Clinical Playground is fun!

In the Monsters Inc. clip above, a new monster has to go through simulated training experiences to make sure they can properly scare children. The instructor could use some debriefing notes from Eric Bauman PhD and the Clinical Playground.

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Clinical Playground, LLC is a nexus of academic and industry collaboration focusing on the use of simulation and game-based learning for health sciences, public safety, and science education. The founding and managing member of Clinical Playground, LLC, Dr. Eric B. Bauman along with a number of associates throughout industry and higher education believe that leveraging technology, specifically game-based technology and virtual environments represents an important paradigm shift in the educational process.  Medical, Nursing and allied health education, as well as public safety education including, fire, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and organizational managers are well suited to take advantage of game-based and virtual environment training opportunities.

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