Laerdal Launches New LLEAP Software To Customer Base


Just received an email announcing that Laerdal has released LLEAP, aka “Laerdal Learning Application” – a new software platform that will run ALL Laerdal products to current customers.

“In 2015, valued Laerdal customers, are entitled to 1 Free LLEAP license for each compatible simulator you currently own, providing an even greater return on investment.”

About LLEAP:

“LLEAP Software unifies the control of all PC-operated Laerdal simulators. LLEAP brings simplicity to running simulation training and efficiencies to the management and development of scenarios. Implementing LLEAP Software into your current simulation program offers a number of benefits including:

Save Time

LLEAP looks and behaves like a single unified platform, thus reducing time spent training on multiple platforms. System capabilities are fully integrated and ready to use from a variety of interfaces—from PC-operated simulators to standardized patients.

Reduce Cost

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Reduce scenario development time and scenario purchase costs. Scenarios designed for LLEAP or SimPad simulators can be shared with minimal or no additional development time. Use self-authored scenarios orSimStore™ content for a standardized, reproducible training experience.

Improve Efficiency

The LLEAP interface is based on proven SimMan 3G software but incorporates brand new functionality such as faster, more intuitive event registration, automatic updates when connected to the internet, and built-in video tutorials to help simplify simulation for faculty and staff.”

LLEAP Technical Computers:

“Before you begin your transition to LLEAP, you may need to consider refreshing some of your hardware and determining if Technical and Educational Services are needed. Leveraging the expertise of Laerdal solution experts can help ensure a seamless upgrade.”



Learn more about LLEAP on Laerdal’s website!

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Featured Job: Simulation Operations Specialist at Cook Children’s Fort Worth

simulation operations job healthcare texas

Institution: Cook Children’s Health Care System

Title: Simulation Operations Specialist

Location: Fort Worth TX


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The Simulation Operations Specialist will provide technical and instructional support for the day to day operations and is responsible for operating and maintaining sophisticated high, mid, and low fidelity simulation equipment, audio-visual equipment, photo production equipment and computer equipment.  The Simulation Operations Specialist will work in collaboration with department Director, experiential learning specialists, basic and advanced life support educator, clinical educators, information services/information technology and other identified stake holders. Position is Full-Time – 8a-5p (1st Shift).


  • Required Bachelor’s degree with a preference in computer technology or health related field.
  • Required five years of experience in learning based healthcare simulation technology.
  • Required proficiency in the use of audio/visual equipment (i.e., video cameras [GoPro, KB Port, REPLAY], monitors, microphones), including recording, duplication, and editing.
  • Required proficiency with PC applications such as Microsoft Office suite, and MAC applications.
  • Preferred Master’s or Advanced Degree in Technology or Health-related field.
  • Preferred proficiency with Laerdal, Gaumard and CAE patient simulators, software and hardware.
  • Preferred Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS).

For more information about Cook Children’s or to apply, please go to the Cook Children’s Job Posting Page

TODAY: “Improve Faculty Buy-In” Webinar April 22nd 2PM EST Hosted by SimGHOSTS

simulation buy in

SimGHOSTS is hosting a webinar presented by Level 3 Healthcare staff on “Improving Faculty Buy-in” for your simulation programs. Although this presentation will be shared from the perspective of technical staff – it will be applicable to all those looking to improve utilization of simulation by faculty or clinical educators.

Today’s simulation control room is a great place to be innovative, but the challenge that many centers have is the educators who are asked to use these control computers, and AV solutions, are not necessarily comfortable with the high-level of technology being integrated. Simplifying Simulation can improve the faculty buy-in, Level 3 Healthcare shows you how. Presented vy Michael Young Benjamin Campagnola.

Date Time: April 22nd 2PM-3PM EST (TODAY)

About Michael

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H. Michael Young has worked within the healthcare simulation field over the last nine years, first at Tarleton State University (TSU) and most recently for Level 3 Healthcare. In his role at TSU, Michael grew into a role best described as the simulation systems administrator, but like so many of those working in simulation operations enjoyed the more generic title of Simulation Technology Specialist. As an active member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Mr. Young has served on the Board of Directors (2013), sat on the Accreditation Council, and currently serves on the Certification Committee as sub- committee Chair for the Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS). In addition to his responsibilities with Level 3 Healthcare, Mr. Young is also working on his doctorate (Ed.D.) at TSU.

About Ben

Ben Campagnola holds an extensive record of successes engineering and programming large, customized commercial automation systems across a variety of markets. Specializing in the integration of computer software with control automation systems, he brings a new conceptual level of control to the integration industry- mostly focusing on the Python and Crestron programming environments. Experience in electronics and API development help him to utilize new products and technology in ways otherwise unattempted. Ben continually deploys exceptional programming by utilizing clean and standardized coding practices in his never-ending endeavor to create a universal technology environment where communications, AV, and automation seamlessly operate in tandem.

Learn more at the SimGHOSTS Webinar Announcement Page!

