iSimulate Launches REALITi at IMSH 2017 – HealthySim Video Interview Series

isimulate realiti

Launching our this year’s annual video interview series from the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare today we’re sharing our interview with iSimulate, who showcased their upcoming video recording system REALITi! There will be plenty of IMSH Trade Show floor interviews coming out over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our free simulation newsletter to catch them all!

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REALITi is a new simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing in a single system. REALITi launches May 4th and provides live stream wireless video, integrated live voting, dynamic 12 Lead ECG, mimicked proprietary monitors and defibrillators (like ZOLL), and a system that can grow and adapt with your simulation needs. REALITi was one of HealthySim’s “Top Fav” Products of IMSH 2017 so its definitely worth checking out!

Learn more at the iSimulate REALITi webpage!

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SimMon iTunes Patient Monitor Vital Sign Simulator App

simmon pt monitor simulator

Looking for an affordable patient monitor for your healthcare simulation program? While this device does not have the same high-fidelity functionality of other patient monitors, SimMon provides an easily downloadable app to help your medical simulation program grow. Note, this app is currently only for iOS produ

SimMon is a basic remote controlled patient monitor for full scale medical simulation. Using SimMon on any pair of iOS devices gives you a simple remotely controlled simulated patient monitor. An iPad makes for an ideal multi-touch controlled remote and the big screen makes a great bedside patient monitor. Open SimMon on your two devices of choice and connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. Change the blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate or heart rate by touching the value and dragging your finger up or down. Simple setup. Easy operation. Low cost.

Learn more on the SimMon website!

MedicActiV from France-Based SimForHealth Showcased at Stanford MedicineX

simhealth france medicactiv

SimforHealth is an international start-up with offices in Canada and headquarters in France which brings together healthcare professionals, education expert and 3D engineers to create virtual training solutions for medical education. SimforHealth is recognized by BPI France as one of the 2,000 most innovative companies in France in 2016.

SimforHealth has created MedicActiV,the first digital simulation platform dedicated to health training. It was created to meet the initial and continuing needs of health professionals for e-service training, on site or remotely. They believe many healthcare professionals is that virtual clinical cases can provide an important complementary, innovative contribution to the overall training process. It is an essential link between theory and the reality in the field MedicActiV seeks to disseminate this technology and innovative approach to education as widely as possible through collaboration.

Are you near California this week? MedicActiV has been selected for a device demo in the Tech Tent (On Friday September 16th – Ten on Alumni Lawn 2:40PM-3:40PM. During the demo their team will show how MedicActiV is a really good solution to improve the international medical education by virtual clinical cases. You can download the MedX event agenda here.

Learn more about SimForHealthMedicActiV and the Stanford MedicineX Conference!

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Conquer Mobile’s PeriopSim Selected for ‘100 Nurses’ Research Study into Surgical Simulation Education and Training for Nurses

simulated learning for preop nurses

Today a highlight of an upcoming study teaching nurses surgical instrumentation through simulation. There’s a daunting array of instruments to learn and this is the first simulation app to focus on education for preoperative nurses.

Press Release:

Conquer Mobile, Simulation Training Specialist, Announces that PeriopSim Has Been Selected as the Simulation Technology for the ‘100 Nurses’  Research Study into the Effectiveness of Simulation Training for Perioperative Nurses. The Study is Being Led by Dr. David Clarke, Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority and is Taking Place at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) – December 4, 2015 – Conquer Mobile, medical simulation training specialist, announces that PeriopSim has been selected as the simulation tool for the ‘100 Nurses’ research study taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The aim of the research study is to measure the effectiveness of simulation training to increase perioperative nurses’ ability and confidence in identifying surgical instruments. It will also identify the aspects of simulation that nurses find most useful for learning and will assess the time saved in simulated surgery when nurses are able to anticipate the correct instrument for the surgeon.

There is increasing pressure for perioperative nurses to be competent in a wide variety of surgical specialties. Currently, nurses learn surgical skills in on-the-job training, scrubbing in for surgeries under the guidance of an experienced perioperative nurse. Clinical training is limited and yet the demands placed on nurses and the complexity of surgeries are escalating. Simulation addresses the problem of limited clinical placements by providing a safe way to practice clinical skills in a wide variety of clinical situations.

