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New ‘EHR Tutor’ Enables Simulated Learning From Cloud

ehr tutor

Today I was made aware of a new Electronic Health Record Training System called “EHR Tutor”. Their website suggests that “EHR Tutor provides functionality and features that will give your students the experience they need to confidently enter today’s technology based workplace and the world of electronic records.” Have you started teaching EHR in your simulation lab yet? Direct integration into your simulation scenarios can be challenging so I would love to hear how you do it!

EHR Tutor Features:

  • Similar to EHR systems currently in use at medical facilities including flowsheets for common workflows
  • Preloaded patients for easy lesson creation
  • Patients’ charts and activities can be added or modified to meet instructors’ needs
  • Instructors can view and grade student activities

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Reader Submitted Video Intro Orientations to Laerdal Simman Classic, Essential, and 3G

medical simulator orientation

Looking for great orientation video introductions to your Laerdal SimMan products? Check out these awesome video breakdowns free to watch anytime through youtube!

SimMan Classic

SimMan Essential

SimMan 3G

Learn how to make your own video orientations through our Production Tutorial!

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A Collection of 11 Medical Simulation “How To’s”

how to for healthcare simulation

Today we are highlighting a series of articles we have put together over the past several years covering the “How To” of medical simulation. Check out these awesome resources in a variety of domains:

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4DHealth Offers Simulation Services to Barcelona and Spain

4d health

Today HealthySim shares about a relatively new Simulation Center 4D Health in Spain.  4D Health is the result of an individual initiative. The surgeon Dr. Enric Macarulla from Igualada started to incorporate simulation in training health professionals in the 1990s, specifically in the area of laparoscopic surgery in Igualada Hospital and later as a university teacher in different health science studies (medicine and nursing) at Barcelona Autonomous University and at the Bages University Foundation.

What are we? 4D Health is a pioneering simulated hospital near Barcelona that recreates the whole health environment. Is intended to increase safety and reduce the errors in health.

For Who? There is a wide variety of players participating in the centre as health professionals, institutions, universities, industries, laboratories, enterprises and patients.

“I Train”: Training enables professionals to prevent human error and become better. Sportspeople, castellers, pilots… and health professionals.

“At the service of people”

The centre is a place conceived for patients and people as a whole. The patients, the associations of patients and their relatives are given information, training, support and accompaniment in order to deal with their illnesses. Special attention will be given to this group. The health professionals will be given advice and personal supervision to be able to improve their practice with patients. The training offer is directed at scientific societies, professional colleges, hospitals and all professionals of different specialities (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc) who wish to strengthen their skills in a certain field.

The universities, health schools, innovation and research centres and the Administration have a virtually real work camp in 4D Health for learning and designing new plans, processes and applications. The use of the staff and the facilities will be studied case-by-case in order to achieve the expected results. The business sector, albeit public or private, finds in 4D Health an open and flexible place adapted to their needs. The industries and the manufacturers of health materials and pharmaceutical laboratories will have somewhere new to test their products. They can do this in situations very close to reality and will receive returns on their product from health professionals without it having any impact on real patients.

Learn more in English and Spanish at today!

SimGHOSTS 2015 USA Opens at Cedars-Sinai

simghosts usa 2015

This morning Dr. Julian Gold, Mayor of Beverly Hills and Co Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center opened SimGHOSTS 2015 USA at the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild Simulation Center. Dr. Gold reminded the audience that now and more so in the future, simulation is being seen as a necessary component of healthcare education and training. Julian welcomed the 200+ attendees to the hospital and the city, appreciating the audience for the work that they do every day to improve patient care.

Platinum Sponsor Level 3 Healthcare’s CEO Brad Peterson introduced the keynote speaker Dr. Alistair Phillips, MD, FACC, FACS Co-Director, Congenital Heart Program Chief, Division of Congenital Heart Surgery Alistair Phillips, MD, is Co-Director of Cedars-Sinai’s Congenital Heart Program and the Chief of the Division of Congenital Heart Surgery within the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. He is board-certified in surgery, thoracic surgery and congenital heart surgery. Dr. Phillips spoke on “Bringing the ME into TEAM: Simulation, Syndaver and Team Confidence: Increasing Value”.

