How Health Sciences North Sim Lab is Fundraising for Their Program!

HSN Foundation event to support simulation learning

Dr. Rob Anderson, left, medical lead of Health Sciences North Simulation Laboratory, introduces simulation technician Tyler Montroy at the launch of Health Sciences North Foundation Taste St. Beach Party fundraiser in Sudbury, Ont. on Wednesday February 22, 2017. Montroy wore a cut suit used in simulation training.

About the Program and the Fundraising Event:

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care committed a few years ago to provide 90 per cent of funding for a new centre where health professionals and students at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine can take part in multidisciplinary simulation-based education and build on HSN’s work at the current simulation lab at the Sudbury Outpatient Centre on Regent Street.

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“We’re able to create really realistic educational programs and now we have grown, year after year, to the point that we are busting at the seams,” Anderson said during a press conference at the sim lab on Wednesday. “We are a first-class educational institution, we are leaders in Northern Ontario with respect to simulation-based education, we do outstanding educational research and we’re actually booking time in our sim lab 18 months in advance and having to turn people down, which is great, considering we don’t even have a learners’ centre yet. When we have the learners’ centre, the lights will be on all the time and that’s the most important thing we can do.”

To make the new centre a reality, the HSN Foundation has committed to provide the other 10 per cent of the capital costs of the facility, as well as much of the equipment used to build the programs, with a total funding target of $5.4 million. Taste St. Beach Party will be a key fundraiser in helping the foundation meet that target. Held at the Caruso Club on March 31, the event is billed as “the first beach party of the year” and features hors d’oeuvres, desserts, wine, beer, and other speciality food and drinks donated by supporters of the HSN Foundation, as well as an auction with items donated by artists, actors and other celebrities. All funds raised will support the building of the new learners’ centre and the purchase of teaching equipment.”

Read the Sudbury and the Sudbury Star to learn more!
Have you successfully held a fundraiser for your Simulation Program? Leave us a comment and tell us how!

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Worldpoint Offers Free Medical Simulation Consulting


I was recently forwarded an email from a sim champ who received an offer to help from Christin Coffee, Clinical Simulation Consultant at Worldpoint, a company which provides a dynamic range of training products from a variety of manufacturers. Worldpoint is one of three Silver Sponsors to this year’s SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Simulation Technology training event.

What I appreciated most was Christin’s offer to bring equipment to sim programs and let them use it for training, just so they could see if they liked it! I wanted to extend Christin’s offer to the HealthySim community and so she wrote this letter to you!

You can learn more about Worldpoint on their website!

Hi HealthySim readers-

My name is Christin Coffey and I am a Clinical Simulation Consultant with Worldpoint. If you are not already familiar, WorldPoint is a leading distributor of healthcare training products for over 25 manufacturers. My role at WorldPoint is to work with clients to find the most appropriate healthcare training tools to meet their educational and training objectives using the wide variety of simulation products that we carry. WorldPoint’s Clinical Simulation Consultants offer a unique ability to present a wide selection of simulation solutions based on specific educational targets; such as: advanced life support, trauma, obstetrics, geriatric, pediatric, surgical, assessment, recognition, debriefing and CPR. Our Clinical Simulation Specialists also present solutions based on your preference, budgetary guidelines, technique and specific training goals.

Our consultative approach is focused on providing a comprehensive package to best suit your training needs. We will help you achieve your goal of realistic training, resulting in enhanced learning and improved patient care and outcomes. Allow our knowledgeable team to assist your efforts in creating the best training environment. WorldPoint’s consultants are always available to help research the simulation product market and provide answers to your questions. We are also available for onsite and web demonstrations. Simulation training has become a critical piece of healthcare education, so please feel free to contact us to learn how WorldPoint can help you meet your educational and training goals. We look forward to working with you!

-Christin Coffey
Simulation Consultant at WorldPoint

To get in touch with your Clinical Simulation Consultant please email me at:

Standard Operating Procedure Guides for Simulation Technician Positions

medical simulation sim tech orientation

Recently I received word from some simulation champions in California that they were looking for a guide and other help to orientate a new Simulation Technician. Below are two SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedure, manuals that we built at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas in case we ever needed to train someone new to those positions. When I was the Director of that program, the center had two simulation technicians — one which was more IT focused and one which was more Clinical focused. I have heard from countless sources that losing a simulation champion in any role can be a really devastating situation for a program. To combat this, I tasked the staff with creating and annually updating their job descriptions AND these SOPs — so that if the role switched to another individual they would have a head-start on the responsibilities, and a guide on how to complete them!

