Happy Halloween Moulage!

laerdal halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Above is a “manikin” costume from the Simulation Staff at the University of New England! Today we want to point out that you can stay connected with ALL the best moulage news from the healthcare simulation community by clicking on the moulage tab above, or by simply book-marking:


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That location will summarize all the moulage articles that get posted on HealthySimulation.com. Everything from blood makeup tutorials, to new Pocket Nurse products, to moulage books and more! So if you are into treating yourself with some new moulage tricks – that is the best place to be!

Hope you all have a safe and fun night out there!

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Top 10 Medical Simulation Articles Of Spring 2013

top ten medical simulation articles

HealthySimulation.com is dedicated to providing free resources to healthcare educators considering or utilizing simulation to educate and train professional providers. Here is a list of our most-read medical simulation articles from the first half of 2013:

  1. Video Update from Laerdal SUN Indianapolis 2013 – The April 2013 Laerdal SUN Indianapolis meeting held its opening ceremonies yesterday providing over 230 Simulation Champions from around the World with the training they need to start or expand their healthcare simulation program. Learn more about Medical Simulation by watching this event video recap.
  2. Collaborative Simulation Program Development Session Provided with FREE HealthySim Subscription – Gain access to a 2-Hour HD recorded stream from the HealthySimAdmin event which covers collaborative program development across disciplines and institutions by subscribing to HealthySimulation.com’s free monthly newsletter, summarizing all the best articles straight to your email inbox!
  3. HealthStream Provides Free WhitePaper “Right Time for Simulation” Are you associated with a hospital system looking to start or expand a medical simulation based program?  HealthStream just released a free white paper entitled “It’s the Right Place and Right Time for Simulation” on their blog which can help demonstrate the serious benefits of clinical simulation. You can also check out my comprehensive Demonstration of the HealthStream SimManager platform developed to administer simulation staff, equipment, rooms, learners and outcomes.
  4. Learn How Simulation Has Been Fully Adopted & Integrated in both the Airline Industry and the Nuclear Power Industry – While medical simulation is rapidly expanding, the adoption of the methodology does not even begin to compare to the aviation or nuclear industries. Learn how simulation works in these sectors to better learn why simulation is the future of healthcare education.
  5. Learn How to Identify Key Drivers for Simulation Training – Key drivers are “an effective tool for breaking down complex questions or improvement goals and structuring them into smaller, addressable pieces”. Learn more about this workshop and download free tools that can clarify simulation needs and appropriate intervention designs for simulation training.
  6. Increase Realism to Your Simulations Through Background Noise and Advanced Moulage Makeup Kits – By creating the most realistic simulation scenarios learners become fully immersed in the experiential educational experience. Small considerations for the design and display of your simulation lab can dramatically increase learner buy-in!
  7. The Sim Tech Hands-On Training event ‘SimGHOSTS’ is Hosting their 3rd Annual Event this August – Join over 200 other Healthcare Simulation Technicians at the San Antonio College Nursing and Allied Health Complex this August 6th – 9th for the global healthcare simulation event designed to provide a meeting place for Technicians to exchange ideas and network with technical peers as well as receive specialized training in manikin hardware repair & software programming, audiovisual equipment debugging, IT infrastructures, moulage makeup, team communication & leadership techniques, medical physiology and much more.
  8. Consider Why & How to Build a Website For Your Medical Simulation Program, and How to Add Multimedia to Increase Marketing to Community & External Businesses – Benefits of creating a Simulation Program Website include: Community public relations, recruitment advertising and promotional marketing, providing contact information and capturing donations, as well as hosting student, staff, clinical educator/faculty resources. In the second article, learn how to add multimedia to further support these objectives!
  9. Designing Prehospital Medical Simulation Scenarios – This guest author paper outlines the four stages that should be considered by tutors before their students are exposed to clinical simulation scenarios for educational purposes. These stages of paramedic education are relatively unique since the teaching and understanding of logistical considerations are not necessarily a significant concern to other clinicians from wider health disciplines.
  10. How To Evaluate Effectiveness of Medical Simulations – Learn why simulation scenario design requires ongoing review, how healthcare can make tiny improvements for continued success, and gain free evaluation tools from CAE Healthcare.

*BONUS Link* – For even more great content check out the Top 50 “Best Of 2012″ Medical Simulation Articles!

Moulage Kits

Moulage Kits specifically designed for healthcare professionals engaging in medical simulation! Check out these fantastic Moulage makeup kits specially developed by Moulage Concepts for HealthySimulation.com readers. Visit moulageconcepts.com to get these amazing kits in your sim lab today!


Trauma Moulage Kit – $899.50
(Click Product Name to Purchase)
(Download Moulage Kits Content List)

trauma moulage kit

This Trauma Moulage Kit is designed for Nursing & EMS Healthcare Simulation Champions! Created specifically for the needs of HealthySimulation.com clients, this kit contains the necessary moulage make-up, supplies, and accessories to create three dimensional interactive wounds that can be sutured, triaged, decontaminated and debrieded including the basics such as bruises, cuts, bloody contusions, rupture-able blisters, broken bones, cyanosis and all manner of trauma, field and medical related theatrical effects.

