IMSH 2015 we just know these items are at the top of our list.’s Lance Baily will be walking the floor and hanging out at the SimGHOSTS booth, so if you love reading this website stop by and say hello!

Remember, follow @HealthySim for hour by hour coverage!

IMSH is Nearly Here: Watch 2014 Keynotes and Register by Nov. 19th for Early-Bird 2015!

imsh 2015

Have you registered for the 2015 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH yet? All professionals working with simulation should consider joining the international community of “champions” in New Orleans this January 10th – 14th, 2015. Early-bird registration ends November 19th for both members and non-members so be sure to sign up today! To get us ready for the world’s largest simulation meeting, here are two recorded keynote plenary sessions from this years meeting in San Francisco.

The first is the Lou Oberndorf Lecture on Innovation in Healthcare Simulation presented by Gary Klein, PhD on “Connecting Medical Simulations to Cognition”:

The second is the Michael S. Gordon Center Lecture in Medical Education given by Elizabeth Hunt, MD, MPH, PhD on “Why Simulation Education is the Ultimate Translational Research Tool: From Bench to Bedside and Back”:

 The 2015 IMSH Planning Committee invites you to Celebrate Simulation at IMSH 2015. Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of IMSH. You started making connections at IMSH 2014 in San Francisco, California, come to New Orleans to celebrate!

Why Attend?

  • Network with your fellow IMSH attendees
  • Create a customized agenda to meet your learning objectives
  • Visit the Exhibit Hall to see the latest in technology
  • Attend hands-on workshops
  • World-class plenary sessions


Content is categorized into the following primary categories:

  • Assessment
  • Curriculum Development and Design
  • Debriefing
  • Faculty Development
  • Technical Operations
  • Interprofessional Education/Interprofessional Practice
  • Program Administration
  • Simulation-based Research

Learn more and Register for IMSH 2015 here!

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IMSH 2014 Launches in San Francisco


Today at the Mascone Center in downtown San Francisco IMSH 2014 launched its 14th annual conference with an introduction by this year’s Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) President Pam Jeffries PhD. Doctor Jeffries spoke of the value of membership with SSH through their simulation educator certification program and simulation center program accreditation – which 38 programs have achieved. Pam then spoke about the global presence and strategic mission of SSH which started with numerous surveys, that lead to the creation of an action plan for better communication plans, reviewed committee structure, and leadership development for healthcare professionals in simulation. She then spoke that the organization as a whole is ready expand into growth through careful reflection of its operations while sustaining the values of simulation even though we’re in economically challenging times.

She then awarded the “Simulation Innovation award” to Stephen Abrahamson, Phd Professor Emritus of USC Medical Education. Although Dr. Abrahamson was unable to attend in-person, the audience got to learn about the history of his team’s development of the SIM-ONE, the worlds first medical simulation anesthesiology trainer via video interview with Dr. David Gaba. Full of wit and humor, Dr. Abrahamson recounted in fun detail of his work with his colleagues at USC. He motivating question was “How can I help med school teachers learn something about teaching and learning so that their efforts can better.” I cannot do Dr. Abrahamson’s video interview justice by text alone – and so I hope to be able to post a link to the video interview soon. You can learn more about the Sim-One here.


The internationally attended then kicked off with an opening plenary address by Ian Curran, BSc, AKC, MBBS Clinical Advisor at NHS Health Education England entitled “Value, values and virtues – contemporary learning from antiquity?”. More on his address after it completes!

ian curran

The SSH mission is to lead in facilitating excellence in (multi-specialty) healthcare education, practice, and research through simulation modalities.

Learn more at

Society for Simulation in Healthcare Elections, Accreditation Webinar, and IMSH Registration Open


Some news from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH):

1) Elections are currently taking place until November 6, 2013, 11:59PM CDT. Positions up for election include: President, Treasurer and Director-At-Large. “Each candidate has submitted a CV, statement of interest in the position and disclosure of interest information to help you make an informed decision. Go here to review each candidate and vote!

Personal note: Allen J. Giannakopoulos, Ph.D. is the only one running for Treasurer. I can attest to his excellent knowledge of financials in simulation – as he was one of our key speakers at last year’s recorded event HealthySimAdmin!

2) A free Accreditation webinar series is being offered designed to provide information on the SSH accreditation standards, application process, and in-depth focused area review. Register today! The next Webinar is next week: October 15, 2013 | 2:00 pm ET.

Reminder, the next SSH “International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare” takes place Jan. 25th – 29th in San Francisco! Registration is now open!

IMSH 2013 is Open!

imsh 2013

Today the 2013 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare kicked off the general conference sessions to over 3,000 participants from around the world. Dr. Vinary Nadkarni MD, Director of the Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided the opening keynote address entitled “Resuscitating Resuscitation …. Embedding Simulation Research into Practice without getting ‘Lost in Translation’ “.

resuscitation simulation research

During his presentation Dr. Nadkarni explained how his associated research group was able to increase hospital discharge rate for resuscitated patients from 20% to 49% utilizing several key factors including low dose high frequency rolling refresher CPR training sessions for nurses of high-risk patients.  His team’s yet-to-be-concluded research demonstrated that care of patients by 2 or more nurses who underwent this training increased resuscitation from 70% to 88%. As well, with high frequency training (2 or more times a month) this “just in time” training provided an increased retention rate for AHA compression and rate requirements from 17 to 70%!

Such simulation experiences have helped his department more than double patient resuscitation rates.  During his presentation the need for such increased simulation training was made abundantly clear when a gentlemen in the front row passed out unconscious!  Thank goodness there was more than one doctor in the house as the attendee was revived and taken away by emergency services.

IMSH 2013 continues into the night with Sim Wars, technology abstract demonstrations and the opening reception! Stay tuned by following @healthysim on twitter!