Moulage Concepts Announces Debut of SIM-Safe EMS/Nursing Product Line

sim safe moulage

This summer, an international medical trauma moulage company specializing in nursing, trauma, hospital, mass casualty and pre-hospital moulage training, supply and certification announced the debut of their new SIM-Safe EMS/Nursing moulage product line!

Designed for the pre-hospital/simulation suite training scenario, the SIM-Safe series features realistic, non-staining, non-food based make-up, secretions, bodily fluids and three dimensional wounds that can be used to creating authentic training scenarios on both simulators and standardized patients. With focus to detail, all SIM-Safe products visually and tactually replicate natural bodily processes to ensure your moulage meets your training needs. Large 4 oz. containers for multi-scenario options!

SIM-Safe EMS Set includes:

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  • Fresh blood
  • Clotted blood
  • Bloody emesis
  • Bile • Blister
  • 10 make-up colors
  • Instaburn Set
    • Dermacurl
    • Dermascorch
    • Dermaflame
    • Dermachar

SIM-Safe Nursing Set includes:

  • Fresh blood
  • Clotted blood
  • Coffee ground emesis
  • Feces
  • Bile
  • Vomitus
  • 10 make-up colors
  • Secretion Set:
    • Clear
    • Frothy-white
    • Blood-tinged
  • Pus Set:
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Amber

Moulage Concepts, a nationwide company, provides moulage products, training and services to the simulated nursing, military, EMS, field and MCI training sectors. With attention to detail, Moulage Concepts interactive wounds can be triaged, drained, sutured, debided and even ruptured if handled aggressively. With product lines specific to training fields, their customizable line of moulage kits has won them the EMS World Innovation award 2013 for their ability to provide moulage products and training that could be customized to scenario outcomes.

Be sure to check out Bobbie’s amazing Medical Moulage Recipe Book and check the schedule of her upcoming training courses to help you  create training scenarios that look, feel, sound and smell like the real thing!

Get your Sim-Safe Moulage Products at!

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Merica’s “Medical Moulage” is THE Moulage Book

Bobbie Merica is a leading expert in the field of healthcare simulation moulage.  As an accomplished simulation author, workshop educator and lab coordinator Bobbie is the definition of “simulation champion”.  But now her latest work Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive has set the bar to a whole new level!

Medical Moulage book review

Imagine over 630 pages of moulage recipes ranging from stings to prolapsed cords with detailed instructions for ingredients, equipment, application techniques and even cleanup!  Each recipe has several large and clear photos (over 1200 full-color in the book) which help demonstrate the steps involved and what the finished product should look like.

healthcare simulation moulage suture recipe

The clean layout and simple instructions make moulage recipes easy to understand and quick to follow.  Not only does Bobbie cover the techniques necessary to craft the specific recipe in question but also helps us “set the stage” with other moulage tips that can help further ‘bridge the gap’ to simulator realism.

To see what I mean just check out this downloadable Medical Moulage recipe for “Sutures” where Bobbie writes:

“Depending on the surgery, a postoperative suture may cause considerable pain and discomfort.  Surgical sites should be monitored closely during the first several days to watch for possible complications and to ensure wound integrity.  Place a gray-haired wig and reading glasses on simulator.  Age a hard set of teeth to show slight decay between each tooth, as appropriate for an older person (see: Teeth, Aged).

Using a makeup sponge or your fingers, liberally apply white makeup to the face of simulator, blending well.  Add a small amount of light blue eye shadow to the area under the eyes to create dark circles.  Lightly spray the forehead, upper lip, and chin of simulator with pre-made sweat mixture. “

All this before we even get to the application of the wound onto the patient! Thus, one can see the thoughtful consideration of each and every recipe designed in Medical Moulage, all of which helps to ensure we can provide a high quality simulation for our learners.

 Newborn Simulation moulage recipe

Bobbie not only provides appropriate cases to utilize for each recipe but also recommends other “usually used in conjunction with” recipes for that disease process.  For example, in this pink abscess moulage from Medical Moulage (which is just 1 of over 300 recipes), Bobbie reminds us the appropriate cases for the recipe include:

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Chrohn’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Etc.
She then recommends pink abscess can be utilized with the swollen lymph nodes and sweat moulage recipes.  This is especially helpful for healthcare simulation technology specialists who may have their primary background in fields other than medical training such as IT.

So to summarize: I have never seen such a complete and thorough presentation of medical moulage recipes.  I guarantee if you pass Medical Moulage around at your next simulation staff and educator meeting, your team will be inspired into the creative process for designing new scenarios, updating old scenarios and adding moulage to your simulation lab toolbox.

Thus, I highly recommend Bobbie’s Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive book for every healthcare simulation lab library.  You can buy the book from amazon with the link below: