50,000 Views of Medical Simulation Videos from HealthySimulation.com

medical simulation videos

HealthySim readers- today I am thrilled to share that the HealthySimulation Youtube Channel has crossed more than 50,000 views! To highlight this achievement I have shared again  here the top six “most watched” videos from our channel, which covers healthcare simulation product demos, conference interviews, tutorials and more! Thanks to all those that helped us achieve this amazing goal.

#6) How to Produce a Sim Lab Video Orientation 

#5) Simulab TraumaMan In-Situ at LSU

#4) Pyxis MedStation 4000 Clinical Educator Reflections From MedicalShipment.com

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#3) CAE’s Caesar Manikin 

#2) iSimulate Unveils ALSi Patient Vital Sign Monitor Software 

#1) Laerdal Launches SimPad at IMSH 2012 

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Most Read Medical Simulation Articles From July

top medical simulation articles

Sim Champs, here’s a list of the “most read” articles from HealthySimulation.com’s website and free email newsletter for the month of July:

Simulated Patient ‘Allergic to Ink’ Warning Sign, Download to Save Your Manikins – Will Enfinger, Simulation Specialist at Des Moines University, has created a nifty “Allergy Warning Sign” which simulation champions can use to help prevent ink stains from learners.

Konsiderate Medical Simulation Product Review Website Opens Doors to Public – Last week Konsiderate.com, the world’s only medical simulation product and service peer-driven review website opened up its beta phase with a new way to login using your professional work email address.

Mount Sinai ‘Director of Simulation Education’ Featured Job Listing – Spearhead the development, implementation and evaluation of educational programming, and oversee and provide guidance for educational research projects at the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS) in NY.

Even More Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios – Download more of the free scenarios from these US-based resources.

NYIT Offers MS in Medical / Health Care Simulation – The College of Osteopathic Medicine offers a 36-credit Master of Science in Medical / Health Care Simulation program. This state-approved graduate program has been preparing professionals for careers in the growing field of human patient simulation education since 2012.

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