Medical Simulation Corporation Interview

medical sim corp

Medical Simulation Corporation was present at IMSH 2012 demonstrating their line of SimSuite products and services through their mobile simulation lab!  I had a chance to meet with Tara Crockett from MSC to learn more about a company which has been supporting medical simulation for more than a decade!

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SimSuite is Medical Sim Corp’s service-oriented educational program courses provide for a serious range of simulation-based training for a range of applications including:

  • ACLS Recertification, ACLS/BLS Skills Check-Off Courses
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction Course
  • Basic Endovascular Skills Training (BEST) Program
  • Cardiac Cath Lab Orientation Program
  • Carotid Course
  • Central Line Management Skills and Simulation Workshop
  • Complex Patient Management Program, Library One
  • Critical Care Orientation Program
  • Decompensated Heart Failure Simulation Workshop
  • Diagnostic Coronary Angiography Course
  • Door-to-Balloon Time Simulation Workshop
  • ECG Rhythm Recognition Course
  • and many more….

Having a mobile simulation lab show up at your leisure is a brilliant way to get your feet wet with simulation before investing a huge amount of money into a lab, equipment and staff. The Medical Sim Corp website goes on to state: “Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) is the recognized healthcare industry leader in providing full-service simulation training, education, and consulting services to hospital personnel, medical product manufacturers, and medical societies. MSC’s simulation technology and clinical curriculum are combined in a cognitive learning process brought to life by its SimSuite Clinical Educators. Through its network of dedicated hospital-based SimSuite Education Centers and mobile training platforms, MSC can provide customized training services to any location in the U.S. to serve your customers, clinical staff, and employees.”

Visit the Medical Simulation Corporation website to learn more about their products and services.

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Med World Live Provides Video Streaming Solutions

med world live

At IMSH 2012 I had a chance to talk with Jeff from Med World Live about their web-based online streaming platforms.  What is unique about Med World Live is the ability for your end-users to control their camera perspective in real-time for enhanced learning, from anywhere in the world.

Features unique to the Med World Live online video platform include:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Simultaneous live feeds
  • End-user controlled experience
Med World Live also allows you to maintain your brand by creating unique pages for your end-users, while also providing sections for shared learning documentation. Other benefits of Med World Live include:
  • Providing the Medical Community a new and innovative way to showcase products to the world.
  • We are changing the way simulation centers and teaching institutions utilize the web for teaching by creating a customized interactive portal that houses pertinent teaching information and streams it directly to the end users.
  • Allowing students to learn remotely
  • Showcase and BRAND pertinent teaching tools
  • Film training videos and save money on T&E
  • Increase MD product competency

Learn more today by visiting the MedWorldLive website!

USC Institute for Creative Technology creates PTSD Treatment Simulator

At IMSH 2012 I had a chance to interview Josh Williams from the team at USC’s Institute for Creative Technology about their PTSD Treatment Simulator.

Utilizing a controller and virtual reality helmet while engaging in a customizable scenario, combat veteran’s can work through traumatic events in a controlled and safe environment.  The technology is already being used by therapists and soldiers in over 65 locations around the World.  Visit ICT’s website to learn more!

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IMSH 2012 Wrap-Up

international meeting for simulation in healthcare

Last week I attended the 2012 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare put together by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  SSH now boasts almost 3,500 members and continues to provide research and education to the healthcare simulation community.  This years IMSH meeting was attended by over 3,100 simulation users from around the world who were primarily primary-care clinical educators looking to learn more about this emerging educational methodology.

This year IMSH also unveiled several simulation technician and technology specific courses, and also included a small additional military simulation expo into the main exhibit hall.  HealthySim was able to interview several companies, both large and small, about their new products and  services.

Special thanks to my good buddy Will Enfinger, Simulation Operator for ICF stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.  Will was cameraman for most of this awesome video content from IMSH 2012! Stay tuned to over the next few weeks to watch video interviews with the vendors I was able to learn more about.

One of the best courses I was able to attend was I Am A Director of A Simulation Center… Now What? A Policy and Procedures Workshop for Sim Center Directors put on by Dawn Schocken PhDc, MPH.  In the workshop, several groups of Simulation Center Directors worked in groups to formulate an outline for policy and procedure needs for their simulation programs.  Topics included everything from utulizing insituational legal departments for support to what kind of security measures are necessary for functioning simulation lab crash carts.  If you are an IMSH member, I would suggest emailing Dawn (who volunteered to become Chair of the IMSH Director’s SIG for 2012), for a copy of the work completed by the entire group at the workshop.  Members of IMSH can find Dawn’s information when logging into the new IMSH website. Please ONLY do this if you are a member of IMSH!

Allen Giannakopoulos also presented a great course entitled Discovering Best Practices in Simulation Labs and the Pitfalls to Avoid: A Survey and Results.  Allen had surveyed over 300 simulation centers to find answers to crucial questions such as what to do with a Simulation Center entering year 5 and other best practices for new and maturing Simulation Centers.

I met so many great simulation champions this year!  Many folks were thrilled to learn more about the Gathering of Technicians Meeting, the world’s first meeting specifically designed by sim techs for sim techs for professional hands-on training and community development.  I was happy to share that GOT SIM has a NEW website launching next week, and the meeting will now be called the “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists”.  Stay tuned for more great info coming next week!

sim techs

society for simulation in healthcare

I was asked to help with presenting at two of these new “technology-based” courses:

  • Streamlining Daily Operations
  • Challenges & State of the Art with Audio-Video Technology

I will also have recaps of these presentations available soon!

Overall, IMSH 2012 was a great meeting in wonderful weather.  Definitely be sure to check out the USS Midway Tour, a WWII based aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in the early 90s.  It’s a great tour and I learned just how hard the NAVY works!

iSimulate ALSi Patient Vitals iPad Software

Vital sign monitor

iSimulate unveiled their new product software for the iPad called ALSi, which allows for patient vital sign presentation. Promising to turn any low-fidelty task trainer into a higher-fidelity engagement is what iSimulate is all about. The ASLi application can also be used on any standardized patient or other live-patient confederate actor to present your learners with real-time simulated vital signs.

iSimulate, an Australian based company, operates a unique business model where your institution signs up for an annual membership fee which then provides you access to all of their simulation products.

To learn more about purchasing the iSimulate as well as the benefits of software membership, visit the website today!

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Gaumard to unveil new Full Body Surgical Simulator at IMSH 2012

Next week Gaumard is unveiling their new manikin model “Chloe”, a full body surgical simulator. will be sure to be there to check out this ground-breaking new medical simulator!

Gaumard full body surgical sim

If you are attending IMSH, check out the The Surgical Chloe Full Body Simulator New Technology Demonstration flyer to enroll today!

Laerdal to Announce Tablet / Possible iPad-like Device at IMSH 2012

Laerdal Mobile Device announcement

Laerdal has released several teasers for an upcoming tablet/ipad device to be released for IMSH 2012, which promises to provide “a world of simulation in the palm of your hand”.  Read more of the Laerdal teaser here.

Laerdal continues on saying “When you can apply more functionality to your existing platform, you’ll be able to maximize potential in every simulation scenario. You’ll also enjoy increased flexibility, which will allow you to tailor the simulation to meet your specific needs. The result is more effective teaching.”

To me this sounds like a mobile device or application which will enable you to quickly have information about the currently running scenario as well as take notes for debriefing purposes.  We will have to wait and see if the new device can also control Laerdal hardware like task trainers, 3Gs or SimView.  I’ll be sure to post a review from IMSH!