Iqarus Provides Fully Immersive Live Action Combat Medicine Training Center in UK

iqarus medical simulation combat training center

Imagine walking into a building in UK and instantly being transported to a combat zone in Iraq. Well, with Iqarus training center that is now possible as they just opened a fully immersive environment with live actors in Hereford, UK. It’s like a real life haunted house!

A new training centre which can replicate a medical emergency in a Middle Eastern street has been opened in Hereford, in collaboration with the film studios which are responsible for the James Bond franchise. The Immersive Training Centre has been opened at Rotherwas and combines replicated street scenes, professional actors, sound, weather and other special effects to allow front-line medical professionals to be put through their paces in high-risk, high-pressure situations.

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Iqarus, a global provider of intelligent health solutions in remote and difficult operating environments, has designed the centre with Pinewood Studios, which is home to the Bond films. The 8,000 sq.ft of dynamic simulation space can be used to create bespoke training environments, with any scenario, anywhere in the world. Facilities include:

  • Desert, jungle and arctic training rooms with simulated weather conditions and sound effects
  • A street scene with collapsed, two-story building, with explosive special effects, dust and smoke
  • A changeable street scene which transports users from Europe to the Middle East, and beyond
  • A burnt-out building with collapsed upstairs and flooding area
  • Realistic home structure with false wall, escape hatch and tunnel
  • Area for road traffic collision simulation
  • Stereo surround speakers with four sound zones
  • State-of-the-art cameras and a two-way communications system allowing trainees to work independently, without the support or intrusion of an instructor
  • Professional actors and accurate and realistic prosthetics
  • Overhead drones and HD CCTV throughout.

Learn more at the Iqarus Training Center Website!

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Veterinary Simulator Industries – Shoulder Dystocia Simulator

hereford birthing simulator

To remind us how simulation is expanding rapidly into a number of different academic industries, today a video demonstrating a Hereford model dystocia simulator by Dr. Gord Krebs of The University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a product from Vet Simulator Industries.

The application of a wench  device is necessary to help when there is a dystocia, which I think anyone would agree would be best to practice first on a mid fidelity simulator before performing a live procedure. Kinda makes you realize we aren’t alone in our little world of using healthcare simulators!

About Vet Simulator Industries

Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd. creates animal simulators that allow veterinary students to become proficient in their diagnostic and practical skills without the need to endanger or cause unnecessary discomfort to live animals. Our simulators are designed with a unique partnership between professional designer/fabricators and veterinary professionals to create teaching tools that are realistic in appearance, highly functional, utilize durable materials and meet the needs of veterinary students and teachers. All VSI products are designed, crafted and manufactured in Canada.

There are a number of other videos there including a calf birth simulator with bovine dystocia, breech birth, and even a milking simulator! Check out the other Vet Simulator videos here.

Visit the Vet Simulator Industries Website to learn more and have a great weekend!