WISER Provides Simulation Courses For All Staff Positions

healthcare simulation training program

Did you know that UPMC’s WISER Simulation Center offers several courses and programs to help those in the simulation community improve their skills. Our iSIM course is offered in various worldwide locations and we have had preceptors from all over the world spend time watching and learning at WISER.

Courses include:

iSim: This 3-day internationally renowned program, created in collaborative effort between WISER at the University of Pittsburgh and the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education at the University of Miami, is designed as an introduction to fundamental skills and abilities for delivering simulation-based healthcare education through a variety of techniques and technologies. The program emphasizes hands-on activities and active participation to maximize simulation-based instruction skill acquisition. Class group sizes are kept small to allow for maximum participation. The primary audience for this course are healthcare educators wishing to improve their skills as instructors in simulation education.

Designing or Enhancing Your Simulation Center: Welcome to “Designing or Enhancing Your Simulation Center”. This one day course is designed to assist those individuals or centers who are interested in designing new or updating existing simulation centers. This is an 8 topic course that will guide the participants, step by step, through the process of identifying their training needs and designing a world class simulation center to meet those needs. Topics include:

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  • Introduction to WISER and Course Overview
  • Identifying Your Center’s Training Missions
  • Blueprints to Build Out, Designing Your Center
  • Identifying your Center’s Audio and Video Needs
  • Administrative Considerations
  • Job Descriptions
  • Creating Environments
  • Additional Tips for Success

WISER Fellowship Program

The WISER Fellowship Program is available for individuals who are interested in an in-depth learning experience on all aspects of healthcare simulation. Fellowships typically last from one year to 18 months. The fellowship is a self-directed immersive journey into the world of healthcare simulation. Focuses for this fellowship program often include research, curriculum development, operations, or a combination of topics. All fellows will complete a curriculum (or project) based upon their specific needs that will support their focus.

How to Run a Successful Simulation Center: Participants of this two day program will learn best practices associated with the operations of a simulation center. Key operational, administrative, and technological elements of a successful simulation center will be reviewed. Topics such as creating budgets, staff considerations, daily operations, course development, and simulator programming will be discussed. Interactive exercises will allow participants to practice what they learned during course sessions.

TechSim: A variety of topics will be covered that are designed to educate simulation technicians / operations personnel on the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center. The content topics were mapped to the SSH CHSOS Examination Blueprint. Topics include:

  • Simulation Center Technology
  • Scenario Creation
  • Repair and Maintenance Considerations
  • Running Sim Sessions and much more.

Visit the WISER Courses page to learn more!

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California Simulation Alliance Fall Calendar of Events

california simulation alliance

Hey Sim Champs – The CSA has shared their upcoming summer/fall schedule of courses, conferences and more! Check out the upcoming activities below.

2nd Annual CSA/USF Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”

October 13-15, 2016

All three courses are held at the University of San Francisco. Why not make a weekend of it and enjoy the city? We are securing a hotel block, which will be announced soon, at a discounted rate.

October 13: CHSE and CHSOS readiness review classes. Sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

October 14: Special pre-conference debriefing workshop featuring Dr. Jenny Rudolph and Dr. Mary Fey! The Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard and the CSA are co-sponsoring this exciting pre-conference.

October 15: Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation” Keynote speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph

2016 CSA Course Calendar

Simulation Evaluation: 2016
August 5, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, Fromm Hall
Cost: $350
Course Description: In this seminar, learners will review current best practices for assessment and evaluation of simulation activities with special consideration for reliable and valid tools available in the literature. A thorough grounding in feedback, assessment and evaluation theory and practice will be provided, with opportunities for discussion and application to simulation practice.

