Top 10 Medical Simulation Articles of 2016!

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Even if you missed our Top 51 Medical Simulation Articles of 2016 you can catch the Top 10 countdown here!

Top 10 Medical Simulation Posts of 2016:

10. SimCharacters Celebrates #WorldPrematurityDay With Launch of Paul, The World’s First High Emotion Simulator

9. Where to get Free Medical Simulation Scenarios

8. Top 9 Most Read Healthcare Simulation Articles from Summer 2016

7. Complete Administrator’s Guide To Healthcare Simulation ‘HealthySimAdmin’ Program Series Now Available for Free!

6. Supporting Transitions in Medical Career Pathways: the Role of Simulation-Based Education

5. Updates from SimGHOSTS, The Leaders in Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Support

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5. Media Covers May BMJ Article: “Medical Error 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S.” – Call for New Hashtag #SimToZero!

4. The Must-Own Healthcare Simulation Library *Updated for 2016

3. Medical Simulation Jobs Page

2. Top 11 Healthcare Simulation Articles of 2015 from the Top 51 Medical Simulation Articles of 2015.

1. Is This The Most Beautiful Healthcare Simulation Center in the World? You’ll never guess where one of the most beautiful healthcare simulation centers in the world is located!

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Simulation Champions! Thank you for all your continued readership and support as we celebrate our 6th year providing free medical simulation resources around the world. Did you know that since 2010 over 300,000 readers have viewed our thousand plus articles almost 800,000 times? You have come from 214 different countries to learn and share more about healthcare simulation:

6 Years ago today begin with our first article:

“Welcome to, an independent resource site for healthcare educators and professionals to share and grow our field of medical simulation.

Healthcare Simulation is such an emergent field that no one person, place, or resource has all the answers to the thousands of questions and problems unique to the developing technology.  While at this time the best way to learn about simulation is to visit a sim lab or sim center, the potential of the internet to share and exchange ideas from all over the world clearly provides an opportunity to grow healthy simulation faster and with greater ease than ever before.

The goal of this website is to provide unfiltered resources and honest advice for those developing and growing a simulation program.  By connecting the millions of new and developing simulation users with the thousands of “simulation champions”, those who not only get simulation but truly love it!”

Do you think we are hitting that goal? With now over 3,500 email newsletter subscribers, I think we are!

Here’s but a handful of HealthySim’s Most Read Articles:

  1. Free Medical Simulation Scenarios
  2. Healthcare Simulation Jobs Listings
  3. What to REALLY look for when hiring a Sim Tech
  4. HealthySim Youtube Channel Crosses 100,000 Views
  5. SimGHOSTS Launches 2016 Early-Bird Event Registrations for Simulation Technology Training
  6. CAE Healthcare Fidelis Maternal Simulator Video Interview
  7. Simulation Provides 7:1 Cost Savings for Hospital
  8. Laerdal SimPaid Interview with Jon Laerdal
  9. Emesis Moulage from Bobbie Merica


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This week is pleased to announce we crossed a new milestone — over 3,000 email subscribers to our free medical simulation newsletter! HealthySim started in April of 2010 with just 30 readers a month, and has continued to grow ever since with an average of over 9,000 unique visitors monthly from 209 different countries. With more than 752 articles published and over 100 medical simulation youtube videos totaling more than 60,000 views, we want to thank you for continuing to support and read this unique community resource website.

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Presenting Today at EMS International Sales Meeting


Today I was invited out to the international HQ of Education Management Solutions (EMS) in Exton Pennsylvania to present about the history of SimGHOSTS.Org and at their international sales team meeting!‘s co-founder and CEO Jackie Morck was also out to speak about the new home for online ratings and reviews of simulation products and services.

I will be connecting my presentation to the work of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”, which points out that our careers are a lot more connected to the circumstances of our upbringing than we may previously have imagined. I know my story towards medical simulation was unique — just as I am sure your story is as well!

I’d love to hear how you started working in medical simulation, so please share with me and your community on the HealthySim Linkedin Group page.

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500th Posted Article For!

500 medical simulation articles

Thanks to your continued support is posting its 500th article today! Since April of 2010 this website has provided more than 500 free articles to the growing community of healthcare simulation champions from around the world. All this week we will be celebrating with some major free giveaways – so stay tuned to the website, the @HealthySim twitter feed, and the HealthySim LinkedIn Group! Back in 2010 we were only getting around 30 visitors a month reading the website — but that number has continued to grow and now more than 8,200 visitors read the website this month alone! Below is a photo of countries which have read the website over the past four years. We’d like to thank you for your continued support of the website and we hope you will continue to share it with fellow simulation champions, by offering some free giveaways this week!

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Here are a few of my favorite articles out of the 500:

  1. Welcome Home Simulation Champions – HealthySim’s First Post ever!
  2. Top Ten Most Read Articles From – This is the master list for getting started at HealthySim!
  3. Simulab’s TraumaMan In-Situ at LSU OR – This video is very visual and shows just how powerful Simulab training products can be
  4. The #1 Hiring Mistake in Healthcare Simulation Programs – This recent article got huge response from our community.
  5. Aviation Simulation Industry Comparison Interviews – We must continue to learn from the Aviation Industry.
  6. Driving Simulators – The Real Deal, Driving simulators will soon be everywhere.
  7. What to REALLY look for when Hiring a Sim Tech – Second post ever written!)
  8. NASA’s Flight Simulator Took Up a Whole Building! – I wish I had seen this in real life.
  9. Top Reasons To Attend SimGHOSTS Event. Wow — How far SimGHOSTS has come!

Prizes and Freebies to be distributed this week:

  1. Free streaming access to the “IT Issues & Structures” 2-Hour HD recorded session from HealthySimAdmin – a 2-day recorded event covering the “how-to” of healthcare simulation program administration.
  2. 10 FREE subscriptions all eight HealthySimAdmin sessions (15 hours of administrative content!)
  3. 1 hour of medical simulation consulting by phone regarding any issue your program is facing!
  4. Free Medical Simulation Books! We’ll be sending out some books to help you build your simulation library!

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