Enhance Your Healthcare Simulation Debriefs Using Video with Vosaic Connect


Today some helpful content from our sponsor Vosaic! Debriefs are a crucial element in the medical simulation process. Harnessing video to increase learning opportunities and expand the value of debriefs is an excellent solution for many medical simulation scenarios. While many tools exist to help incorporate video analysis in the simulation process, they often involve expensive subscriptions, specialized A/V equipment and hardware, and complicated onboarding.

Vosaic, formerly Studiocode Group, launched Vosaic Connect in July, and has become an invaluable tool for many simulation centers, as it solves many of the traditional challenges of integrating video into learning situations. Vosaic Connect is a secure, cloud-based system that allows you to record video, instantly upload, and mark moments for review during debrief. This is all accomplished via an iOS app. Utilizing video means that skills can be captured, reviewed, and shared, strengthening learnings while increasing collaboration between learners and educators.


When using Vosaic Connect for debrief scenarios, users can take advantage of a wide range of features to enhance learning.

  • Annotations – Add context to marked-up moments, create new moments with attached notes, and comment on moments from other users, adding depth to debrief scenarios
  • Multi-user timelines – Different users can contribute their markup to the timeline, creating a holistic snapshot of different reactions to the same training scenario
  • Mark-ups – Tag important moments during simulation or after, and then review and analyze them during debrief
  • Instant Upload – Capture video using our iOS app for instant upload or any other A/V equipment to pre-record video and upload later
  • Customization – Create your own markup forms with buttons to address your specific debrief needs

Simplified Technology

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Solutions Using iPad and iPhone apps, Vosaic Connect removes traditional barriers to video utilization in simulation training. By functioning as the sole video capture solution, Vosaic Connect is a low-cost solution.

A Suite of Products

Vosaic Connect is the newest product from Vosaic, which has gained a name in the video analysis industry with its flagship product, Studiocode. Studiocode, in tandem with Vosaic iCoda, provide customizable, in-depth video analysis. Studiocode offers features for those looking for a more robust analysis solution.

Low Cost of Entry

Vosaic Connect offers a variety of plans that fit every level of user needs. You’ll even start with a 14-day free trial that will grant access to up to five users and 20 hours of video content. Vosaic Connect is simple to use, meaning a two-week trial allows you to explore how it can make a difference in your simulation exercises. A Product Always in Motion Vosaic Connect is built on user needs and experience. That means that new features are constantly being added, tested, and rolled out, based on feedback from current users. Vosaic wants to provide users with constant insight into that process on the Vosaic Blog.

Incorporating Vosaic Connect into training and medical simulation scenarios will enhance skills training for learners and educators.

Get started with your 14-day free trial by Visiting Vosaic’s Website Today!

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Beyond Debriefing – Studiocode from Vosaic Enables for High Level Research Studies for Healthcare Simulation

vosaic studiocode healthcare simulation

Check out the latest news about Studiocode from Vosaic, which provides high level research opportunities during a/v recording debriefing of your healthcare simulation event. Note: While Studiocode is a standalone product — You can also add Studiocode on top of an existing video solution product to enhance research capabilities!

  • Discover Opportunities: As the capstone product, Studiocode provides endless possibilities for analysis, leading to even deeper insights. Customized video tagging identifies specific moments useful to your research process.
  • Quickly Identify the Crucial Moments: Create timelines, databases, and transcription text that allow for easy cross-referencing and analysis, helping you identify patterns and trends as they emerge.
  • User Self-Discovery: The ability for users to refer to their own videos allows students, researchers, and educators alike to see how their performance is affecting the outcome of their research projects or simulations. This data can be collected and organized to influence future efforts while facilitating debrief scenarios to further learning opportunities.

Studiocode Features Include:

  • Live Markup/Coding
  • Build Markup/Code Forms
  • Live Record Video
  • Import Recorded Video
  • Advanced Markup/Coding
  • Post Markup/Coding
  • Basic Reporting
  • Video Transcription
  • Deep Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Cloud Storage (add-on)
  • Cloud Sharing (add-on)

About Vosaic In Their Own Words

Video is an invaluable tool for research and learning opportunities. Our video analysis software lets you interpret the multi-faceted elements of video while identifying patterns that form a comprehensive picture. Creating clarity around results and discovering trends that may not be otherwise immediately apparent can lead to more robust outcomes. These new insights facilitate the training and education of everyone from nurses and physicians to mathematical researchers.

Our passion for video analysis means that we are fully invested in all the fields our users work in. We understand your unique needs and that helps drive product utilization, ensuring that you’re maximizing the features of the Vosaic products to produce your best results. Agile and customizable, Vosaic can be applied to almost every need or industry. The fields of healthcare, education, and research in particular have found Vosaic to be an invaluable tool that encourages new insights and drives growth and performance.

