23rd Annual SESAM Healthcare Simulation Conference Taking Registrations for June Paris Event

simulation conference france

The SESAM 2017 Annual Meeting will offer a variety of engaging keynote lectures and state-of-the-art sessions, a powerful selection of educational workshops, and a exhibition hall providing a great opportunity to connect with exhibiting companies and observe the latest products and technology. For the first time, the meeting is being supported by the SimGHOSTS organization with technical content and discounted registrations for Sim Tech staff. As well, the fourth international SimChallenge competition for medical students will take place during the event, where teams of medical students will have a chance to compete against each other in challenging simulated clinical scenarios. Full details and program schedule available on the SESAM website.

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Keynote and Plenary Speakers:

  • François Taddei – Director of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity
  • Vinay Nadkarni – Professor and Endowed Chair at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Leslie Graham – Professor, Nursing University of Ontario
  • Scott Crawford -Assistant Professor Associate Program Director Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (President of SimGHOSTS)
  • Debra Nestel – Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare, Monash University & Editor in Chief of Advances in Simulation

Register now for the SESAM 2017 Paris Meeting!

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Southern California Simulation Collaborative Meeting May 6th in LA

medical simulation cal state LA

Received word from “me mum” Dr. Kim Baily that she is helping to chair a workshop for the Southern California Simulation Collaborative at Cal State University LA with guest speaker Dr. Lorie Judson. Lorie will be speaking on tele-robotics in simulations, and the event’s lunch is sponsored by Laerdal. Here is the email:

Dear Son,

Please see the details below for the next SCSC meeting at CSU Los Angeles May 6, 2016.  Jane Hook from CSU will show case their Telepresence Robotic and  Laerdal Medical is sharing information about their newer products (miniSUN conference) complete with 2 CEUs and lunch. Please see a more detailed agenda below and attached.  Parking information is also noted below. 

Nurses can receive CEUs by entering your RN license number in the comment section of your registration.


Hosted by CSULA School of Nursing Simulation Laboratory

  • 10am-1015 am: Chair Dr. Kim Baily
  • 1015am-11 am: Welcome: Dr. Lorie Judson, Director School of Nursing
    • Tour Residential Apartment Simulation and Nursing Simulation Laboratory
    • Presentation: Using Telepresence robot in Simulation Jane Hook M.N., R.N.                     
    • Demonstration: by Double Robotics
  • 11am-12pm: Technology Showcase and Laerdal MiniSUN
  • 12pm-1pm:  Lunch Sponsored by Laerdal
  • 1 pm-2pm: Technology Showcase and Laerdal MiniSUN (2 CEUs)
    • SimMan ALS presented by Darin Bowers
    • Premature Anne presented by Veronica Rogan
    • SimView Mobile presented by David Omut
  • 2pm SESN: Implementing Best Practices Spencer Harris 2:00 pm

Please have people park in Lot C on the south side of the campus and come to the Gerontology Center.  There is a kiosk to purchase a parking pass.” Wish I could attend! Join my mom and these Simulation Champions this May 6th in LA for a great learning experience!

In order to let Laerdal know how many lunches to prepare please register here.
And please let them know you heard about it through HealthySimulation!

CAE Healthcare Announces Update to Muse Patient Simulator Software & Reminder About Upcoming HPSN in Tampa Feb

muse software update

Received this announcement regarding an update to Muse patient simulator software from CAE Healthcare which looked important enough to share with you here! Don’t forget that the Human Patient Simulator Network event is taking place next month Feb. 16th-18th in Tampa Florida.This event is for simulation champions around the world so be sure to consider attending!

Dear CAE Healthcare Customer:

We’re pleased to introduce the latest version of our patient simulator user interface, Müse 2.4, which is now available for your METIman as a free update, if you have Müse 2.0 (version 2) or above, as well as an active support and maintenance plan.