Although simulation is being increasingly adopted for both undergraduate and post- graduate nursing education, there is limited research to show how simulation should be used in nursing education and exactly how it may enhance performance, clinical understanding or critical thinking.

The study is being led by Dr. David Clarke, Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority. It will be based at the Neurosurgical Simulation Training Laboratory of the QEII Health Sciences Centre; testing will involve operating room nurses at the Halifax Infirmary and the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. The study has been funded by a grant from the Brain Repair Centre at Dalhousie University.

The research is part of a national drive to develop expertise in surgical simulation and builds upon previous work in 2009, when the world’s first Virtual Reality brain surgery was performed in Halifax by Dr. David Clarke and Dr. Ryan D’Arcy using Neurotouch, a neurosurgery simulator developed by the National Research Council of Canada.

“Perioperative Nurses are critical members of the surgical team in ensuring that instruments are ready and available efficiently at every stage of a surgical procedure” stated Dr. Clarke. “Simulation training offers the opportunity to provide surgical nurse training cost-effectively and efficiently outside of the operating room. This focused study will measure the effectiveness of simulation instrument training as an educational tool.”

“We are excited to be part of this landmark study” remarked Angela Robert, CEO of Conquer Mobile.  “Surgical nurses have to learn a daunting array of instruments and complex procedures across many specialties” she explained. “If staff can learn and prepare safely outside of the OR, the surgical team becomes more efficient and can deliver the best patient results.”

PeriopSim has been developed in close collaboration with medical experts including surgeons, nurses and nurse educators to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes. The product has recently been tested in academic research with neurosurgical residents learning how to perform Burr Hole brain surgery at the annual Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.

About Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in mobile solutions with a focus on medical simulation training. PeriopSim is a simulation training tool for the iPad that helps clinicians to prepare for procedures safely, outside of clinical time. The company has a strong medical advisory group drawing together surgeons, neuroscientists, nurse educators and nurses. The company is based in the Health Tech Innovation Hub, part of Innovation Boulevard in Surrey, Canada.

About PeriopSim

PeriopSim is an iPad app for clinicians who need to learn surgical instruments and procedures. PeriopSim enables surgical staff to practice safely before surgery. PeriopSim is available as a free preview version on the App Store. It is designed to be purchased by educators as an institutional purchase.

The free preview version of the app can be downloaded here from iTunes!

For more product details visit the PeriopSim website.

Smart Pump Training Simulator Through ‘’ of CSE Software

smart pump simulator cse software

Earlier this week I posted about the CAT Heavy Equipment Simulators from CSE Software, and today I am sharing about their mobile training simulator products for healthcare providers including a Heparin Adjustment Trainer and Smart Pump Training Apps. According to a report by CareFusion, 70% of heparin errors are caused by the wrong dose, omission and prescribing errors. The majority of heparin errors (47.6%) originate in administering the medication, followed by 18.8% in transcribing the order, 14.1% in prescribing the product, 13.9% in dispensing functions and 5.4% in patient/lab monitoring activities. These simulators can help train away these very errors! After reading the below information visit the “News->Videos” section of the Health Scholars website for more coverage of these apps.

Smart Pump Training Simulator
In this interactive app (shown above), hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and supporting software program used for patient safety. The actual pump has a built-in computer and it is constantly collecting and monitoring data. The system helps improve patient safety and reinforces best practices. Through the simulation of this device, healthcare professionals can ensure training on the infusion pump is delivered consistently and efficiently to personnel. The interactive app allows training to take place in a patient care environment, and in the presence of a preceptor. In addition, process and procedures can be covered to help personnel get a full understanding of the device.

heparin simulator

Heparin Simulator

In this interactive app, hospital professionals will learn how to properly administer the medication Heparin through a Smart Pump. Heparin is most often used as an anti blood clotting medication, and can be fatal if administered incorrectly. The app will take the user through several scenarios where he/she must correctly figure and administer the medication. Results can be saved for Internal viewing by administration.

