Fidelis Maternal Fetal Simulator IMSH 2014 Interview Part 2: Advanced Engineering

fidelis birthing simulator cae healthcare

Shortly after IMSH 2014 I posted a video about the belle of the ball: Fidelis from CAE Healthcare. You can watch part 1 of my Fidelis Maternal Fetal review interview here, in which we learn why CAE decided to enter into the birthing simulator market now with their first new simulator since the METI acquisition and the clinical learning opportunities of this advanced manikin. Part 2, shown below covers my interview with Devin Johns Group Leader, Technology and Standards at CAE Healthcare who helped lead the engineering team of Fidelis. Unique to CAE Healthcare is the ability to pull from the years of experience manufacturing some of the world’s leading aviation simulators. You can really see the attention to engineering detail and streamlined design of the Fidelis by seeing her in this video!

About Fidelis

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The CAE Fidelis Lucina Maternal Fetal Simulator was developed for clinicians and interprofessional teams who manage normal deliveries as well as childbirth complications and obstetrical emergencies. The birthing simulator offers reliable, realistic training for childbirth maneuvers and emergency response when time is short and teamwork is essential. Developed in partnership with leading maternal-fetal educators and biomedical engineers, Lucina is the only childbirth simulator with validated maternal-fetal physiology. The physiological modeling allows learners to monitor and manage both patients without instructor intervention

Coming Soon! The Added Value of Two Patients in One

The Lucina Maternal Fetal Simulator now offers the option to add a Female Patient Module with a non-pregnant abdomen and five Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs). Use your Lucina simulator year-round as both an obstetrical patient and a normal female patient.  Users can also create their own SCEs on the Müse system. The five Female Patient Module SCEs are:

  • Chronic Heart Failure Exacerbation
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Sepsis with Hypotension
  • Brain Attack with Thrombolytic Therapy
  • Motor Vehicle Collision with Hypovolemic Shock

Learn more by Reading Part 1 of our Fidelis Review Demonstration from IMSH 2014!

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Lap-X Surgical Simulator IMSH 2014 Video Interview

lapx surgical simulator

The LAP-X was on hand at IMSH 2014 where I had the chance to engage with this highly realistic yet still very affordable surgical simulator. What’s easy to see is just how compact and mobile this training system is — and with a variety of course content, debriefing capabilities and realistic engagements, this is definitely something to check out! Watch my video interview below to learn more.

More about the LAP-X from the Epona Website:

LAP-X is a laparoscopic surgical simulator. It provides easy accessible minimally invasive surgery simulation training for medical professionals at low-cost. It is designed for surgical residents, physicians, and operating room assistants to exercise laparoscopy skills training in medical schools/universities, hospitals and skills centers. LAP-X delivers simulation training for various surgical specialties such as General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric Surgery, and Gastrointestinal Surgery. LAP-X simulator for laparoscopy has four different system platforms in order to fulfill different requirements of healthcare professionals: LAP-X Hybrid, LAP-X VR, LAP-X Box pro, and LAP-X Box.

The advantages of the LAP-X are as follows:

  • LAP-X is intuitive to use, the software and hardware are self-explanatory and does not need third-party guidance.
  • LAP-X uses real surgical instruments to narrow the gap to reality.
  • LAP-X updates its new virtual reality exercises and modules free within license period.
  • LAP-X provides great services with software and hardware guarantee.
  • LAP-X is the most affordable laparoscopic training simulator on the market.
  • LAP-X is the lightest and most portable laparoscopic simulator.

Watch this official LAP-X gall bladder removal video to see the graphic interface in action:

Learn more about the Lap-X here!

iSimulate ALSi Patient Monitor Continues to Innovate Healthcare Simulation Space

simulation monitor healthcare

During IMSH 2014, iSimulate’s CEO Peter McKie introduced me to all the latest updates for their patient monitoring system, which can dramatically increase the realism of your low-fidelity manikins or standardized patients. With the option to purchase an ongoing licensing agreement, users can take full advantage of all these recent updates and those still yet to come. Watch the video to see why iSimulate’s ALSi has continued to innovate healthcare simulation:

What is ALSi?

ALSi provides an economical, highly advanced and realistic patient condition simulation package. It is so easy to use you’ll be up and running in less than two minutes and can act as a fully featured multi parameter monitor, AED & defibrillator.

Run off only two iPads, its simple setup makes it great for in-situ training. ALSi provides a super realistic simulation experience, enabling hi fidelity simulation even in low fidelity situations. 

iSimulate is the Platinum Sponsor of SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia, taking place June 25th-27th at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Updates Available Now:

  • Scenarios Now Run in Line: Ability to add more annotations faster.
  • Timed Events: Build in a delay to changed vital signs before they take place.
  • New Waveforms: CO2 and a new range of wavelengths for ECG.
  • Improved Interface: Easier to see and manipulate the software.
  • Send Data to Second Screen: X-ray scans, data, and other forms can now be sent to the learner iPad.
  • Sounds: Import your own recorded sounds to add more fidelity to the learner environment

Watch the video to learn about pricing and purchasing options!

Looking to learn more about ALSi? Read and watch our comprehensive ALSi product breakdown with iPad screen capture technology so you can get a full understanding of the training opportunities that iSimulate provides.

And of course, for complete info and free trials of all their software, check out the website for more on their products and services!