Simulation Intensive
August 11-13, 2016
Location: Cal Baptist University, Riverside, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Advanced Debriefing
August 22, 2016
Location: Sacramento State University
Cost: $300 CSA subscribers, $350 nonsubscribers
6.5 CEUs

Special Pre-Conference: Debriefing Workshop, Featuring Drs. Jenny Rudolph and Mary Fey
Sponsored by CSA and CMS
October 14, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco, McLaren Hall
Cost: $499 CSA subscribers; $550 nonsubscribers

2nd Annual Simulation Conference: “Making an Impact on Healthcare Education: Bridging the Gap Using Simulation”
Sponsored by CSA and USF Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jenny Rudolph
October 15, 2016
Location: University of San Francisco

Simulation Intensive
October 20, 21, & 22, 2016
Cal State University San Marcos, San Marcos, CA
Cost: $1250 CSA subscribers; $1500 nonsubscribers
19.5 CEUs

Learn more and Register on the CSA website today!

December Discounts for New SimGHOSTS Online Courses & Website Subscription

new simghosts website

Special December Savings on New Website Subscription & New Online Courses!

SimGHOSTS has launched its new online courses enrolling now which start in January, and is providing super huge savings for December on both their courses AND new website subscription. SimGHOSTS is the world’s leading and only organization dedicated to supporting those operating healthcare simulation technology. In 2015 the non-profit put on four events around the world including Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, Leeds University in the UK, the Clinical Skills Development Service in Brisbane, and at the Mohammad Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center in Dubai.

Did you attend a SimGHOSTS 2015 event or subscribe to SimGHOSTS.org in the past eleven months? Good news — your new account information is being mailed to you today!

New Website & Over 50% Off Annual Subscription in December:

The team has spent the last six months developing a new website with expanded capabilities including a new Learning Management System for courses and:

  • New weekly or daily digest of forums posts & blog articles
  • Over 190 video recorded sessions from previous SimGHOSTS events
  • Expanded Document Library with New Files
  • Improved forum functionality
  • New design, improved interface and functionality
  • Free job & resume postings for subscribers
  • Expanded global contact database
  • More Upcoming webinars from leading experts and vendors

Normally $135 USD per person annually, you can sign up for SimGHOSTS.org for the next year for only $60 bucks! That’s the cost of a cup of coffee each month to join your international community of Sim Techs and get access to hundreds of resources! But hurry — this opportunity ends January 1st!

Not a SimGHOSTS.org Subscriber Yet? Sign up today with 50% off the normal price at SimGHOSTS.org.

SimGHOSTS Launches New Online Certificate Training Courses!

After two years of research and development, SimGHOSTS has started enrolling the first students in our new online courses! Taught by experienced simulation champions, these courses in IT and Healthcare related topics will increase your knowledge and skillsets required for your every day job. Future courses in audiovisual, education, simulation, and other domains are to be announced shortly.

As this is their first cohort of students we are offering HUGE SAVINGS for those who in enroll in the first sessions which start in January after IMSH. Enrollment space is limited so check out the courses and register today!

Announced Online SimGHOSTS Certificate Courses So Far:

  • HSTS200 – Fundamentals of Training and Education
  • HSTS300 – Medical Physiology for Healthcare Simulation I
  • HSTS301 – Medical Terminology for Healthcare Simulation
  • HSTS400 – Introduction to Information Technology Systems
  • HSTS401 – Introduction to Operating Systems
  • HSTS402 – Introduction to Networking
  • HSTS403a – Office Productivity and Support Specialist I: Word Processing
  • HSTS403b – Office Productivity and Support Specialist II: Spreadsheets

Learn more about these courses and register before they fill up at the new SimGHOSTS Online Training Courses Page. Remember– with limited enrollment this one time discount opportunity won’t last!

Soon SimGHOSTS subscribers will receive their first weekly digest of forums/blog articles so stay tuned!

Visit SimGHOSTS.org for more!

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Hawaii’s Sim Tiki Sends Out Their First Simulation Program Newsletter

simtiki hawaii

Just received the first Sim Tiki simulation newsletter from this Hawaiian based simulation program doing great work with Japan and across the pacific. Run by Dr. Ben Berg, SimTiki has been providing resident exchange programs with Japanese Universities as well as hands-on training courses in Japan.

