Top 51 Medical Simulation Posts of 2016!

top 51 healthcare simulation

The most read medical simulation articles of 2016. Happy New Years Medical Simulation Champions! Today, as we have every year since launching in 2010 we are sharing the most read healthcare simulation posts of the past year. Did you know that since 2010 HealthySim has provided almost 1,000,000 article displays to more than 350,000 website visitors? Thank you for your continued support of this FREE medical simulation resource website!

Related to the General Use Simulation Across:

51. OSF HealthCare Partners with NIH and AHA to Create Online Medical Journal for 3D Hearts

50. Virtual and Augmented Reality Market To Reach $162 billion by 2020

49. Aviation’s Black Boxes Are Coming to Healthcare Training

48. Iqarus Provides Fully Immersive Live Action Combat Medicine Training Center in UK

47. Do Checklists Change Human Behaviors? Thoughts from Medical Lawyer Dr. Argy

46. You Won’t Believe the Future Tech of Healthcare Education

45. Vet Students Train with Simulators in New Lab at Cornell University

44. Toyota Utilizes VR to Showcase the Future of Driving Simulation

43. NASA Mars Mission Crew Emerges From Yearlong Simulation In Hawaii

News Stories Related to the Industry of Healthcare Simulation:

42. Tonight! Jeopardy Game Show to Feature Healthcare Simulation

41. Delta College Performs 6 Hour Trauma Simulation Scenario with Local Authories

40. UK TV Shows How CAE Healthcare Manikins ‘METIman’ are Made!

39. TEDx Talk: Simulation Necessary To Prepare for Birthing Emergencies

38. Homeland Security Simulation Center Offers Realistic Training for Disaster Preparedness

37. University of South Alabama Healthcare Simulation Program Covered by Local News

36. U.S. Army Awards Portion of $135M Medical Simulation Contract to ECS

35. Plymouth University Pennisula Offers Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Simulation & Pt Safety

34. The Newest Medical Simulation Center Designs May Surprise You!

33. Lance Baily To Support the Launch of New Preterm Simulator from SimCharacters

Society and Organizational Updates:

32. INSPIRE Provides Support to Healthcare Simulation Pediatric Researchers

31. 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare Launches in Singapore

30. 2-Hour Laerdal SimMan 3G Programming Course Now Available Through SimGHOSTS

29. California Simulation Alliance Workshops and Conference in October

28. Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare Updates

27. SimGHOSTS USA 2016 Opens at Jump Trading Simulation Center Sponsored by SimulationIQ

Vendor and Simulator Related Articles:

26. Cardionics Provides SimScope Auscultation Simulator for Real-Time Standardized Patient Learning

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25. Laerdal’s SimMom Receives Non-Gravid Abdominal Skin Product Update

24. SimMon iTunes Patient Monitor Vital Sign Simulator App

23. Simulation Champion Provides Laerdal SimMan Ankle Fix

22. Southern California Simulation Collaborative Hosts TeleHealth Robotics and Laerdal Mini-SUN

21. Debrief2Learn Aims to Improve Healthcare Outcomes with Effective Debriefing Practices

20. CAE Healthcare Shares Patient Safety Foundation Info Graphic

19. Polhemus Brings Micro Sensor Motion Tracking to Healthcare Simulation

18. Beyond Debriefing – Studiocode from Vosaic Enables for High Level Research Studies for Healthcare Simulation

17. WISER Provides Simulation Courses For All Staff Positions

General Advice for Healthcare Simulation Programs:

16. Online Leadership in Simulation Instruction and Management Graduate Certificate Program from RMU

15. Teaching Patient Handoffs to Medical Students in OB/GYN: Simulation Curriculum and Assessment Tool

14. Why You & Your Simulation Program Should Avoid Flying United Airlines

Healthcare Simulation Program Administration:

13. 7 Steps to Achieving Record Growth For Your Healthcare Simulation Program

12. The Language of Sales – How to Increase Your Simulation Budget

11. 3 Key Resources to Expand Your Simulation Program

Top 10 Medical Simulation Posts of 2016:

10. SimCharacters Celebrates #WorldPrematurityDay With Launch of Paul, The World’s First High Emotion Simulator

9. Where to get Free Medical Simulation Scenarios

8. Top 9 Most Read Healthcare Simulation Articles from Summer 2016

7. Complete Administrator’s Guide To Healthcare Simulation ‘HealthySimAdmin’ Program Series Now Available for Free!

6. Supporting Transitions in Medical Career Pathways: the Role of Simulation-Based Education

5. Updates from SimGHOSTS, The Leaders in Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Support

5. Media Covers May BMJ Article: “Medical Error 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S.” – Call for New Hashtag #SimToZero!

