SimEMR From Pocket Nurse Interview from IMSH 2014

simulated electronic medical record, a division of Pocket Nurse, was on hand at IMSH 2014 to showcase their online simulated electronic medical record learning tool. I spoke with Beth Telesz RN, MSN about the product, including learning opportunities, utilization and fee structure. The product is very comprehensive and will defiantly add a great deal of learning potential to  your healthcare simulation program! SimEMR can be used on any web enabled device including laptops, ipads or other handheld devices.



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SimEMR Benefits:

  • Web based
  • Easy to navigate
  • No software to install
  • Access to updates automatically
  • Accessible from mobile services
  • Economical yearly fee
  • No set up fees

SimEMR Features:

  • Realistic hospital charting from
  • Admission to Discharge
  • Ability for instructors to customize own scenarios
  • Care plans structured to schools own format
  • Ability to shadow students on-lineStudents can create medication cards on-line
  • Online forum allows instructors to communicate with other instructors across the state or globe

Here’s the official SimEMR video product breakdown:

For more information or to schedule a webinar visit today!

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Pocket Nurse Provides Scholarship to Attend SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Sim Tech Training Event

Looking for training and community support in operating medical simulation technology but don’t have the budget to attend costly big meetings? SimGHOSTS leadership recently announced $3000 in scholarships by Pocket Nurse to help Sim Techs in need attend SimGHOSTS 2014 USA, which stands for the Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists!

pocket nurse scholarship simghosts

From the SimGHOSTS website:

“SimGHOSTS Leadership & Founding Sponsor Pocket Nurse are thrilled to announce the “Pocket Nurse Scholarship” to help those with financial need to attend the  2014 USA event, hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians August 5th – 8th in Greater Chicago, IL! The SimGHOSTS leadership thanks Anthony Battaglia, Deborah Coltrane and all the team from Pocket Nurse who continue to support Simulation Champions and SimGHOSTS!

Pocket Nurse has a long standing history of supporting healthcare simulation technology specialists or those primarily responsible for running medical simulation labs. Provided through the Pocket Nurse Foundation, (2) $1500 scholarships will be awarded to Sim Techs who can demonstrate financial need to assist with attendance to SG14 USA.

Pocket Nurse® ( is the world’s leading supplier of healthcare education products and a proud supporter of those operating medical simulation. This year, Pocket Nurse® continues its “Founding Sponsorship” of the SimGHOSTS meeting by providing $3000 in nontransferable scholarships to individuals/institutions in need. These scholarships are designed to support participation in the development and advancement of those operating a medical simulation lab through the payment of conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

Eligibility: The Pocket Nurse ® Scholarships are open to all healthcare simulation technology specialists (“Sim Techs”), or individuals responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment of a medical simulation lab. Priority will be given to first time attendees who are currently employed at a notforprofit simulation lab (part or fulltime), and those without significant financial support from their employer.”

simghosts logo

You should apply now as the deadline for applications ends April 31st! Learn more at the Pocket Nurse SG14 USA Scholarship Announcement Page!

Pocket Nurse Adds Moulage Category To Catalog

pocket nurse

This week I received word from Pocket Nurse that they have added an entire new section in their sales catalog specifically geared towards Moulage! Take a look at some of these great new items:

bald moulage kit

geriatric moulage kit

magic blood powder

moulage kit

pressure ulcer simulation kit

One of these news products is Bobbie Merica’s Medical Moulage Recipe Book, of which you can read my favorable review here!

To see more products, download the new Moulage Category of the Pocket Nurse Catalog today!

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Progra-Temp Simulation Thermometer from Pocket Nurse

programmable thermometer

At IMSH 2013 I had a chance to talk with Deborah Coltrane from Pocket Nurse ® about their upcoming PROGRA-TEMP™, medical simulation thermometer! This new programmable thermometer was developed by a Nurse Educator and is now available for pre-orders at Pocket Nurse™, with orders being shipped summer of 2013!  Simulation technicians or clinical educators can quickly and easily set two different temperatures, the first of which displays immediately and until the set time duration expires before switching over to the second reading.  Instead of placing sticky notes or breaking fidelity in-order to report the patient’s temperature, healthcare simulation labs now have an additional tool in their arsenal to provide direct learner cues!

Deborah explains in the video above how the PROGRA-TEMP™ is:

• Easy to Use
• Ergonomic and Durable Design
• Adds Realistic Assessment Tool to Simulated Learning
• Fahrenheit (or Celsius Mode) Selection from 107 to 95 degrees (F)
• Large LCD Display Screen
• Probe Cover Storage
• Detachable Probe (included)
• Interchangeable Red (rectal) & Blue (oral) Probe Indication Caps
• Easy Access Instructor Control Panel
• Ability to Program into Unit – 2 Temperatures (Initial Assessment & Re-Assessment)
• Uses 3 AA Batteries (not included)

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Pocket Nurse @ HealthySimAdmin

Pocket Nurse® continued its support of the medical simulation community with an official medical supplies sponsorship of HealthySimAdmin. During the event, Corporate Relations Director Deborah Coltrane MBA, MSN interviewed panel expert Dr. Kim Baily PhD, RN learning why her community college ADN program utilizes Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® products.  As well, Deborah explains why Pocket Nurse worked with to further support innovation in the clinical simulation community.

Are you a medical simulation program manager looking for answers, help and additional resources? Visit today to gain access to over 15 hours of administrative specific content!

