Is This The Most Beautiful Healthcare Simulation Center in the World?


You’ll never guess where one of the most beautiful healthcare simulation centers in the world is located – deep in the heart of Turkmenistan! Look at this wonderful 7 story medical simulation center — a completely turnkey solution from CAE Healthcare. You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this video:

Last year CAE Healthcare announced the details of a previously disclosed record contract to provide a turnkey healthcare simulation training center in Turkmenistan to advance medical education in pre- and post-graduate medicine, nursing and paramedic education. The center is the first to offer multi-disciplinary medical simulation training in Turkmenistan.

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“We are proud to have been chosen to provide the full scope of our capabilities as a healthcare training partner of choice,” said Dr. Robert Amyot, President of CAE Healthcare.  “We are delivering a comprehensive solution that includes needs analysis, planning and design of the center, a full portfolio of simulation tools as well as clinical education to train faculty and full-time technicians on site.”

The sale includes 17 CAE healthcare patient, surgical and ultrasound simulators, a fully integrated audiovisual solutions system as well as training and technical support. CAE Healthcare is also providing non-CAE simulators, medical equipment, consumable supplies and furnishings.

The new educational center is being designed and built through an agreement with Gap Insaat and the Turkmenistan Ministry of Health, with CAE Healthcare acting as subcontractor of Gap Insaat for the Ilim Bilim Merkezi simulation center. The seven-story building houses a research center on three floors and the CAE Healthcare solution on four of the floors. The hands-on training center will include simulated emergency and intensive care rooms, operating rooms, standardized patient examination rooms, nursing laboratories, wet and dry laboratories for surgical education, a debriefing area and an ambulance bay.

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Sim Center Video of the Week: Hannaford Center at Maine Medical Center

The Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation and Simulation at Maine Medical Center has a new, cutting-edge simulation center to train medical students and staff using replicas of operating and trauma rooms, actors portraying patients, and sophisticated mannequins that mimic a variety of human conditions.

The Simulation Center at Maine Medical Center (MMC) is an 18,000-square-foot facility that brings state-of-the-art medical learning to the hospital’s Brighton Campus in Portland. It includes operating and trauma rooms that are identical to those at Maine Med; a skills lab, where students practice procedures such as stitching sutures or performing colonoscopies; and patient rooms where students can build their patient communication skills and develop a patient- and family-centered bedside manner. Actors are used to portray patients, and are trained to behave or respond in specific ways during “patient exams.”

Maine Medical Center is a complete health care resource for the people of Greater Portland, the entire state, as well as northern New England. MMC’s unique role as both a community hospital and a referral center requires an unparalleled depth and breadth of services, including an active educational program and a world-class research center. As a nonprofit institution, Maine Medical Center provides nearly 23 percent of all the charity care delivered in Maine. MMC is a member of the MaineHealth system, a growing family of health care services in southern, central, and western Maine.

For more information check out Maine Medical Center’s Simulation Program website.

Sim Center Video of the Week: Gannon University

The 5,800 square foot Patient Simulation Center at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania allows students of the health professions to gain essential life-like training at the largest comprehensive patient simulation center in the region.


  • Equipped with 14 medium- and high-fi delity patient simulators, phlebotomy training stations, a computer lab, classroom seating for 40 students and a lobby with sign-in laptops and plasma television.
  • Emulates an emergency/trauma bay, operating room, seven-bed critical care or post-anesthesia recovery unity, a pediatric room, an adult examination room, and a labor-and-delivery suite.
  • Features fully integrated audio/visual recording and real-time access capabilities.
  • Two Debriefing Rooms provide a unique learning experience for students to view digital video recordings of their case scenarios and critique performances in a structure, supportive environment.

Learn more about the Gannon University Simulation Center.

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Sim Center Video of the Week: Loma Linda University

The Medical Simulation Center (MSC) is a state-of-the-art virtual hospital located on the 4th floor of the centennial complex at Loma Linda University in a space of 8,000 square feet, and can simultaneously accommodate 16 simulations. Each of the center’s training areas is designed to reflect the realities encountered in actual care settings, and is fully functional. When needed to increase the surge capacity of nearby medical facilities, the center is designed for rapid conversion to an emergency response center in the event of a disaster.

The center is a contiguous system designed to simulate the patient flow process with a pre-hospital room, emergency room, operating room, intensive care unit, obstetric operating room, neonatal intensive care room, hospital room, training room, and pharmacy. Each simulation room is connected to an observation/debriefing room separated by a one-way mirror with large flat-screen televisions to provide the live-stream observer participants with additional angles. Simulation sessions can be recorded and are immediately available for playback in either of the multimedia conference rooms.

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