4. The Must-Own Healthcare Simulation Library *Updated for 2016

3. Medical Simulation Jobs Page

2. Top 11 Healthcare Simulation Articles of 2015 from the Top 51 Medical Simulation Articles of 2015.

1. Is This The Most Beautiful Healthcare Simulation Center in the World? You’ll never guess where one of the most beautiful healthcare simulation centers in the world is located!

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Top 9 Most Read Healthcare Simulation Articles from Summer 2016

top 9 medical simulation articles 2016

Sim Champs do you subscribe to our free monthly healthcare simulation email newsletter? If so you may have seen these awesome articles which are the Top 9 most read medical simulation from Summer 2016! We’re highlighting the ones that have read, shared, and clicked the most so far — as we are sure they will bring increased adoption and utilization of simulation to your healthcare education program!

  1. University of San Francisco Now Offering Master of Science in Healthcare Simulation Online

  2. Simulation in Healthcare Journal — June 2016 Article List

  3. SimGHOSTS USA 2016 Opens at Jump Trading Simulation Center Sponsored by SimulationIQ

  4. Supporting Transitions in Medical Career Pathways: the Role of Simulation-Based Education

  5. Do Checklists Change Human Behaviors? Thoughts from Medical Lawyer Dr. Argy

  6. Laerdal Asks Simulation Experts “Is Simulation Just About the Simulator?” and More…

  7. TEDx Talk: Simulation Necessary To Prepare for Birthing Emergencies

  8. Media Covers May BMJ Article: “Medical Error 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S.” – Call for New Hashtag #SimToZero!

  9. Delta College Performs 6 Hour Trauma Simulation Scenario with Local Authorities

Bonus Link:

Here is the Top 10 Most Read Healthcare Simulation Articles
from ever!

7th Annual ASPiH UK Simulation Conference Opens Registration!

Registration is now open for the 2016 Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) UK meeting! This is the 7th annual event from the innovative leaders of healthcare simulation support in the United Kingdom.

Key Event Info:
Mercure Grand Hotel
Bristol, UK
Nov. 15th-17th 2016

Speakers confirmed include Professors:

  • Charles Vincent Patient Safety Lead Oxford
  • Wendy Reid Medical Director HEE
  • Brendan McCormack Head of Division of Nursing Aberdeen.
  • Ed Piele Professor Emeritus in Medical Education University of Warwick

Opening Keynote Address

Dr. John Vozenilek  MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer Jump trading Simulation and Education Centre University of Illinois will be providing the Opening Keynote address.

Prior to his appointment as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Simulation for the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, “Dr. Voz” was the Director of Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning program for the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where he provided central coordination and oversight for the undergraduate, graduate, interdisciplinary, and continuing medical education programs.

Under his direction, the medical school created additional organizational capabilities and infrastructure, building resources for educators who wish to use additional innovative learning technologies for teaching and assessment, measuring success with patient-based outcomes research. In May of 2008, Dr. Vozenilek co-chaired the first Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) – sponsored national consensus conference on using simulation research to define and develop clinical expertise. In his work at Northwestern he served as faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Research and its Center for Patient Safety, and continues to teach within its master’s degree program in health care quality and safety.

Learn more & Register at the ASPiH 2016 Event Page today!

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SESAM 2016 Lisbon Medical Simulation Event Newsletter Update

sesam lisbon 2016

Today HealthySim is sharing a newsletter update from our friends at SESAM who are highlighting the latest developments from their 22nd annual conference taking place in Lisbon 15-17 June! and Founder Lance Baily will be among those providing plenary addresses at the event.

Photo of Lisbon for issue 5

Pre-Conference Workshops

SESAM is happy to announce that our pre-conference workshops are now available to book and they would like to invite all delegates to register to attend. Spaces are limited so you are encouraged to register early for these courses:

  1. Integrating Simulated Patient Methodology in Your Practice
  2. The Role of Pre-Graduate Students Working in Simulation Centres
  3. Pediatric Emergencies – Advanced Simulation Course

Highlighting Scientific Content

sesam 2016 plenarySESAM has three great “State of Art” sessions during SESAM 2016. This week, they would like to share Dr. Fajzal Hagi’s bio as one of their invited speakers.