The largest, most comprehensive kit on the market, this Trauma Moulage kit includes full-size supplies for over 250 types of wounds, a sturdy toolbox filled to the brim with moulage make-up, accessories and book “Medical Moulage- How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive” a cutting edge manual filled with over 300 recipes and scenarios for the medical professional! This large, beautiful, hard bound book designed for the beginner through advanced user includes over 1,200 vibrant, full- color illustrations, providing step-by-step directions that use readily available ingredients. Heighten the realism in your simulations whether using simulators or live actors; hear, feel, see, and smell like it’s the real thing! Note: Prices may change.


Moulage Kit Basic – $289.50
(Click Product Name to Purchase)
(Download Moulage Kits Content Lists)

moulage kit basic

For the beginning moulage designer, this kit includes the essentials needed to create basic and intermediate (medical, trauma, obstetrics, and triage) moulage designs as shown in Medical Moulage book. Full-size products, makeup materials, and tools come packed in a sturdy carrying case for use in the simulation suite and training site.


Moulage Kit Advanced – $239.50
(Download Moulage Kits Content Lists)

moulage kit advanced

For the intermediate and advanced moulage designer, this kit includes everything needed to create three-dimensional (medical, trauma, obstetrics, and triage) moulage designs as shown in Medical Moulage book. Create your own wounds with skin crafting moldable gels. Easy to learn and lots of fun! Kit components and tools come packed in a sturdy carrying case.


Moulage Kit Deluxe (Basic + Advanced) – $499.50 ($30 Savings!)
(Download Moulage Kits Content Lists)

moulage kits

Best “Do-It-Yourself” buy! Contains everything listed above in the “Basic” and “Advanced” Kits: all essentials, makeup, tools and products to create hundreds of moulage design. (Does not include Medical Moulage Recipe Book or wound packages found in the Trauma Moulage Kit listed above).


Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive – $135.50

moulage makeup

Read the comprehensive HealthySim Book Review! Moulage makeup has never been so easy to learn – Hear, feel, see, and smell like it’s the real thing. Large, beautiful, hard bound book with 300 special effects recipes and scenarios for clinical simulations. Simple recipes designed for the beginner through advanced user that includes over 1,200 vibrant, full-color illustrations, providing step-by-step directions that use readily available ingredients. Heighten the realism in your simulations whether using manikins or live actors!


Visit http://www.moulageconcepts.com/ to buy these Moulage Kits today!

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Medical & Trauma Moulage Workshop for Clinical Experiences

Our friend Bobbie Merica from MoulageConcepts.com has put together and AMAZING Moulage Workshop for Medical & Trauma Clinical Experiences!

Moulage from Bobbie Merica

Bobbie writes: “I knew HealthySimulation.com would want to be the first to know about the newly scheduled Medical Moulage & Trauma Conference!  This course is designed to enhance beginner, intermediate, advanced and trauma realism in simulation scenarios while providing best practice techniques that assist the learner in “Bridging the Gap in Simulation.” TM.  This intensive hands-on, 24-hour course is composed from my new book “Medical Moulage- How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive!” and will be presented in a multifarious approach including:

  • Life-like three-dimensional wounds that can be sutured, debrided, and triaged for a realistic training experience including scenario staging and techniques.
  • Accessory moulage options
  • Wound care, reuse and storage recommendations
  • Time and money saving alternatives

This exciting conference is scheduled for January 18, 19, & 20th in historic Woodland California and includes CEU’s and certification options!  Space is limited, reserve your seat today!

Who: Nursing Educators, Simulation Coordinators, Simulation Tecnhicians, First Responders, or other Medical Simulation Users.
When: January 18th – 20th 2012, 8am-4:30
Where: Woodland Community & Senior Center – Woodland Hills, CA
Cost: $375 (plus the cost of a Moulage Kit).
Register: Register by following the directions indicated in the brochure link below!

Download the Brochure Here!

Moulage – Bridging the Gap in Simulation

This article was written by Guest Author Bobbie Merica

Bobbie Merica is a leading expert in the field of healthcare simulation moulage. As an accomplished simulation author, workshop educator and lab coordinator Bobbie is the definition of “simulation champion”. But now her latest work Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive has set the bar to a whole new level! Read our extensive review of her awesome book!


When Healthcare Simulation exploded into the nursing education scene, it enabled educators to create medical experiences that rivaled what could be found in a clinical setting.  For the first time, students were allowed to potentially make critical mistakes, (minus the ramifications of actually endangering a patient) enabling the student in gaining both experience and wisdom.  All of this, while providing each student a realistic, patient-clinical interaction in a controlled setting.  Nursing Schools/Hospitals/Clinical education sites excitedly got on board.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent acquiring equipment, building centers, learning extensive GUI programs, and writing time intensive cases.  Educators excitedly lined up their students and waited expectantly …… only to discover the “Gap in Healthcare Simulation.”

Decub Stage 4 - Bobbie Merica
(Stage 4 Decubitus Ulcer. All rights reserved.)

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