CAE Healthcare Announces Update to Muse Patient Simulator Software & Reminder About Upcoming HPSN in Tampa Feb

muse software update

Received this announcement regarding an update to Muse patient simulator software from CAE Healthcare which looked important enough to share with you here! Don’t forget that the Human Patient Simulator Network event is taking place next month Feb. 16th-18th in Tampa Florida.This event is for simulation champions around the world so be sure to consider attending!

Dear CAE Healthcare Customer:

We’re pleased to introduce the latest version of our patient simulator user interface, Müse 2.4, which is now available for your METIman as a free update, if you have Müse 2.0 (version 2) or above, as well as an active support and maintenance plan.

Müse 2.4 offers:

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  • CPR Analysis compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines – With the addition of Chest Compression Fraction, Müse 2.4 now includes all of the AHA-recommended metrics for quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (e.g., compression depth, compression rate, chest recoil, compression fraction, ventilation volume and rate).
  • More flexibility for scenario creation – We added variants of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) cardiac rhythms, adjustable Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) and lower respiratory rate values.
  • Overrides for EtCO2, CVP and PAP – Facilitators can now override these parameters within Müse 2.4.
  • Metric and imperial units – Both unit types are now available for patient height and weight.
  • Compatibility with OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Significant improvements to these languages: German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese versions.

Update Information
If you have a patient simulator under an active service agreement and Müse version 2, your update will be free. If you are on Müse version 1 and would like to install 2.4 please contact customer service. The cost is $575 per simulator for those without an active support and maintenance plan.

We value our customer relationships, and we strive to ensure that we are delivering quality products and responding to your needs. 

hpsn world

Visit for more info!

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Save the Date for CAE Healthcare Human Patient Simulation Network HPSN World Event Feb. 2015

HPSN World 2016HPSN World 2016 | Tampa Marriott Waterside | February 16-18, 2016

There’s no better place to be in February than Tampa, Florida. And, there’s no better reason to be in Tampa than to attend HPSN World 2016!

From expert speakers and in-depth discussions on emerging medical simulation technologies, to the widely-anticipated return of the EMS CAE Cup competition, HPSN World 2016 is the ultimate simulation meeting of the year!

Plan to attend CAE Healthcare’s largest Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) conference of the year! HPSN World 2016, the premier Human Patient Simulation Network event, is back and better than ever! Join us in Tampa, FL this February for one of the most important educational networking opportunities for the medical simulation community. With this conference, we hope to strengthen the conversation surrounding healthcare simulation, as we explore a new world of fast changing and innovative solutions for improving the quality of care by “improving the way healthcare learns”.

This year, HPSN World is being reconstructed with all new content and activities for an entirely new experience. The theme of HPSN World 2016 is “Spice it Up.” We chose this theme because it reflects the importance of excitement, innovation, and change. And nowhere is change more relevant than at a Human Patient Simulation Network conference!

Change is the law of life. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. And change is at the core of human patient simulation. At HPSN World 2016, we embrace change at every turn. Whether it is through a hands-on workshop, a simulation-training course led by a CAE Healthcare expert educator, or by interacting with an influencer in the global simulation community, your attendance at this year’s HPSN World conference will change the way you view healthcare simulation forever.

To learn more and register early visit the CAE Healthcare HPSN 2016 Page!

CAE Healthcare HPSN World 2014 Keynote Address By Dr. JoDee Anderson & Other Recap Materials Now Online

cae healthcare hpsn

Shown below is CAE Healthcare’s 2014 HPSN keynote address provided by Dr. JoDee Anderson, Associate Professor and the Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Anderson delivered a compelling, multimedia keynote address about how simulation is altering team behavior in pediatrics. Also thanks to CAE, you can now visit their 2014 event recap page (linked below) to watch the conference opening by newly appointed president of CAE Healthcare, Dr. Robert Amyot, as well as download any of the presentation slides from the meeting!