Download the Guides:

Sim Tech SOP – IT Based Position

Sim Tech SOP – Clinical Based Position

Notice that the staff detail out how to perform the most common functionalities of their job — very helpful for new staff.

If you are hiring your first Sim Tech, download these SOPs and then be sure to check out Paying subscribers gain access to more of such Sim Tech operational documents, plus countless recorded video presentations from previous hands-on SimGHOSTS training events.

simghosts 2014 flyer


Lastly, strongly consider sending your Sim Tech to the 2014 SimGHOSTS events in either Australia this June at the University of the Sunshine Coast, or this August in the US at the American College of Chest Physicians in Greater Chicago.

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A Quick Favor To Help HealthySim & New Sim Champs!

medical simulation resource

Sim Champs its true! clearly loves providing readers such as yourself from around the world with the latest and greatest in medical simulation related topics.

Did you know that last month over 7,200 unique visitors read almost 17,000 pages of content? In the past four years, thousands of HealthySim “Monthly Best Of” email subscribers have read our 500+ articles more than 325,000 times!

But there are new community members every day about to start their simulation journey — and we would appreciate your help to get them up and running through HealthySim.

Now… for that quick favor:

Today we’d like your help to “pay it forward” to other healthcare simulation users by including a link to through your ‘resource’ section of your healthcare simulation program’s website. If you can edit your page through a Content Management System (CMS) – this is as easy as copy/pasting the text just below: is a free medical simulation resource website with video tutorials, product reviews, conference recaps and the latest community news. Join HealthySim’s free monthly newsletter to get all the ‘Best Of Healthcare Simulation’ summarized to your email inbox. “

And for those who want to the backend html code:

<strong><a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> is a free <a href=”” target=”_blank”>medical simulation</a> resource website with video tutorials, product reviews, conference recaps and the latest community news. Join HealthySim’s free monthly newsletter to get all the ‘Best Of Healthcare Simulation’ summarized to your email inbox.</strong>

You can also add this banner below to your website if you want something “more colorful”:

medical simulation

And the banner’s html code:

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By adding this link to your simulation program website you will be helping others become simulation champions. Thanks for the help and enjoy your non-simulated weekend!

Top 50 “Best Of 2012” Medical Simulation Articles

top 50 medical simulation articles

*Update: You can now also see the Top 50 of 2013 list here!*

Every year I review’s hundreds of posted articles to recap the “best-of” posts.  Each one of these articles will help your healthcare simulation lab increase adoption, integration, operational efficiency, and realism! Here’s the link for this Top 50 Medical Simulation Articles of 2012 to easily forward it to your fellow simulation champions!

