Australia’s HETI Provides Education and Training Requirements for Simulation Professionals Report

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Last week we reported on the amazing Simulation Based Education Report produced by Australia’s Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) which is available as a free download on their website. Simulation Program Lead Chris Moore tweeted a reminder that also available for download was another useful report on the Education & Training Requirements for Simulation Professionals.

heti simulation training requirements report

About the Education & Training Requirements for Simulation Professionals Report:

The NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) aims to support effective and targeted use of simulation based educational methodologies and technologies to support a capable workforce delivering excellent patient care. In partnership with the Federal Department of Health, HETI is responsible for implementing Schedule 4 of a Multi-Schedule Funding Agreement – Simulated Learning Environments. This report aims to respond to Key Performance Indicator 1.1 of the Agreement ‘… develop and implement a process for identifying, and reporting, priority education and training requirements for simulation educators.’

This report sets out priorities derived from an online survey of simulation professionals. The priority areas identified will inform simulation based education and training developed and delivered by HETI. It is also hoped this report will be used by education and health providers to inform local simulation based education activities. This report can be read in conjunction with ‘Simulation based education: Professional entry student education and training’.

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About HETI & Simulation:

Simulation is an important and effective education modality in HETI’s approach to training NSW health professionals. HETI supports a wide variety of simulation based educational methodologies and technologies – from specialised simulation centres to actor based learning – to support a capable workforce delivering excellent patient care.

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) undertakes a core role in supporting the NSW Health system in its education and training requirements. HETI’s vision is for A world class NSW Health Workforce supporting excellent patient care. Working closely with local health districts (LHDs), specialty health networks (SNs), other public health organisations and health education and training providers HETI ensures education and training across the system: – supports safe, high quality, multi-disciplinary, team based, patient centred care – meets service delivery needs and operational requirements – enhances workforce skills, flexibility and productivity. HETI has an inclusive approach to education and training. The application in practice means education and training provided is cross-sectorial, inter-professional and fully utilises a range of education methodologies and technologies.

Download the Education and Training Requirements for Simulation Professionals Report from the HETI Simulation Page today!

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HETI Australia Shares Comprehensive ‘Simulation Based Education’ Report

heti australia

Simulation Champion Kirrian Steer wrote in this weekend to share a recent Report entitled produced by Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) and Health Workforce Australia entitled “Simulation Based Education: Professional Entry Student Education and Training”. This 40 page report details the benefits, applications and reasons behind simulation which finishes with a showcase of multiple simulation sites already successfully integrating the technology and methodology. I highly recommend you read, download, and share this report and learn more about HETI today!

About HETI:

HETI supports and promotes coordinated education and training across NSW Health. We work to ensure that world-class education and training resources are available to support the full range of roles across the public health system including patient care, administration and support services. HETI’s mission is to pursue excellence in health education and training and workforce capability to improve the health of patients and the working lives of NSW Health staff.

HETI undertakes work in the following areas through programs, courses and initiatives:

  • Medical
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Allied Health
  • Rural and Remote
  • Leadership
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Online Learning
  • Simulation
  • Statewide Programs

About the Report:

This report highlights the key reasons to use simulation in student education and training and explores the most effective use of simulation in student curricula. It is intended to be a useful resource for simulation professionals wanting to optimise their work with students and to people involved in designing and delivering student curricula to identify new areas where simulation can be used to enhance education and training.