Dr. Fajzal Hagi is a Chief Resident in Neurosurgery at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry in London, Ontario, Canada.

As a surgeon and educator, Faizal has a passion for improving health services though the innovative and evidence-based use of simulation-based education, both at home and abroad. To that end, his efforts have focused on simulation instructional design, platform and curriculum development, and faculty development in simulation pedagogy in a variety of clinical domains and at a local, national, and international level. Currently, as a member of the IPSS-WFPICCS-Malawi collaboration, he is working with the Malawi Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to strengthen Malawi’s capacity to develop and deliver simulation-based education within the limits of its resource-constraints. The goal of this collaboration is to use simulation and other innovative educational methods to generate sustainable improvements in the delivery of pediatric health services throughout the country.

Social Events

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the oldest in Western Europe, predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by centuries.  According to legend, the location was named for Ulysses, who founded the settlement after he left Troy to escape the Greek coalition. Later, the Greek name appeared in Vulgar Latin in the form Olissipona. Julius Caesar made it a municipium Felicitas Julia, adding to the name Olissipo.

Learn more and register for SESAM 2016 here!

IMSH 2016 Opens in San Diego

imsh 2016

The 16th annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare launched yesterday and the number of new companies entering our space is staggering. Perhaps the reason has something to do with SSH President Chad Epps announcement during the opening ceremonies that this was the most attended IMSH event ever with over 2500 attendees! The opening ceremonies received a standing ovation after a number of champions from around the world shared their personal stories that connected their lives to the opportunities of simulation. It was a fantastic way to remind the community that the end goal of simulation, is the patient safety outcomes that come with improved training and healthier professional communication practices.

HealthySimulation will be interviewing many of the vendors tomorrow so stay tuned for all our upcoming video content highlighting the latest in simulation technologies.

For now, check out these quick announcements that were sent our way:

Operative Experience Strengthens Business with Lou Oberndorf as Significant Investor and Chairman. Learn more here.

New Lap Team Training from 3D Systems (Simbionix)
At IMSH, experience the new high fidelity laparoscopic team training capability that allows several trainees to work on one LAP Mentor procedure simultaneously.
Read More…

Two Places to Witness the Latest in Motion Tracking for Healthcare Applications

At IMSH next week, there are two places to witness the latest in motion tracking for healthcare applications: 1) the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase on Sunday afternoon, and 2) the Polhemus booth, #527. See a live demo of the MicroSensor 1.8, designed specifically for a cardiac catheterization simulator. Complimentary technologies, such as the FastSCAN II 3D laser scanner and the OmniView eye tracker will also be on display.

Be the first to see all that’s new in CAE Healthcare booths #600 and #608!

During the 16th Annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, we will debut a number of never-before-seen patient, surgical, and center management solutions, with new advancements in educational content.

Come explore the latest developments in simulation training technology and partake in compelling, live demonstrations.

  • Follow an intense medical emergency scenario, featuring patient simulators Lucina and METIman
  • Catch round-the-clock demos of our LearningSpace and Replay audiovisual and center management solutions (Booth #608)
  • Witness hyper-realistic surgical cut suit simulations for tactical combat trauma, conducted by Strategic Operations

… and prepare to be amazed by a few surprises!

Laerdal Medical is proud to closely collaborate with these partners. Together, we are able to better understand real user needs so that efficient learning solutions may be implemented locally. We invite you to visit our partner’s booths at IMSH 2016.

American Academy of Pediatrics – Booth #1004 – Discover how our partnership has resulted in collaborative programs and products that contribute to the health and well-being of newborns, infants, and children around the world. Booth #1004

HealthStream – Booth #701: Stop by and ask about HealthStream and Laerdal’s delivery of the new American Heart Association electronic learning solutions for BLS, ACLS, and PALS training.

NLN – Booth #800: Engage with the NLN about collaborative efforts to harness simulation and technology to advance excellence in nursing education including SIRC, SESN, and vSim for Nursing. Booth #800

AHA – Booth #701: Get hands-on with the competency-based RQI training program for high-quality CPR and improved patient outcomes. Learn about the problem of rapid skills decay and the solution that RQI offers.

