Not Too Late! June INACSL Nursing Simulation Conference June 15th

nursing sim conference

INACSL always puts together a great nursing simulation conference and we can’t wait to hear the report about this year’s annual event taking place June 15-18th in Grapevine Texas. It’s not too late to sign up for this annual event!

Why attend the INACSL Conference:

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International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) is nursing’s portal to the world of clinical simulation pedagogy and learning environments. The INACSL conference is the leading forum for nurse educators (academic and clinical), managers and researchers to connect in person with their community of practice for simulation.

The annual conference is the ideal environment to gain current knowledge regarding the INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation, patient care skill acquisition, simulation lab management and the latest methodologies using simulation to enhance the education of trainees and/or practitioners. The annual conference provides an opportunity to network and share knowledge and skills to further the science of simulation alongside simulation leaders, educators, researchers and industry partners from around the world.

  • Experience the newest innovations in nursing simulation and learning resources while you re-visit some tried-and-true methodologies.
  • Explore future simulation opportunities using EvidenceBased Practice.
  • Determine new directions for simulation and learning resource centers.
  • Explore strategies to integrate technology into curriculum and practice.
  • Examine the challenges of managing nursing simulation/ learning resource centers. • Network with colleagues and experts.

Learn more at the INACSL 2016 Event website today!

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INACSL Launches New Website with Help from HealthySim Founder Lance Baily

inacsl website

Written by Lance Baily, edited by Beverly Hewett.

This article highlights the development process of the new website which was lead by INACSL VP of Communications Beverly Hewett PhD, RN and Lance Baily, founder of & The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS.Org).

Over the past two years from 2010-2012, the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning leadership has empowered a core team of volunteers and paid consultants to help redevelop the INACSL.Org website.  The completely redeveloped website was released over the 2012 holiday break after a nine month long construction process.

In February of 2011, the INACSL Board of Directors requested Board Member and VP of Communications Beverly Hewett to redevelop the INACSL website.

Having little previous experience designing such a large-scale web-based project before, Beverly initially worked with Eric Bauman PhD, RN, Paramedic who helped to provide an initial comprehensive community survey and needs assessment review of the website.  To assess the publically displayed pages a survey was sent to the INACSL membership, and to assess the website administrative ‘back-end’ control panel a survey was sent to the INACSL board of directors.  Two primary concerns emerged from these surveys:

1)   Requests for changes to the general information posted on the website had to be emailed to the host company by INACSL board members.  As the host company did not have dedicated staff available to make such content-related changes, requests for edits could take several days or weeks to accomplish.

2)   The overall navigation and look of the website was very outdated, which made finding key resources or pages difficult and time-consuming.

In 2008, INACSL partnered with an online membership management data company to host the INACSL.Org website.  At that time there were 400 participants to the annual INACSL meeting.  By 2010, annual meeting attendance increased to over 800 participants.  As the membership continued to grow the need for more control of the website quickly became clear.  In 2011 the INACSL board reflected on the survey outcomes and made the decision to financially commit to redeveloping the website. Continue reading to learn how INACSL consulted with HealthySim founder Lance Baily to help redevelop a modern day website for this professional nursing society!

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