  1. Merica’s “Medical Moulage” is THE Moulage Book – Imagine over 630 pages of moulage recipes ranging from stings to prolapsed cords with detailed instructions for ingredients, equipment, application techniques and even cleanup! Check out my review of this key medical simulation book!
  2. Structure Collapse Simulator Constructed by Strategic Response Initiatives – By creating structures that simulate collapsed buildings, SRI is providing Search and Extraction Teams with Structure Collapse Venue Sites (SCVS) for training and evaluation.
  3. Streamlining Daily Sim Lab Operations – As the Director of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas I share some administrative secrets to help increase sim lab efficiency through specific meetings, training, documentation, scheduling, student workers, purchasing, and more.
  4. How to Share HealthySimulation With Your Fellow Champions! – Help us get the word out about this FREE support website by linking on your medical simulation center webpage today!
  5. Professional Nurse Educators Group List-Serv – The Professional Nurse Educator Group (PNEG) is a virtual network of educators from all over the United States that are dedicated the lifelong learning of professional nurses.  This network is open to all educators in the field.
  6. Medical Simulation Books – Key Medical simulation books that cover topics ranging from nursing scenario development, curriculum integration, collaborative simulation program development, day-to-day operations, administration, moulage creation, types of manikin products available, lab design and much much more!
  7. Simulation Lab Administrator Conference Video Content Now Available for Purchase – Now you can gain access to over 15 hours of HD-recorded content specifically addressing the needs of medical simulation program administrators at! This community-support project was produced with support from the UNLV School of Nursing as well as Official Sponsors Laerdal, B-Line Medical & Pocket Nurse!
  8. Kaiser Permanente Sim Team creates Simman 3G Operations Manual – AWESOME user-created manual for the Simman 3G from Kaiser Permanente’s California based simulation team Dr. Mark Meyer, MD FAAEM and Regional Simulation Coordinator and Technician Darin Bowers MA.
  9. How to Increase Lab Staff without Increased Budgets – Imagine having four extra staff members to help with the hands-on work necessary to make a special event run smoothly, or additional sim techs to help run multiple labs at the same time.  Expanding your medical simulation staff support can be easier and more affordable than you think.
  10. TOM Man – Tactical Operations Medical Manikin Review – Techline Technologies and Innovative Tactical Technology Solutions have combined forces to bring you TOM Man, the Tactical Operations Medical Manikin, which I had the opportunity to review in the 106 degree Las Vegas desert heat.
  11. Top 5 Questions I Am Asked About Managing a Medical Simulation Program – All the regular questions administrators of medical simulation based programs ask (Part 1 of a 2 part series).
  12. Top 5 Questions I Should Be Asked About Managing a Medical Simulation Program – Learn the answers to the questions sim lab administrators should be asking! (Part 2 of 2 part series).
  13. Healthstream’s SimView “A/V Capturing” – Video interview about the new audiovisual capture and management hardware & software packages system.
  14. Laerdal’s SimPad “Mid-Fidelity Control” Demo – In depth video demonstration highlighting features of Laerdal’s new SimPad product.
  15. Sim Tech Series – The Profession of Nursing – This article is part of a series of posts written by Nursing Educator Kim Baily for Healthcare Simulation Technology specialists (Sim Techs) who may have plenty of IT experience but little or no experience in the healthcare field.  The articles cover various topics such as understanding healthcare professions, theories that govern practice and basic physiology.
  16. New York Institute of Tech. Offers First Simulation Masters Program in U.S. –  The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of the New York Institute of Technology have unveiled the first U.S. based Masters program that focuses on Medical Simulation!
  17. More Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios & Additional Free Nursing Simulation Scenarios – Two more resources for FREE medical simulation scenarios to add to my previous articles.
  18. Pocket Nurse @ HealthySimAdmin – Pocket Nurse® continued its support of the medical simulation community with an official medical supplies sponsorship of HealthySimAdmin – a meeting for sim lab managers. During the event, Corporate Relations Director Deborah Coltrane MBA, MSN interviewed panel expert Dr. Kim Baily PhD, RN learning why her community college ADN program utilizes Pocket Nurse® Demo Dose® products.
  19. SynDaver Animae Prototype Synthetic Tissue Cadaver – The $50,000 synthetic human “Animae is the first animated model from our award-winning SynDaver™ Synthetic Human (SSH) product line. The model includes standard SSH funtionality, as well as the ability to control motion of the arms, legs, head and jaw using a separate control panel.
  20. Anthony Battaglia Pocket Nurse Scholarship to Attend INACSL – Each year, four non-transferable scholarships are made  available through a generous donation from Pocket Nurse® to support attendance at the annual INACSL conference.
  21. Patient Simulation, Science and High Schoolers – Akram Bhatti, Simulation Technologist and Educator wrote in to to share the partnership opportunities his Simulation Center at Gannon University coordinated with local high schools. Christian Chapa, Science Teacher Charter School of Excellence also contributed to this article.
  22. B-Line Medical Interviews Amar Patel @ HealthySimAdmin – B-Line’s Sandy Yin learns why Amar Patel participated in HealthySimAdmin, a meeting specifically for healthcare simulation lab program administrators and why tracking data is so crucial for medical simulation program success. Watch this video to learn more about the types of data your center should be tracking and how.
  23. What should we pay Standardized Patients? – Gigi Guizado, SP Coordinator for the University of Nevada School of Medicine who works at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas wrote in to answer a community-asked question “What should we pay standardized patients?”
  24. CAE Healthcare Acquires Blue Phantom – The Blue Phantom acquisition enables CAE to expand its healthcare simulation business by integrating tissue-based simulation into its product offerings as well as enhancing its world-class human patient simulators, including its VIMEDIX™ line of computer based ultrasound simulators.
