A Collection of 11 Medical Simulation “How To’s”

how to for healthcare simulation

Today we are highlighting a series of articles we have put together over the past several years covering the “How To” of medical simulation. Check out these awesome resources in a variety of domains:

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Lockheed Utilizes 360 Images For Simulated Orientation Training

An interesting note on how multimedia can be incorporated into your medical simulation training program today comes from Lockeed Martin.

multimedia training

A former Marine Corps C-130 loadmaster, Lee Wiegand recalled the deer-in-the-headlights look of new crew members when he ushered them into the cavernous C-130. “You walk them into that aircraft and they’re faced with hundreds of pieces of equipment they have to learn,” said the manager of Lockheed Martin’s technical training staff for the C-130 Aircrew Training System in Little Rock, Ark. “They’re absolutely lost that first time.”

Wiegand tapped an unconventional source to help him speed and simplify the training process for C-130 crews: online real estate listings. He had moved to Little Rock from North Carolina in early 2005 to assume his current training manager position. His wife initially remained behind while their son completed high school. At night they would go online with their laptops and view real estate listings that included virtual tours of the homes. “It just hit me. Why couldn’t we do this with aircraft?” said Wiegand.

As it turned out, virtually touring the interior of a C-130 was as easy as an online walkthrough of a split-level Tudor with an attached garage. The off-the-shelf software cost $750 and was easily adaptable to substituting photos of the plane’s interior for those of a home. Wiegand’s team members could take photos of the inside of a C-130 in a day and then tag with a “hot box” the pieces of equipment the crewmembers needed to learn.

The resemblance to a video game was intentional. Young crew members quickly took to competing with other teams for bragging rights, speeding the training process and making it more enjoyable. Regardless of their specific duties, for instance, all crew members had to learn the location of emergency equipment. “In conjunction with the Air Force,” said Wiegand, “we’ve replaced three hours of training time on the aircraft with one hour of computer-based learning per crew member, times a crew of four.”

To explore further, read our articles on how multimedia can help your medical simulation program and why video production saves your simulation program money

Adding Multimedia & Social Media to Strengthen Your Simulation Program Website

sim lab multimedia

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams

Last month I wrote an article entitled “Building A Medial Simulation Program Website“, which explained the benefits of building a website for your simulation program and how to get your pages started. In this article, we will touch on how to add the visual stimulus of multimedia and social platform integrations can provide further benefits to your program’s website! Having just recently completed the two-year INACSL website redevelopment project I have some new multimedia secrets to share! Specifically in this article we will cover photography, digital images, videography, social media integration like facebook & linkedin, as well as embedding a Google calendar.


As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. While you can type out all the specifications of your simulation program and the number of learners that come through your doors each day and what they are doing there, nothing will capture that “ah-hah” moment of seeing the space through photography. Check with your institution’s media department to learn if a professional photographer is available to help take some photographs of your simulation program. Be sure to schedule the photographer with enough time to capture spaces with and without learners actively engaging in the space. Depending on who will be viewing these photos, you will want to be sure to have the option of showing them the space with or without partcipants in the room. For example, when trying to promote the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas as a set for big budget film productions, the “shooting location scouts” are much more interested in how the room itself looks, not in what your learners accomplish there. (Read my previous article “How to Bring Record Breaking Profits To Your Sim Lab” to learn more about these types of film productions).

simulation production location

There’s lots more, click below to continue reading the rest of this article.

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Professional Multimedia Department at Northwestern University

“Lights – Camera – Simulation!”

Imagine having the help of a professional film production crew in your healthcare simulation lab.  Video orientations for students to your simulation lab space? eLearning for advanced students? Training videos for new educators? Promotional videos for external users and center marketing? All possible with the help and support of a professional multimedia team!

Craig Adams, Manager of Communications and Immersive Media at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, shared some of the wonderful productions his team has accomplished for the Innovation Lab at the Center for Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning.

Notice the expert use of steady framing, panning work and camera focus which always guides the audience’s attention smoothly for excellent scene composition.  As well, the wonderful pacing of the piece demonstrates a true understanding of editing flow and the importance of integrating musical scores.  Watch another great video which demonstrates the team’s “showcase reel”:

Thinking of producing your own videos? At the Gathering of Technicians event earlier this year, we trained 85 technicians in the basics of film production.  Next August I am sure we will repeat the training somehow, but in the mean time be sure to watch my “do it yourself” tutorial on the basics of video production for your sim lab.