Review Medical Simulation Products & Services with Launch of


Our team is thrilled to announce that, a new community-driven ratings and review website for medical simulation products and services has just launched its Alpha phase.

This new website was created to enable the thousands of simulation champions from around the world to share product and service experiences regarding quality, value and customer support from the increasing number of industry vendors.

Download the Official Press Release Here.

With review sites like,,, and — the world is changing in the favor of customer. And why should it be any different for purchasers of medical simulation equipment or services?’s goal is to empower the professional community of simulation champions to make informed purchasing decisions through the collective help of their peers.

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What launch features are currently available to users?

  • Easily login using your established professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Write reviews of medical simulation products and services.
  • Rate quality, value and customer service of your purchased products/services.
  • Tag products/services for specific and searchable keyterms including names, procedures, features and more.
  • See community reviews and their average “konsideratings” for all product/services rated.
  • Read and vote on the most helpful product/service reviews.

This past weekend an alpha version of the website was unlocked to a select group of users to test functionality. This week, the 172 participants of the SimGHOSTS 2013 hands-on medical simulation technical training event will be sent invitations to rate and read medical simulation-based products and service reviews from around the world. subscribers will be offered the next round of alpha test codes as soon as preliminary functionality tests have completed. HealthySim subscribers should watch their email inbox for the special invite coming soon! will be demonstrated at IMSH 2014 so stay tuned!
Download the Official Press Release Here.

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Happy Halloween Moulage!

laerdal halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Above is a “manikin” costume from the Simulation Staff at the University of New England! Today we want to point out that you can stay connected with ALL the best moulage news from the healthcare simulation community by clicking on the moulage tab above, or by simply book-marking:

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That location will summarize all the moulage articles that get posted on Everything from blood makeup tutorials, to new Pocket Nurse products, to moulage books and more! So if you are into treating yourself with some new moulage tricks – that is the best place to be!

Hope you all have a safe and fun night out there!

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Trauma Moulage Blood Effects: Part 3

Part 3 of’s article on Theatrical Blood Effects for Realistic Casualty Simulation has been released! Written by Suzanne Patterson, Curriculum Development Specialist / Instructor at, this is the next installment after part 1 and part 2, of a 4-part series!

blood splatter moulage


The (or MMCIS™) website suggests they provide “the highest quality moulage training workshops for military and civilian casualty simulation personnel, regardless of their skill level, which helps companies or individuals achieve the greatest value for training investment dollars.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article on the types of products necessary to create blood for your trauma scenarios:

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“In the two previous blog posts in this series on theatrical blood effects we’ve discussed important facts and characteristics of human blood (and how it bleeds from the body) that you need to know in order to portray blood loss accurately in a simulation.  We also covered some important requirements and what to look for in choosing theatrical blood products for realistic portrayal.  Real time field training, clinical laboratory exercises and visual effects for film and TV production demand products with high fidelity elements for diverse types of real-to-the-eye end results.  Above all, they must contain the three prerequisites essential to high realism portrayals and that is opacity, texture, and color.  For film and TV use, this is vitally important as theatrical bloods can have different visual reactions in a range of light sources, especially in variable sunlight and stage/set lights.  To this end, you must be very careful in making sure the blood has the correct undertone in its color, so that it doesn’t render too orange or pink, or too purple or blue in camera.  If you ignore the undertone color then your simulation will have a visual skew in the overall performance fidelity, regardless if you have the right opacity, texture and redness in color.  In addition, it also must have a believable behavior/mobility on human skin or artificial appliances, meaning it must flow or dry realistically to the eye.

Theatrical blood products are available in 5 textures: thin liquids, thick syrups, semi-solid gels, solid pastes and dried/powders. Each has differing degrees of viscosity, along with a range of reds that you should always test first for color/undertone, texture and opacity before implementing them into your particular needs.  Always be aware of their classification as either cosmetic/external use only or food grade safe, especially if you are going to use it near the eyes, nose or in the mouth.”

blood moulage product

Learn about the 5-texture types for blood products and read the rest of this great article at!

Pocket Nurse hosting massive product demo in PA

Pocket Nurse is hosting a FREE product demonstration event with a huge number of vendors July 27th – 30th at the Keystone Simulation & Education Center in Monanca, Pennsylvania.  This looks like a great opportunity to get hands on with a variety of medical simulation products.

Pocket Nurse Product Demo at Keystone

Keep reading to see what vendors and products will be there!

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Read the rest of this entry »

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2010 Healthcare Simulation Article Review:

Hey Sim Champs!

I have summarized the key articles of 2010 so that all you new members can catch up on all the best from!

To make sure you don’t miss any amazing articles for 2011, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter – highlighting all the best from!

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The future of Healthcare Simulation technology

This video will make your head spin!

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Model Med OB Trainers

Last week, Michelle Kelly from the University of Technology Sydney had the chance to tour the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas.

While checking out the Newborn Congenital Anomalies Suite from she let me know I had to check out the task trainers from Model Med, a company based out of Australia.  Michelle was really impressed by the realistic skin of the manikins, AND I AM TOO!

I will be honest their website needs a bit of work but their products look really useful for educating in OB and prostate exams.

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Check out this neat video about their “Sophie Trainer” demonstrating the procedure for educating on Shoulder Dystocia:

Model Med Shoulder Dystocia Manikin Trainer

Have you used their products before? Tell us what you think about them in the comments section below!


INACSL is wrapping up!  It has been a really long week as I: taught a pre-con workshop on 1st Year Challenges of a Multidisciplinary Multi-institutional Sim Center, provided tours to over 200 conference participants of the CSCLV, helped with A/V support in the rooms and attended many of the evening sessions!  I also had a chance to check out the vendors and saw a lot of great new products for your healthy simulations!

Click here to check out the conference highlights and review!

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