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SimGHOSTS Medical Simulation Technology Events Registration Open for Australia, United Kingdom & United States

simghosts 2015

New to operating simulation technology? Looking to share your expertise or sim lab innovations? Ready to connect with peers and learn from your simulation technical community? SimGHOSTS, aka the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists is celebrating its 5-year anniversary with even more hands-on training events around the world in 2015. Join hundreds of other simulation champions who are responsible for selecting, installing, operating, managing, and repairing at the continental event located nearest you:

Australia & Asia Pacific : June 23-26th
Clinical Skills Development Service, Brisbane

United Kingdom & Europe : July 27-29th
Leeds Beckett University & NHS Horizon Leeds, Leeds
Co-Hosted by ASPiH

United States & North America : August 4-7th
Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild Sim Center, Los Angeles

United Arab Emirates & Middle East/Africa : December 1-3rd (Rescheduled)
Location To Be Announced.

Full brochures are now available for the first three events so be sure to visit the links above to learn all about these innovative events. SimGHOSTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those responsible for operating healthcare simulation technology through annual hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development content. Sim Techs, or those responsible for operating simulation technology, who are interested in beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses in the following areas should attend:

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  • Manikin Programming & Hardware Repair
  • A/V System Design, Integration and Consolidation
  • IT Networking & Debugging
  • Trauma & Suturing Moulage Makeup
  • Video Production & Editing Techniques
  • Team Communication & Leadership
  • Medical Pharmacology for Scenarios
  • Career Development & Staff Management

Hear praise from international attendees who attended the 2014 USA event hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians (or check out the Australia testimonials here):

Take advantage of limited-supply early-bird registrations before they sell out! 

SimGHOSTS events are designed to be cost affordable and include free annual subscription to their online resource website (valued at $135.00 USD annually).

“I have been a member of SimGHOSTS since its inception because the skills and support gained from this community year after year have been invaluable. Connecting to global peers through the SimGHOSTS in-person hands-on training events and online community has enabled me to take our simulation department to new heights of success.” -UCLA Simulation Technology Specialist Christian Cannady

Visit to learn more.

The Mill Invests $25K and 3 Month Mentorship Program Into Konsiderate Medical Simulation Purchase Review Website

the mill downtown las vegas

This week, began a 3 month mentorship program with Downtown Las Vegas’ The Mill program after receiving its first external investment of $25,000 to support the improvement of medical simulation purchase decisions through validated community reviews.

The Mill Startup Accelerator helps seed-stage companies focused on developing an exceptional customer service culture. The program team and mentor network work together to accelerate a startup’s growth. Participants gain access to a team of mentors from around the country, including Las Vegas based entrepreneur Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivery Happiness. Konsiderate joins fellow startups Zora, FlutterBox, CastOff and Document Prove Up in this first startup cohort.

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With over 1,000 simulation champions and fifteen industry vendors from around the world already participating, in just over a year Konsiderate has already become the leading community resource website for those looking to make better purchasing decisions through shared knowledge. Jackie Morck, CEO of Konsiderate, said about the Mill that “Our small team is extremely excited to be working directly with such successful startup entrepreneurs and we look forward to accelerating the development of our company alongside our fellow cohorts.”

Learn more through the Official Mill Announcement and start writing and reading reviews at Konsiderate today!

iSimulate CTGi System Enables Real Time Obstetric Simulations | IMSH 2015 Video Interview

ctgi ipad training

At IMSH 2015 we interviewed the team from iSimulate regarding their upgraded CTGi software which enables us to better train for OB/GYN scenarios. The “drag and drop” touch software of iSimulate is incredible — making scenario editing on the fly as easy as a single touch. Watch our video interview below to see more:

About iSimulate’s CTGi:

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CTGi provides an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package. Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of CTGi makes it ideal for in-situ training. CTGi gives facilitators a great tool for training and students an incredibly realistic platform to learn from. CTGi offers obstetric simulation as you’ve never seen it before, built off technology you use every day.

CTGi Features:

  • World’s first tablet based, real time cardiotocography simulation technology
  • Powered by iSimulate’s realistic, intricate and powerful ActiveWave technology
  • Create and run realistic simulations quickly and easily
  • Review, annotate and teach
  • Name, save and replay scenarios and traces for teaching
  • Ultra-intuitive and feature driven
  • Turn your low fidelity situation into a high fidelity simulation
  • Use CTGi to create hours of traces

Learn more by visiting today!

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Real Time Conversations with Barbie Demonstrate Potential of Interactive Communication with Our Simulated Manikins

patient communication simulation

I predict that one day in the near future, our healthcare simulation manikins will talk back to us automatically, without needing a clinical instructor to act as the voice of the patient. Think I watch too many sci-fi movies? Check out this NY Times article on a Wi-Fi Barbie “with the soul of Siri”, which enables children playing with the toy to speak with Barbie and receive cloud-based interactive, memory-supported conversations.

“Founded in 2011, ToyTalk already produces popular animated conversational apps — among them the Winston Show and SpeakaZoo — that encourage young children to engage in complex dialogue with a menagerie of make-believe characters. Now the company’s technology, originally designed for two-dimensional characters on-screen, is poised to power tangible playthings that children hold in their hands.

This fall, Mattel plans to introduce Hello Barbie, a Wi-Fi enabled version of the iconic doll, which uses ToyTalk’s system to analyze a child’s speech and produce relevant responses.

