Basic Simulation Specialist Training from Jump Simulation in Chicago March 31st

jump simulation workshop chicago

The always innovative Jump Simulation center has partnered with Chicago-based healthcare startup incubator MATTER to offer a 1-day “intro to healthcare simulation operations”. Jump Trading Simulation Center in Peoria IL was the 2016 host of the SimGHOSTS USA conference and is creating additional opportunities for regional healthcare programs to better learn how to operate simulation based technologies.

Date & Time: Friday, March 31st 8am-4pm
Location: MATTER (Healthcare Startup Incubator) in Chicago, IL
Cost: $395.00
Capacity: 15
Instructor: Kristi Sanders

Jump Simulation’s one-day course is an introduction to healthcare simulation from an operational standpoint. The training program is designed to provide hands on learning to plan, prepare, and execute a simulation event. Topics for the course include:

  • Simulation center technology
  • Simulation terminology
  • Supporting faculty and courses
  • Calendar management
  • Basic Laerdal manikin assembly
  • Basic Laerdal manikin troubleshooting
  • Running the Simulation
  • And activities required post simulation

What is MATTER?

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MATTER is a community of healthcare innovators, an incubator of ideas, and a catalyst for change. We are boots-on-the-ground entrepreneurs pushing against the status quo and established institutions dedicated to improving patients’ lives. At MATTER we are all hungry for change, and we’re working together to solve real and complex healthcare problems.

About Jump

Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center (Jump) is an incubator where collaboration and innovation lead the transformation of health care worldwide. Jump programs and objectives are key to improving the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of care for community members across the region. A collaboration between OSF HealthCare and University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP), Jump advances the Missions of both organizations.

Register for this workshop here!

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4th Annual SimGHOSTS Sim Tech Training Symposium Opens Registration

simghosts accp just announced that registration has opened for their 4th annual SimGHOSTS 2014 USA event hosted by the American College of CHEST Physicians in Greater Chicago, IL. Taking place this August 5th-8th, SimGHOSTS has been called the innovative leader in medical simulation technology community and training opportunities. Whether you are just starting your operation of healthcare simulation technology or you have been fixing manikins for years, SimGHOSTS 2014 has almost 50 courses covering beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in a huge range of topics including:

  • Manikin Hardware Repair & Maintenance for Laerdal, Gaumard and CAE Healthcare products
  • Audio recording, mixing and publishing
  • Video cinematography and in-situ camera placement
  • Advanced Video editing for sim lab promotional and orientation videos
  • Building your own task trainers
  • Medical pharmacology, jargon and educator needs for sim techs without healthcare backgrounds
  • Manikin programming and control room reconfiguration with virtual firmware
  • Budget A/V systems including GoPros
  • Professional development workshops to help lead the simulation technology community
  • Inventory control systems & technology procurement techniques
  • Identifying Sim Tech challenges
  • Sim Lab DIY project innovations from around the world
  • SimGHOST TroubleShooting Competition
  • IT Networking workshops
  • Download the SG14 USA brochure for this and much much more!

The live-streamed Keynote Address will be provided by newly appointed SimGHOSTS Interim President James Cypert who will be speaking on basic research methods that Sim Techs can apply, then begin a conversation about community focus and topics for future research. The goal is to provide some of the basic tools, resources, and methods for providing evidence‑based practice for simulation technologists, ascertaining cogent research topics, and identifying collaborative opportunities, and establishing working relationships to achieve higher levels of dialog from the community.

The Laerdal Plenary address will be presented by Jane Nicklin and members of the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Guests from the United Kingdom will discuss an initiative that is the first in the UK and provides an opportunity to start an exciting career in one of Yorkshire and the Humber’s simulated healthcare learning environments. The goal of this apprenticeship will be to achieve nationally accepted qualifications that will be recognized by employers and support career progression in science and technical roles.

B-Line Medical will be hosting their famous Video Contest, with this year’s theme being best “How-To” video. Over $1000 in prizes will be given to SimGHOSTS attendees whose video helps other Sim Techs learn “how-to” increase efficiency or realism in their medical simulation labs.

Finally of great note here is the Pocket Nurse Scholarships due April 30th, which will provide (2) $1500 scholarships to Sim Techs in need to help cover the cost of attending the 2014 event!

Apparently last year 1/3rd of the available Early-Bird passes sold out on the first day, so SimGHOSTS recommends those that want to sign up for the limited advanced courses or secure the discounted rate be sure to register early!

Learn more at’s 2014 USA Event Page!