So who is this innovative simulator company CSE Software?

cse software

CSE Software Inc. is located in the heart of the warehouse district in Peoria, Illinois. A technology company Founded in 1990 by Ken Pflederer, our current client base consists of large, Fortune 500 companies and small, family-owned businesses.  No company is too large or small to reap the benefits of our comprehensive services. They have developed over 2200 projects to more than 260 clients for 110 languages spoken around the world. As they are in Peoria, IL they have also started working with the awesome folks at JUMP Trading Simulation Education Center:

“In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, Peoria, Ill., CSE is developing simulations for both medical devices and medicine administration. The correct use of medical devices and proper administration of medication is critical to patient care and safety. The ability to train with realistic tools and environments ensures that medical professionals learn the same techniques as they will use in a real-world medical situation. CSE Software Inc. is proud to be a partner in this endeavor with OSF Healthcare.”

Visit to learn more about these Smart Pump Training Simulators and to learn more about this innovative company!

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iSimulate ALSi Patient Monitor Continues to Innovate Healthcare Simulation Space

simulation monitor healthcare

During IMSH 2014, iSimulate’s CEO Peter McKie introduced me to all the latest updates for their patient monitoring system, which can dramatically increase the realism of your low-fidelity manikins or standardized patients. With the option to purchase an ongoing licensing agreement, users can take full advantage of all these recent updates and those still yet to come. Watch the video to see why iSimulate’s ALSi has continued to innovate healthcare simulation:

What is ALSi?

ALSi provides an economical, highly advanced and realistic patient condition simulation package. It is so easy to use you’ll be up and running in less than two minutes and can act as a fully featured multi parameter monitor, AED & defibrillator.

Run off only two iPads, its simple setup makes it great for in-situ training. ALSi provides a super realistic simulation experience, enabling hi fidelity simulation even in low fidelity situations. 

iSimulate is the Platinum Sponsor of SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia, taking place June 25th-27th at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Updates Available Now:

  • Scenarios Now Run in Line: Ability to add more annotations faster.
  • Timed Events: Build in a delay to changed vital signs before they take place.
  • New Waveforms: CO2 and a new range of wavelengths for ECG.
  • Improved Interface: Easier to see and manipulate the software.
  • Send Data to Second Screen: X-ray scans, data, and other forms can now be sent to the learner iPad.
  • Sounds: Import your own recorded sounds to add more fidelity to the learner environment

Watch the video to learn about pricing and purchasing options!

Looking to learn more about ALSi? Read and watch our comprehensive ALSi product breakdown with iPad screen capture technology so you can get a full understanding of the training opportunities that iSimulate provides.

And of course, for complete info and free trials of all their software, check out the website for more on their products and services!

i-Human: Simulated Medical Patient Encounters


Last week we reminded you about the upcoming Serious Games Showcase at IMSH 2014. Today we take a look at the 2013 “Best in Show” company i-Human in the category of “small or entrepreneurial company”. The i-Human Patients Authoring System enables medical educators to create new simulated patient encounters (as well as derivative works of existing “Share & Share Alike” cases) using a point-and-click approach to content development.

From the i-Human website: 

“i-Human Patients is unique in the world of patient simulation. Current approaches such as mannequins play a very important role in developing students’ psychomotor skills and team-based response to medical emergencies. In addition, standardized patients play an important role in developing students’ communication and interpersonal skills. But what has been lacking, until now, is a way to develop students’ most critical cognitive competencies, rapidly and fully.

The i-Human Patients Case Player can simulate comprehensive patient encounters for a broad variety of symptoms and diagnoses, using only a web browser. This enables playing anytime and anywhere, thus integrating easily into students’ active lifestyles.”

i-Human Patients enables learners to:

  • Take patient histories – learning what questions to ask, and how to interpret then follow-up on relevant findings
  • Take and assess vital signs
  • Select physical exams and interpret findings
  • Select and prioritize differential diagnoses
  • Order and associate tests with differential diagnoses, and interpret test findings
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Review and write patient records
  • And get feedback and coaching at every step of the way!

Visit to learn more today!

eoSurgical: Take Home Surgical Simulator

Roland Partride, Co-Founder of eoSurgical, wrote in to share an amazing take-home surgical simulator that all fits inside a travel-sized case! To me this represents the continued transformation technology brings to healthcare education, which allows for more hands-on training whenever, wherever.


Roland writes “eoSurgical has established a trainee-led initiative to produce affordable take-home surgical simulators. The eoSim laparoscopic simulator and it’s training modules have been validated, and we have developed instrument tracking software which gives objective performance feedback. Prices start from just £349 GBP, making it truly accessible to surgeons globally.”

