CHEST Innovation, Simulation and Training Center Available for Hosting Healthcare Training Events


Currently wrapping up is SimGHOSTS 2014 USA at the American College of CHEST Physicians in Glenview Illinois, just outside of Chicago. An amazing location for innovative training — so if you are looking for a host center you should consider CHEST!

The Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center at CHEST Global Headquarters is a state-of-the art facility fully equipped to deliver clinical medical education as well as events outside the medical field. Designed and built by the American College of Chest Physicians, the training center easily accommodates any variety of meetings. Whether you want to use their cutting-edge simulation resources and high-tech audiovisual equipment or just want a comfortable gathering space, they can tailor their services to meet your needs. From the moment you and your guests step into this award-winning building, you’ll appreciate their modern style and traditional values for offering the best services for your event.

The ISTC training center includes:

  • A 3,200-square foot auditorium, ideal for lectures and forums
  • Eight conference rooms
  • Six simulation training labs designed to feel like ICU suites
  • Additional amenities to support your event

CHEST staff offers:

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  • Meeting management assistance: We have certified meeting professionals who can help you coordinate your event.
  • Clinical simulation training expertise: Our simulation staff can help manage your event.

The Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center and CHEST Global Headquarters boast a modern, sleek design that is welcoming and comfortable. Behind the scenes, a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure can support a wide range of technology needs.

Designed to be environmentally and socially responsible, the training center and headquarters are built to Silver LEED specifications. And, in 2013, CHEST Global Headquarters won the prestigious “Green Development of the Year Award” from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the premier organization for real estate professionals in metropolitan Chicago.

They are committed to traditional values and excellence. Their clinical education programs are internationally recognized and accredited. They hold Accreditation With Commendation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, placing them in the highest tier of continuing medical education providers. As the first medical association in the nation to receive accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, they are recognized as an international leader in providing hands-on learning opportunities.

View a list of their live courses, many of which are taking place at the new center.

Are you looking to rent the training center space? Visit their CHEST training center website.

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SimGHOSTS Holds 4th Annual Hands-On Training Event to 220 Participants

simghosts busters

Currently on day 2 of SimGHOSTS 2014 USA, more than 220 participants from around the world came together at the American College of CHEST Physicians in Glenview, Illinois for hands-on training workshops, community networking, vendor exhibit hall and professional development courses.  A four day event, the 4th annual Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists was the second meeting the non-profit 501(c)3 organization put this year following its first-ever Australia event which took place a month ago at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

  • Level 3 Healthcare sponsored the opening keynote address by SimGHOSTS President James Cypert opened the event by explaining the need for technology-related research, training program development and chapertization of the organization.
  • Executive Director Lance Baily recapped on the continued expansion of the organization with both Australian Simulation Leaders and UK Simulation Leaders
  • Event Director Ryan Eling accepted the Board’s offering of SimGHOSTS first full-time position
  • Laerdal Sponsored UK’s ASPiH Simulation Technician Group Leaders Jane Nicklin and Stuart Riby to attend the event and share the development of a Apprenticeship program for Sim Techs, and connected a livestream Google Glass walkthrough of their simulation lab with Chris Gay back at HILS in the UK.
  • B-Line Medical awarded $1000 in prizes to “How To” video contestant winners Arielle Glenn and duo Sylvie Guimont + Genevieve Cote.
  • provided intro and intermediate workshops on moulage design and application
  • More than 50 sessions are currently being provided to 185 Sim Techs from around the world.
  • Pocket Nurse recognized their two full-scholarship winners who would have otherwise been unable to attend the event.
  • Fifteen vendors including CAE Healthcare, Worldpoint, Gaumard and many more.

Follow @SimGHOSTS and #SG14USA and visit for all the latest!

Next Wednesday Morning: Watch SimGHOSTS USA Opening Keynote Address Sponsored by Level 3 Medical

Level 3 Medical

Level 3 Medical has sponsored the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA @ CHEST (#SG14USA) keynote address, presented by recently appointed SimGHOSTS President James Cypert! This event will be broadcast and streamed LIVE Wednesday morning Day 1 of the main event at the American College of CHEST Physicians in greater Chicago, IL – so even if you can’t make the USA event this year you should mark your calendar to watch this free session.


SimGHOSTS proudly introduces Level 3 Medical as the Platinum Sponsor of 2014 USA Event. Sponsoring both the Opening Keynote address and the Opening Reception at PinStripes Bowling, Level 3 Medical is looking to powerfully connect with the SimGHOSTS international community. As well, the SG14 event team has added a special plenary panel Friday morning to dive deeper into the Level 3 Medical build-out of the Cedars Sinai Simulation program. Be sure to stop by their booth to learn how they can help your simulation program too!