Learn more on the Vosaic website today!

Performance Analysis Company Studiocode Group Rebrands to Vosaic


Not too long ago, HUDL acquired SportsTec, who were the parent company of Studiocode which you can read more about here. Yesterday another big announcement from Joe Salem, VP of Sales and Marketing for the medical simulation division of the company that Studiocode has rebranded to Vosaic. With this rebrand comes a reaffirmation to innovate in the medical simulation space with new features to enhance the already powerful a/v performance analysis system.

Official Announcement:

Studiocode Group, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based video analysis company, today announced their company rebrand under the new name, Vosaic. The rebrand reflects the company’s mission to help researchers, educators, and learners uncover insights to improve performance.

The name Vosaic was chosen to express the multi-faceted elements within Vosaic software that can be leveraged to discover patterns that make up a bigger picture, just as individual tiles arranged in a pattern create a larger mosaic.

The new brand means great things for our existing and future users – the future is very bright,” said Joe Salem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vosaic. “It is the next step in accelerating progress toward an even better video analysis product with a brand that truly represents who we are and what we do.”

The rebranding positions the company to heighten product development and further specialize its product offerings. New product enhancements and a new cloud-based product are scheduled to be released later this year.

As Vosaic moves forward with its new brand, the high quality of service and hands-on support will remain a focus for existing and prospective users.

We continue to take pride in the exceptional relationships that the Vosaic sales and training teams have built with our existing clients,” said Bob Beiersdorf, President of Vosaic. “Moving forward, we are excited to use our mission and new brand to further empower our users to gain insight through video analysis.

With plans to revolutionize video analysis across new and familiar industries, Vosaic looks forward to an exciting and successful 2016.

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What Sports Performance Analysis Can Teach Healthcare Simulation

sports healthcare simulation

Last week, software company HUDL acquired Sportstec, the parent company of Studiocode — which provides a/v recording and performance analysis software for medical simulation. The software is really robust, providing a high level of detail with regards to annotating actions and exporting data for research purposes. Users can create custom one-click data entry mapping tools specific to their program needs, meaning you can change the button layout for recording performance actions for different types of of scenarios, learners, or instructors. With better tagged scenario footage, you can quickly export the specific segments you need to highlight the learning opportunities. For example, you could quickly export the three 10 second clips that exist somewhere in a one hour scenario recording. This speeds up time for facilitators and learners to witness the exact moments they need to review.

Bringing Sports Analysis to Healthcare

When our community compares medical simulation to other industries we often speak about aviation or military training. Yet the sports industry has a lot of parallels which can directly apply to our analogies, learning, and evolution. Consider that in sports team members are a constantly morphing as players start, retire, trade or have injuries. The team has a common goal against numerous different opponents who have unknown tactics. While obviously the stakes to win are not as life or death, they are still high.

In healthcare, we are constantly working with different team members against high stakes traumatic or medical cases with unknown dynamics. Thus, the tools and methods that big budget sports programs use to increase their odds of victory should be evaluated, compared, and at times adopted into healthcare. Of course, sports companies like HUDL will need to fully understand the needs of healthcare providers to ensure that the tools are designed from the ground up to better support our needs. Physical movement around a ball is less dynamic than healthcare’s movement around a patient, as opposed to verbal communication in healthcare which (hopefully) takes place more often than in sports. But with customizable coding systems, Studiocode has that potential to help us focus on our specific needs — whether that be team-based communication or an individual’s specific task evaluation.

About the Acquisition

Sportstec Managing Director Philip Jackson announced the acquisition proposal to Sportstec staff today saying, “The market has changed dramatically over the last 16 years and proudly we can claim to have driven a lot of this change. We have done extremely well in the elite sports market to be globally recognized as number one. A key area missing from the Sportstec offering is the grassroots and amateur markets where Hudl has excelled, making the combination a compelling market strategy and story. The culture and willingness to always improve will ensure the Sportstec brand continues to inspire the market.”

“This goes beyond our global growth as a company,” said Graff. “With this acquisition comes the opportunity to study how Sportstec’s top tier programs use these tools. By familiarizing ourselves with what’s analyzed in professional leagues, we can tailor the tools Hudl currently offers to amateur teams across all sports.”

Subject to all conditions, Sportstec would be Hudl’s third acquisition in 12 months. The transaction is expected to close in late June.

About Hudl
Hudl is a leading software company changing the way coaches and athletes train to stay ahead of the competition, offering video distribution, play diagrams, individual analysis and more, securely available online. More than 3.5 million users from 100,000 teams, spanning the smallest youth programs, to high schools, elite colleges and professional teams, rely on Hudl’s software to give them the competitive edge they need to succeed.

About Sportstec
Sportstec provides coaching applications and professional services to the world’s premier sporting teams. Since 1999, Sportstec has lead the performance analysis revolution with its famous SportsCode and Gamebreaker brands. Sportstec has built a global network that includes direct operations in 14 countries and a distribution network spanning another 40 countries.

And to connect all the dots, Studiocode is used by British Airways to analyze the performance of their pilots during training and recertification. Clearly the overlap between simulation industries and performance analysis is shrinking every day.

Learn more at Studiocode’s website today!

Studiocode Medical Simulation Research Tool Free Conference is Feb. 6th & 7th

studiocode medical simulation research tool

Studiocode works towards Unlocking Human Potential through Education Research, Healthcare Simulation & Research, Aviation Simulation & Market Research. In order to maximize the value of a healthcare (education) facilities’ video information it must be easily categorized, stored, searched for and shared. Studiocode is a complete video analysis and digital media management tool. This unique teaching tool enables you to assign workflows and tags to any video content. Once categorized this data becomes a powerful resource as it can be searched, viewed, analyzed, distributed and published.

Next month Studiocode is holding their FREE annual conference in Forth Worth Texas, which will be an excellent demonstration of how Studiocode can be a powerful research tool for your simulation or educational program. Studiocode is very pleased to share with you a snapshot of what you can expect to hear, learn and participate in during the 2015 Studiocode Conference.

Unpacking the Practice of Probing Student Thinking

In this session you will be provided with insight into the analysis cycle used to unpack the practice of and develop a framework for probing student thinking.

Co-presenters: Dr Dawn Teuscher, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Brigham Young Univesity. Dr. J. Matt Switzer, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Texas Christian University.

How Studiocode Supports Analysis & Understanding of Context

This presentation will demonstrate how to apply Studiocode to develop, test, and validate qualitative codes to support context analysis.Presenter: Alexis Battista, Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University and a research fellow at MedStar Health Research Institute.

The Role of Studiocode in Analyzing the Professional Development of Math Teachers

In this session we will outline how Studiocode is used to analyze video data of math teachers participating in workshops, teaching students, and thinking through mathematical tasks. Dr. Strom has taught mathematics at the community college level for over 17 years and she is currently serving as the Principal Investigator for an $8.7M NSF-funded MSP project titled the Arizona Mathematics Partnership. This project is a professional development and research project focused on middle school mathematics teachers in 7 school districts in Arizona, and led by Scottsdale Community College.

Co-presenters: Dr April Strom, Scottsdale Community College Faculty. Matt Weber, Scottsdale Community College, Ph.D. candidate, Math Education, Arizona State University.

Data Visualization with Studiocode Code Windows

The ability to script and customize buttons allows the researcher to turn the code window into a powerful presentation tool for data visualization. In this interactive session participants will observe and discuss scripting features within Studiocode that are useful for creatively visualizing data. We will brainstorm ideas for scripting to visualize data for your own research.

Presenter: Tara Kaczorowski, Lecturer, Exceptional Education Department, Buffalo State University. Ph.D. Candidate, University of Buffalo.


Studiocode Conference Details

Venue: Texas Christian University
Address: 2800 S University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129
Dates & Times: Friday, February 6, 2015, 9:00 AM – 5 PM Saturday, February 7, 2015, 9:00 – 12:30
Cost: FREE!

Click here to register now for this Feb. 6th-7th Event!

Supported Organization:

Sim Techs Praise SimGHOSTS Meeting

The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists concluded last month after 156 Sim Techs joined together for three days of hands on training specific to Sim Techs.  Watch what several participants had to say about this new meeting designed to support those operating or maintaining simulation labs!

University of Utah to Host FREE Medical Simulation Performance Analysis Workshop

medical simulation video performance analysis

On September 14th the University of Utah College of Nursing is hosting a FREE Performance Analysis in Medical Simulation Conference and Workshop, sponsored by Studiocode.

Medical Simulation A/V

“Effective simulation increasingly relies on well established and measured performance outcomes. This workshop will include a live simulation to help illustrate four topics impacting healthcare delivery: training in high risk situations, team communication and patient safety, learner engagement and assessment, and research objectives.” Agenda includes:

Video Performance Workshop

Discounted group rates for the event hotel (which is within walking-distance) are still available! If you are in the region, looking to learn more about video performance analysis or Studiocode software then this is the event for you!  Click on the following link for more information and to register:


Studiocode unveils iCoda at IMSH 2011

Today Studiocode opened IMSH 2011 with a bang by unveiling “iCoda”, a software system that allows facilitators to quickly and easily capture performance measures during a healthcare simulation scenario – from a mobile ipad!

Studiocode enthusiast Jane Kleinman helps to point out the awesome features of iCoda in this exclusive HealthySimulation.com preview:

Be sure to check out the Studiocode booth tomorrow or check out StudiocodeGroup.com for more info!

And oh…. did I mention Studiocode gave out free chocolate? =)