He asked the audience “What is confidence?” Its that quiet and assured feeling you have before you fall on your face. How do we prevent ourselves from falling on our faces in Healthcare. We are going to do that through training, and healthcare simulation technology specialists are at the center of that ongoing change. Dr. Phillips urged the community to find way to connect Quality control and data assessment back into simulation to improve the entry and retraining process of providers.

Alistair reminded the audience the needs of teamwork:

  • Situational Aweareness and shared cognition
  • Leadership to flatten the hierarchy
  • Followership to report back
  • Closed loop communication for acknowledgement
  • Critical Language and standardized protocols
  • Assertive communication for non-deferenial discussion

He recommended six C’s for successfully achieving teamwork: Communication, cooperation, coordination, cognition, conflict resolution, and coaching. All of these elements are achieved best in practice, through simulation, before an actual healthcare patient encounter.

20 vendors were in attendance for the event, the most any SimGHOSTS event has ever seen before! Gold sponsor Laerdal sponsored tomorrow’s plenary address Suzie Kardong-Edgren, CAE Healthcare sponsored the a/v recording of every major session, and Gaumard Scientific sponsored the SimGHOSTS Bug Busters competition.

Level 3 Healthcare also sponsored the opening reception which is taking place later tonight at funny “Terminator” show.

Over the next three days, over 70 specialized courses in healthcare simulation technology will be taking place across several disciplines. Some courses include

  • “3-D Printing in Healthcare”: Turning CAT scans and MRIs into three-dimensional models of the heart, brain and other body parts
  • “Moulage Skills”: Fabricating trauma injuries on Manikins, including lacerations, gunshot wounds, burns and compound fractures.
  • “Fundamentals of Mold Making and Casting for the Sim Tech”: Learning techniques to make molds of arms or other body parts from silicone.
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Top 7 Medical Simulation Articles of Summer 2015!


As we are rounding out another amazing season of medical simulation news and resources it’s time to share the MOST read, MOST shared, healthcare simulation articles from this Summer. Let the countdown begin!

7. Dr. Kenneth Gilpin Shares Why Sometimes We Can Do More Harm Than Good Through Medical Simulation

6. Medical Simulation Jobs Listing Page

5. Drexel Med MS in Med Sim Inaugural Class Already Implementing Course Learning Into Their Programs

4. EMSIMCases Provides Free Emergency Medicine Simulation Scenarios, Templates and More!

3. HealthySim Medical Simulation Youtube Channel Cross 75,000 Views!

2. 9 Articles Highlighting the Expansion of Medical Simulation

1. “Building an EMS Simulation Program”, A Video Interview with Victor Valley College – Sponsored by CAE Healthcare

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“Doctor Robot” Music Video from Sim Tech Todd Dadaleares

Today an awesome music video put together by our friend Todd Dadaleares, Simulation Specialist at Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation and Simulation. Todd, like many Sim Techs, comes from a variety of backgrounds and combines his experience as a musician, audio engineer, and video specialist.

“A concept music video by Portland Maine band MeRCy. Doctor Robot juxtaposes live GoPro footage, original medical simulation cuts, hi def robot surgery, multi camera looks, tons of movement and video treatments to create a memorable dream-like experience. Sung from a first person perspective, the song (humorously) tackles issues surrounding the collision of health and autocratic technology.”

Learn more about Todd and his creative and technical background on MeRCy Music Mining!

Supported Organization:

Dr. Carolyn Yucha Shares Why Staffing Sim Techs is #1 Priority for Healthcare Educational Administrators

medsim staff technical training

*UPDATE: The recorded video is now posted on thanks to Laerdal. Click here to watch it now!

