Uchida Yoko Global Limited PF-Note Provides Healthcare Simulation Recording Platform – IMSH 2016 Video Interview

uchida medical simulation recording

At IMSH 2016 HealthySimulation.com was able to secure a video interview with the team from Japanese based company Uchida Yoko to learn more about their PF-Note audiovisual recording and debriefing system. Interesting here is the built in capability of directly connected student clickers. Watch the exclusive short video interview below to learn more:

From the Uchida Yoko PF-Note Brochure:

Entire even can be conveniently recorded in high definition with ease.

  • Audiovisual data such as computer screen, blackboard, or presentation equipment saved as a video file in real time.
  • Recording started by simply pressing a button. Screen layout can be also be easily switched.
  • Contents don’t require editing after recording so they can be used right then and there.

Student reaction can be recorded at any time using a wireless clicker.

  • Reactions that offer clues as to whether or not contents of classes are understood well or not can be recorded in real time.
  • Student reaction can be obtained during or after class in the form of a questionnaire.
  • Roll call can be accomplished by clicker using the roll call support function.

Separate review of important part of the class

  • Because you can record student reaction together with the class, you can see what students don’t understand or what they are interested in while viewing the class scene.
  • Instructors can confirm what what was effective and what needs to be improved from the student reactions.
  • The data generated when the instructor or TA presses the clicker can be recorded as a thumbnail. If the instructor records important point during the class, the students can use them for subsequent review.

You can learn more about this system from the
Uchida Yoko PF-Note Brochure

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Hawaii’s Sim Tiki Sends Out Their First Simulation Program Newsletter

simtiki hawaii

Just received the first Sim Tiki simulation newsletter from this Hawaiian based simulation program doing great work with Japan and across the pacific. Run by Dr. Ben Berg, SimTiki has been providing resident exchange programs with Japanese Universities as well as hands-on training courses in Japan.

First Newsletter Excerpt:

Aloha and welcome to SimTiki’s first e-newsletter! Here you will find news and updates about SimTiki, as well as a preview of our upcoming activities.  We hope you will enjoy this communication to keep up-to-date with SimTiki.

We’ve had an eventful past few months and it’s been a year since SimTiki was granted accreditation in Research and Education/Training by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH). Dr. Yoko Akamine, from Nagano, Japan, completed her one year International Research Fellowship and departed in July.  Four participants from Japan joined us for SimTiki Academy programs ranging from two week to two months: Akiko Hirata, MD (Nippon Medical School Hospital) Tomohiro Inoue, MD (St. Mary’s Hospital), Yoko Ishibashi, RN (Fukuoka University Nursing School), and Nobuyasu Komazawa, MD (Osaka Medical College). Residents from Akita University & Nagasaki University participated in our JP Resident Physician courses. We continued with our Faculty development courses, FunSim and SimBites, with participants from UH, JABSOM and Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). We were also thrilled to welcome our first participant from the Netherlands at our September FCCS course, along with other learners from TAMC and the OBGYN Hawaii Residency Program.  We wish you a happy & healthy holiday season!

Read the full Sim Tiki newsletter here and visit the Sim Tiki website for more info!


New Japanese Humanoid Robot Demonstrates Communication Innovation


Toshiba has developed a lifelike communication android that can move its arms and hands smoothly and use Japanese sign language. The android is a prototype that the company will continue to develop towards achieving a service robot able to assist people in the fields of welfare and healthcare. The android will be showcased at CEATEC JAPAN 2014, which will be held from October 7 to 11.

Recently we have shared a number of stories highlighting increased advances in robotic technology, which we feel will have direct implications for the healthcare simulation industry.

Listen to the Full NPR story below:

Visit NPR.org for the complete Toshiba Customer Service Humanoid Story!

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