  25. How to Make Fake Blood – Contrast Creative shares this online video tutorial for how to make simulated blood for your medical simulations.
  26. What Can Medical Simulation Learn from Scuba Diving? – Learn how professional diving groups have created certified training programs which rely heavily on simulation to provide novice adventurers with the tools necessary to enjoy the world’s oceans safely and successfully – and what our medical simulation community can learn from scuba diving.
  27. NLN’s SIRC Sim Center Directory – The National League for Nursing (NLN)’s Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) has a robust directory of simulation centers around the World!
  28. Over 105 Medical Simulation Program Administrators Participate in HealthySimAdmin Opening – In October, over 105 medical simulation program administrators from around the globe participated online or in-person for the opening session of HealthySimAdmin – the world’s first broadcasted event designed to provide an open discussion to find administrative solutions for the “how to” of medical simulation.
  29. Foam Adds Professionalism to Crash Carts – Consider the additional benefit of customized foam layouts for your medical simulation lab crash carts!
  30. Medical Simulation Staff Needs & Program Development | Recorded Webinar – Topics covered for this medical simulation consulting live-video-stream webinar include: Overcoming the challenges of being a medical simulation program administrator, new resources, collaborative program development, increasing utilization, policy development and more.
  31. Simulation Monitor iPhone App – UK’s Simulation Monitor suggests their app is a great learning tool for undergrad exams, OSCE post-grad exams, and ALS/ATLS/APLS courses which costs far less than an expensive high-fidelity manikin monitor.
  32. iSimulate ALSi Patient Vitals iPad Software – iSimulate unveiled their new product software for the iPad called ALSi, which allows for patient vital sign presentation.
  33. HealthStream — Helping You Use Simulation to Solve Some of Healthcare’s Big Problems – HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient and financial outcomes.  Through their flagship learning management system, network of content providers, talent management systems, and now simulation solutions, they focus exclusively on providing solutions to meet today’s ever growing challenges in healthcare.
  34. AAMI Provides Article on Growing Field of Medical Simulation – The Advancement of Medical Instrumentation published a robust article on the growing field of medical simulation entitled “More Than Make Believe: The Power and Promise of Simulation”, which featured!
  35. Has Your Sim Lab Program Considered Technology Refresh Cycles? – Watch this brief intro video to learn what a technology refresh cycle is and how your program can begin to develop external contracts to provide the ongoing revenue necessary to support your long-term medical simulation lab needs.
  36. SimGHOSTS 2012 DIY Video Contest Winners – At the 2012 Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) hands-on training event, Laerdal awarded two prizes for the “DIY Project Video Contest”! Fritz Sticht from Behling Simulation Center at the University of Buffalo and Brian Florek from Northwestern University’s Fieberg School of Medicine Sim Center won big at SimGhosts 2012!
  37. University of Glamorgan Shares Online ECG Simulator – Virtual ECG is an online, interactive simulation for teaching/training accurate recording of electrocardiographs (ECG/EKG).
  38. Sim Tech Extends Demo Dose Box Life – Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Christopher J Gatpandan fromWest Coast University – Ontario shared an amazing tip for increasing the lifespan of your Pocket Nurse ® Demo Dose ® boxes with theSimGhosts.Org Sim Tech community.
  39. Thoughts on Hiring a Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist –  One Sim Tech’s view on what qualifications are necessary for the position of healthcare simulation technology specialist.
  40. Gaumard Releases New Mid-Level Noelle 554 – This mid-range Noelle costs less than the flagship 575 series model but still has most of the same functionality including the birthing mechanism, automated hemorrhaging, pulses and more.
  41. FDA uses Manikin to Demonstrate Medical Device Errors –  FDA utilizes manikins & pictures to provide great detailed are so well done I thought it might give you ideas for your medical simulation and skills lab courses!  Photos like this can help learners, faculty or staff remember key details for manikin setups.
  42. Sim Lab Control: Creating Order Out of Cord Chaos – Increase sim lab workspace and look a lot more professional!
  43. USC Institute for Creative Technology creates PTSD Treatment Simulator – Utilizing a controller and virtual reality helmet while engaging in a customizable scenario, combat veteran’s can work through traumatic events in a controlled and safe environment.
  44. AFMMAST @ IMSH – The Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training team was on-hand in the Military Expo at IMSH this year to let attendees know about their mission.  More IMSH 2012 Vendor Video Interviews:
  45. Med World Live Provides Video Streaming Solutions – What is unique about Med World Live is the ability for your end-users to control their camera perspective in real-time for enhanced learning, from anywhere in the world.
  46. Medical Simulation Corporation Interview – Medical Simulation Corporation was present at IMSH 2012 demonstrating their line of SimSuite products and services through their mobile simulation lab!
  47. Smooth-On.Com Moulage at IMSH – Expert explains how creating molds for your Simulation lab helps save time for those high-use moulage castings.
  48. Pocket Nurse ® at IMSH 2012 – By providing medical supplies and equipment that are specifically designed to enhance simulated healthcare learning, Pocket Nurse ® has helped to provide solutions for our emerging community.
  49. Operative Experience Provides Realistic Surgical Simulator – I was really impressed with the level of realism inherit with the Operative Experience surgery simulator product line.
  50. CAE Healthcare METI at IMSH 2012 – At IMSH, I spoke with Regional Sales Director Brian Donohue about what the CAE Healthcare & METI merger means for the medical simulation community as well as what we can expect from CAE Healthcare in 2012.