First Newsletter Excerpt:

Aloha and welcome to SimTiki’s first e-newsletter! Here you will find news and updates about SimTiki, as well as a preview of our upcoming activities.  We hope you will enjoy this communication to keep up-to-date with SimTiki.

We’ve had an eventful past few months and it’s been a year since SimTiki was granted accreditation in Research and Education/Training by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH). Dr. Yoko Akamine, from Nagano, Japan, completed her one year International Research Fellowship and departed in July.  Four participants from Japan joined us for SimTiki Academy programs ranging from two week to two months: Akiko Hirata, MD (Nippon Medical School Hospital) Tomohiro Inoue, MD (St. Mary’s Hospital), Yoko Ishibashi, RN (Fukuoka University Nursing School), and Nobuyasu Komazawa, MD (Osaka Medical College). Residents from Akita University & Nagasaki University participated in our JP Resident Physician courses. We continued with our Faculty development courses, FunSim and SimBites, with participants from UH, JABSOM and Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). We were also thrilled to welcome our first participant from the Netherlands at our September FCCS course, along with other learners from TAMC and the OBGYN Hawaii Residency Program.  We wish you a happy & healthy holiday season!

Read the full Sim Tiki newsletter here and visit the Sim Tiki website for more info!


Simulation Instruction and Management Certificate Program From Robert Morris University RISE Center

healthcare simulation certificate program

The Regional Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center at Robert Morris University, developed in 2009, is a major regional educational resource and a center of excellence for simulation training and research. The center’s internationally recognized faculty and specially trained simulation specialists and technicians work side by side with health care organizations around the region, creatively broadening the educational experience of health sciences students by maximizing their learning opportunities. The RISE Center located in the School of Nursing and Health Science building offers:

  • A Leadership in Simulation Instruction and Management Certificate Program, taught by world-class simulation faculty to help train the next generation of simulation educators in the academic and healthcare setting
  • Courses in TeamSTEPPS Teamwork training principles
  • Interprofessional experiences aligned with the IPEC Core Competencies
  • Learning experiences using the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Standards of Best Practice-Simulation
  • Accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
  • RISE on the Road Activities providing in-situ training within healthcare organizations

About the Simulation Certificate Program

This graduate-level certificate offers health sciences educators the opportunity to gain current knowledge and experience in techniques related to simulation facilitation, instruction, and leadership. This certificate program prepares graduates for the CHSE examination. Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective simulation facilitation/instructional strategies
  • Integrate standards for best practice within your simulation program
  • Incorporate simulation measurement and evaluation strategies to enhance program outcomes
  • Determine priorities for funding of simulation research projects
  • Identify leadership strategies to enhance success of a simulation program
  • Utilize innovative trends such as TeamSTEPPS ® teamwork training in designing experiences
  • Explore technologies appropriate for use in a simulation laboratory
You can earn this certificate with three convenient eight-week online classes designed for working professionals:

Class 1- Leadership in Simulation Facilitation and Instruction

This course explores current research in high fidelity simulation and education, through the use of both manikins and standardized patients. Special focus is given to:

  • Scenario facilitation and design
  • INACSL standards for best practices
  • Prebriefing and facilitation
  • Debriefing and evaluation

Donna McDermott, MSN, CHSE , is an assistant professor of nursing at Robert Morris University. A Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE), Donna has a wealth of experience with simulation center accreditation and incorporating simulation throughout undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Class 2 – Organizational Leadership and Management Concepts in Simulation

This course investigates effective management techniques and leadership strategies that generate buy-in from colleagues and administrators and enhance the success of a simulation laboratory. Subjects include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Creating a mission and vision
  • Budgeting and research funding priorities
  • Organizational change theory
  • Emotional intelligence

Suzan Kardong-Edgren, PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE , is director of the RMU’s Regional Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center. Suzie is editor-in-chief of Clinical Simulation in Nursing and the VP of research for the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL).