About JoDee:

Dr. JoDee Anderson completed her pediatric residency and neonatal-perinatal fellowship at Stanford University where she focused on the development of simulation-based curricula in neonatal resuscitation, pediatric advanced life support, ECMO crisis management, and crisis resource management behaviors. She serves as the Director of Pediatric Simulation Education at OHSU. She obtained a masters degree in education through University of Cincinnati as she worked to validate expert modeling as a strategy to improve skill acquisition in simulation. She serves as Chair of the Education Committee for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare; she was a member of the Board of Directors for the Oregon Simulation Alliance; and she was an investigator in the EXPRESS trial. She has more than 16 years of experience in simulation and she has developed interprofessional simulation curricula to improve the performance of interprofessional teams in high-risk environments. In 2011, she was appointed as the Medical Director for The S.T.A.B.L.E Simulation Program, an internationally renowned resuscitation-training program in neonatal care. She was also instrumental in the development of the Simulation Instructor DVD for The AAP Neonatal Resuscitation Program. Together with colleagues she developed and validated the Behavioral Assessment Tool (BAT) for simulation, a widely used and accepted instrument in simulation education and research. As a native Oregonian she enjoys all the outdoors have to offer; she spends her free time with her family skiing, camping, biking, and traveling.

About the HPSN2014 Keynote Address:

When a baby is born in distress, a medical team has only a few critical moments to revive the newborn to prevent permanent neurological damage, or even death. Dr. JoDee Anderson has devoted her career to improving outcomes in the most vulnerable newborns. Anderson is associate professor of neonatology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, where she is also medical director of the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. As an advocate of inter-professional training for neonatal resuscitation teams, she has developed learning tools to improve team behaviors.

At HPSN, Anderson delivered a compelling, multi-media keynote address about how simulation is altering team behavior in pediatrics. During her talk, she showed video of a real-life neonatal resuscitation. “It’s not well-coordinated, we don’t use the protocols very well, and there isn’t good teamwork,” Anderson says. “It’s a striking and emotional video, and I point out the ways the team isn’t working together.” Anderson learned the value of simulation during her internship at Stanford University Hospital. “My first experience with neonatal resuscitation was a simulation during my internship at the Stanford VA Simulation center.

I had a really hard case – meconium aspiration and asphyxiation.” Anderson found the simulation challenging, but she didn’t know how much it had impacted her learning until three days later. “I was on call at the county hospital and the exact same case came up. I knew what to do as an intern. It was amazing to me that this transfer of learning had happened, and I knew what to do for a real patient. That changed everything.”

Learn more at the HPSN 2014 Wrap Up Page

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CAE Healthcare HPSN 2013 Delivers Powerful Messages & Sneak Peeks

john foley hpsn

This past week I attended the 17th CAE Healthcare HPSN event, which took place for the first time on the west coast in downtown San Francisco. This event was attended by over 1,000 simulation champions from around the world, and was the largest vendor meeting I have ever been to. I was invited by CAE to present on three topics: “Generating Revenue Through External Contracts”, “Hollywood Secrets for Increasing Realism in Your Sim Lab” and “Sim Techs – The Difference Between Success and Failure for Your Sim Program”.

I had a chance to talk with Colin M. Preis, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at CAE Healthcare about the event, the amazing keynote presentation from Retired Lead Blue Angels Pilot John Foley (shown above), a powerful call by CAE Healthcare CEO Mike Bernstein, and check out the teaser model of a new child birthing simulator!

Retired Navy Blue Angels Pilot John Foley provided a powerful two hour address on the power of vision, executive and debriefing to the audience of medical simulation champions. John informed the audience of the kind of commitment to excellence it took to be the .01% of the top 1% of an organization, trusting their fellow pilots to fly within 18″ of one another going over 400 knots! What was fantastic to see was recorded  footage of the debrief sessions John participated in after each and every Blue Angels demonstration back in the early 90s. During these sessions, which usually lasted longer than the actual event, John and his fellow pilots would watch VHS recorded tape of their entire performance and critique one another, themselves and their performances – just as we do now 20 years later at the end of our healthcare simulations.  A powerful reminder about the process the World Famous Blue Angels undergo, and what we as healthcare providers must also commit to in-order to achieve our own best.  You can learn all about John and his companies at

hpsn 2013

John was introduced by CAE Healthcare CEO Mike Bernstein, who took the opportunity not to demonstrate products but rather make a powerful call. Mike suggested it was time to engage the government to learn from the success of the aviation industry and create a regulatory body for healthcare, similar to the NTSB. This is something that should be strongly considered by the medical simulation community. To that end, CAE Healthcare has reached out to competitors to start such a conversation and opened an office in Washington DC to begin lobbying efforts.

cae birthing simulator

Lastly, we got a sneak peek of a new child birthing manikin to be released before IMSH 2014, also taking place in San Francisco. I had a chance to go behind closed doors to see various components of the new system and I am already impressed with the unique innovations coming from a company with decades of simulation experience in aviation: CAE.

