Active Shooter Moulage Training Program and Kits Now Available from MoulageConcepts + Upcoming Training Dates

active shooter moulage training program kit

Our great friends at MoulageConcepts recently launched a new active shooter training program along with specialized moulage build kit. MoulageConcepts founder Bobbie Merica is a world renown expert in healthcare simulation resources, and has written the most comprehensive moulage recipe book on the market… read our review of her book Medical Moulage here!

Upcoming Moulage Trainings:

  • Medical – Trauma Moulage Workshop Fayette MO. June 8-9, 2017
  • All Hazards/Medical Moulage Workshop Nokesville VA. May 18-19, 2017
  • All Hazards Trauma Moulage Workshop Pomona CA. June 29, 2017
  • All Hazards/Medical Moulage Workshop Folsom CA. July 20-21, 2017

More than just a moulage company, MoulageConcepts provides interactive training workshops are designed to enhance realism, scenario staging, and hazard identification. This intensive, hands-on, 16-hour workshop is regularly presented in a multi-level learner approach including:

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced moulage development
  • Scenario Staging
  • Sensory Engagement
  • Core STEPS and Technique
  • Accessory Moulage & Layering
  • Wound Customization
  • Time and Budget Saving Options

These two-day workshops are developed to save you time and money upfront, exceeding your training needs, wound for wound, as an industry standard.

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Active Shooter Program and Moulage Kit

As the industry leader, MoulageConcepts understands the complexities of creating interactive training that meet your safety-preparedness needs. With an extensive knowledge of moulage wound development and scenario staging, Moulage Concepts provides a unique combination of simulation expertise to strengthen training performance, participant retention, and risk reduction. Working with both simulator and standardized patients, they provide measurable training options to meet your industry requirements.

The Active Shooter/Mass Casualty (AS/MCI) Moulage & Training Kit was developed to assist you in preparing for Active Shooter Incident Response. Including moulage specific to wound identification and treatment, this multi-training kit enables team practice of rapid assessment, airway management, and hemorrhagic response- with focused training realism and incident standardization. Utilizing interactive wounds that are quick, cost effective and most importantly, convincing- MoulageConcepts provides the visual and olfactory realism required in developing an effective Emergency Operations Response with multi-skin tones.


Learn more about these workshops, programs and kits on the MoulageConcepts website!

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ITTS Provides Realistic Medical Training Services & Products For Military Austere Environments


Retired US Air Force PJ TSgt Keary Miller from Innovative Tactical Training Solutions (ITTS) let me know their 2014 product demo video is now available – and what an awesome video it is! ITTS provides realistic medical simulation products and training services for those engaging in military austere environments. Products available include the Tactical Operations Medical Manikin (TOM), an HH-60 Helicopter CasEvan Ground-based Mobile Simulator, Sensory Control units to manipulate the environment, extrication and armor vehicle hatch devices. You may remember Keary from my video of the TOM Manikin product breakdown, which was shot in the Las Vegas desert – his is an amazing story of heroism as a para-rescue in Afghanistan.

With everything from simulated guns, smoke, helicopters, bleeding trauma manikins and leading retired military experts, ITTS is one of the leaders in this space by far.

About ITTS From Their Website: Innovative Tactical Training Solutions (ITTS) began in 2008. Our mission was to develop and produce realistic training tools that would provide the realism demanded by the military and emergency medical domains. In addition to the realism, we knew that true training tools needed to be a complement to training exercises, not a piece that demanded time and attention. Training sessions are effective, both in cost and in educational value, when they can be repeated with minimal interruption – they must serve the greatest number for the greatest amount of time. 

ITTS specializes in the design and development of effective tactical training simulation equipment for military, law enforcement, and medical organizations. Our primary consideration is to create products with such attention to detail that they add unparalleled realism in creating care under fire, direct threat, active shooters and stressful training scenarios. As an extension of our commitment to enhancing the training environment, ITTS also offers classroom setting instruction, trauma lanes and field training that will allow you to take full advantage of your ITTS product, but also reinforce combat scenario technique.



itts training

ITTS Classroom Training & Product Opportunities

  • Simulation Training
  • Full Mission Profile Scenario
  • Care Under Fire, Direct Threat, Active Shooter, MASCAL scenario and trauma lanes
  • 2-Day Law Enforcement Trauma Training Course
  • TOM Manikin Services & Rental & Purchase
  • Tamikin Services & Rental & Purchase
  • Techline Wearable Wounds
  • CASEVAC Rental
  • Propane Simulators: Blast Simulator & Machine Gun Simulator Rental & Purchase
  • ITTS Simulation Packages

Learn more at the ITTS website!