Blue Street Capital – #800: Connect with our partners from Blue Street Capital who can work with you to find the best financial solution to maximize the benefits of financing and leasing.


Remedy Simulation Group is excited to be attending IMSH 2016 in San Diego! Please come see our new simulation products, review our contract manufacturing options, and meet “Crystal” our Rapid Anatomy™ model. We look forward to talking with you at booth #730!


SynDaver, EMS announce partnership at IMSH

SAN DIEGO – SynDaver Labs and Education Management Services (EMS) have teamed up and plan to showcase their new partnership at theInternational Meeting for Simulation and Healthcare from January 17-20.                        

During the three-day conference the two companies will demonstrate what they believe to be the most medically accurate and comprehensive medical training simulation system built to date. This system will utilize a combination of SynDaver’s flagship Synthetic Patient model and EMS’s SIMULATIONiQ operating platform.

Follow @HealthySim and #IMSH2016 for all the latest!

Supported Organization:

Save the Date: May 9-11 for 8th International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops

The 8th International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW2016) is the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation. The next meeting will take place in Glasgow, Scotland on 9-11 May 2016, and will provide three days of stimulating content, discussion and debate from the evolving world of pediatric simulation.

The keynote speakers always play a crucial role in the sustainability and strength of the IPSS conferences and so here is the list of their 2016 distinguished speakers!

Rhona Flin – Rhona Flin (PhD, FBPsS, FRSE) is Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. Her research examines human performance in high risk industries with projects on leadership, culture, team skills and decision making in healthcare, aviation and the energy industries. She now conducts research and consultancy on managers’ safety leadership and on non-technical skills in surgery and in the oil and gas sector.

Tore Laerdal – Tore Laerdal is Executive Director of the Laerdal Foundation, Chairman of Laerdal Medical, and Managing Director of Laerdal Global Health. In recent years he has focused on helping reduce maternal and newborn mortality in low resource settings. For this purpose Laerdal Global Health has partnered with USAID, NIH, Save the Children, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others in the Helping Babies Breathe alliance and the Survive & Thrive alliance.

Bob Shepton – Bob Shepton has been a Royal Marines Officer, a full time youth leader in the east end of London, and Chaplain to two schools, combining a strong emphasis on outdoor pursuits with the pastoral work.  He pioneered climbing at Lulworth and Portland, and made new rock routes on the Ormes of Llandudno. Voyages include a circumnavigation of the world with school leavers via Antarctica and Cape Horn, and fifteen Atlantic crossings.

Apparently IPSS has already received an impressive number of 203 abstracts for IPSSW2016  — but theres still time to submit poster presentations.

Learn more about IPSS and their 2016 event on their website today!

Save the Date for CAE Healthcare Human Patient Simulation Network HPSN World Event Feb. 2015

HPSN World 2016HPSN World 2016 | Tampa Marriott Waterside | February 16-18, 2016

There’s no better place to be in February than Tampa, Florida. And, there’s no better reason to be in Tampa than to attend HPSN World 2016!

From expert speakers and in-depth discussions on emerging medical simulation technologies, to the widely-anticipated return of the EMS CAE Cup competition, HPSN World 2016 is the ultimate simulation meeting of the year!

Plan to attend CAE Healthcare’s largest Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) conference of the year! HPSN World 2016, the premier Human Patient Simulation Network event, is back and better than ever! Join us in Tampa, FL this February for one of the most important educational networking opportunities for the medical simulation community. With this conference, we hope to strengthen the conversation surrounding healthcare simulation, as we explore a new world of fast changing and innovative solutions for improving the quality of care by “improving the way healthcare learns”.

This year, HPSN World is being reconstructed with all new content and activities for an entirely new experience. The theme of HPSN World 2016 is “Spice it Up.” We chose this theme because it reflects the importance of excitement, innovation, and change. And nowhere is change more relevant than at a Human Patient Simulation Network conference!

Change is the law of life. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. And change is at the core of human patient simulation. At HPSN World 2016, we embrace change at every turn. Whether it is through a hands-on workshop, a simulation-training course led by a CAE Healthcare expert educator, or by interacting with an influencer in the global simulation community, your attendance at this year’s HPSN World conference will change the way you view healthcare simulation forever.

To learn more and register early visit the CAE Healthcare HPSN 2016 Page!