Last week at SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia held at the Clinical Skills Development Service in Brisbane, Laerdal Sponsored Keynote speaker Dr. Carolyn Yucha, Dean of the Nursing & Allied Health Programs at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, shared why healthcare educational administrators need to understand that hiring and keeping simulation technology staff is their #1 priority.

Highlighting a national survey on of educational administrators, the Top 10 IT Issues of 2015 included these top four points:

  1. Hiring and retaining qualified staff, and updating the knowledge and skills of existing technology staff
  2. Optimizing the use of technology in teaching and learning in collaboration with academic leadership, including understanding the appropriate level of technology to use
  3. Developing IT funding models that sustain core service, support innovation, and facilitate growth
  4. Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology

Read the full Educause 2015 survey results report here.

Having been the lead champion of the development of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, which began with an idea in 2006, Dean Yucha is one of only a few healthcare administrators around the world that have built and maintained collaborative successful simulation programs across institutions and disciplines. Dr. Yucha shared the story of designing the center’s layout across from two other deans (From NSC & UNSOM) over a three year period that were connected by the Nevada System of Higher Education. Dr. Yucha then spoke on how to Negotiate to create an effective and efficient student learning environment, described the different roles and training needs for simulation staff, and discussed, and strategies for sim champs to communicate their needs.

The most crucial hiring practice Dean Yucha reminded the audience was to hire simulation staff that “desired to continue to learn”, as “technology evolves too quickly for us not to pay attention to whats going on out there”. Furthermore, simulation programs must maintain a technology refresh cycle to plan for aging equipment.

You can watch the Laerdal sponsored keynote address in the very near future on their website You can also watch more Laerdal sponsored healthcare simulation program administrative content on our HealthySimAdmin pages.

SimGHOSTS Australia 2015 Launches at Clinical Skills Development Service

simghosts australia 2015

Today in Brisbane Australia over 100 simulation champions from around the world came together at the Clinical Skills Development Service for the 2nd annual “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists”, aka SimGHOSTS. This was the 6th international event put on by the organization which also has meetings in the United Kingdom (co-hosted by ASPiH), the United States (hosted at Cedars-Sinai) and Dubai (supported by Simulead).

CSDS Director Dylan Campher opened the show with an introduction to Elwyn Hellway provided the “Welcome to Country” of the Gubby way, an official ceremony sharing the ancestry and aboriginal people of Australia. Dylan then returned to start the show. A team of clinical professionals took the stage with a Simman during a cardiac arrest – a very tense simulation moment — unfortunately the patient didn’t survive the simulation — which unbelievably brought on a GHOST! On the screen behind the stage was a projected Ghost which brought the call for “Ghost Busters”. Being Australia, Crocidile Dundee showed up to help call for the Ghost Busters — and together they captured the Ghost!

Event Director Ryan Eling thanked Platinum Sponsor Laerdal Medical for their sponsorship of the keynote address by Dr. Caroyln Yucha and the opening reception. He also thanked CAE Healthcare & Mediquip who sponsored tomorrow’s Plenary Address. He also recognized Limbs & Things, Trauma Sim, and Simulation Australia.

After morning announcements Ryan brought up Laerdal Queensland Territory Sales Manager Lucas Tomczak who spoke to the support of the company of organizations and communities like SimGHOSTS, stating that their mission of “helping save lives” was not just a catch phrase – but an earnest passion shared by their global team-members. Lucas introduced Dr. Carolyn Yucha, Dean of Nursing & Allied Health of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The school was apart of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which also connected Nevada State College and the University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine — all of whom collaborated on the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSCLV). SimGHOSTS founder Lance Baily began the organization and annual events at the CSCLV in 2011 when he was the Director of the center.

Dr. Yucha spoke on how to Negotiate to create an effective and efficient student learning environment, described the different roles and training needs for simulation staff, and discussed, and strategies for sim champs to communicate their needs.

Today opens three days of hands-on training and community networking for those who operate Simulation Technology across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Registered attendees were also provided complimentary subscription to which will connect Sim Techs from the four global events from around the world.

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