Healthcare Education Assessment Training & Technology Inaugural Conference Opens in Orlando

This morning at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL the inaugural Healthcare Education Assessment Training & Technology Conference opened its doors to healthcare educators, administrators, innovators, and more.

healthcare education assessment training and technology

Opening the show was Andy Smith of Halldale Media who shared how he began his journey into healthcare education by spending his childhood holidays with his parents who worked in hospitals. As an adult his passion took him into developing businesses which support simulation training in the military and aviation industries — all of which helped him see the stark differences healthcare training when he had to undergo laparoscopic surgery over a decade ago where there was no simulation. For him, the opportunity to help bridge that gap was clear. Andy then mentioned the book Beyond the Checklist by Suzanne Gordon (read my book review here) which obviously mentioned the “Miracle on the Hudson”, to which he suggested “was no miracle” because “prepared pilots executed trained procedures and communication methods that saved the lives of those onboard”. He then reminded us that while there have been about 400,000 deaths and millions of injuries attributed to medical error in the past year alone, there has not been a single death by a US-based airlines carrier in the past four years.

Being a world leader in simulation resources for aviation, Andy clearly brings critical knowledge necessary for the expanded success of simulation in healthcare. Challenges he suggested for our community include: resistance to change, a retiring baby-boomer generation which will create a vacuum of experience, the increased attention of medical errors by Washington DC and the difficulty to have good work in some areas to be adopted elsewhere.

Andy then introduced the event’s keynote speaker John H. Armstrong MD FACES, State Surgeon General and & Secretary of the Florida Department of Health. Dr. Armstrong provided a brief overview of the healthcare needs of Florida to help demonstrate the often-missed identification of exploring actual patient care needs before moving into simulation. He followed that “context” should be the primary driver of healthcare education and included other challenges to simulation champions in healthcare including:

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  • Ability to show relevance to quality and ROI of performance outcomes
  • Fragmented business model which was understandably driven by industry but that we have usually invested in before analyzing real needs
  • Culture of “practice on patients” is outdated yet still prevalent and questioned if this was really the best way to evaluate process

Dr. Armstrong then suggested how we can move forward:

  • Re-brand simulation to inspire quality with focus on patient outcomes
  • Develop integrated business model which works between industry, patients, and healthcare providers and focuses on public priorities
  • Focus on curriculum development which follows this pattern: explore needs assessment, define outcomes, select metrics, design instructional content, select appropriate simulator and tools, and then explore evaluation & feedback. (as opposed to starting with simulator selection and then designing instruction content).

He finalized his talk by asking us “Why do we pay 6 billion a year for a premium in inefficiency in healthcare education and training?”, reminding us that we don’t seem to all be on the “same page” in the simulation community, and that we need to reposition education and training through simulation as part of the solution to health system challenges.

Currently David Banks MSW FACHE from Florida Hospital is reminding us that the U.S. Inspector General suggested that of the hundreds of thousands of death attributed to medical error, 44% of them are preventable. Inspired yet? HEATT is lining up to be the event healthcare needs to improve its education and training.

Learn more about the HEATT program here and for more coverage, be sure to follow twitter accounts @HealthySim & @HalldaleMedia.

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Breaking: Veterans Affairs SimLEARN to Build New $19.8M Medical City Simulation Center

veterans affairs simulation

Dr. Haru Okuda National Medical Director at SimLEARN at Veterans Health Administration must be pleased to announce that a $19.8 million contract to build a new simulation center building. The rendering above shows off what the new facility will look like, which is slated to be within the Medical City area of Orlando, FL. Congratulations to the SimLearn team!

From the July 10th Official Press Release:

ORLANDO, Florida – The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Chicago-based Archer Western/DeMaria Joint Venture VIII a $19.8 million contract June 27 to build the VA Simulation, Learning, Education and Research Network (SimLEARN) National Simulation Center.

The center, to be located on the campus of the new Orlando VA Medical Center in the Lake Nona “Medical City” area, will serve as the operational hub for coordination of all national VA simulation-based clinical training activities. The SimLEARN program utilizes a train-the-trainer model to quickly and efficiently prepare a cadre of qualified instructors who can in turn deliver world-class simulation- based clinical training at their respective field VA sites, using standardized curricula and equipment. The facility will provide an immersive training environment by replicating actual patient treatment areas, including an outpatient clinic setting, an inpatient/hospital setting with an intensive care unit, an operating room and more. Video recording of training will take place for classroom review, and multipurpose classrooms will have reconfigurable walls to provide a number of room settings.

The location of the National Simulation Center, with its close proximity to other large clinical, educational and research facilities will provide enhanced opportunities for collaborations and research in new clinical simulation technologies and methods. SimLEARN is a national program for advancing clinical simulation training, education and research across VHA. The program is a collaborative effort of VHA’s Employee Education System, Office of Patient Care Services and Office of Nursing Services program offices. 

Learn more about the new building and this amazing program at!