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HealthySimAdmin Video Content Now Available for Purchase

Now you can gain access to over 15 hours of HD-recorded content specifically addressing the needs of medical simulation program administrators at! This community-support project was produced with support from the UNLV School of Nursing as well as Official Sponsors Laerdal, B-Line Medical & Pocket Nurse!

Watch these video highlights to see examples of HealthySimAdmin discussions:

Learn why HealthySimAdmin participants praised this innovative meeting and highly recommend it for any medical simulation program ranging from small one room labs to massive multi-lab centers:

Stream to your office or desktop computer one or all of the following sessions which average about two hours and include both a presentation and 10-member administrative expert panel discussion:

  • Session A: “Collaborative Simulation Program Development” – Carolyn Yucha, RN, PhD, FAAN
  • Session B: “Funding Sources & Models” – Carolyn Yucha, RN, PhD, FAAN & COL (Ret) John McManus, MD, MCR
  • Session C: “Clinical Educator Training & Buy-in” – Jane Kleinman RN, MAOM
  • Session D: “Research Development” – Amar Pravin Patel, MS, NREMT-P, CFC
  • Session E: “Daily Operations” – Henry Henao MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, EMT
  • Session F: “IT Structures & Issues” – James Cypert BAP, BAIT, MCSE, MCT, MCP
  • Session G: “Increasing Utilization” – Allen J. Giannakopoulos, Ph.D.
  • Session H: “Business Development & Revenue Generation” – Lance Baily, HealthySimAdmin Organizer

healthcare simulation administration

Visit to meet the panel of experts from hospitals, community college nursing and university-level nursing programs (both public and private), medical schools, EMS Providers, the US military, and leading medical simulation industry consultants.

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Sim Techs Praise SimGHOSTS Meeting

The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists concluded last month after 156 Sim Techs joined together for three days of hands on training specific to Sim Techs.  Watch what several participants had to say about this new meeting designed to support those operating or maintaining simulation labs!

Supported Organization:

Pocket Nurse becomes Official Medical Simulation Supplies Sponsor of HealthySimAdmin

Administrator meeting for medical simulation

Expanding their support of Medical Simulation community resource development, Pocket Nurse® has become the official medical simulation supplies sponsor of HealthySimAdmin!

Join over 65 other administrators at the broadcasted event, which is an open and online discussion to share administrative solutions for the “how-to” of medical simulation. On October 18th & 19th join the studio audience at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Greenspun Hall or stream the event live from your office desktop as our dynamic and expert panel of simulation program administrators cover eight community-selected topics including:

  • Collaborative simulation program development
  • Funding sources & models
  • Faculty/educator buy-in
  • Research coordination
  • Daily operations
  • IT issues & support
  • Increasing utilization
  • Business development

Panel members include simulation program administrators from nursing community college and university programs, medical schools, hospitals, EMS providers, IT departments, the U.S. military as well as healthcare simulation-based consultants. Download the event brochure and visit the website for complete meeting details.

Pocket Nurse® is a nurse owned and operated company that has been selling medical supplies and equipment to Healthcare Educators and Simulation Labs nationwide since 1992. Pocket Nurse® has over 8,500 products to assist Educators teach all aspects of a healthcare curriculum or to fully equip a Clinical Simulation Lab.

Pocket Nurse® is the exclusive distributor of Demo Dose® simulated medication for education. Pocket  Nurse® also carries Student Health Totes. Each Tote can be customized to meet the needs of individual programs.

Customers can order from the catalog or from the customer-friendly, Pocket Nurse® website:

At Pocket Nurse®, exceeding the expectations of customers is the primary goal!

Sim Tech Extends Demo Dose Box Life

Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Christopher J Gatpandan from West Coast University – Ontario shared an amazing tip for increasing the lifespan of your Pocket Nurse ® Demo Dose ® boxes with the SimGhosts.Org Sim Tech community:

“I recreated a Demo Dose ® box in MS Paint, printed it on cardstock, laminated the paper, cut out the template, glued the flaps together, and then secured one side with a small Velcro tab so it could be opened and closed.  This allows us to reuse the Bristojets we purchased from Pocket Nurse ® a lot more times than with regular cardboard boxes!”

Click the image below to see an example of Christopher’s work:

Demo Dose Boxes

Pocket Nurse ® is a founding sponsor of the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists organization and is proud to support the kind of community building that this new organization has been developing!

Pocket Nurse ® at IMSH 2012

IMSH Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse ® was at IMSH this year to continue demonstrating support for medical simulation.  By providing medical supplies and equipment that are specifically designed to enhance simulated healthcare learning, Pocket Nurse ® has helped to provide solutions for our emerging community.  Products such as their patented DEMO DOSE ® simulated medications provide your simulation program with ready-made solutions for your educational needs, saving staff time and energy while increasing realism for learners.

Simulated medications

Pocket Nurse ® has also demonstrated their commitment to helping healthcare educators by supporting the medical simulation community by sponsoring scholarships, organizations, workshops and conferences in the field.  Notably, Pocket Nurse ® has sponsored scholarships and workshops at INACSL and recently became a founding sponsor of the 2012 GHOSTS meeting , or “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists“.  GHOSTS continues the success of last year’s “Gathering of Technicians”, which was the world’s first conference dedicated specifically to train healthcare simulation technicians.

Watch the video below to learn more about the support Pocket Nurse ® provides to our medical simulation community!