Top 5 Questions I Should Be Asked About Managing a Medical Simulation Program

manage a simulation program

Last week I shared the Top 5 Questions I Am Asked About Managing a Medical Simulation Program.  This week I continue this topic with the “Top 5 Questions I Should Be Asked!” Before learning more about HealthySimAdmin, find out the answers to the questions you should be asking of an experienced simulation program manager:

5) How can we better utilize new media production?
4) How can we keep from starting over when we lose someone from our staff?
3) How can we get additional help without increased budgets?
2) How should we plan for changes in technology?
1) How can we run our center more like a business?

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Whether you are managing medical simulation in a single lab at a community college or in dozens of labs across a state hospital system, I am happy to announce today that HealthySimAdmin has been launched to help lesson the burden of administrating a healthcare simulation program.

On October 18th + 19th of this year you will be able to join our studio-audience in Las Vegas or stream the event live virtually from your office computer.  Either way you will also be able to download* the entire recorded event to review at a later time.

Topics that were selected by the community through survey to be specifically discussed at this two-day event include: collaborative partnerships, funding models, faculty/educator training & integration, increasing utilization, research integration, operations, IT support structures, and business development.

Download the HealthySimAdmin Brochure and visit the new website to learn more!

“Buy by July” & Save Big!

On you will notice that registrations will continue to increase in cost each month leading up to the October event.  Thus, by investing early you not only secure your spot for this innovative and content-specific administrator meeting but also will also enjoy considerable savings!   HealthySimAdmin wishes to reward “early-adopters” as well as those who have subscribed to before today.

If you are a HealthySim newsletter subscriber (before May 30th), check your inbox for a special discounted registration link!

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Streamlining Daily Sim Lab Operations

At IMSH I presented Streamlining Daily Sim Lab Operations with Kam McCowan and Darin Bowers.  This course was designed to share strategies to increase efficiency in your sim lab, which is crucial to the long-term success of your program.  As the Director of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas I shared some administrative secrets to help increase such efficiency.  (The article starts here and is continued by clicking the “read more” link below.)


First, to ensure your simulation team has an opportunity to discuss daily operations, be sure to create a protected time Monday morning for a weekly staff meeting.  This meeting will provide staff a chance to go over issues from the previous week as well as coordinate for the week scheduled ahead.  Addressing concerns from the previous week will provide an opportunity to develop policies and procedures that will help prevent such issues from repeating in the future.   Coordinating the week ahead will ensure your team is scheduled correctly for the current week’s simulations.  As well, the team will be able to report on equipment, updating each other about items that are out-of-service, new or that need to be ordered.  Be sure to have an administrative or simulation assistant take minutes from the meeting so action items can be given due dates and progress can be mapped.

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