Class 3 – Innovative Trends in Health Care for Simulation

The final eight-week course explores the current landscape of health care and simulation, and culminates in a final project, or e-portfolio, incorporating all three classes. Concepts include:

  • IOM report
  • QSEN competencies
  • TeamSTEPPS training concepts
  • Licensure regulations.
  • Interprofessional Education Collaboration (IPEC)

Janice Sarasnick, MSN, CHSE , is an assistant professor of nursing at Robert Morris University. As a master trainer for TeamSTEPPS, Janice has conducted interprofessional simulation for all health care learners and incorporated simulation throughout the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Learn more by visiting the Rise Center Website and clicking on the Sim Certificate Course!

Supported Organization:

University of Birmingham UK Provides Healthcare Simulation Courses Starting Soon!

The University of Birmingham UK recently shared on our @HealthySim twitter account about their upcoming healthcare simulation courses: “Suitable for all health care professionals with an interest or involvement in delivering training and education, the main aims of this programme are to provide you with:

  • an understanding of the principles of adult learning and how they can be applied to multidisciplinary health care simulation training
  • an understanding of the evolution, variety and importance of human factors in healthcare practice
  • the knowledge and skills required to design, develop and facilitate simulation training
  • the debriefing skills required to aide learners subsequent reflection and development”

uk simulation courses adult learning

Adult learning theory and its application to multidisciplinary healthcare simulation learning and teaching

This 20 credit module is the introductory module for the Post Graduate Certificate in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Simulation. The aims of this module are:

  • To provide students with a sound knowledge of the principles of adult learning applicable to healthcare simulation.
  • To enable students to effectively use healthcare simulation technology and subsequently develop their own projects for teaching and learning

debriefing skills simulation

Development and debriefing of multidisciplinary healthcare simulation scenarios

This 20 credit module forms one part of the Post Graduate Certificate in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Simulation. The aims of this module are to provide you with:

  • An understanding of the process for creating an effect scenario that can be used in simulation training.
  • Knowledge of the available technologies and how to ‘drive’ the technology.

Additionally you will explore all roles within the simulation faculty and how they contribute to the fidelity of multidisciplinary health care simulation as well as the principles of debriefing a simulation scenario.

non technical skills simulation

Non-technical skills for multidisciplinary healthcare simulation

This 20 credit module forms one part of the Post Graduate Certificate programme in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Simulation. This module will provide you with an understanding of non-technical skills vital to enable the exploration of these crucial concepts in multidisciplinary healthcare simulation teaching and learning.

Learn more and register today on the Multidisciplinary Healthcare Simulation – PGCert Page!

SimGHOSTS 2014 Events Opening Keynotes & Plenary Sessions Free To Watch

simghosts logo

All the SimGHOSTS 2014 opening keynote & plenary sessions addresses are free to watch! If you missed their Australia or USA events, be sure to gain some of the valuable knowledge shared their through these massive sessions!

SimGHOSTS USA Opening Keynote Address by President James Cypert “Elevating the Dialogue” Sponsored by Level 3 Healthcare – SimGHOSTS President James Cypert presented on the importance of bringing in basic research methods in support of the professional development of Simulation Techs. He  began the conversation with a community focus and topics for future research and invite a networking dialog to establish collaboration opportunities for designing, conducting, collecting, writing, and submitting well‑formed research. The goal of this the 2014 USA keynote address was to provide some of the basic tools, resources, and methods for providing evidence‑based practice for simulation technologists, ascertaining cogent research topics, and identifying collaborative opportunities, and establishing working relationships to achieve higher levels of dialog from and with the technician community.

SimGHOSTS USA Plenary Address by Jane Nicklin & Stuart Ruby “The Growth of Simulation Technology Specialist Support by the UK” Sponsored by Laerdal – Coming soon!

