7th Annual SimGHOSTS 2017 USA Opens at WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning in Raleigh North Carolina

simghosts 2017 usa

This morning at the WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning in Raleigh North Carolina, the 7th annual Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) meeting opened its doors with two simAlliance sponsored keynotes. 200 Registrations from simulation champions across North America and the World came together with 17 vendors to spend 4 days with hands-on training in the operation of healthcare simulation technologies.

The first keynote was by Carol F. Durham, EdD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, Professor of Nursing Director, Education-Innovation-Simulation Learning Environment (EISLE) and Past-President of INACSL on the most recent update to the industry-wide Standards for Excellence in Simulation. Carol presented about the creation, evolution, and benefits of the Standards which healthcare simulation champions can utilize to convey to managers, clinical educators, department heads and administrators the best possible guides to creating successful outcomes and programs. From debriefing, to staff, space considerations, outcome identification, methodology selection, and more — the INACSL standard is a MUST-READ for anyone providing healthcare simulation education and training programs. You can download the new Healthcare Simulation standards here on the INACSL website.

Following this, Dr. Brian Gillett, MD CEO & Founder of SimCore provided the official keynote address “Partnership, Creativity and Innovation: Successful Management, Support and Growth in Healthcare Simulation”. Dr. Gillet covered the challenges of innovation within healthcare. Dr. Gillett’s presentation also explored new technologies designed to improve healthcare performance through innovative, intuitive, and high impact solutions from within our community. Brian shared how effective and sustainable healthcare interventions must be developed in a genuine partnership with those who will ultimately utilize the systems. For simulation to succeed it has to first be managed and supported in an effective way, and this presentation showed us how through creative approaches and innovative solutions. You can learn more about the innovative management of simulation at simAlliance.com!

About WakeMed

WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning is designed to facilitate realistic multi-disciplinary clinical training and education using human patient simulators, educational gaming and other technologies. Funded by The Duke Endowment, the WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning offers education for all levels of healthcare providers throughout the region, including: • WakeMed Health & Hospitals employees • Wake AHEC students • Capital Regional Advisory Committee members • Wake Technical Community College students • Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance (SAHA) affiliated hospitals The Center for Innovative Learning features a nurses station, intensive care/trauma suite and a flexible patient care room that can be used for general medical or birthing. Each area is designed to mimic a typical inpatient unit and features the same technology, supplies, equipment and design found in units throughout a hospital. In the Center, healthcare providers administer treatment to human patient simulators that can bleed, cry, breathe and die. The goal is to allow clinicians to practice their skills, learn from their mistakes and gain confidence.

They also have the opportunity to keep their skills current for those high-risk procedures in which they need to maintain proficiency but rarely have the need to perform. Based on the concept that “hindsight is 20/20” and that two thirds of the learning process occurs in reflection, the Center for Innovative Learning also features an extensive A/V system where every sound and action is recorded. Following a simulation experience, students and educators go immediately to the debriefing room to review the video and critique themselves. Learn more about the Center for Innovative Learning here!

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Other Program Highlights So Far:

Yesterday during the pre-conference workshops, EMS SimulationIQ provided sponsorship of the Industry’s first organizationally sponsored Hackathon event. Three teams competed to solve an industry-wide problem with 8 hours of project development utilizing hardware, software, electronics, moulage systems and 3D printers. The winning group will be announced later today!

Bobbie Merica from Moulage Concepts provided multiple hands-on training courses in moulage application, providing simulation champions the means to be able to demonstrate better patient presentations through advanced makeup application.

Later today, Laerdal Medical Gold Sponsored a talk by WakeMed Sim Center Director Dr. Amar Patel entitled “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” on overcoming the technological hurdles of healthcare simulation.

Tomorrow, CAE Healthcare provides a sponsorship of the plenary address by SimGHOSTS President Dr. Scott Crawford, entitled “We Are State of the Art” which will outline the current state of healthcare simulation technology and operations including the many advancements and innovations in this field. Stay tuned for more coverage here!

Follow along with #SG17USA, and the SimGHOSTS Live Stream for Keynote Addresses

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Reach Expands A/V Recording Systems to Medical Simulation

reach av systems

At IMSH 2014, HealthySim had the opportunity to meet with Reach, a Chinese-based A/V company which is expanding its line of training A/V recording systems into the medical simulation market. Reach-USA sales representative Steve Valenti and I discussed the various ranges of product opportunities, from small single room capture systems that only cost around $5000 to multi-lab center options for larger programs. Watch the full interview below:

About Reach: SZ Reach Tech Co.,Ltd, founded in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise with its headquarter in Shenzhen. The company specializes in the productions and solutions of multimedia recording and streaming system.Over the past few years of production, management and exploration, our products have already got the certificate of FCC, CE, National Defense Network Access Certificate of China, etc.Our Company continuously provides our customers with comprehensive solutions and excellent products related to multimedia recording and streaming system which are widely used in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Training and Video conference, etc.

reach medical simulation products

About Reach’s Healthcare Simulation Products: Medical training, especially simulation and surgery training becomes a hot topic nowadays. More and more advanced facilities are used in the simulation, operation or examination to record the process and stream to audience. REACH healthcare solution provides an advanced, convenient and humanized e-training environment. Start record according to schedule or by a single click, press one button of remote controller to display the simulation live, double click the browser to review the records on line. REACH makes your medical training easier and with completed information.


  • Improve the studying experience with superior audio visual quality.
  • Share the media information by more staff and more occasions.
  • Integrate the information from various medical devices.

Key features

  • Multiple source input, up to 6 SD or 4 HD inputs.
  • High quality videos, up to 1080p with 30fps.
  • Low-latency live streaming.
  • Annotation function.
  • IP-based solution.
  • Supports central control system.


  • Multiple Source Input
    Maximum 6 SD or 4 HD inputs for each session.Supports signals from camera, monitor, PC and other visual devices, provides complete pictures of the simulation scenarios.
  • High Quality Videos
    Supports Full HD 1080p signals up to 30fps.
  • Live Streaming
    Concurrently displays different signals of simulation training scenarios in live streaming, and the live streaming delay is lower than 0.5s.
  • Annotation Function
    Add annotations while training and display when playing back.
  • IP-based Solution
    Based on IP, It’s easy for deployment, and allows you to playback files at any time and place.
  • Supports Central Control System (AMX, CRESTRON, etc.).

Learn more at Reach’s dedicated USA website!