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A variety of sources were used to inform the report, including:

  • An evidence review facilitated by the Sax Institute for HETI titled ‘Simulated Learning Technologies in Undergraduate Curricula: An Evidence Check Review for HETI’ (The Review)
  • The HETI Simulation Priorities Report Reference Group
  • Consultations with simulation providers across NSW
  • HETI’s Simulation Priorities and Operational Plan 2014-2015.
  • HETI’s report on the ‘Education and Training Requirements for Simulation Professionals in NSW – Priorities identified from a survey of simulation professionals’ (2014 in press).

heti simulation report

HETI’s Summary of key findings:

  • Simulation is currently most often used in student education to:
    • support learning of commonly performed skills and procedures
    • manage acutely ill (and deteriorating) patients
    • orientate students to practices on clinical placements and for entry to registered practice • assess skills
  • The application of simulation based education varies considerably between professions and educational institutions.
  • Simulation includes a wide variety of educational techniques that are used throughout health education and training.
  • Why use simulation in student education?
    • There are many reasons to use simulation in student education including ethical imperatives, the potential to help address training system capacity issues and changes in the health system.
    • Simulation leads to clinical skills acquisition and retention when ongoing practice is offered and these skills are able to be transferred to clinical settings. There is moderate evidence which shows simulation can lead to learning faster when compared with other methods and that it is effective when used in conjunction with other methods.
    • There is moderate evidence that patient safety, knowledge, attitudes and skills are improved or enhanced by a range of simulation modalities when integrated in curricula for medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry.
  • What is the most effective way to use simulation in student education and training?
    Simulation in student education should be used to:

    • Address core graduate outcomes
    • Support the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards
    • There are several factors that those involved in student education should consider including:
      • the best environment for simulation based education
      • the most suitable modalities, tools and resources
      • program design
      • organisational considerations

Download the full Simulation Based Education Report off the HETI Simulation website today!

2015 Australia and USA Event Locations Announced for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Training & Community Events

simghosts logo

Looking for the best in simulation technology training and community support? Well mark your 2015 calendars because the world’s leading organization for those operating simulation technology just announced its 2015 event schedule! SimGHOSTS will be at the Clinical Skills Development Service late June and Cedar-Sinai for USA in August! Year after year this technology-centered event grows in attendance by both operational staff and leading industry vendors. Now celebrating its 5th year, SimGHOSTS has firmly established itself as the premiere organization for healthcare simulation technical conversations! Watch the video testimonials from SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia which was just published:

What is SimGHOSTS?

SimGHOSTS, aka the Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing hands-on training, online resources, and community support for Sim Techs or those operating medical simulation technology. SimGHOSTS has held internationally attended events to provide community-driven and vendor technical training.

Now operating in its fifth year, SimGHOSTS continues its expanded mission offering yet again both a US-based and Australian-based events in 2015!

5th Annual SimGHOSTS USA Event Save the Date:

cedars-sinai hosts simghosts

Los Angeles, California

August 4-7th

Presentation Proposal Submission: Launches December 1st, Ends March 1st

Registration Opens Earlier this year: March 16th

About the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild Simulation Center for Advanced Clinical Skills: The Women’s Guild Simulation Center for Advanced Clinical Skills is an immersive environment equipped with the latest in human patient simulators and medical devices. The center replicates the reality of professionals working together performing different roles and navigating the latest technology within our system. Multi-professional clinical skills development, teamwork, improving communication and, ultimately, patient safety are at the heart of the center’s ethos. This proactive approach – training in teams, communicating in teams and solving problems in teams – helps Cedars-Sinai provide the best possible care to patients and provides staff with the latest in educational technology.

The new Simulation Center is the ultimate training environment — one where surgeons, physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals can master advanced skills. By constantly improving the skills of clinical staff, Women’s Guild is providing a resource that benefits every department at Cedars-Sinai and the patients they serve.

SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia 2nd Annual Event:

csds hosts simghosts 2015 australia

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Brisbane, Queensland

June 23rd-26th, 2015

Presentation Submission: Now Open until January 31st. Visit the SG15AUS Abstract submission page here.

Event Registration Opens February 9th

For the past four years, SimGHOSTS has continued to see increased attendance by the international community of Simulation Technology Specialists or those who operate healthcare simulation technology at the annual hands-on training events. With a mission to connect the world’s growing population of simulation technology professionals together, the non profit organization’s leadership has continued to engage in relationship building with organizations inside and outside the United States.  After a successful inaugural Australian event in 2014 and several strong partnerships built with healthcare simulation leaders in the country, SimGHOSTS 2015: Australia will be an exciting second chapter for our organization!