SimGHOSTS Australia Opening Keynote by iSimulate “Innovation in Mobile Simulation” – On June 26th 2014, Platinum Sponsor iSimulate  provided the opening keynote address to SimGHOSTS’ first overseas event, hosted at the University of The Sunshine Coast in the Queensland Region of Australia. The keynote was provided by Dr. Anthony Lewis, iSimulate Co-founder and Medical Director. This event was live-streamed for FREE through SimGHOSTS.org around the world for those who could not attend the three day event in Sippy Downs. The story of iSimulate is one of an identified need to make simulation technology easier, cheaper and more flexible that existing technology. Created by Medical Educators in Australia, iSimulate started as a idea and has progressed to become a company who’s products are used across the world. In this keynote, learn why and how two medical educators decided to challenge a simulation philosophy that “ever more” technologically advanced manikins are better. Instead, they took the cumbersome technology out of the manikin and placed it into an user-friendly iPad.

SimGHOSTS Australia Plenary Address by Dylan Campher Sponsored and Reflecting Upon the “Clinical Skills Development Service” – The Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare simulation. We deliver education and training to Queensland Health staff and healthcare providers throughout Australia. CSDS utilizes a hub-and-spoke model of support to support simulation providers throughout Queensland. With CSDS as the hub, this model focuses on providing systems and resources to support Pocket Simulation Centres, the spokes, ensuring the imbedding of simulation close to or within clinical environments. In conjunction with its role of providing support to hospital-based skills centres, the growth of Pocket Simulation Centres provides clinicians with the tools and techniques to address local needs. These in situ programs now address local training requirements, just-in-time training, and process redesign.

Last Chance to Register for Simulation Technology Training Event with $50 Off Code

simghosts logo

Join 175 other champions of simulation technology for the 4th Annual SimGHOSTS hands-on technical training event at the American College of Chest Physicians, August 5th-8th in Greater Chicago, IL! CHEST has recently opened their amazing new Innovation, Simulation and Training Center which will be host to this year’s USA event. 


Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity to receive beginner, intermediate and advanced training in a dynamic range of medical simulation technology operation courses including:

  • Manikin hardware repair & preventive maintenance (all major brands)
  • Manikin programming
  • A/V recording system design & build-out
  • IT infrastructure and debugging
  • Inventory control management systems
  • Trauma moulage
  • Video and audio production
  • Sim lab “DIY” innovations
  • Basic medical knowledge for non-healthcare techs
  • Sim center building development
  • Building your own task trainer
  • Professional simulation tech development workshops
  • Many many more…

american college of chest physicians

Download the Latest #SG14USA Brochure Here

Sim Techs from as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia have already booked their flights! Join them at fun networking events like the Opening Reception at PinStripes Bowling hosted by Platinum Sponsor Level 3 Medical. In the exhibit room, tour the latest technology from 15 of the world’s leading medical simulation vendors including B-Line Medical, Laerdal, Worldpoint, CAE Healthcare and Gaumard.

Use the Unique Discount Code “healthysim” to receive $50 off your late registration!

Learn more at the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Homepage!

SIM-one Offers Simulation Certificate Training Courses


SIM-one—the Ontario Simulation Network—is a not-for-profit organization that connects the simulation community, facilities, resources and services across the Province of Ontario. SIM-one advocates for and advances simulated learning in health professions education for the benefit of patient care and patient safety. Fully supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC), SIM-one’s vision is to further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation.

SIM-one provides valuable services to the healthcare simulation community, including education and training, research grants, the SIM-one website, and networking events such as the annual Ontario Simulation Exposition.

As a provincial initiative, SIM-one will advise and advocate for simulation in health professions education, expand and advance interprofessional education and, through the use of simulation, help to further improve the quality of patient care and patient safety. SIM-one will further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation.

MASCS Certificate Program

mascs sim one

MASCS (Mastering the Artistic Side of Clinical Simulation) is a certificate program that focuses on the creative and psychological elements required to bring simulations to life, enhancing fidelity and increasing learner engagement. MASCS introduces the use of best practice principles and techniques developed in many fields that can be used for enhancing health professions education.

