Pocket Nurse Distributes New VR Training System from VES | IMSH 2017 Video Interview

vr training pocket nurse

At IMSH 2017 HealthySimulation.com interviewed Virtual Education Systems at the Pocket Nurse booth to learn more about their VR task trainer that utilizes HTC Vive technology. Watch the video interview below to see this awesome technology in action!

Train Better in VR Simulated Environments

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Now with VES VR training systems, new nurses can train with interactive patients in-hospital simulations making critical decisions in real-time. Whether it is clinical training or refreshing skills, healthcare professionals can train in realistic game based scenarios developing competencies that save lives. VES technology allows educators to integrate cases quickly and easily, creating a simple to understand case builder that is web-based was a top priority from the beginning.

VES VR Training Provides:

  • Experiential Learning: Interactive cases that teach through experience and repetition
  • Multi-Platforms: Virtual reality, web, and mobile
  • Learning Management Integration: Deploy through any LMS Assess learning autonomously on an individual or group level
  • Competency Assessment: VES-Case Builder Create custom cases suited to the individual needs of your establishment
  • Debriefing: Each case generates a log of time and decisions, along with downloadable PDF
  • 24/7: Virtual patient cases can be taken any time anywhere
  • Simulates Physiological Responses: Accurate virtual patients respond correctly to treatments
  • Cost Effective: Individual training below current evaluation and training methods

Learn more at the Pocket Nurse website today!

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Video Enhances Nursing & Interprofessional Healthcare Education

video enhances nursing education

Freelance writer Marcia Frellick recently shared this article on Nurse.com entitled “Video enhances interprofessional education”, and in an age where an estimated 400,000 patient deaths occur to due to medical error in the United States alone each year — we need every tool possible to help improve the educational process. Simulation obviously plays a huge role with professional healthcare education, and the importance of utilizing video recordings should never been undermined. Frellick shares that using the video systems, learners reflected on their own performance and realized “I need to speak up” and “I need to find my voice.”

Nurse.com Article Excerpt

Interprofessional training has gained prominence in the RN-to-BSN program at Drexel University in Philadelphia with a 10-week program launched in fall 2015 focusing on patient safety. Nurses watch video scenarios with actors including anesthesiologists, surgeons and other care providers from several disciplines, and use online simulation to respond as a nurse in a specific emergency.

Gloria F. Donnelly, PhD, RN, FAAN, dean and professor at Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions, provides an example from the course: A patient arrives for a routine procedure. A nurse is working with an anesthesiologist who can’t access the airway but brushes aside the nurse’s concerns that the patient has been hypoxic for too long. The nurse sees the anesthesiologist is not following protocol. The nurse must use the TeamSTEPPS model — a system developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that encourages open communication and calling out procedure violations.

Nurses in the class videotape themselves and submit their responses. Members comment as a group and rate the responses. “A problem with claims and suits against nurses is failure to act,” Donnelly said. “This program raises the nurse’s level of awareness of her obligation to speak up. Your license is on the line.”

Video is the Future

Consider that the costs associated with a/v recording and video performance analysis will continue to decrease as the technology continues to improve. Mix that with research that proves that video recording increases provider performance and the future of healthcare starts to become more clear. Read our post about the JAMA research which showed a 31% increase in surgical performance with video recording. More on this important topic shortly!

Read the full article on Nurse.com!

August 22nd-24th Healthcare Education Assessment Training & Technology (HEATT) Conference EXTENDS Early-Bird Rates!

After the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA (August 5th-8th) simulation technician training event, I will be speaking at HEATT 2014 alongside SimGHOSTS President James Cypert on the topic of ‘technician’s behind the technology’. If you are a healthcare educator, administrator, innovator or entrepreneur, I highly recommend this new unique learning event, put on by groups that leaders in aviation simulation training conferences worldwide! Best of all, I heard this morning that early-bird registration has been extended so you can still sign up for a discounted rate!

Act Now! Early-bird rates for this year’s Healthcare Education Assessment Training & Technology (HEATT) Conference HAVE BEEN EXTENDED – REGISTER TODAY!

Human performance is the single most important contributor to quality (and safety). Regardless of the spend on buildings, equipment, catering and the countless other contributors to ‘quality,’ whenever carers are not trained adequately standards of work could decline and all other investment is wasted. HEATT 2014 has a strong three-day program addressing the need for a renaissance in healthcare training, taking a closer look at modern education and training techniques, including simulation, that can make a huge difference to safety as it has in other high risk industries.

Discussion topics include:

  • The Business of Healthcare
  • The Future of Healthcare
  • Intersections: Healthcare Innovation through Simulation and Engineering
  • The Curricula Revolution in Medical Schools
  • Developing a Nurse Practitioner Simulation Program
  • Graduate Medical Education Federal Funding: CMS and HRSA
  • Surgical Simulation
  • How Can Simulation Centers Transform Healthcare?
  • Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery Curriculum Development
  • Using Audio-Based Simulation to Impact Kirkpatrick Level 4 Learning Results
  • And much more!

To view the complete program and a list of confirmed speakers click here.




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Simulated Wireless Nurse Call System from Pocket Nurse

nurse call system simulation lab

Starting off this non-simulated work week is another great product available now from Pocket Nurse – a simulated Nurse Wireless Call System which you can add to your lab! Have you used this product before? Rate it on Konsiderate.com!

About the Nurse call System:

Pocket Nurse® Wireless Nurse Call System supports up to 48 wireless emergency call stations, pendants or devices and is widely used in clinics  now available for your simulation lab.  Sim Labs can be equipped with wireless flush mounted stations to teach the importance of patient safety.

Now you can integrate a realistic call system into your scenario development with the Pocket Nurse® Simulated Wireless Nurse Call System.

Standard Features include:

  • Easy Installation
  • Superior Wireless Range
  • Easy User Programming
  • LCD Display
  • Alarm Call Reset
  • Replaceable Long-Life Battery
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Six relays for connectivity
  • Alarm calls reset at the source Wrist Pendant
  • LCD alarm display
  • Plug and play installation
  • Supports up to 48 transmitters
  • Upgradeable to 65,000 transmitters

Standard Package includes:

  • Single bed station with call placed LED
  • Call cancel button, transmitter, and batteries
  • Also includes 5 bed station call cords with IEA standard 1/4” jack (8’ length)
  • 1 emergency pull station with embeded transmitter, battery, reed switch, and gasket for installation in wet areas
  • Additional transmitters may be purchased separately

Learn more at the Nurse Call System Page on PocketNurse.com!

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