Shares Pus Thick, Odorous, Wound Exudate Moulage Recipe

moulage odorous wound

Happy New Years Sim Champs! Today another amazing moulage recipe from Bobbie Merica of Moulage Concepts, author of the best moulage recipe book in medical simulation “Medical Moulage”.

About Bobbie Merica and

Bobbie Merica is a medical/trauma moulage expert, author and CEO of Moulage Concepts, an nationwide moulage company specializing in training, supplies and education. Utilizing best practice techniques, Bobbie’s teaching methods have simplified the complex, enabling everyone to create Moulage that is quick, cost effective and convincing. Get her free tutorial blog with expert weigh-in at and join us in creating moulage that looks, feels, sounds, and even smells like the real thing!

Skill Level: Beginner

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Time Frame: 1-2 minutes


  • 2 Tbsp. waterbased lubricating gel
  • 2 tsp. of petroleum jelly (SIM-Safe) yellow, colorant (SIM-Safe) brown, colorant
  • Odor: (SIM-Safe) “Decaying matter”
  • Supplies: (Shop for all your moulage needs!)

Recognize the Disguise:

MRSA Simulation Simulations should include many different presentations in which MRSA should be considered. swelling, heat apparent “spider bite” rythematous skin with red papules and central pustules single lesions on the extremities or multiple “boils” fluctuance-wavelike motion beneath the lesion when pressure is applied impetigo and necrotizing fasciitis, “track” marks (frequently among IV drug users) fever, low BP and shortness of breath (indicators of systemic infection)

Get the whole Recipe on today!

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How Moulage Brings Realism To Training

Bobbie Merica, founder of has written an article for titled How Moulage Brings Realism to Training.
moulage adds realism
Bobbie writes “Current research estimates anywhere from 50%–90% of all communication is nonverbal—thus, proper assessment and triage often depend on accurate use of four of the five senses (sight, touch, hearing and smell). Integrating moulage into an exercise creates a powerful training modality that can enhance those perceptions. The use of interactive, odorous, three-dimensional wounds such as hemorrhages improves trainee retention and helps inoculate them from stress when they face the real thing. It can also help teams identify shortfalls in patient coding and determining acuity levels and strengths involving wound recognition, stabilization, standardization and triage on both individual and team levels.”
When I was in Fire Academy we practiced putting out real fire in a simulated burn building after drawing out the drill on the whiteboard. I’d have to agree that nothing trains ‘in 3d’ like a 15-foot tall fire! As Simulation Champions, how can we not do everything in our power to increase realism for our learners?
To start increasing fidelity in your simulation lab check out her moulage recipe bookmoulage kits and read the rest of Bobbie’s article on!

*Just Released* Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive!

I am happy to announce that Bobbie Merica of has released her new book entitled “MEDICAL MOULAGE: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive”!

Rely on this easy-to-use guide to create over 300 special effectsfor your clinical simulations and live drills. Simple recipes andover 1,200 full-color illustrations provide step-by-step how-to’s using readily available ingredients.

Each easy-to-follow recipe specifies:

• Topic
• Designer Skill level
• Objective
• Appropriate Cases or
Disease Processes
• Equipment & Ingredients
• Set the Stage
• In a Hurry?
• Clean up and Storage
• Techniques

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World’s First Sim Tech Conference is a Huge Success!


GOT SIM 2011 Tom Doyle METI

Last week 85 simulation technicians gathered in Nevada at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas to meet with peers and receive specialized training from leading industry experts.

We opened up the event with a reception from METI at the top of the Stratosphere! Tom Doyle, VP of Education & Training and Chief Learning Officer of METI, informed the attendees that METI is 100% behind supporting the technicians! Thanks METI!

GOT SIM 2011 Tom Doyle METI

Sim Techs meet in Vegas

GOT SIM Group 2011

Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas Director Lance Baily gave a keynote speech about the current state of the healthcare simulation industry and the serious need for developing support for simulation technicians.  A review of his keynote speech will be available soon for you to watch on youtube.

Healthcare Simulation Technicians Conference

At the end of the meeting, the group overwhelming decided to found a new Organization dedicated to supporting Healthcare Simulation Technicians!  Look for news shortly!

Special thanks also goes out to the following companies:

Gaumard – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

Laerdal – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

METI Learning – For providing technical training staff for programming and hardware sessions.

iSysGlobal – For sponsoring tech breakfast on both days!

Pocket Nurse – For sponsoring tech lunch on both days! (We had pizza on Saturday!)

Speakers and the topics they presented:

John Cordova RN provided an amazing breakdown of need to know medical knowledge and patho-physiology.

Jonthan Sturak, MS provided a 2-hour session on the fundamentals of audio/video production. Techs gathered into groups of 6 and produced small video orientations for a sim lab.

Suzanne Sharp BSN, MS put together a great hour-long presentation on the first year development of the CSCLV sim labs.

Captain Steven Wilkinson from gave an amazing talk about the history and lessons learned from simulation in the aviation industry.

Jane Kleinman RN, MAOM & Kristy Chambers RN, MSN from Medical Simulation Design gave us great insights on empowering technicians.

Bobbie Merica from ran a great workshop on “Moulage” makeup 101!

Thanks again to the CSCLV Staff and Deans Yucha, Synder & Bar-on for letting us put on this great event!

Secret Moulage Secretions!

Another great article by Bobbie Merica from takes us through the secret recipe for secretions!

Medical Simulation Secretions Moulage

Add more realism to your simulations today by reading this article!

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Supported Organization: makes us gag with Emesis (Vomit) Moulage!

Emesis (Vomit)

A common sign of GI disorders, vomiting also occurs with fluid and electrolyte imbalances; infections; and metabolic, endocrine, labyrinthine, central nervous system (CNS), and cardiac disorders.

Click to learn more about this fantastic moulage recipe….