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Finally, check out the Best of 2011 & Best of 2010 Articles for more great content!

Supported Organization:

How to Increase Lab Staff without Increased Budgets

Imagine having four extra staff members to help with the hands-on work necessary to make a special event run smoothly, or additional sim techs to help run multiple labs at the same time.  Expanding your medical simulation staff support can be easier and more affordable than you think.  To find out how let’s take a look the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, which has both student workers and volunteers working in the facility daily.

medical simulation student workers

How to gain thousands of hours worth of free help

Back in May of 2009 when the CSCLV first began, we launched with 5 key staff. Two Sim Techs (one with an IT background), a clinical lab coordinator, a director (myself) and an administrative assistant. The team quickly realized we were overwhelmed by the amount of work necessary to both develop and operate the new 31,000 square foot facility which provided over 80 faculty and 500 learners with new services. Gabe Olivera, the CSCLV’s original lab coordinator, had a background in volunteer management with connections to the local chapter of the United Way. Gabe helped us connect with local leadership from the United Way which required us to fill out some minimal paperwork and create a specific job description for the position of “Sim Center Volunteer”. Within a month we had our first volunteer working two 4-hour shifts a week who helped setup and tear-down skills lab equipment, copy documents, rearrange storage closest and help turn-over simulation lab rooms between scenarios.

Now, there are about four volunteers working at the center at any given time, helping cover most of the week with additional hands-on help to the staff. Thus, the center has gained thousands of hours of no-cost support by individuals interested in learning more about healthcare technology, medicine in general, or who are just interested in being of service.

Keep reading by clicking the link below to learn about other ways to gain extra support for minimal additional cost…

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Free EMS Webinar: “Transforming Sim Space”

Hey Sim Champs! A few weeks ago I joined EMS for their free webinar series and learned a great deal.  I am happy to share the next webinar is taking place next week!  Read the rest of this article to join EMS for this FREE Webinar!

Medical Simulation Video Management System

“Transforming Simulation Space: Making Use of What You Have”

Creating a space for effective use of simulation technology and task training is a challenge. This presentation will discuss how a simulation and task training center remodeled existing space to support a growing student enrollment and an increase in technology.

Presented by:

Martha Conrad RN, MSN, CNS, C
Director, Learning Resources Center
University of Akron, College of Nursing

Click here to learn where to sign up…

2010 Healthcare Simulation Article Review:

Hey Sim Champs!

I have summarized the key articles of 2010 so that all you new members can catch up on all the best from!

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10 Myths About Technology

Hi all!

Saw this great article on cnet about some key myths about technology and wanted to share with Sim Champs like yourself!

Here’s a little snippet:

Turning a computer on and off regularly is bad for it

Another myth I heard when I canvassed my social networks was that a computer can be damaged over time by being regularly turned on and off.

In fact, said the Geek Squad’s Matos, it’s specifically recommended that you do power your machine off on a daily basis, for example at the end of each work day.

According to Matos, “Every computer needs its rest time,” in part to be sure that if you’re away from it and there are power fluctuations or surges, it isn’t damaged by them.

As well, he said, it’s recommended that if you’re going to be away from your computer for small periods of time, you let it go to sleep while you’re gone. But in any case, he said, a regular on/off pattern is definitely good for the computer, not bad.

Read more at:

Host Profitable Events at Your Sim Lab

Now, while many of us know that external contracts for use of your sim space by outside healthcare agencies is possible – finding clients and securing interest in your facilities and/or your training program requires dedicated time and energy.  Well, last week the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas was contacted by a state agency asking if we wanted to  join a list of locations available for high paying rental opportunities, and all I had to do was submit our contact information!

Click the “Learn more” link below to find out whose paying high prices for simulation lab space and how you can easily get their attention.  Reading this short article could bring record breaking profits for your Simulation Lab!

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