New Simulation Lab Orientation Videos Help Increase Learning Outcomes

healthcare simulation orientation video

Searching through youtube today we found a bunch of new Sim Lab orientation videos on that we wanted to share! Orientation videos on Youtube are a great way to introduce your learners to the methodology of simulation, as well as the spaces and equipment they will be using during their learning process. This helps the learners spend less time worrying about “where is the O2 mask drawer” and instead enables them to spend more time focused on the learning objectives within the simulation experience.

Medical simulation is a wonderful way to improve teamwork and work on the cognitive approach to any type of medical case. St. Mary medical center is committed to this modality of education and this video is played prior to all events.

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The WA Clinical Training Network engaged with Edith Cowan University’s Health Simulation Centre to develop and deliver a 1 day ‘Introductory’ Level Course for Simulation Instructors. This course was delivered on the 12th of May 2016.

Above is the British Columbia Institute of Technology Sim Lab Video Orientation!

Are you interested in producing your own Sim Lab Orientation Video?

Watch out our Sim Lab Orientation
Video Production Tutorial part I & part II!

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Reader Submitted Video Intro Orientations to Laerdal Simman Classic, Essential, and 3G

medical simulator orientation

Looking for great orientation video introductions to your Laerdal SimMan products? Check out these awesome video breakdowns free to watch anytime through youtube!

SimMan Classic

SimMan Essential

SimMan 3G

Learn how to make your own video orientations through our Production Tutorial!

HealthySim Medical Simulation Youtube Channel Cross 75,000 Views!

healthcare simulation videos

Are you looking for even more medical simulation content? Be sure to check out our library of over 125 original content videos specifically addressing aspects of healthcare simulation. We have produced countless hours of easy to watch videos covering new products, conference updates, center tours, simulation tutorials and more. Check out some of our content below:

The last five videos we posted:

Top five most watched videos:

  1. Pyxis MedStation 4000 From Part 1: Educator Reflections
  2. Maternal Fetal Simulator Fidelis from CAE Healthcare – Part 2: Advanced Engineering
  3. iSimulate unveils ALSi Patient Vital Sign Software
  4. Laerdal Launches SimPad at IMSH 2012
  5. Simulab – TraumaMan In-Situ at LSU

Stay tuned for a NEW special video highlight of the Victor Valley Community College EMS Program & CAE Healthcare coming soon!

Watch & Subscribe now at:

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50,000 Views of Medical Simulation Videos from

medical simulation videos

HealthySim readers- today I am thrilled to share that the HealthySimulation Youtube Channel has crossed more than 50,000 views! To highlight this achievement I have shared again  here the top six “most watched” videos from our channel, which covers healthcare simulation product demos, conference interviews, tutorials and more! Thanks to all those that helped us achieve this amazing goal.

#6) How to Produce a Sim Lab Video Orientation 

#5) Simulab TraumaMan In-Situ at LSU

#4) Pyxis MedStation 4000 Clinical Educator Reflections From

#3) CAE’s Caesar Manikin 

#2) iSimulate Unveils ALSi Patient Vital Sign Monitor Software 

#1) Laerdal Launches SimPad at IMSH 2012 

Stop by the HealthySimulation Medical Simulation Youtube Channel for over ONE HUNDRED more medical simulation videos, be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE!