California Simulation Alliance Workshops and Conference in October


News today from the California Simluation Alliance, a program of HealthImpact, regarding their upcoming October events:

3-Day Simulation Intensive

October 20-22, 2016
California State University, San Marcos

Description: This three-day immersion course offers a jump-start into simulation-based health care education. Participants will learn to apply best practices in high-fidelity simulation through a variety of didactic, interactive and immersive formats. Using a dual focus on academic and practice settings, key theoretical concepts and strategies will be explored to support health care educators in providing safe, effective learning environments. The basics of the CSA Level 1 curriculum will be flexed to meet the needs of the group, followed by intensive immersion into Level 3 scenario development and debriefing strategies. 19.5 CEUs

Learning objectives:

  • Describe current educational theory supporting simulation as an effective learning strategy for health care teams.
  • Identify the key elements of an effective simulation scenario.
  • Develop a clinical simulation that incorporates key learning objectives and QSEN competencies.
  • Facilitate a clinical simulation including set up, turnover and debriefing.
  • Describe the value and benefit of the California Simulation Alliance and other national and international simulation resources.

CSA Members $1250.00
Non CSA Members $1500.00

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Register here for the 3-Day Workshop

2nd Annual USF/CSA Simulation Conference

Pre-Conference for the 2nd Annual USF/CSA Simulation Conference University of San Francisco Co-sponsored by the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) and the CSA Featuring Dr. Jenny Rudolph and Dr, Mary Fey CSA Members. Pre-cons include CHSE and CHSOS readiness review classes sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and a debriefing workshop supported by the team from The Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard.

October 13-15, 2016
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street McLaren Hall
San Francisco, California 94117

$500 Non CSA Members
$550 CSA Subscribers

Register for the CSA Conference here!

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California Simulation Alliance Fall Calendar of Events

california simulation alliance

Hey Sim Champs – The CSA has shared their upcoming summer/fall schedule of courses, conferences and more! Check out the upcoming activities below.

2nd Annual CSA/USF Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”

October 13-15, 2016

All three courses are held at the University of San Francisco. Why not make a weekend of it and enjoy the city? We are securing a hotel block, which will be announced soon, at a discounted rate.

October 13: CHSE and CHSOS readiness review classes. Sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

October 14: Special pre-conference debriefing workshop featuring Dr. Jenny Rudolph and Dr. Mary Fey! The Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard and the CSA are co-sponsoring this exciting pre-conference.

October 15: Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation” Keynote speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph

2016 CSA Course Calendar

Simulation Evaluation: 2016
August 5, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, Fromm Hall
Cost: $350
Course Description: In this seminar, learners will review current best practices for assessment and evaluation of simulation activities with special consideration for reliable and valid tools available in the literature. A thorough grounding in feedback, assessment and evaluation theory and practice will be provided, with opportunities for discussion and application to simulation practice.

Simulation Intensive
August 11-13, 2016
Location: Cal Baptist University, Riverside, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Advanced Debriefing
August 22, 2016
Location: Sacramento State University
Cost: $300 CSA subscribers, $350 nonsubscribers
6.5 CEUs

Special Pre-Conference: Debriefing Workshop, Featuring Drs. Jenny Rudolph and Mary Fey
Sponsored by CSA and CMS
October 14, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, McLaren Hall
Cost: $499 CSA subscribers; $550 nonsubscribers

2nd Annual Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”
Sponsored by CSA and USF Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph
October 15, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco

Simulation Intensive
October 20, 21, & 22, 2016
Cal State University San Marcos, San Marcos, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Learn more and Register on the CSA website today!

New Pilot Study Seeks Participants & 1-Day November Workshop From California Simulation Alliance

california simulation alliance

This week’s newsletter from the California Simulation Alliance made mention of a new pilot study and upcoming 1-day Simulation Conference:

CSA Pilot Study

The CSA is conducting a pilot study to investigate the value of formalizing a continuing mentoring service to our Faculty Development Program.  Study results from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) landmark, multi-site, longitudinal study indicated that up to 50% of clinical hours in pre-licensure nursing curricula could be substituted with high quality simulation without negative impact on NCLEX pass rates.

Although networking and informal mentoring relationships are established during the CSAcourses, literature supports that a single course coupled with trial and error are not effective in sustaining the development of comprehensive, progressive simulation programs.  As a response to the NCSBN study results the CSA is proposing a new methodology for training simulation educators: “A Comprehensive, Progressive, Tiered, Supported and Goal-oriented Program for Healthcare Simulation Educators.”

The program’s target audience is healthcare educators who have regular involvement in simulation. This new program seeks to extend the learning experience with a comprehensive plan driven by an end goal of certification as CHSE (Certified Health Care Educator) through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

This project seeks to recruit participants who sign up for the CSA’s Simulation Intensive course on November 5 – 7, 2015. The pilot project will be positioned around this course and offer participants the opportunity to receive a customized education plan based on a needs assessment, mentoring from an experienced healthcare simulation educator and three hours of consultative services. During the project phase there will be no additional cost for any of the initial assessment, consultation or mentoring for 3 months. The CSA is excited about this new opportunity within the field of healthcare simulation.

2015 CSA Course Calendar

Simulation Intensive

Participation entitles you to an initial assessment, consultation or mentoring for 3 months as part of our pilot project.  Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, sign up now!
November 5-7, 2015

Location: San Jose, CA
Cost: $1,250 CSA subscribers; $1,500 non-subscribers
19.5 CEUs

Simulation Conference

The University of San Francisco and the CSA are co-sponsoring a Simulation Conference on November 21, 2015 on the USF campus.  The keynote speaker is: Connie Lopez, MSN, CNS, RNC-OB, CPHRM, National Leader, Simulation and Risk Education, National Risk Management & Patient Safety. Many of the CSA faculty will be presenting breakout sessions throughout the day.

Location: University of San Francisco McLaren Hall
November 21, 2015Cost: $75 CSA subscribers; $100 non-subscribers
6.5 CEUs

Learn more about the study and the conference on the CSA Website!

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California’s Medical Sim ‘Magic in Teaching’ November Meeting

california simulation meeting
I bumped into KT Waxman at the airport the other day and learned there’s still time to sign up for early-bird registration to the California Sim Alliance’s annual “Magic in Teaching Conference” taking place this November in San Francisco!
MIT Participants will be able to:
  • Explore the future vision of nursing clinical education
  • Advance clinical practice and patient care outcomes through effective clinical education strategies
  • Expand clinical education incorporating varied practice settings and emerging nursing roles
  • Adopt simulation methods and technology to strengthen clinical education effectiveness and enhance patient safety
  • Identify innovative strategies to integrate
  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) in nursing curricula
Register for MIT & Be Sure to Book Your Room by Oct. 30!
20/20 Vision: Nursing Education for 2020
Nov. 14-16
South San Francisco Convention Center
Magic in Teaching is less than a month away. You can register for the full conference, or one or two days only. Two pre-conferences are available, but filling up fast!
CSA subscribers – contact Ashley for your discount code!