Magic In Teaching Day 1 Update

Today I was able to attend CINHC’s “Magic in Teaching” conference in San Diego.  CINHC has combined the annual southern and northern events into one meeting which migrates between the North and South every other year.  Here are some great notes I learned from today’s meeting:

Nigel Chong Lance Baily Glen Williams

Nigel Chong BN, RN, CNC from Australia’s University of Tasmania (seen above with Glen Williams) provided the MIT keynote “Learning to Rescue: teaching to the Individuals Reality”:

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  • Develop to meet the need of the participant but also for  the needs of a diverse range of users with a multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach.
  • Have classroom tables in the same room as the ward so you can quickly transfer theory into practice.
  • Have a simulation interest group with personnel from local institutions to develop the field in your community.
  • Connect an emotional feeling with your students during their practice to provide them with lasting clinical memory!  Evoking feeling in your learners connects a physical, emotional response with the knowledge they are consuming.

Angela Williams MSN, RN and her team from the Charles Drew University Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing presented on their inter-professional simulation program with the School of Medicine:

  • Provide standardized training as much as possible with faculty new to simulation.
  • Clearly define and require faculty to maintain their roles throughout the simulation experience.
  • Consider all data collection needs before beginning operations as once the current phase of the program is launched it is difficult to backtrack.  Minimally provide pre and post surveys.
  • Keep the groups as small as possible to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Have faculty from all included professions present during the simulation experiences, to address questions and concerns from different disciplines.
  • Request additional educators so that the coordinator of the simulation experiences can be free to keep operations moving if their are immediate needs outside of the current learning environment (ie last minute questions that occurred when prepping the simulator for the next scenario).

Magic in Teaching continues tomorrow but unfortunately I have to head back to Las Vegas.  Learn more about “Magic In Teaching” at CINHC’s website.

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World’s First Sim Tech Conference is a Huge Success!


GOT SIM 2011 Tom Doyle METI

Last week 85 simulation technicians gathered in Nevada at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas to meet with peers and receive specialized training from leading industry experts.

We opened up the event with a reception from METI at the top of the Stratosphere! Tom Doyle, VP of Education & Training and Chief Learning Officer of METI, informed the attendees that METI is 100% behind supporting the technicians! Thanks METI!

GOT SIM 2011 Tom Doyle METI

Sim Techs meet in Vegas

GOT SIM Group 2011

Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas Director Lance Baily gave a keynote speech about the current state of the healthcare simulation industry and the serious need for developing support for simulation technicians.  A review of his keynote speech will be available soon for you to watch on youtube.

Healthcare Simulation Technicians Conference

At the end of the meeting, the group overwhelming decided to found a new Organization dedicated to supporting Healthcare Simulation Technicians!  Look for news shortly!

Special thanks also goes out to the following companies:

Gaumard – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

Laerdal – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

METI Learning – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

iSysGlobal – For sponsoring tech breakfast on both days!

Pocket Nurse – For sponsoring tech lunch on both days! (We had pizza on Saturday!)

Speakers and the topics they presented:

John Cordova RN provided an amazing breakdown of need to know medical knowledge and patho-physiology.

Jonthan Sturak, MS provided a 2-hour session on the fundamentals of audio/video production. Techs gathered into groups of 6 and produced small video orientations for a sim lab.

Suzanne Sharp BSN, MS put together a great hour-long presentation on the first year development of the CSCLV sim labs.

Captain Steven Wilkinson from gave an amazing talk about the history and lessons learned from simulation in the aviation industry.

Jane Kleinman RN, MAOM & Kristy Chambers RN, MSN from Medical Simulation Design gave us great insights on empowering technicians.

Bobbie Merica from ran a great workshop on “Moulage” makeup 101!

Thanks again to the CSCLV Staff and Deans Yucha, Synder & Bar-on for letting us put on this great event!

METI opens GOT SIM with Stratosphere Reception!


The craziest ride of my life was last night 112 stories up on the top of the Stratosphere Hotel!  METI provided a fantastic reception for 100 guests from the Gathering of Technicians Meeting to be hosted at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas.

GOT SIM 2011 Tom Doyle METI

Here’s Tom Doyle, Vice President of METI welcoming GOT SIMMERS and pledging support for this new meeting!

METI Gathering of Technicians Ride Stratosphere

And here’s us riding the scariest ride of our lives as we get dropped off the side of the Tower!

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Welcome INACSL 2011!

Welcome Home Nursing Simulation Champions from INACSL 2011!

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Orlando 2011 INACSL Conference

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Or are you looking for information about the G.O.T. Meeting for Simulation Technicians?  Check out the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas website for more info!

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Contact Lance to meet up at INACSL this year in Orlando or drop Lance an email if you ever have any medical simulation comments or questions.

And have a great conference!

METI’s HPSN Meeting Banner

Hey Sim Champs!

The first conference I ever attended when I started my career in medical simulation was METI’s Western Regional Human Patient Simulation Network Meeting in San Francisco many years ago.  I learned a great deal about best practices in a variety of subjects, from moulage to METI software, debriefing practices and everything in-between! What is great about these meetings are they are “non-denominational”, meaning you can learn a great deal about simulation even if you are not specifically a METI user.  In other words, the HPSN meeting is education-based, not METI-based. Click the banner below to learn more!

“HPSN is the premier education conference for medical simulation users with leaders from all ends of the globe coming to take part in this incredible learning event. This year’s Western Regional HPSN is being hosted by Swedish Medical Center, Seattle University and METI and is offered for FREE to anyone interested in medical simulation and education. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend workshops, plenary sessions and network with medical education simulation experts in a casual, cooperative and informative setting.”

METI is sponsoring the new banner ad seen on the upper right hand corner of the right column of – which enables this website to continue to provide all the best news, product previews, advice for the medical simulation community – and remain FREE! Special thanks to Richard Kuschinsky, Doug Underwood and METI for their support of!

METI HPSNs are a great meeting for Simulation Champions and I highly recommend them! Click the banner above to learn more….

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First Meeting for Simulation Technicians announced for Summer 2011 in Las Vegas!

This Summer the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas is hosting a two day event specifically designed to support the growing Healthcare Simulation Technician community.  If you are a Sim Tech, or are responsible for operating and maintaining a medical simulation lab, you should definitely check out the conference flyer and visit the CSC G.O.T. Sim website.

Meeting for Simulation Technicians

What are the Gathering of Technicians meeting objectives?

  • Meet with other Simulation Technicians and share best practices
  • Develop long term industry contacts
  • Receive specialized training in:
    • High-fidelity manikin hardware and software operation & programming, maintenance and repair
    • Audiovisual production techniques
    • Team leadership and communication techniques
    • Manikin moulage and makeup
    • Medical terminology and healthcare practices
  • Discuss industry needs and possible standards

Enrollment is limited so take advantage of Early-Bird Registration now!

METI notes: NEW HRSA 2011 funding opportunity for nurses

An important funding note FYI from METI’s blog:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recently announced a new funding opportunity for the Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR) program. Grants are awarded to eligible institutions for projects to strengthen and enhance the capacity for nurse education, practice and retention, and the development of specialties to address the nursing shortage. Awards will average $250,000. Eligible applicants are accredited schools of nursing, health care facilities or a partnership of such a school and facility.

Check out more at HRSA !

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