SimGHOSTS, or The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is bringing its successful hands-on training event for those operating simulation technology and labs in Australia this June 2015! Join us at The Clinical Skills Development Service at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital this June 23rd – 26th to take part in manikin programming, hardware repair, A/V System debugging, medical pharmacology, IT infrastructure building, community development and much much more!

About the CSDS:

The Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is the one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare simulation. We deliver education and training to Queensland Health staff and external healthcare providers at the Skills Development Centre and state-wide. We aim to achieve the best outcomes for patients, educators, and clinicians in Queensland through seven core functions.

Annually, the SDC now supports the training to tens of thousands clinicians and students. This training is being matched by the work of Skills Centres and Pocket Simulation Centres that the CSDS supports through the training of Faculty and Simulation Coordinators, provision of curriculum resources, and the distribution and maintenance of simulator equipment across the state. An investment in research and ongoing commitment to improving services for simulation education providers will continue to enable simulation to enhance the education of clinicians, improve clinical service delivery, and contribute to better clinical outcomes for patients.

SimGHOSTS 2015 events will provide hands-on training workshops, special pre-symposium courses and podium presentations in:

  • Manikin Programming & Hardware Repair
  • A/V System Design, Integration and Consolidation
  • IT Networking & Debugging
  • Trauma & Suturing Moulage Makeup
  • Video Production & Editing Techniques
  • Team Communication & Leadership
  • Medical Pharmacology for Scenarios
  • Career Development & Staff Management
  • Much much more!

Who Should Attend This Event?

Anyone responsible for the technical operation of a medical simulation lab including full-time or part-time Sim Techs, or clinical educators tasked with operating the day-to-day of simulation spaces. As well, anyone evaluating medical-simulation based technology should strongly consider attending as most major industry vendors are encouraged to attend.

Other meetings are better suited for clinical educators specifically looking to learn how to teach with medical simulation.

Learn more about the SimGHOSTS 2015 Australia Event and the USA Event!

Featured Partner:

Australia’s Clinical Skills Development Service Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Earlier this week The Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) celebrated 10 years of providing healthcare simulation training throughout Queensland, Australia. The Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare simulation. We deliver education and training to Queensland Health staff and external healthcare providers at the Skills Development Centre and state-wide. The focus of our education and training is on clinical skills, communication, and crisis management, delivered via eLearning and face-to-face simulation. Based at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital campus, our centre covers over 3500m², with 26 session rooms, laboratories, and a fully functional operating theatre and hospital ward. As part of the celebrations, CSDS held an open day at the Skills Development Centre located on the RBWH campus which shared simulation experiences, Pocket Simulation Centre Showcases, Timeline displays and immersive scenarios!

One of the genius models the CSDS has implemented is their “hub-and-spoke” model of equipment utilization:

CSDS provides a large range of support services to Pocket Simulation Centres and Skills Centres to improve state-wide simulation education access across Queensland, using a hub- and-spoke model.

The hub–and-spoke model consists of the Brisbane Skills Development Centre (hub) linking to the other Queensland Skills Centres and Pocket Simulation Centres, providing in situ training within Hospital and Health Services across Queensland.

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The services and tools provided include:

  • setting up and maintaining audiovisual equipment
  • providing access to a large pool of simulation equipment
  • access to an online curriculum and resource sharing database
  • accreditation tools that provides a quality framework for simulation education sites.

Learn more about this model and the CSDS through the Free-To-Watch Plenary Session Address provided by CSDS Director Dylan Campher recorded at SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia at the University of the Sunshine Coast!

More information on the CSDS 10 year celebration can also be accessed via the CSDS Homepage!

First SimGHOSTS Australia Sim Tech Training Meeting A Huge Success!

simghosts kangaroo

Wednesday morning in Sippy Downs, Queensland at 7AM AEST (UTC+10), over 105 Simulation Technicians from around the world came together at SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia to engage in two full days of hands-on training, technical community networking and exhibit hall demonstrations from leading medical simulation industry partners. 130 participants came from as far away as Singapore, Canada, as well as of course from all over Australia and New Zealand. Located about an hour north of Brisbane, Australia – the meeting has taken over two years to plan and was primarily organized by SimGHOSTS Founder and Executive Director Lance Baily, SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling, and USC School of Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professor Dr. Patrea Anderson. This new opportunity would not have been possible without the amazing efforts of Dr. Patrea Andersen who has been connecting over skype with Lance and Ryan during the past two years to help put together Australia’s first technical training meeting for simulation operators!

SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is a US-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization which began at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas and has since connected thousands of simulation champions from around the world with annual events, online community resources and professional development support.

This morning’s introduction will begin with a “Welcome to Country” from a local tribe representative, which was followed by introductions to the Vice Chancellor Professor Greg Hill to the University of the Sunshine Coast. Lance Baily then thanked Professor John Bartlett and Head of School Margaret Barns for their support of Simulation Technology operators and SimGHOSTS, before thanking the SimGHOSTS board of directors and six participating vendors.

Leading industry vendors iSimulate, B-Line Medical, the Clinical Skills Development Service, Laerdal, Limbs & Things, and Scientific Educational Supplies sponsored this first Australian meeting specific for Simulation Technology Specialists. More than 40 courses will be presented over the next two days from SimGHOSTS board members, USC simulation staff, international simulation champions, and vendor technical instructors.

The keynote address is being provided by iSimulate co-founder Anthony Lewis BSc PhD MB BCh FRCA FANZCA who is a specialist in Anesthesia and Retrieval Medicine at St George Hospital and Greater Sydney Area HEMS in Sydney. In this keynote, the audience will learn why and how two medical educators decided to challenge a simulation philosophy that “ever more” technologically advanced manikins are better. Instead, they took the cumbersome technology out of the manikin and placed it into an user-friendly iPad. Started in Australia, iSimulate’s ideas have progressed to become a company whose products are used across the world.  The Opening Ceremonies start at 7:15AM AEST, with the keynote address beginning at 7:50AM AEST. The recorded livestream will be made available in the near future.

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The afternoon Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) plenary address was provided by Director of Simulation and Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation Dylan Campher.  This presentation explored how the CSDS distributed simulation model works. As a service the program manages partnership agreements with 45 Pocket Simulation Centres scattered throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Over the past 14 years, Dylan has contributed to healthcare as a clinician, educator, program manager and executive. Dylan’s experience in simulation and education includes: operation, delivery, development, assessment and evaluation of simulation and on-line programs. Dylan has presented both nationally and internationally on a diverse range of simulation topics. Dylan is also the co-author of the book – Medical Crisis Management, Improving Performance Under Pressure and is also the lead assessor and co-author of the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation. Learn more about the CSDS plenary session here.

Today B-Line Medical will award prizes for innovation to attending Sim Techs who created “DIY” Videos which showcased projects built to increase realism or efficiency in simulation labs. Projects submitted include pitted edema leg moulage, cyst moulage, magnetic defib pads, teleconference systems, and more.  Sandy Yin of B-Line Medical said of this community event, “Simulation Technicians are the backbone of any program, from troubleshooting simulator equipment to maintaining networks and fielding interesting end user requests. But when sim techs do their jobs well, they’re invisible! We see you, sim techs of the world. We see you even when you’re under a pile of cables, or covered in fake blood!”. You can watch the amazing DIY Video Projects here.

simghosts australia

Follow the latest with the @SimGHOSTS Twitter account, hashtag #SG14AUS and on the main homepage.

B-Line Medical “DIY Sim Lab Project” Video Contest Highlights Innovation for SimGHOSTS Australia

b-line medical

Ten SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia participants have submitted “DIY Projects” that increased lab efficiency or realism to the B-Line Medical Video Contest. You can visit the contest page and watch all the submitted DIY projects so that you too can learn how to increase realism and efficiency in your medical simulation program. Up to $1000 in prizes are being offered this year, including an iPad Air and GoPro 3, to be given away by B-Line Medical’s Sandy Yin — who had this to say about Sim Techs and SimGHOSTS:

“Simulation Technicians are the backbone of any program, from troubleshooting simulator equipment to maintaining networks and fielding interesting end user requests. But when sim techs do their jobs well, they’re invisible! We see you, sim techs of the world. We see you even when you’re under a pile of cables, or covered in fake blood.” – Sandy Yin, Marketing Strategist @ B-Line Medical

Videos will not be judged on production quality as much as ability to demonstrate and teach others how they can duplicate these DIY project in their own sim labs! Check out this entry by Suzy O’Brien from the University of the Sunshine Coast on “BGL – Simulated Blood and Hand”:

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About B-Line: B‑Line Medical makes software that helps healthcare professionals and educators improve the delivery of healthcare. Focused on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of medical training and clinical events, B‑Line Medical specializes in the delivery of robust, yet easy-to-use web-based solutions. Our software has helped over 300 top hospitals, medical schools, and nursing programs in 12 countries operate and manage their training and QI programs more effectively. Learn more at

Learn more at the SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia B-Line Medical DIY Contest Page!

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SimGHOSTS “Sim Tech Training 2014 Events” Update

simghosts 2014

SimGHOSTS just shared the latest updates regarding their 2014 events! There is limited time left to secure passes for the Australia event, and half of the early-bird passes for the USA event have already sold out. Since 2011 – SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, has provided thousands of Sim Techs from the around the world with the hands-on training events and online resources they need for professional and program development. Now recognized as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, SimGHOSTS continues to be the innovative leader for the growing numbers of Simulation Technicians with two events in 2014:

SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia:
(June 25-27th at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia)

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  • Estimated attendance has been secured and thus Early-Bird Registrations have sold out! May discounts are still in effect so register today.
  • Attendees still have time to submit their “DIY Sim Lab Project Video” for the B-Line Medical Competition for their chance to win up to $1000 in prizes!
  • Sponsoring Vendors now include:
    • Platinum Sponsor: iSimulate
    • Gold Sponsor: B-Line Medical
    • Gold Sponsor: Clinical Skills Development Service
    • Silver Sponsor: Laerdal
    • Bronze Sponsor: Limbs & Things
    • Bronze Sponsor: Scientific Educational Supplies
  • Opening Reception details to be announced shortly

(August 5th-8th at the American College of Chest Physicians in Greater Chicago, IL)

  • Half of Early-Bird Registrations have already sold out. Hurry to secure your USA registration now!
  • Attendees still have time to submit their “Sim Lab How-To” Video for the B-Line Medical Competition for their chance to win up to $1000 in prizes!
  • Pocket Nurse Scholarship Winners Announced
  • Opening Reception to be held at PinStripes Bowling! Download the event brochure for more details.
  • Sponsoring Vendors now include:
    • Platinum & Opening Reception Sponsor: To Be Announced Shortly
    • Gold Sponsor: Laerdal
    • Gold Sponsor: B-Line Medical
    • Silver Sponsor: Worldpoint
    • Silver Sponsor: CAE Healthcare
    • Silver Sponsor: Gaumard Scientific
    • Bronze Sponsor: Limbs & Things
    • Bronze Sponsor: Simulab
    • Bronze Sponsor: Surgical Science
    • Bronze Sponsor: SimulationIQ
    • Bronze Sponsor: Medical Shipment
    • Bronze Sponsor: Cardionics
    • Bronze Sponsor: KBPort
    • Bronze Sponsor: Pocket Nurse
    • Bronze Sponsor: Otosim

2014 is certainly becoming the “Year of the Sim Tech” — Learn more at!