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IMSH 2014 Comes to A Close

jen arnold imsh 2014

After five days of medical simulation connections community, industry and course content came to a close yesterday with a closing plenary by Jen Arnold MD, MSc  “To Err is Human, To Simulate Divine”. Jen reminded us that medical error is the 5th leading cause of death in United States and that we can influence this poor statistic through healthcare simulation, because the methodology and technology can be used to uncover latent threats to patient safety. Learn more about Dr. Arnold at

Over the next few months, will be releasing vendor video interviews captured during the event so that our international community of readers can learn about the latest and greatest in medical simulation. Join our free newsletter and visit often for daily news, resources, links, tutorials, product demos and more!

Highlights to include:

  • CAE Healthcare Fidelis Maternal Simulator
  • Konsiderate community driven ratings and review website for medical simulation products/services shown publicly for first time to IMSH exhibit hall
  • Laerdal Automatic Delivery Upgrade to SimMom
  • Haptic Ultrasound Simulator From Medaphor Comes to US
  • Affordable A/V System Platforms from
  • Much much more!

Pronto Birthing Simulator Provides Developing Nations with Delivery Training


Yesterday At IMSH 2014, I met with Dilys Walker, MD – Executive Director of Pronto International and learned about this non profit organization’s valuable mission. PRONTO is an obstetric and neonatal emergency training program that leads inter-professional medical care teams through a series of skills stations, team-building activities, and low-tech, highly realistic simulations. Participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the immediate diagnosis, treatment and stabilization of obstetric emergencies in resource-limited settings through two innovative training modules.

Dilys explained to me that the organization provides affordable training birthing simulators such as the PRONTO and PRONTO Pants to developing nations to better support the health and care of mothers in labor. Pronto International aims to optimize care during birth. They develop and implement innovative training strategies for health care providers that act as a catalyst for individual, team, and system change. They accomplish their mission by:

• Providing low-cost, highly realistic obstetric and neonatal emergency simulation training for interprofessional teams in resource-limited settings around the world.
• Promoting kind, dignified, and culturally responsive care of women and babies through interactive training modules that facilitate group discussion and self-discovery.
• Assisting local teams in the diagnosis of system barriers and in identifying achievable strategies to improve patient safety and birth outcomes.
• Contributing expertise to the field of low-resource simulation and facilitated debriefing.
• Participating in implementation research to refine training modules that improve outcomes for mothers, babies and healthcare providers.

PRONTO can be used to help teams train on the following procedures:

  • Normal Birth
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Post-partum Hemorrhage
  • Birth of a Vigorous Infant
  • Birth of a Non-Vigorous Infant
  • Birth Complicated by Meconium
  • Neonatal Resuscitation of an Infant with Meconium
  • Infant Requiring Cardiac Compression

See the PRONTO Pants demonstrated in the clinical learning scenario below:

To donate, purchase or learn more about PRONTO International – visit !


Supported Organization:

SMOTS UK-Based A/V Recording Debriefing Platform

smots mobile

While attending ASPiH 2013, aka the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, in Harrogate England I had a chance to talk with Gordon McLoughlin, Director at Scotia UK about SMOTS – a UK-based A/V Recording and Debriefing company. I was impressed by the companies unique mobile cart platform called the SC737 system, as well as the very small footprint of hardware the product needed to capture up to 24 camera feeds. Watch the video below to learn more about SMOTS and their products.

*Update: I just received word SMOTS will not be at IMSH this year

SMOTS continues to expand outside of the UK to the EU, the middle east and beyond. While not yet available in the United States – there has been talk of exploring the opportunity. If you are interested in seeing more of SMOTS in the States – be sure to visit their website and let them know it!


Of course, you can learn more at!

Post-IMSH Smooth-On Moulage Training Course

Just a quick note today about Smooth-On’s Janurary Moulage Training course taking place in San Francisco the day AFTER IMSH 2014!

smooth-on training moulage course for medical simulation

 Be sure to tell them HealthySim sent you!

Serious Games & Virtual Environment Showcase @ IMSH 2014

Fire Chief Eric B. Bauman, PhD, RN, Paramedic just emailed to remind HealthySim readers about the upcoming video game technology showcase at January’s IMSH 2014 in San Francisco!

serious games winner i-human

(Craig Knocke of I-Human receiving the Best in Show award at the 3rd Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environment Arcade and Showcase for small or entrepreneurial company from Dr. Eric B. Bauman).

Join us at IMSH 2014 for the 4th annual Serious Games and Virtual Environment (VE) Arcade and Showcase. The Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade and Showcase provides an environment where users of virtual and game-based technology can collaborate and network with students, clinicians, educators, start-ups, as well as small and large established companies.

If you have a serious game, virtual environment or related innovative technology designed for clinical education we want to see it at the Arcade and Showcase.  Inclusion criteria are primarily based on the ability of the participant to provide hands on interactive experiences for IMSH attendees to engage in. While the interactive experience generally relates to some sort of media or multi-media experience, this is not required. Experiences should occur in a virtual environment or through game-play. 

All presenters are eligible for Best-in-Show awards.  Awards criteria include attending to the creativity, interactivity and or game experience that each “product” provides.  Other facets of evaluation include: Organization, Ease of Use, Level of Fidelity, Customizability, Innovation, and Adaptability.

Submit your abstract and download the Serious Games and VE Arcade and Showcase FAQ today! Follow this group on twitter hashtag: #IMSHArcade.