March Only 50% Discount Off Annual Subscription for Newly Launched SimGHOSTS.Org Website


SimGHOSTS, aka the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, has launched a new website to better connect the global healthcare simulation community of technology specialists, including those clinical educators responsible for technology operation. The new website provides a great deal of new resources including community forums, 75+ hour or longer recorded sessions from previous technical events, job posting opportunities, document databases, and more. The best part is you can get 50% off this March on an annual individual OR newly launched institutional subscriptions — which brings the cost way way down for your entire simulation program to join today!

An Annual website subscription provides for a huge number of benefits for you and your simulation team:

  • Growing Video Library – Over 75 recorded hour+ long sessions from previous SimGHOSTS events are immediately available to watch. Topics range from a/v system design to daily utilization increases and from manikin programming to moulage creations.
  • Forums Discussion Groups – Ask questions, gather answers, search for previous conversations, and share your successes on the only permanently saved forums dedicated to the operation of simulation technology.
  • Document Database – Download community provided templates, example forms, policy and procedure guides, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, tutorials, and more.
  • Contact Database – Connect with local, regional, national and international peers from our global network of simulation technology specialists.
  • Professional Development – Join our growing number of teams dedicated to advancing the field of healthcare simulation technology. Research, Website, Certificate Training, Standards, and Vendor Teams are all examples of current committee teams. Join these or start your own!
  • Certificate Programs – Coming soon, subscribers will have first access to upcoming certificate courses in simulation technology specialist topics.
  • Store Discounts – Save additional discounts on all purchases from the SimGHOSTS online store (Launching soon).
  • Simulation Jobs Board – Post and read open positions specifically related to healthcare simulation.

Subscription Types (Get 50% off these standard prices):

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  • Free Newsletter: Get monthly news updates regarding SimGHOSTS events, resources, projects and more. No website access provided.
  • Individual Website Subscriber ($135.00 USD per person): Get one annual pass to the exclusive content shown above.
  • Institutional Website Subscription 3-15 ($99.00 USD per person): Save an additional 25% per person on up to 15 staff to exclusive content. Minimum 3 subsricptions required.
  • Institutional Website Subscription 16-50 ($87.00 USD per person): Save an additional 35% for your entire simulation program staff! Minimum 16 subscriptions required. Best offer!

Pay with a credit card to get instant access today.

“I have been a member of SimGHOSTS since its inception because the skills and support gained from this community year after year have been invaluable. Connecting to global peers through the SimGHOSTS in-person hands-on training events and online community has enabled me to take our simulation department to new heights of success.” -UCLA Simulation Technology Specialist Christian Cannady

“No other resource out there is like SimGHOSTS. The organization’s knowledge pool is vast and shared openly with other members. SimGHOSTS has taken our ability to teach our learners through simulation to a new level.” – Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners Simulation Technology Specialist Darren Dibble

Visit the SimGHOSTS Subscription Page to learn more!
Remember – The 50% Discount is for March Only!

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Otosim Launches ‘OtoSim2’ Otoscopy Trainer with $700 Discount Offer — This Week Only!


OtoSim CEO Andy Sinclair wrote in to share that this is the final week to get $700 off the pre-order price on their new OtoSim2! Andy shared We want to remind you of the opportunity to purchase OtoSim2 at a $700 discount, if you pre-order by December 22, 2014. The first shipment you receive will be the current, study-validated OtoSim system. The second shipment will include the instrumented otoscope, sensor box and OtoSim2 software upgrade. Under this offer, you can receive the discounted pricing until March 31,2015. For those attending The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) we invite you to join us at Booth #906 for a demo of Otosim2 in person. “

About the OtoSim2:

OtoSim Inc. continues to innovate with a new simulation and training technology for otolaryngology. Interest and feedback gathered over the past 3 years from various healthcare practitioners has proven to be the catalyst for a novel breakthrough in otoscopy simulation: OtoSim 2.

OtoSim 2 is the upgraded version of OtoSim with new software and hardware, and increased capabilities:

  • Verify student progress via the instrumented otoscope. Trainees can point with this device to complete the learning feedback loop.
  • Expand student knowledge through reviewing 380 high resolution images from the Hawke Library to instruct, practice, and test students
  • Save instructor time by connecting up to 14 OtoSim units to a single trainer laptop to effectively instruct groups at the same time
  • Supplement classroom instruction with 150 pre-annotated images for self-directed learning
  • Improve viewer retention through immersive full-screen experience with a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Further increase student capability through advanced quizzes with randomized, realistic clinical scenarios that test both medical and patient interaction skills
  • Build student confidence through the use of the instrumented otoscope, allowing students to practice and improve their otoscopic technique

otosim comparison

You have heard from our team with more frequency lately. The reason is that the launch of the OtoSim2 is big news for the simulation industry and we want everyone to experience the tremendous value it will deliver to your medical education program.

Do you have the OtoSim 1? Write a review of the Otosim and other products on!

Visit the Otosim2 page to learn more now!

Top Recommendation:

Does your healthcare simulation program ever need brochures, flyers, banners, letterhead, business cards or other print-related material created?

brochure printing

Well, I rarely come right out and say “work only with this company” but has knocked it out the park every single time I have ever called them. I’ve found throughout my simulation career that University print-shops or high-density city print facilities can be ridiculously expensive. Having been recommended I gave them a shot five years ago and haven’t looked back since! They are always polite, efficient, affordable and fast.  They have even, on more than one occasion, rushed orders for me just because they could. If you first learned of HealthySim through one of our bookmarks then you already know of PFL quality.

simulation brochures

I am happy to report that the folks at PFL have offered our readers $40 off their first order with mention of our website and referral code RP169U4QS !

So next time your sim program needs print material, visit or give them a call at 800-930-6040, just remember code to mention the code above!

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Exclusive HealthySim Offer – $500 Off SimAction Products!


Increase Seizure & Defib Realism in your Medical Medical Simulations with an exclusive limited-time offer at! has partnered with owner Greg Stahler from to create a special ‘End-of-the-Fiscal-Year’ Offer on SimSeize and/or SimDefib! But hurry, this offer ends July 1st, 2011!

Watch my 2011 IMSH Interview with Greg about SimAction Products!

The Products:

SimAction’s seizure simulator ‘SimSeize’ is a motorized actuator powerful enough to produce the full body motion of a real seizure, enriching the learner experience during a high-fidelity healthcare simulation! Click here to learn more about SimSeize!

‘SimDefib’, The Defibrillation Simulator is a new product from SimAction that allows instructors to replicate a patient’s physical response to defibrillation.  With a small sensor placed on your sim lab’s defib pads or paddles – SimDefib registers a shock and automatically creates a physical response in your manikin! Although the SimDefib can be sold separately, it makes a GREAT addition to SimSeize. Click here to learn more about SimDefib!

Both SimAction products work with ANY simulator brand as these motion-generating devices install into the standard hospital mattress below your manikin.  Device control pendants can be kept at the bed-side or in your sim lab control room.   The Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas owns the SimSeize and uses it regularly during high-fidelity simulations. And WOW… talk about immediate learner ‘buy-in’ for simulation! The students really react when the patient starts shaking dramatically!

Click to Learn how to get $500 off SimAction Products….