Australia Sim Tech Training Event ‘SimGHOSTS’ Opens Registration

simghosts logo

Yesterday, online registration opened for SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists – which is taking place June 25th-27th at the University of The Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane in Queensland Australia. Now operating in its fourth year, has launched its first overseas event to better support Sim Techs in Australia and Asia. Over 30 courses have been selected from community members and vendor technical staff including topics such as manikin programming, hardware repair, A/V System debugging, medical pharmacology, IT infrastructure building, community development and more. SimGHOSTS will be continuing its annual USA meeting, which is taking place at the American College of Chest Physicians August 5th-8th.

Click here to download the most-up-to-date SG14-Australia Brochure

SG14-AUS Event Highlights Include:

  • Opening Keynote Address by iSimulate on “Mobile Simulation Technology”
  • Beginner and Advanced IT integration and installations
  • In-Situ Camera Placement and Video Production Shooting and Editing courses
  • Full day Trauma Moulage pre-con and two-hour training sessions with Australian Company TraumaSim
  • Medical courses from Doctors and Nurses for sim techs with technical-backgrounds
  • Teaching acting students for scenario roles to increase simulation fidelity
  • Operational management courses including “How to Increase Technical staff”, “How to run a Sim Center off-hours”, and “Expanding Your Sim Program”
  • DIY Projects and Innovation Awards with B-Line Medical
  • Lab design and equipment sourcing / procurement techniques.
  • Hands-on manikin hardware training with Laerdal products for every attendee!
  • And many more!

simghosts 2014 flyer

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Important to note is that there are only a LIMITED amount of  “early-bird” registration passes for $397 USD. Once these passes are sold then the registration will jump to $525 USD — so be sure to buy your conference pass today!

Register Now For SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia

Want to learn what SimGHOSTS is all about? Check out the SimGHOSTS 2013 Meeting Recap page to see what went down — and watch the 2013 testimonials video below to see why the World’s first meeting for Sim Techs is the BEST place to connect with the growing international professional community! Of course, you can visit to see the latest!

Sim Tech Training Event Coming to Australia in 2014

simghosts australia

SimGHOSTS, which stands for The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is expanding its annual hands-on training meeting for Sim Techs by launching a second event in Australia next year! While the non-profit organization is still selecting a USA-host for next year’s ongoing meeting, today they announced a 2nd meeting to take place at the University of the Sunshine Coast in the Queensland region of Australia.

university of sunshine coast simghosts 2014

As the founder of this non-profit organization I have been thrilled to create support almost 1,000 simulation technology specialist champions over the past three years. Witnessing the continued presence of Sim Techs from Australia at the SimGHOSTS event, I knew we had to start to connect the growing international community of simulation technology specialists by providing the same desperately needed support to champions “down under”.

This event will be an opportunity for simulation professionals to come and learn from simulation technology leaders and leading industry vendors. There will be hands-on workshops, pre-conference courses and podium presentations covering a variety of topics, including: Moulage, Audiovisual technology, Simulator programming, Hardware maintenance and configuration, Information technology, Basic medical training and much more.

SimGHOSTS 2013 Testimonials:

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Interested in being a leader at SG14-AUS? You can already submit a presentation proposal to SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia! The community has even put together a list of nifty courses they would like to see at SimGHOSTS!

simghosts australia

Visit the new SimGHOSTS 2014 Australia page to learn more!

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iSimulate ALSi Patient Vitals iPad Software

Vital sign monitor

iSimulate unveiled their new product software for the iPad called ALSi, which allows for patient vital sign presentation. Promising to turn any low-fidelty task trainer into a higher-fidelity engagement is what iSimulate is all about. The ASLi application can also be used on any standardized patient or other live-patient confederate actor to present your learners with real-time simulated vital signs.

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iSimulate, an Australian based company, operates a unique business model where your institution signs up for an annual membership fee which then provides you access to all of their simulation products.

To learn more about purchasing the iSimulate as well as the benefits of software membership, visit the website today!