Happy Halloween Moulage!

laerdal halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Above is a “manikin” costume from the Simulation Staff at the University of New England! Today we want to point out that you can stay connected with ALL the best moulage news from the healthcare simulation community by clicking on the moulage tab above, or by simply book-marking:


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That location will summarize all the moulage articles that get posted on HealthySimulation.com. Everything from blood makeup tutorials, to new Pocket Nurse products, to moulage books and more! So if you are into treating yourself with some new moulage tricks – that is the best place to be!

Hope you all have a safe and fun night out there!

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Halloween Moulage with Bobbie Merica


Bobbie Merica Moulage Halloween

Our Favorite Moulage Expert Bobbie Merica from MoulageConcepts.com is celebrating the upcoming release of her new book MEDICAL MOULAGE – How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive, with two “Halloween” based recipes!

blood moulage

The first recipe is for Blood!

impaled object medical moulage
The second is for an impaled object!

As always, be sure to check out MedicalMoulage.com for more great moulage!