Global Network for Simulation Healthcare Annual Summit Meeting Brings Together Industry Leadership in Munich

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This week in Munich, Germany over 50 individuals representing more than 30 international organizations and 12 global corporate vendors came together for an annual summit to discuss and strategize for the improvement of the healthcare simulation industry. Member organizations included leading groups such as INACSL, SSH, IPSS, ASPiH, NPSF, NLN, SESAM, and ASPE who joined together with corporate members like Simulab, Laerdal, B-Line Medical, 3D Systems, CAE Healthcare, TellYes, and Simulaids to name a few. Halldale media (Medical Training Magazine) and industry news reporting groups were also in attendance. This collaborative is designed to provide a dedicated space and time for these leading groups to sit down and focus not on their individual events but the global industry as a whole.

The organization presented a prototype of a healthcare simulation toolkit website, designed to help provide a how-to-guide for helping to make the business case for simulation with a searchable database of cases to help provide the evidence and resources necessary to be effective. The membership was enthusiastic about the prototype system and requested the continued developed with the hope for funded support from the commercial groups, with marketing and content creation support from the academic organizations.

Also delivered was a new branding, website, and marketing content by Lance Baily of & with creative production support from Lynn Welch and Larry Boggs from EMS SimulationIQ as advised by Andy Smith from Halldale Media. This new website will launch next week so stay tuned.

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Strategic industry messaging, collaborative partnerships with patient safety and other performance improvement organizations, as well as continued toolkit development content and development plans were the focus of the two and a half day event.

Stay tuned for the new GNSH website!

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Market To Reach $162 billion by 2020


Sim Champs before you know it AR and VR technologies will become a mandatory part of our healthcare educational programs. The opportunities to learn and train in high-cost risk-heavy environments in a safe and affordable manner will continue to expand through advanced learning technologies like augmented and virtual reality. HealthySim will continue to report tidbits of progress in this arena as its applications to healthcare become ever clearer. Today, we share the expectations of the industries growth to demonstrate the upward trend in utilization: reports that the total revenue for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is projected to increase from $5.2 billion in 2016 to over $162 billion in 2020, according to the IDC:

  • More than half of the revenue will come from VR/AR hardware sales. Additionally, service revenues are projected to increase over the period as demand grows for enterprise-class support. Software was also mentioned as a smaller, but notable revenue source, growing more than 200% year-over-year (YoY) in 2016. Nevertheless, services revenue will quickly surpass it, largely due to demand in the enterprise segment.
  • AR systems will ultimately contribute more revenue than VR systems. Games and paid content will be strong sources of revenue for VR systems, particularly in the next two years. However, this revenue will be eclipsed as AR systems are integrated into healthcare, product design and management-related uses.
  • Most revenue through 2020 will come from the US. The US, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) are projected to account for three-quarters of revenue for VR and AR. The US is projected to contribute a larger amount as time progresses.

The adoption of AR and VR headsets will be driven primarily by the introduction of less expensive models to the market, first powered by smartphones before mainstream adoption of stand-alone headsets. While early adopters will drive the initial wave of purchasing, sustainable growth will likely come from VR and AR app developers building a robust and engaging ecosystem of content that entices slower adopters. Lastly, as the underlying technology powering these devices increases, so too will the capabilities, creating new use cases in entertainment, workplaces, and education.

Read the full Market Report on BusinessInsider

Heading to IMSH in New Orleans Next Week? Things We Can’t Wait to See!

imsh ssh 2015

Are you attending the world’s largest medical simulation conference next week in New Orleans? will be there to capture all the latest news! Follow @HealthySim and #IMSH2015 on twitter to stay connected! We can’t wait to see these things in particular:

  • Spectrum of Innovation Showcase Tuesday 3Pm-6PM – The Spectrum of Innovation Showcases will feature the latest in innovative interventions for healthcare simulation from around the world, highlighting four key areas ranging from low cost and low resource modifications to high technologically sophisticated innovations.
  • SimGHOSTS to Showcase Oculus Rift Booth #235 – Have you ever experienced what has been called the “best VR experience in the world” ? Come learn about how the SimGHOSTS non-profit organization provides online resources and hands-on training events with the latest in medical simulation technologies!
  • Konsiderate Rating & Review Website Booth #635 – The team has been hard at work, come read the latest reviews on a lot of the products and services that will be on display at IMSH, and write your own!
  • Gaumard’s Victoria Birthing Simulator Booth #513 – We missed it last year! Can’t wait to see this innovative hardware from the world’s original innovator of birthing simulators.
  • CAE Healthcare’s Replay Stand Alone Camera System Booth #300 – New mobile recording platform from the folks who bring us LearningSpace, which is rated very highly by Konsiderate users!
  • Laerdal’s new LLEAP Operating Software Booth #109 – LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC-operated Laerdal simulators. LLEAP brings simplicity to running simulation training and efficiencies to the management and development of scenarios.
  • SonoSim Booth #317 New Ultrasound Technologies Based on Partnership with Laerdal – Laerdal Medical, a leading provider of simulation solutions for healthcare, and SonoSim, Inc., a leading provider of ultrasound education and training, today announced a wide-ranging agreement regarding distribution, product development and R&D collaboration.
  • Exhibitor Presentation Theaters:
    • Education Management Solutions – 3D Anatomy Simulation  Sunday, January 11, 5:50pm-6:20pm
    • HGA Architects & Engineers “Physician and Nursing Education: High Performance Learning Environments”, Monday, January 12, 11:30am-12:00pm
    • Mentice Presentation Theater “Trauma-Considerations for Building REBOA Course” Monday 12:10-12:40
    • OtoSim Inc. Otoscopy and Opthamoscopy Training Demonstrates OtoSim2 Monday, 12:50pm-1:20pm

We know there is a lot more than that for IMSH 2015 we just know these items are at the top of our list.’s Lance Baily will be walking the floor and hanging out at the SimGHOSTS booth, so if you love reading this website stop by and say hello!

Remember, follow @HealthySim for hour by hour coverage!

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