Müse 2.4 offers:

  • CPR Analysis compliant with AHA 2015 guidelines – With the addition of Chest Compression Fraction, Müse 2.4 now includes all of the AHA-recommended metrics for quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (e.g., compression depth, compression rate, chest recoil, compression fraction, ventilation volume and rate).
  • More flexibility for scenario creation – We added variants of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) cardiac rhythms, adjustable Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) and lower respiratory rate values.
  • Overrides for EtCO2, CVP and PAP – Facilitators can now override these parameters within Müse 2.4.
  • Metric and imperial units – Both unit types are now available for patient height and weight.
  • Compatibility with OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Significant improvements to these languages: German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese versions.

Update Information
If you have a patient simulator under an active service agreement and Müse version 2, your update will be free. If you are on Müse version 1 and would like to install 2.4 please contact customer service. The cost is $575 per simulator for those without an active support and maintenance plan.

We value our customer relationships, and we strive to ensure that we are delivering quality products and responding to your needs. 

hpsn world

Visit CAEHealthcare.com for more info!

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Medical Simulation Technology Operations Training Meeting Aug. 7th in Texas

Gain hands-on training in using medical simulation technology from manikin programming, manikin maintenance, moulage makeup, IT infrastructures, A/V system debugging, basic medical training, team communication and more! Join hundreds of other Simulation Technicians, or folks responsible for the operation of simulation technology in their labs, August 7th – 9th near the Texas, San Antonio RiverWalk for The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, or SimGHOSTS!

medical simulation technology training

Hear what these SimGHOSTS 2012 attendees have to say about this hands-on technical training event:

SimGHOSTS is a non-profit organization currently seeking tax-exempt status which provides online resources and hands-on training to the international medical simulation community.  This meeting is open to both healthcare professionals or IT professionals who are tasked with operating healthcare simulation lab technology, and equally serves beginning to advanced levels of training in all major simulation responsibilities.  The 2013 Laerdal Sponsored Keynote Address by Timothy Clapper PhD will empower simulation technicians to better communicate within their simulation programs through the methodology of TEAMSTEPPS.

Visit http://www.SimGHOSTS.Org to learn more today!

Simulation Studio Innovative Meeting To Be Held August in San Francisco

Inline image 1

The next “Inside The Simulation Studio” conference will be held August 15th, 2013 at the UCSF Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education. “Inside The Simulation Studio” is a national conference circuit and forum for professionals working in the medical simulation field. It is a combination of SPs and SP educators, mannequin-based simulation educators and technicians, legal and graduate school educators and behavioral educators and actors.
Their theme this year is “The Brave New World of Simulation: Exploring the Human Factor.” As simulation technology becomes ever more sophisticated, and with its focus on acquiring and assessing competences, what are the human implications of these trends for our field? When humans are simulated, how are human factors and characteristics diminished and enhanced? How do we maintain the humanism in simulations?
“Inside The Simulation Studio” conferences are designed to be lively, inspiring and interactive.
  • The conference will be in one single venue, no different break-out groups
  • Open presentations are allowed 10 minutes depending on what and how you’d like to present. We welcome interactive presentations that engage the audience (Inspired by TED Talks- inform us, but make it interesting!)
  • Presentation formats may include :
    • Demonstration, role play, enactment
    • Dynamic, focused Powerpoints and Keynotes
    • Prezi, Pecha-Kucha, Ignite
    • Audience discussion
    • Video
Again, the theme for this year’s conference is “The Brave New World of Simulation : Exploring the Human Factor”. If you would like to submit a presentation, please click here : OPEN PRESENTATION FORM. Please also RSVP for this space-limited free conference by clicking here : REGISTER HERE

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Pocket Nurse becomes Official Medical Simulation Supplies Sponsor of HealthySimAdmin

Administrator meeting for medical simulation

Expanding their support of Medical Simulation community resource development, Pocket Nurse® has become the official medical simulation supplies sponsor of HealthySimAdmin!

Join over 65 other administrators at the HealthySimAdmin.com broadcasted event, which is an open and online discussion to share administrative solutions for the “how-to” of medical simulation. On October 18th & 19th join the studio audience at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Greenspun Hall or stream the event live from your office desktop as our dynamic and expert panel of simulation program administrators cover eight community-selected topics including:

  • Collaborative simulation program development
  • Funding sources & models
  • Faculty/educator buy-in
  • Research coordination
  • Daily operations
  • IT issues & support
  • Increasing utilization
  • Business development

Panel members include simulation program administrators from nursing community college and university programs, medical schools, hospitals, EMS providers, IT departments, the U.S. military as well as healthcare simulation-based consultants. Download the event brochure and visit the HealthySimAdmin.com website for complete meeting details.

Pocket Nurse® is a nurse owned and operated company that has been selling medical supplies and equipment to Healthcare Educators and Simulation Labs nationwide since 1992. Pocket Nurse® has over 8,500 products to assist Educators teach all aspects of a healthcare curriculum or to fully equip a Clinical Simulation Lab.

Pocket Nurse® is the exclusive distributor of Demo Dose® simulated medication for education. Pocket  Nurse® also carries Student Health Totes. Each Tote can be customized to meet the needs of individual programs.

Customers can order from the catalog or from the customer-friendly, Pocket Nurse® website: www.pocketnurse.com.

At Pocket Nurse®, exceeding the expectations of customers is the primary goal!

Magic In Teaching Day 1 Update

Today I was able to attend CINHC’s “Magic in Teaching” conference in San Diego.  CINHC has combined the annual southern and northern events into one meeting which migrates between the North and South every other year.  Here are some great notes I learned from today’s meeting:

Nigel Chong Lance Baily Glen Williams

Nigel Chong BN, RN, CNC from Australia’s University of Tasmania (seen above with Glen Williams) provided the MIT keynote “Learning to Rescue: teaching to the Individuals Reality”:

  • Develop to meet the need of the participant but also for  the needs of a diverse range of users with a multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach.
  • Have classroom tables in the same room as the ward so you can quickly transfer theory into practice.
  • Have a simulation interest group with personnel from local institutions to develop the field in your community.
  • Connect an emotional feeling with your students during their practice to provide them with lasting clinical memory!  Evoking feeling in your learners connects a physical, emotional response with the knowledge they are consuming.

Angela Williams MSN, RN and her team from the Charles Drew University Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing presented on their inter-professional simulation program with the School of Medicine:

  • Provide standardized training as much as possible with faculty new to simulation.
  • Clearly define and require faculty to maintain their roles throughout the simulation experience.
  • Consider all data collection needs before beginning operations as once the current phase of the program is launched it is difficult to backtrack.  Minimally provide pre and post surveys.
  • Keep the groups as small as possible to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Have faculty from all included professions present during the simulation experiences, to address questions and concerns from different disciplines.
  • Request additional educators so that the coordinator of the simulation experiences can be free to keep operations moving if their are immediate needs outside of the current learning environment (ie last minute questions that occurred when prepping the simulator for the next scenario).

Magic in Teaching continues tomorrow but unfortunately I have to head back to Las Vegas.  Learn more about “Magic In Teaching” at CINHC’s website.

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INACSL 2011 Wrap Up

Hey Sim Champs!

Before hitting INACSL 2011 I spent a few days in Key Largo diving 100 feet down to see some shipwrecks.  I also saw my first shark, which was a NURSE shark…. pretty fitting if you ask me!

INACSL 2011 Orlando Trip

Here’s some of the great tips I learned from other members at INACSL 2011!

  1. Pam Jeffries opened the INACSL Conference with a Keynote speech about the process that lead to the creation of the NLN sponsored framework.  Her book Simulation in Nursing Education: From Conceptualization to Evaluation is a must have for any healthcare simulation library.  She said the framework had been successful in the past 5 years to help foster research in simulation.
  2. Carol Okupniak from Drexel University provided an excellent session on her sim lab’s scheduling process.  She has created pdf document forms that require faculty to completely explicate all necessary details for scheduled simulations.  She graciously provided her slides which are available here, and I will update this post next week with her forms for us to download!
  3. Ronnie Stout, Simulation Center Director from UTEP, had an amazing tip to print out and hang up pictures of medical equipment your center can not yet afford.  This will help bolster the visual surroundings of your developing simulation labs!  Just google whatever pump your faculty is interested and print out the picture!
  4. Brian Russell, Senior Associate for Ayers Saint Gross Architects showed us how UNITY 3D, a free-to-use 3d animation software platform similar to Second Life, can be used to create immersive models of simulation labs.  This seemed like a cheap way to create three dimensional representations of new lab designs for administrators to virtually walk through! Furthermore, your program could perform virtual based simulations with your learners!  Brian said feel free to email him if you want to learn more!
  5. I took part in a fantastic evening moulage workshop put on by Drexel University sponsored by PocketNurse.com!  Click that link to watch the video and get the slides!
  6. I learned that we MUST keep our HARVEY manikin on a hard flat surface.  Having the base on a soft surface can make Harvey’s wooden base warp which would alter the magnetic contacts.

Hope you had a great conference!

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Sim Technician’s Meeting

The Gathering of Technicians event is specifically designed to train Medical Simulation Technicians, or those responsible for running the equipment in a high-fidelity healthcare simulation lab. Here are the 10 Reasons why you or your staff should join the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas in August:

Simulation Technician Meeting

10. Be an Innovative Pioneer
The Gathering of Technicians is the first event of its kind dedicated to connecting those responsible for operating technology in a simulation lab. Whether you are new to the technology of Medical Simulation or looking for the next level of engagement with this industry – be a part of the next big thing! Don’t get left on the ground floor, have a voice in the direction of this industry and your career by joining us in Las Vegas August 5th and 6th!

9. Meeting Enrollment Limit
Have you ever attended a conference for Medical Simulation and felt lost in the crowd? Some conferences have over 2,500 participants! We have very limited enrollment and are maxing out this meeting to no more than 100 participants. That means you will have greater access to course experts AND have a better chance to meet and connect with peers! Get more out of your training budget by counting for more at the Gathering of Technicians!

8. Receive Specialized Training From Leading Experts
Experts from all over the country are flying to Vegas to provide you with the best in technician training in areas like: moulage makeup, audio-video production, manikin hardware and software repair, leadership and communication techniques, medical courses and much more! Get hands on with unique and highly specialized training from leading experts, including manikin representatives from Laerdal, Gaumard and METI.

7. World-Famous Facility
Healthcare Simulation users from as far away as Jordan have come to Las Vegas to tour the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. With 31,000 square feet, this multi-disciplinary multi-institutional healthcare center is a unique facility in the world of Medical Simulation. With 8 staff specializing in clinical skills, IT, audio-video production, manikin technology, surgery, theater and education we have the bases for simulation covered. Come learn which systems we use and why!

6. All Major Manikin Brands will be in Attendance
Many medical simulation centers and labs utilize multiple varieties of manikin brands. Some meetings only cater to a single vendor, making it almost impossible to discuss with colleagues, or learn from experts, about other brands. The Gathering of Technicians is designed to educate technicians about their preferred brand, but while still providing opportunities to discuss and learn about other product lines including METI, Gaumard and Laerdal. Get the most from your training dollars by investing in training from more than one company!

(Keep reading with the link below!)

Click here to keep reading…

First Meeting for Simulation Technicians announced for Summer 2011 in Las Vegas!

This Summer the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas is hosting a two day event specifically designed to support the growing Healthcare Simulation Technician community.  If you are a Sim Tech, or are responsible for operating and maintaining a medical simulation lab, you should definitely check out the conference flyer and visit the CSC G.O.T. Sim website.

Meeting for Simulation Technicians

What are the Gathering of Technicians meeting objectives?

  • Meet with other Simulation Technicians and share best practices
  • Develop long term industry contacts
  • Receive specialized training in:
    • High-fidelity manikin hardware and software operation & programming, maintenance and repair
    • Audiovisual production techniques
    • Team leadership and communication techniques
    • Manikin moulage and makeup
    • Medical terminology and healthcare practices
  • Discuss industry needs and possible standards

Enrollment is limited so take advantage of Early-Bird Registration now!