Healthcare Education Assessment Training and Technology Event This August

HEATT, which stands for Healthcare Education Assessment Training and Technology, is having its first annual event this August in Orlando Florida. The goal of this meeting is to improve education and training to promote enhanced safety, efficiency, capacity and performance. Expanded objectives for this event will be formulated later this month at The Future of Healthcare Education and Training — at the CAMLS Center in Tampa, FL.

heatt 2014

Friday 22 – Sunday 24 August 2014
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida USA

What is HEATT?

HEATT is a major new event designed to bring together all those who contribute to the development and deployment of education and training technologies and techniques in healthcare. These topics are covered to a greater or lesser extent in a multitude of other events across the world and through the year but there is a need for a single forum to bring the sector together and discuss these topics, not in specialty specific conferences but in an open integrated forum.

HEATT is organized by The Halldale Group, publishers of simulation and training magazines; and the organizers of over 50 training conferences and events for high technology, high risk industries.


We know that healthcare is not working properly and aside from the well documented human cost, up to a half of healthcare expenditure in the US, or $1.2 trillion, is lost due to avoidable error and waste. It will take new and better, individual and team training within a robust system designed to minimize the possibility of error to create a proper system of care fit for patients, staff and the healthcare business. Helping to create that system and support it through timely and excellent training is what HEATT is designed to do.

HEATT will draw the best minds in the sector from all disciplines and professions to a focused forum which will address the overall need for a ‘training renaissance’. By making best use of new and emerging teaching techniques, technology, training and assessment tools and drawing on best practices the event will promulgate best practices and the benefits they offer patients, staff and the healthcare business.

Who should attend HEATT?

HEATT is for everyone involved in healthcare education. If your involvement is from a student’s first exposure in high school through nursing and med school, residency, practice and ongoing career you should attend HEATT and contribute to the discussion.

Hospital and healthcare executives need to be aware of the potential for improvement that other high risk industries have already realized. Hospital managers, risk specialists, insurers and government will be key to the change that is needed in healthcare E&T to develop a system of affordable quality care.

Visit to learn more today!

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National Patient Safety Congress Abstracts Due Oct. 31st!

The NPSF Congress is taking place May 14-16th 2014 in Orlando, FL!

national patient safety congress

What is the NPSF Congress?

“The NPSF Patient Safety Congress is the only global meeting where patient safety is the touch point to every session, every speaker, and every event.

Planned by leaders in the field, the NPSF Patient Safety Congress has a tradition of providing real-world tools, robust resources, and evidence-based solutions to patient safety issues. That’s why it is recognized as the foremost learning and networking event for those committed to advancing the cause of patient safety across the continuum of care.

This program delivers educational breakout sessions led by industry experts, thought-provoking plenary sessions with national thought leaders, and an engaging and interactive Learning & Simulation Center. An optional full day of in-depth Pre-Congress sessions is also offered for those seeking a deep dive into major issues in patient safety.” Learn more by visiting the NPSF Congress Website.

Obviously Medical Simulation has a direct implication to patient safety as increased training can reduce medical errors and save on costs. Read how Simulab simulator training products have been proven to reduce infections and hospital costs at a rate of 7:1!

Abstracts are due October 31st and are requested in five key areas:

  1. Track 1. Safety Event Identification, Analysis, and Feedback
  2. Track 2. Teamwork and Communication
  3. Track 3. Operationalizing Joy & Meaning and Patient Engagement
  4. Track 4. Safety across the Continuum of Care
  5. Track 5. Safety Best Practices

Submit your proposal today at the NPSF Congress 2014 Abstract Website!

IMSH 2013 is Open!

imsh 2013

Today the 2013 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare kicked off the general conference sessions to over 3,000 participants from around the world. Dr. Vinary Nadkarni MD, Director of the Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided the opening keynote address entitled “Resuscitating Resuscitation …. Embedding Simulation Research into Practice without getting ‘Lost in Translation’ “.

resuscitation simulation research

During his presentation Dr. Nadkarni explained how his associated research group was able to increase hospital discharge rate for resuscitated patients from 20% to 49% utilizing several key factors including low dose high frequency rolling refresher CPR training sessions for nurses of high-risk patients.  His team’s yet-to-be-concluded research demonstrated that care of patients by 2 or more nurses who underwent this training increased resuscitation from 70% to 88%. As well, with high frequency training (2 or more times a month) this “just in time” training provided an increased retention rate for AHA compression and rate requirements from 17 to 70%!

Such simulation experiences have helped his department more than double patient resuscitation rates.  During his presentation the need for such increased simulation training was made abundantly clear when a gentlemen in the front row passed out unconscious!  Thank goodness there was more than one doctor in the house as the attendee was revived and taken away by emergency services.

IMSH 2013 continues into the night with Sim Wars, technology abstract demonstrations and the opening reception! Stay tuned by following @healthysim on twitter!

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international meeting for simulation in healthcare

Setup a time today through email or find Lance on the exhibit room floor or teaching his session “Challenges in AV Technology” with Todd Summerson.

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