SimGHOSTS President James Cypert will present on the importance of bringing in basic research methods in support of the professional development of Simulation Techs. He will begin a conversation about community focus and topics for future research and invite a networking dialog to establish collaboration opportunities for designing, conducting, collecting, writing, and submitting well‑formed research. The goal of this year’s keynote address is to provide some of the basic tools, resources, and methods for providing evidence‑based practice for simulation technologists, ascertaining cogent research topics, and identifying collaborative opportunities, and establishing working relationships to achieve higher levels of dialog from and with the technician community.

Level 3 Medical Sponsored SimGHOSTS 2014: USA Keynote address “Of Mice and Geeks: Elevating the Dialog Through Research”

James Cypert – Technology Director – California Baptist University, President, SimGHOSTS

“By seeking and blundering we learn.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When the concept of “research” for the typical geek invokes images of Gandalf at Minas Tirith frantically searching through the hordes of scrolls and tombs looking for information about the One Ring. For others, it could be an image of Master Yoda and Obi‑Wan in the Jedi Temple discovering the betrayal of Anakin. That imagery aside, research is fundamentally exactly this, a search for the truth of any matter, and research can be done by anyone. In fact, we all conduct research at various levels. The issue at hand however, is how does one go about conducting research that is acceptable to others that is well‑formed, and answers definitively any given question. With that in mind the purpose of this session is to explore the basic research methods for the simulation technician.

The learning objectives of this keynote are:

1. Acquire knowledge about basic research methods
2. Identify the core components conducting of research
3. Discuss possible topics for SimGHOSTS community research focus
4. Identify individuals in the community that can be used as resources for research

James will present basic research methods that everyone can apply, then begin a conversation about community focus and topics for future research. To wrap up the session the facilitator will invite a networking dialog to establish collaboration opportunities for designing, conducting, collecting, writing, and submitting well‑formed research.

About Level 3 Medical:

The medical division of Level 3 has been providing advanced multimedia solutions in minimally invasive surgical environments and simulation centers since 2007. This Phoenix based medical engineering group has pioneered designs in telehealth, live HD video distribution, recording, archiving, content management and media retrieval systems for medical universities, teaching hospitals and simulation labs. Level 3 Medical’s core competency is integrating the myriad of medical, simulation, broadcast and professional technology into a seamless, easy to use system or application. Our approach is to work directly with our clients to understand their use case and apply technology to improve efficiency, work flow, profitability and/or learning. Examples of our applications include; intraoperative surgical suites, digital O.R.’s, nursing simulation centers, procedure rooms, 3D visualization facilities, clinical AV networks, campus-wide central recording systems and video conferencing initiatives for collaboration and critical decision making.

Level 3 Medical was founded as a division of Level 3 Audio Visual who has been well established in the commercial industry since 1996. Level 3 AV had been working with a major medical university on their classroom presentation technology when they were presented with a challenge from the Dean of Anatomy. Level 3 AV was asked to design and build a cordless, wireless, mobile HD video cart for their anatomy lab. The Dean and his faculty had several uses in mind for this cart but Its main purpose was to capture high definition video from a student’s cadaver, transmit that video to an AV head end, store and meta-tag the captured video while simultaneously transmitting the video back out to twenty, high definition, LCD monitors dispersed around the lab as well as to a secondary lab located across the campus. A secondary purpose of this cart was for the creation of video text books that could be produced and stored online as an additional reference for the medical staff and students.

The creation and use of this cart was a major success for both Level 3 Medical as well as the University. Level 3 Medical realized they had just created one of, if not the first ever, high definition telemedicine carts and, for the University, use of this cart was shown to increase both test scores as well as enrollment.

Level 3 Medical is a customer focused group of medical engineers trained in the process of applying current technology to existing medical work spaces, medical training centers and simulation labs.

Visit the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Level 3 Medical Opening Keynote Address Page Wednesday morning to get the link!


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Last Chance to Register for Simulation Technology Training Event with $50 Off Code

simghosts logo

Join 175 other champions of simulation technology for the 4th Annual SimGHOSTS hands-on technical training event at the American College of Chest Physicians, August 5th-8th in Greater Chicago, IL! CHEST has recently opened their amazing new Innovation, Simulation and Training Center which will be host to this year’s USA event. 


Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity to receive beginner, intermediate and advanced training in a dynamic range of medical simulation technology operation courses including:

  • Manikin hardware repair & preventive maintenance (all major brands)
  • Manikin programming
  • A/V recording system design & build-out
  • IT infrastructure and debugging
  • Inventory control management systems
  • Trauma moulage
  • Video and audio production
  • Sim lab “DIY” innovations
  • Basic medical knowledge for non-healthcare techs
  • Sim center building development
  • Building your own task trainer
  • Professional simulation tech development workshops
  • Many many more…

american college of chest physicians

Download the Latest #SG14USA Brochure Here

Sim Techs from as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia have already booked their flights! Join them at fun networking events like the Opening Reception at PinStripes Bowling hosted by Platinum Sponsor Level 3 Medical. In the exhibit room, tour the latest technology from 15 of the world’s leading medical simulation vendors including B-Line Medical, Laerdal, Worldpoint, CAE Healthcare and Gaumard.

Use the Unique Discount Code “healthysim” to receive $50 off your late registration!

Learn more at the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Homepage!

One Week Left to Secure Early-Bird Rate for SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Sim Tech Training Event

sim tech training

SimGHOSTS have sent word that they have already crossed over the limited number of early-bird passes to the 2014 USA sim tech hands-on training — but the board of directors wanted to give Sim Techs out there who want to secure an additional $100 off the price of their registration one more chance to sign up early before tickets shift into full price.

Taking place August 5th – 8th at the American College of CHEST Physicians in outer Chicago, IL — over 100 Sim Techs from all around the world including Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, and Russia are already coming together to train one another and connect with their professional community. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to get the hands-on training you need to increase efficiency and realism in your medical simulation program!

Learn all about it at the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Homepage.

SimGHOSTS is the original, most affordable and only hands-on training event started and managed by Sim Techs. Looking to start or expand your operations of simulation technology? Dollar for dollar and day for day, your value cannot be met at any other event! Now an official 501(c)3, SimGHOSTS has been providing the much needed training and community support for those responsible for operating the day-to-day technical operations of medical simulation lab spaces since 2011. Thousands of Sim Techs from around the world have benefitted from this unique organization.

Did you know there are over 50 new Sim Tech specific courses at this year’s event? Courses include:

  • Audio Post-Production
  • Casting & Molding Task Trainers
  • Laerdal Hardware
  • B-Line Medical In-Situ AV
  • Inventory Management
  • Worldpoint Realistic Cut Suit
  • DIY Sim Project Build Forum & B-Line Medical Innovation Awards
  • Cinematography 101
  • Preventative Manikin Maintenance 101
  • Laerdal Advanced Simulator Care and Maintenance
  • Moulage Mastery ‑ Theatrical Trauma for the Advanced User
  • Healthcare Basics for Technical Folks
  • IT Networking for Sim 101
  • CAE Learning Space Introduction
  • Fabricating for the Sim Lab
  • Advanced Editing
  • Sim Tech Professional Development Workshops
  • Level 3 Medical Overview of a Sim Lab Build-Out
  • Much much more!

Come to SimGHOSTS to see the latest in medical simulation technology from fifteen of the world’s leading industry vendors!


Register TODAY for SimGHOSTS 2014 USA to secure your early-bird registration before its too late!

Supported Organization:

SimGHOSTS “Sim Tech Training 2014 Events” Update

simghosts 2014

SimGHOSTS just shared the latest updates regarding their 2014 events! There is limited time left to secure passes for the Australia event, and half of the early-bird passes for the USA event have already sold out. Since 2011 – SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, has provided thousands of Sim Techs from the around the world with the hands-on training events and online resources they need for professional and program development. Now recognized as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, SimGHOSTS continues to be the innovative leader for the growing numbers of Simulation Technicians with two events in 2014:

SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia:
(June 25-27th at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia)

  • Estimated attendance has been secured and thus Early-Bird Registrations have sold out! May discounts are still in effect so register today.
  • Attendees still have time to submit their “DIY Sim Lab Project Video” for the B-Line Medical Competition for their chance to win up to $1000 in prizes!
  • Sponsoring Vendors now include:
    • Platinum Sponsor: iSimulate
    • Gold Sponsor: B-Line Medical
    • Gold Sponsor: Clinical Skills Development Service
    • Silver Sponsor: Laerdal
    • Bronze Sponsor: Limbs & Things
    • Bronze Sponsor: Scientific Educational Supplies
  • Opening Reception details to be announced shortly

(August 5th-8th at the American College of Chest Physicians in Greater Chicago, IL)