To learn more about the HPSN event check out the CAE Healthcare website!

Free Medical Simulation Conference June 30th in San Francisco

It’s not too late! Join us this June 30th – July 2nd in San Francisco for the Annual HPSN Medical Simulation Event! Click here to learn more now…

This FREE meeting will immerse you in opportunities to explore the healthcare simulation methodology and technology, as well as meet, learn and share with current successful users. Join hundreds of other simulation champions from around the world and enjoy the beautiful city of San Francisco.

free medical simulation conference

Hear from Keynote Speaker, Top Gun Navy Pilot, and CEO John Foley about providing high performance training to individuals, teams, and organizations and then choose from over 100 courses designed to help you start or expand a medical simulation program. Course titles include:

  • ‘$ustaining ROI’ – How to Develop External Business Contracts For Your Sim Lab
  • “Faculty Forward”: Faculty Development in High-fidelity Simulation in Nursing
  • “You want me to do what?” Implementing Curriculum Wide Simulation
  • A Day in the ER: A Multi-patient Simulation
  • Changing Hospital Culture: Understanding the System-wide Effects of a Nurse Residency Program
  • Designing Serious Games for Medical Professionals: A Scientific Approach
  • European nurse adaptation programme: evaluation student and staff experiences of learning in a simulated practice environment using the simulation effectiveness tool
  • Falling Forward- A Journey Towards Immersive EMS Simulation
  • Fundamentals of Simulation Debriefing
  • Implementing the INACSL Nursing Standards of Best Simulation Practice
  • Programming Simulators 101
  • Introduction to VIMEDIX UltraSound Simulator for Women’s Health
  • Mobile Simulation in Rural Healthcare
  • Prone to Code:A Surgical Simulation of a Full Code during Spine Surgery
  • Relationship between Fidelity and Dose of Human Patient Simulation (HPS), Critical Thinking Skills, and Knowledge in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
  • Simulation to Improve Staff Nurse Orientation
  • And many more…

Visit the HPSN Website to Register Today to this FREE globally-attended event!

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CAE Healthcare’s World HPSN San Francisco Conference June 30th – July 2nd

cae healthcare conference

Share Your Expertise at HPSN World 2013! 

Make plans to join CAE at HPSN World 2013 this June 30-July 2 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. More than 1,000 simulation educators and students from around theworld will attend their annual conference.

CAE’s website is now accepting registrations and session proposals at Share your expertise and creativity by becoming an HPSN World 2013 facilitator.

Submit Your Proposal in Any of the Following Categories:

  • Immersive Sessions with Simulator for small groups or with audience participation.
  • Podium Presentations presenting research or best practices.
  • Round Table Discussions of dynamic topics in simulation.
  • Expert Panel Presentations of three to four experts on hot topics in simulation.
  • Poster Sessions presenting progress in research and unique accomplishments.

Deadline is Feb. 28th!

Click here to learn more or send your submission.

medical simulation conference 2013

HPSN World 2013
June 30 – July 2
San Francisco Marriott Marquis
55 Fourth Street – San Francisco, CA 94103

METI’s HPSN Meeting Banner

Hey Sim Champs!

The first conference I ever attended when I started my career in medical simulation was METI’s Western Regional Human Patient Simulation Network Meeting in San Francisco many years ago.  I learned a great deal about best practices in a variety of subjects, from moulage to METI software, debriefing practices and everything in-between! What is great about these meetings are they are “non-denominational”, meaning you can learn a great deal about simulation even if you are not specifically a METI user.  In other words, the HPSN meeting is education-based, not METI-based. Click the banner below to learn more!

“HPSN is the premier education conference for medical simulation users with leaders from all ends of the globe coming to take part in this incredible learning event. This year’s Western Regional HPSN is being hosted by Swedish Medical Center, Seattle University and METI and is offered for FREE to anyone interested in medical simulation and education. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend workshops, plenary sessions and network with medical education simulation experts in a casual, cooperative and informative setting.”

METI is sponsoring the new banner ad seen on the upper right hand corner of the right column of – which enables this website to continue to provide all the best news, product previews, advice for the medical simulation community – and remain FREE! Special thanks to Richard Kuschinsky, Doug Underwood and METI for their support of!

METI HPSNs are a great meeting for Simulation Champions and I highly recommend them! Click the banner above to learn more….

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