This program is designed to help mentor and support participants in developing their careers in the exciting field of healthcare simulation, with the opportunity to become a SIM-one Simulationist. As with our other programs, the experiences and learnings are grounded in networking and collaboration. Connections made within this program will be nurtured to further develop practice within the simulation community.

Learn about common role-playing themes and terms and how they relate to health professions education. Harness theatrical techniques for use in clinical simulation scenarios.

More information about MASCS: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/certificate/mascs-certificate

MASCS Course Schedule:

The Scenario Writers Studio – February 24 & 25, 2014 – Toronto, ON

Differentiate between scripts, screenplays, blueprints, ideas, premises and outlines. Create characters in your simulated environment with proper dimensions, motivations and actions. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/scenario-writers-studio

The SIMaginarium – March 27 & 28, 2014 – Toronto, ON

This course examines the use of the imagination and psychological principles that underpin all aspects of simulation, including how to enhance fidelity, engage learners and design scenarios with maximum impact. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/simaginarium

The Role-Players Theatre – May 12 & 13, 2014 – Toronto, ON

Learn about common role-playing themes and terms and how they relate to health professions education. Harness theatrical techniques for use in clinical simulation scenarios. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/role-players-theatre

Simulation Centre Wizardry – February 10 & 11, 2014 – Toronto, ON

Hear and learn from the people who are not only behind the scenes, but actually help create them. During this course, participants will learn how to obtain and create low-cost equipment and simulation models, cost-effective fidelity boosts, and more. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/simulation-centre-wizardry

The e-Xplorers of Simulation – March 3 & 24, 2014 (with online work) – Toronto, ON

Participants will develop improved understanding, attitudes and skills for the use of different forms of e-simulation and e-blended learning for enhancing clinical teaching and learning as stand-alone methods and connection to other forms of simulation. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/e-xplorers-simulation

Synergies – April 10 & 11, 2014 – Toronto, ON

Jointly offered by SIM-one and the University of Toronto Centre for Interprofessional Education (IPE), this two-day intensive intermediate program focuses on combining interprofessional education (IPE) and simulation for high impact education and training in healthcare. More information: http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/course/synergies

simulation certificate training

Contact John Gilson Communications Specialist at SIM-one to learn more!



Ontario Based ‘SIM-one’ Provides Simulation Resources

ontario simulation

SIM-one—the Ontario Simulation Network—is a not-for-profit organization that connects the simulation community, facilities, resources and services across the Province of Ontario. SIM-one provides valuable services to the simulation community, including education and training, research grants, the SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service (SPECS), and popular events like the annual Ontario Simulation Exposition. Fully supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC), SIM-one’s vision is to further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation.

Sim-one is not just for simulation users in Ontario, or even just Canada, but instead provides resources to the global healthcare simulation community. Check out their:

Although SIM-one is a non-profit organization, they are considered an international support group which also provides resources for business innovators within the simulation space.  Speaking of innovative projects, learn more about their SPECS program which stands for The SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service.  This project is a province-wide simulation equipment coordination service that effectively links Ontario’s simulation centres and programs. SPECS ensures the strategic management of Ontario’s investments in health professions simulation, in the Province’s community colleges and public universities, and in the clinical setting. This Service will bring about greater sustainability, paving the way for more cost-efficient access to simulated learning in the health professions and—ultimately—higher quality patient care and patient safety in Ontario.

What an amazing way to provide collaborative access and shared depreciation costs and purchasing power for simulation-based equipment! This depreciation concern is something we all need to think about for ‘technology refresh cycles’, which I covered during HealthySimAdmin. Clearly, SIM-one has become an innovative leader in the international medical simulation community, and I encourage you to explore partnerships, training and resources with them further by visiting their website: http://www.sim-one.ca/