  • Half of Early-Bird Registrations have already sold out. Hurry to secure your USA registration now!
  • Attendees still have time to submit their “Sim Lab How-To” Video for the B-Line Medical Competition for their chance to win up to $1000 in prizes!
  • Pocket Nurse Scholarship Winners Announced
  • Opening Reception to be held at PinStripes Bowling! Download the event brochure for more details.
  • Sponsoring Vendors now include:
    • Platinum & Opening Reception Sponsor: To Be Announced Shortly
    • Gold Sponsor: Laerdal
    • Gold Sponsor: B-Line Medical
    • Silver Sponsor: Worldpoint
    • Silver Sponsor: CAE Healthcare
    • Silver Sponsor: Gaumard Scientific
    • Bronze Sponsor: Limbs & Things
    • Bronze Sponsor: Simulab
    • Bronze Sponsor: Surgical Science
    • Bronze Sponsor: SimulationIQ
    • Bronze Sponsor: Medical Shipment
    • Bronze Sponsor: Cardionics
    • Bronze Sponsor: KBPort
    • Bronze Sponsor: Pocket Nurse
    • Bronze Sponsor: Otosim

2014 is certainly becoming the “Year of the Sim Tech” — Learn more at!

Sim Techs: Two Weeks Left to Apply for Pocket Nurse Scholarship to SimGHOSTS 2014 USA

simghosts scholarship

Pocket Nurse has been a long standing supporter of those operating healthcare simulation labs and the 501(c)3 non-profit organization SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists. To extend this support to simulation programs in need, Pocket Nurse has provided (2) $1500 scholarships to attend the SimGHOSTS 2014 event, taking place August 5th-8th at the new American College of Chest Physician’s new Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center. Sim Techs who would otherwise be unable to attend are encourage to apply!


“Pocket Nurse® ( is the world’s leading supplier of healthcare education products and a proud supporter of those operating medical simulation. This year, Pocket Nurse® continues its “Founding Sponsorship” of the SimGHOSTS meeting by providing $3000 in nontransferable scholarships to individuals/institutions in need. These scholarships are designed to support participation in the development and advancement of those operating a medical simulation lab through the payment of conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

Eligibility The Pocket Nurse ® Scholarships are open to all healthcare simulation technology specialists (“Sim Techs”), or individuals responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment of a medical simulation lab. Priority will be given to first time attendees who are currently employed at a not-for-profit simulation lab (part or fulltime), and those without significant financial support from their employer.”

Learn if you qualify, download the complete announcement guidelines and apply today at the
SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Pocket Nurse Scholarship Page!

4th Annual SimGHOSTS Sim Tech Training Symposium Opens Registration

simghosts accp just announced that registration has opened for their 4th annual SimGHOSTS 2014 USA event hosted by the American College of CHEST Physicians in Greater Chicago, IL. Taking place this August 5th-8th, SimGHOSTS has been called the innovative leader in medical simulation technology community and training opportunities. Whether you are just starting your operation of healthcare simulation technology or you have been fixing manikins for years, SimGHOSTS 2014 has almost 50 courses covering beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in a huge range of topics including:

  • Manikin Hardware Repair & Maintenance for Laerdal, Gaumard and CAE Healthcare products
  • Audio recording, mixing and publishing
  • Video cinematography and in-situ camera placement
  • Advanced Video editing for sim lab promotional and orientation videos
  • Building your own task trainers
  • Medical pharmacology, jargon and educator needs for sim techs without healthcare backgrounds
  • Manikin programming and control room reconfiguration with virtual firmware
  • Budget A/V systems including GoPros
  • Professional development workshops to help lead the simulation technology community
  • Inventory control systems & technology procurement techniques
  • Identifying Sim Tech challenges
  • Sim Lab DIY project innovations from around the world
  • SimGHOST TroubleShooting Competition
  • IT Networking workshops
  • Download the SG14 USA brochure for this and much much more!

The live-streamed Keynote Address will be provided by newly appointed SimGHOSTS Interim President James Cypert who will be speaking on basic research methods that Sim Techs can apply, then begin a conversation about community focus and topics for future research. The goal is to provide some of the basic tools, resources, and methods for providing evidence‑based practice for simulation technologists, ascertaining cogent research topics, and identifying collaborative opportunities, and establishing working relationships to achieve higher levels of dialog from the community.

