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Hey HealthySim Reader! Just wanted to share that our LinkedIn group just crossed 2,500 members this week, allowing for dynamic conversations between medical simulation champions from around the world. Share your simulation successes and ask questions of the community by connecting today. Through that group you can also sign up there for a daily or weekly digest of articles so you can stay current in between our free monthly newsletters.

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If you don’t have a LinkedIn account I highly recommend it — read my article on”Why Medical Simulation professionals Should Have a LinkedIn Account“. (Hint: It can help your professional career AND your simulation program grow)!

Join us today on the HealthySim LinkedIn Group!

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Konsiderate “Pitches” Tonight at Downtown Las Vegas Mill Demo Day

Today I am happy to report that the Konsiderate team has come together in Las Vegas to “pitch” the company to investors, advisors, entrepreneurs, Zappos team-members, innovators and educators as the culmination of our time at the Downtown Mill Accelerator. (Lance Baily, author of is Co-Founder and COO of Konsiderate). Just under three months ago the company received its first external funding of $25,000 and inclusion into a 3-month accelerator program designed to help the business grow. This evening Jackie Morck, CEO of Konsiderate will be sharing with this wonderful entrepreneurial scene the success our company has had with helping medical simulation purchasers improve their business decisions through the power of peer reviews since launching open beta last June. Jackie will be sharing the story of how Konsiderate connects simulation champions, contributing writers, leading industry vendors and global organizations together to help improve purchasing decisions at healthcare programs around the world.

simulation equipment purchasing reviews

Latest Konsiderate Stats:

  • 1300 Users from over 85 Different Countries
  • Direct API partnership with Society for Simulation in Healthcare with additional organizational partnerships being announced soon
  • Supported by more than 15 vendors since launching subscriptions last December

During the accelerator program, our team met with a number of mentors including successful entrepreneurs like Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Maren Kate of Zirtual, and Jonathan & Danielle Jenkins from Order With Me. We also took workshops from marketers, lawyers, venture capitalists, angel investors, and more. As a startup company we must continue to evolve the company to best match the needs of the community the website serves. During the program two key items became clear to our executive team that I can share today:

1) Over the past year many champions from other simulation industries have seen the power of Konsiderate to help purchasers make better decisions and have repeatedly requested that the company expand the platform of products and services available for review beyond the medical simulation space. To that end, the company will soon be announcing expansion into the connected field of aviation training and simulation.

2) The name brand Konsiderate, while strong, does not fully convey the critical core values our company identified during the program. Jackie will be announcing our new name and branding this evening — so stay tuned for that exciting announcement!

There are several other highlights that we have to wait to mention so follow @konsiderate for all the latest!

Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) About to Launch First US Based Conference

smacc conference

Several simulation champions have recommended to me to spread the word about the Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) Conference, which is having its first international event in Chicago June 23-26, after crossing the Pacific Ocean from Australia. Unfortunately I cannot attend this year as SimGHOSTS Australia occurs on the same dates in Brisbane at the Clinical Skills Development Service, but I wanted to share with you here more about this innovative and highly praised event!

Cliff Reid: Making Things Happen

Why is SMACC different?

The first SMACC event was held on from 11-13 March 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was a tremendous success, with a staggering 700 delegates at start-up. The second meeting (SMACC Gold) doubled in size to almost 1300 delegates and was an event like no other.

The SMACC concept arose from collaboration between a group of critical care websites from around the world that shared common values. The underlying ethos is to provide free online education with open access, in what has come to be known as ‘FOAM’ (Free Open Access Meducation).

The aim of the events was to provide a common forum for critical care practitioners and to provide the best academic content in an innovative and engaging format. Without financial or professional group support, the SMACC organisers took an enormous risk in getting this exciting not-for-profit venture up and running. The SMACC conference is administered under a charitable not-for-profit trust ‘C4’ – (Centre for Critical Care Collaboration). As a charitable trust ‘C4’ is strictly regulated. The organisers and speakers contribute their time free – no individual profits from the charitable trust.