The camera unit can be displayed via laptop, or even an iPad or iPhone! Watch this great tutorial which demonstrates the setup of one of their many systems:

In another short video we watch one of the many task-training procedures of the take-home surgical platform:

As we can easily see from the quickly evolving technology of mobile phones, the future of human-technology engagements will continue to transform at increasing rates. Manikins which use to need an entire computer-rack to operate now only need an iPad. What other procedures in medical education will soon be affordable to practice at home?


You can learn more about these take-home surgical simulators at:

B-Line Medical SimCapture Ultra-Portable & iPad Debriefer Prototype

b-line medical ultra portable

B-Line Medical demonstrated their new “Ultra-Portable” SimCapture model at IMSH 2013. Having utilized B-Line Medical’s SimCapture product at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas which had an entire server room dedicated to the equipment, I was impressed to see this powerful system running on a laptop.  Sandy Yin was on hand to provide an introduction to the system, as well as cover some changes to the SimCapture platform including a prototype iPad debriefing software.  Watch my short interview below to learn more:

Suggested Benefits of B-Line Medical’s Ultra-Portable:

  • All-inclusive audiovisual hardware setup
  • From case to ready-to-record in minutes
  • No A/V or technical expertise required
  • Record up to 3 channels of video w/out power
  • Integrate with multiple types of simulators
  • 100% web-based-stream sessions live or post
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds
  • Integrates fully with SimCapture / SimBridge

Although the SimCapture Ultra-Portable was very compact, I saw no loss of high-resolution quality on the screen as the picture was very clear.  Testing audio was not really possible in the noisy exhibit hall.  The idea of being able to bring in a laptop for in-situ simulations for quick and easy A/V capture and debriefing is very appealing here.  I would also consider this product viable for community colleges or other small simulation programs looking to get started into simulation recording without having the budget for massive permanent server-rack based systems.

Download the B-Line Medical SimCapture Ultra-Portable brochure.

B-Line Medical Ultra-Portable Includes:

  • Laptop form factor SimCapture
  • 2 high-quality webcams with tripod mounts
  • Integrated boundary microphones
  • DVI capture of virtually any medical device
  • Hardcase with all required cabling
  • Assorted adapters and extension cables
While working at the CSCLV I wrote a review of B-Line Medical’s Systems, which to be fair, now has some sections key points which are now out-of-date.  Sandy updated me that the “Clinical Skills” software for Standardized Patient Engagements and the “SimCapture” system have been combined together into SimCapture.  SimBridge is still around to connect individual SimCapture units together as the Learning Management System.  Learn more about the SimCapture system here.

b-line medical connectivity

 SimCapture Specifications:

  • Capture video, simulator logs and annotations
  • Assemble comprehensive participant portfolios
  • Integrate with multiple types of simulators
  • Manage center inventory and resources
  • Customizable roles and participant types
  • Record any four feeds simultaneously
  • High resolution H.264 encoding and streaming
  • Debrief from anywhere (locally or remotely)
  • Generate numerous reports
  • 100% web-accessible (works on or offline)

Lastly, Sandy showed me the iPad Prototype Debriefer software which should be available Summer 2013. This app will allow for quick debriefing on-screen with annotations and most of the features found with the desktop version of the web-based software.

b-line medical ipad


Visit B-Line Medical today to learn more!


Simulation Monitor iPhone App

Simulated Patient Monitor

UK’s Simulation Monitor is launching a new iPhone/iPad software to replicate patient monitors.

The website suggests the app is a great learning tool for undergrad exams, OSCE post-grad exams, and ALS/ATLS/APLS courses which costs far less than an expensive high-fidelity manikin monitor.

Quick Notes about this Medical Simulation Software:

  • Simulation Training on the iPhone
  • No need for high fidelity, expensive simulation mannequin
  • Scenario based training on the ward, in the staff room or in the pub!
  • Teacher and student can share single iPhone/Pod/Pad
  • If second iDevice is available then link via bluetooth…Student’s iPhone will act as a monitor
  • 30+ ECGs to choose from
  • change rhythms instantly or via defibrillation/CPR
  • Provide lab results as case evolves
  • Includes capnography waveforms (…obstrucive airway disease, sudden loss of cardiac output, malignant hyperpyrexia…)

You can learn more at: