iSimulate Launches REALITi at IMSH 2017 – HealthySim Video Interview Series

isimulate realiti

Launching our this year’s annual video interview series from the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare today we’re sharing our interview with iSimulate, who showcased their upcoming video recording system REALITi! There will be plenty of IMSH Trade Show floor interviews coming out over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our free simulation newsletter to catch them all!

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REALITi is a new simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing in a single system. REALITi launches May 4th and provides live stream wireless video, integrated live voting, dynamic 12 Lead ECG, mimicked proprietary monitors and defibrillators (like ZOLL), and a system that can grow and adapt with your simulation needs. REALITi was one of HealthySim’s “Top Fav” Products of IMSH 2017 so its definitely worth checking out!

Learn more at the iSimulate REALITi webpage!

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SimView “A/V Capturing” from Laerdal & HealthStream

laerdal simview

SimView was released by SimVentures, a joint HealthStream & Laerdal project*, earlier this year at IMSH 2012, alongside the new SimPad, which continues their line of “SimCenter” based products and services.  Replacing the very-much-out-of-date Debrief Viewer “AVS” desktop, the new SimView release brings Laerdal back into the market for medical simulation debriefing systems. I had a chance to talk on camera with Jeff from Laerdal and learn more about the new SimView audiovisual capture and management hardware & software packages. (*Edit: 1/15/13 – SimView is co-developed & co-owned by both Laerdal & HealthStream.)

What immediately caught my attention about SimView was the Hi-Definition (HD) capability of this new a/v system.  At this time, only a handful of other products on the market support HD capture and playback.  HD has about 5x the resolution of standard definition digital recording platforms and so you really are getting a lot higher quality images with an HD based system. While the bandwidth necessary to operate a system will need to be much larger (and thus cost more for higher network and storage capabilities) the reality is that very soon standard definition will no longer exist as a visual medium, and so moving towards an HD-based system now will save your simulation program a lot of headache in the decade to come.  So again for quality and longevity and if you can afford it, I highly recommend looking into HD based a/v systems for your current and future medical simulation labs. The SimVentures Simview control system…

*NEW* Sim Center Video Tour of the Week: NorQuest College

Each week I will post a video about a Sim Center from around the world.  I think videos are a great way to learn about other programs (or promote your own).  If you haven’t already, check out my 2-part series on how to create your own Sim Lab Videos.

This weeks video comes from NorQuest College in Alberta Canada. Even though they spell “Centre” funny, looks like the have a great Sim Lab!

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