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New K9 Simulator From ITTS to be Showcased at EMSWorld



While browsing products on the website, I came across a new trauma simulator I had never seen before — probably because it is brand new! The innovative folks at Innovative Tactical Technology Solutions (ITTS) have done it again with a new K9 Simulator to help police departments, military squads, or veterinary simulation champions to drill for K9 trauma simulations. I would also recommend EMS training programs consider investment in this learning tool. You may remember that I interviewed ITTS on camera a few years back to learn more about their TOM Manikin, which stands for Tactical Operations Medical Manikin — a product designed by TSgt. Keary Miller, a retired Air Force PJ (Pararescue man) who won the Silver Star for his bravery at the Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan. Watch my interview below to or read the article on TOM Man here. Clearly ITTS knows how to create realistic learning manikins for austere environments.

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Arch Virtual Provides Realistic 3D Designing for Simulation Experiences & Sim Lab Layout


While searching the internet for all things simulation I stumbled upon Arch Virtual, who provides Realistic 3D Environments For Health Care Training.

About Arch Virtual

Health care simulations have become a significant amount of the work we’ve been doing with the Oculus Rift and the Unity3D game engine. We work directly with universities and healthcare institutions to provide real-time virtual simulations of medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency response stations for grant funded and other research-based simulations and training applications. In some cases, we are brought in to create the 3D environment only. In other cases, we develop projects from beginning to end, complete with animation, avatar development, interface and interactive components.

Amplify Training Experience With Guided Simulations As with architectural visualization, virtual medical environments and replicas of hospitals, clinics and emergency response stations present the opportunity to amplify real experiences with guided simulations that replicate substantial representations of the physical world in a virtually interactive manner.

Realistic Guided Simulations With The Oculus Rift We can create any kind of interactivity or customization required to suit the individual needs of each unique project. Equipment can be animated, custom avatars can be developed, additional rooms can be added, etc. We can also custom-brand this particular demo environment for your use, including your logo, splash-image, etc.

Learn more at Arch Virtual’s Healthcare Page!


TODAY: 11AM PT / 2PM ET Live Hangout With Social Media Savvy Nurses!

social media nursing

In just 20 minutes you can “Hangout Live” with +Marsha Battee,+Beth Boynton,+Kathy Quan and+Donna Maheady during our next LIVE Google Hangout, with a little tech help from Nerdy Nurse Brittney Wilson!

These nurses will discuss the ups and downs of social collaboration online and share how you can get the most out of it. If you’re a nurse, nurse educator, or support nurses, this event is for you!

Be sure to also check out these communities and links to continue the social collaboration:

Beth Boynton says about the event “I never planned on being a Social Media expert, but alas I have acquired some expertise! No one can know everything about Social Media or probably any healthcare diagnosis, technology, or treatment options, right? I’m looking forward to this Friday’s Google Hangout at 2pm ET sponsored by Next Wave Connect (NWC), because it will be fun to share some insights and experiences I’ve had AND learn from other nurse experts!”

Join them now by clicking here!

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The Rise of FOAM in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care From

foam simulation

As access to online tools continue to expand around the world, the tenants of open, free and widespread communication continues to evolve healthcare and education. FOAM, or Free and Open Access Medical Education, is a prominent hashtag #FOAMED on twitter, that is supported by blogs like Recently they covered the topic of online peer review systems vs. traditional peer review journals. An interesting conversation which is also affecting healthcare simulation (see recent articles “Helpful Thoughts on In Situ Simulation” and “EMSIMCases Website Provides Free Emergency Medicine Simulation Scenarios, Templates and More!

Article Excerpts:

Over the past 20 years the internet has spawned a huge number of blogs, podcasts, videos and wikis on a countless number of topics and emergency medicine has been no exception.1 At the intersection of social media and critical care the astoundingly popular Free Open-Access Medical Education (FOAM) or #FOAMed movement has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.2 According to Symplur which tracks health care related hashtags there were almost 900 million Twitter impressions containing the #FOAMed hashtag in calendar year 2014.

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Simulated Electronic Fetal Monitor iOS App from University of Tennessee

efm app

Designed by Xueping Li of the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, the Simulated Electronic Fetal Monitor App enables iOS users to design, view and share fetal heart rate and contraction charts and learn the basics of Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) in a fun and intuitive way. The app promises to “make learning a much richer experience by supplementing instruction with demonstration, whether:

  • In a classroom, by yourself or under the guidance of the instructor from their iPad
  • In a simulated learning environment, using standardized patients, or
  • A home, from the comfort of your couch!

EFM is a real-time monitoring system that works with iPad Air and above and is used in obstetric settings during the labor and birth process, which displays fetal heart rates and maternal contractions (if present). Based on the chart patterns, healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, etc.) assess the health of the fetus and identify if and when the baby is in distress and take corrective actions accordingly.

With over 28,000 fetal monitors in use today in the United States alone, there exists a substantial demand for professionals trained to read and interpret EFM. Unfortunately, didactic instruction can be listless and immutable, and hands-on-experience can only be either via live patients in hospitals or expensive medical mannikins.

Our app is a fun and inexpensive way to supplement classroom lectures or simulations using standardized patients.

Get the Student Version for $4.99.
– Learn at your pace, by generating and saving simulations on your iPad
– Participate in group simulations by receiving simulations from other devices

Get the Instructor Version (in-app purchase) for $24.99.
– Use advanced parameters to further tune the charts
– Broadcast simulations to other devices (via Bluetooth) and guide students in interpreting what they see

Learn more on the UTRF website or the App’s Apple homepage!

New Virtual Patient Monitor System from Simulab

simulab vpm

Received an email press announcement yesterday from Simulab announcing a NEW patient monitor system for any low to mid fidelity patient manikin or other healthcare education-based scenario. As a number of Simulab’s products have little to no technical “Hardware” in them, this new software will enable current and future customers to add this additional level of functionality to their training systems. Price at only $1750, this looks to be an affordable way to add pt monitor opportunities to your simulation learning environments. Have you seen my video coverage of Simulab TraumaMan and CentraLineMan? Definitely worth watching on our Simulab page!

Official Simulab Press Announcement:

“Finally, an Affordable Patient Monitor for Manikins”

Simulab announces the release of the VirtualPatientMonitor software system to heighten drama during medical team training simulations

Seattle, WA— June 8, 2015 —Seattle-based medical simulator manufacturer, Simulab, announces the release of the VirtualPatientMonitor, a software system that adds realism to just about any medical simulation training event. Instructors can create a variety of emergency clinical events during a simulation scenario to heighten drama and create a high-stakes environment. This allows the whole medical team to work together to practice team work and procedural accuracy, under stress, without endangering human lives.

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Supported Organization:

Boston Children’s Hospital ‘SIMPeds’ Program Provides Expanded Simulation Resources


At IPSSW 2015 I had the opportunity to learn more about Boston Children’s Hospital’s SIMPeds program, which enables area wide simulation training, testing, networking, and innovative engineering opportunities — as well as consulting for programs with specific needs. Lead by Peter Weinstock MD, PhD, Anesthesia Chair in Pediatric Simulation Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, SIMPeds has recently expanded its programs into a number of key areas encompassing the “SIMPeds Ecosystem”:

simpeds ecosystem

SIMPeds SIM Network division reaches beyond walls to connect Boston Children’s to its families as well as local and regional pediatric healthcare community. Goals of SIM Network are to produce novel mechanisms to cascade BCH “know how” throughout the community as well as to develop sustainable simulation activities to occur on-site to support partnering institutions. Partners include the BCH Network Hospitals, Pre-hospital/EMS, Massachusetts Fire and Police Departments. SIM Network innovatively reaches our families and caregivers by providing pre-discharge SIM education to mitigate anxiety through education and prepare and facilitate easy and safe transitions. SIMPeds can consult to assist with the development of your international simulation center. Click the link below to learn more.

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