The Laerdal Plenary address will be presented by Jane Nicklin and members of the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Guests from the United Kingdom will discuss an initiative that is the first in the UK and provides an opportunity to start an exciting career in one of Yorkshire and the Humber’s simulated healthcare learning environments. The goal of this apprenticeship will be to achieve nationally accepted qualifications that will be recognized by employers and support career progression in science and technical roles.

B-Line Medical will be hosting their famous Video Contest, with this year’s theme being best “How-To” video. Over $1000 in prizes will be given to SimGHOSTS attendees whose video helps other Sim Techs learn “how-to” increase efficiency or realism in their medical simulation labs.

Finally of great note here is the Pocket Nurse Scholarships due April 30th, which will provide (2) $1500 scholarships to Sim Techs in need to help cover the cost of attending the 2014 event!

Apparently last year 1/3rd of the available Early-Bird passes sold out on the first day, so SimGHOSTS recommends those that want to sign up for the limited advanced courses or secure the discounted rate be sure to register early!

Learn more at’s 2014 USA Event Page!

SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Registration Opens Next Week

sim tech training

“Secure Early-Bird Pricing While Supplies Last!”

SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists announced that next week they will be launching registration of their 4th annual hands-on training and community event. This year the world’s first and only organization dedicated specifically to those operating medical simulation technology is being hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians August 5th-8th, in their brand new simulation building in Greater Chicago Illinois. Event Director Ryan Eling told us “This year we are revolutionizing the event with new course structures, powerful new community sessions, and global community leadership opportunities like never before!”. SimGHOSTS has successfully supported thousands of Sim Techs from around the world and in 2014 is providing two community events in both Australia and the United States.

SimGHOSTS’ new Interim President James Cypert is rumored to provide the opening keynote address which will give the Healthcare Simulation Technology Community a strong perspective on what the technical group must begin to do in-order to gain more support and professional development inside and outside the clinical community.

What are the SimGHOSTS Learning Opportunities?

  • Meet with other Simulation Technicians and share best practices
  • Network and build long term industry relationships with peers and vendors
  • Receive specialized training in:
    • High-fidelity manikin hardware & software operation, maintenance and repair
    • Audiovisual production techniques and debugging
    • Learning Management System troubleshooting
    • IT networking
    • Team leadership and communication techniques
    • Manikin moulage and makeup
    • Basic medical terminology, physiology, pharmacology and the latest in healthcare education practices.
  • Discuss and develop professional community needs and standards.

Be sure to check all next week for the registration to launch as you don’t want to miss early-bird rates. Unlike other events, SimGHOSTS only provides a limited-supply of discounted passes to their three day training workshop symposium – and once those sell out registration will stay at full price!

Learn more about the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA event page here, or visit the SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia event page here if you are in the Asia-Pacific region!

SimGHOSTS Announces American College of CHEST Physicians as Host for 2014 USA event

american college of chest physicians

Ryan Eling, Event Director of SimGHOSTS, announced yesterday that the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) has been selected as the host of the 2014 SimGHOSTS USA event, to take place at their brand new Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center August 5th-8th in Chicago, Illinois! Ryan says about the 2014 event “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the exciting CHEST location for the USA 2014 hands-on training meeting, the state-of-the-art center, central location, and fun welcoming personality of Chicago looks to make this year the best yet!”

Submit your SimGHOSTS 2014 USA course proposal today!

Ed Dellert, senior vice president of clinical education, informatics and research at CHEST, shared: “The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), which became the first-ever medical association to earn SSH accreditation in 2013 for its clinical simulation program, is excited to host this premier event, serving as an essential connection for professionals who are advancing patient care through the use of simulation in health care. We look forward to sharing our brand new Innovation, Simulation, and Training Center with the diverse audience of attendees, who are at the leading edge in using simulation for education, testing, and research in health care.”

Learn more about CHEST at

sim tech training

SimGHOSTS stands for the Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists and is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing hands-on training, online resources, and community support for Sim Techs or those operating medical simulation technology. SimGHOSTS has held internationally attended events to provide community-driven and vendor technical training in:

  • Manikin Programming & Hardware Repair
  • A/V System Design, Integration and Consolidation
  • IT Networking & Debugging
  • Trauma & Suturing Moulage Makeup
  • Video Production & Editing Techniques
  • Team Communication & Leadership
  • Medical Pharmacology for Scenarios
  • Career Development & Staff Management
  • Much much more!

Now operating in its fourth year, SimGHOSTS continues to expand by offering both a US-based and for the first time, an Australian-based event in June of 2014 at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland!

Learn more about these hands-on training events and online resources for Sim Techs by visiting SimGHOSTS.Org!