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To develop a system that could both understand a child’s comments and say something engaging back, the company built its own platform to process spoken language — one tailored to the pitch of children’s voices, their prosody and vocabulary. Now, for instance, when a child says “totes jelly” to a ToyTalk app, the language processor understands the phrase actually means: “I’m totally jealous.””

Besides carrying on a conversation, Hello Barbie can play games and tell jokes and stories. Throughout it all, Barbie will be picking up on likes and dislikes, remembering to use what she’s learned in future conversations. That’s right—not only can Barbie now be your best friend, she’s probably a better listener than most of your real friends, too!”

Why couldn’t this same technology be adopted for healthcare-patient engagements, offering learners the opportunity to engage with simulated patients without the need for a clinical educator (of the same age and gender)?

Read the full NY Times article A Wi-Fi Barbie Doll With the Soul of Siri

How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView from Juri Bendini

exporting laerdal cpr results

Juri Bendini, Technical Manager & Educational Services Specialist at Laerdal Italia, recently shared on his blog on “How to export Quality-CPR (QCPR) data from simulation sessions with SimMan 3G and SimView”. In his detailed article with photo walk-thru Juri shows us how we can export these results into a spreadsheet and even display these results in real time to the learner!

“From November 2013 till December 2014, I attended simulation sessions taken in a hospital for training all the hospital staff involved in emergencies. It was a blended case of In Situ Simulation training. At the end of that training, the instructors were so excited by this way of training they appreciated to get the chance for getting data about the CPR performances done by the learners during those simulation sessions.

At the end of every single session, CPR data from each session with SimMan 3G has been available for being evaluated by the instructors. But how to export those QCPR data from a debriefing file?

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SimView system allows you to export the Simulation Activity File for watching it with Session Viewer. Using Session Viewer you can print out the log file alone, so you get all the session’s data in a PDF format. If you’d rather to get them in a different format, then you must convert that PDF file. When you’ve more than one file, converting them one by one it’s a really boring activity: or you can find a method for converting all together at once.”

Read the full How To Guide here on Juri’s Blog and be sure to follow him at @PecoraNera1 for more great simulation tips today!

‘Fundamentals of AV Workshop’ Pre-Con at IPSSW 2015 May 3rd in Vacouver

medical simulation a/v systems

Looking to learn how integrate audiovisual systems and processes into your healthcare simulation program? Are you new to the technology, production techniques, or lab design? Join myself and other SimGHOSTS leadership for our comprehensive “Fundamentals of A/V” pre-conference workshop at the International Pediatric Society Symposium and Workshop May 3rd in beautiful Vancouver Canada!ipssw 2015

In this workshop SimGHOSTS Founder and Executive Director Lance Baily teams up with SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling and SimGHOSTS Vice President Ferooz Sekandarpoor to cover the ins and outs of audiovisual technology and its use in healthcare simulation. Drawing on their experiences in Hollywood, higher education media technology and simulation center design, this dynamic team will use hands on demonstrations and activities to explore the many factors when choosing, installing and operating the latest in audiovisual technology. The workshop will cover four major topics: components to an A/V system, overview of major simulation A/V platforms, simulation A/V design concepts and the basics of shooting video.

Simulation centers use audiovisual technology to record and stream video content; This requires many technological components which are often locked behind cabinets and in closets. In the first third of this workshop, the doors will be pulled wide open as we look at cameras, mixers, cables, speakers and more. Get your hands on many pieces of hardware and learn how equipment from multiple manufacturers work together to create an audiovisual recording system.

In order to have a successful simulation program, a center must have a robust and reliable audiovisual streaming and recording system. These A/V systems are a significant investment, so how does a simulation center staff select the appropriate solution to handle their needs? How do you seamlessly integrate this critical technology into your center? What other technological systems must be considered when designing the A/V system for a simulation center? Discussion will cover the types of simulation labs (OR Type, ICU type and Ward type, Skills lab), proper layout/standard layout, Audio Video infrastructure, IT requirements and incorporating telemedicine. The audience will learn the tips and techniques that are required to design or retrofit their simulation spaces.

For the final section of the workshop, the presenters will discuss the basics of video and audio recording, including cinematography and other Hollywood techniques. Participants will then divide into small groups and have the opportunity to film short movies. A final discussion will cover video editing and how simple, free or cheap software can allow simulation centers to create their own training and orientation videos.

Target Audience

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Professionals working in simulation who utilize audio or video equipment to stream, transmit or record simulation exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the required and optional components to an A/V capture system
  • Compare and contrast the types of A/V system designs suitable for simulation
  • Demonstrate proper video and audio recording techniques
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities unique to A/V solutions in simulation
  • Assess your own center’s A/V system(s) flexibility, capability, and usability.

Learn more about the course on the IPSSW 2015 Pre-Con Workshop Page!

About IPSSW 2015:

Join renowned and global experts in the world’s largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation for three days of in-depth discussion on the role simulation plays to provide safe and effective care to sick children and infants, and the continued evolution and expansion of pediatric simulation across the globe. IPSSW2015 will feature distinguished international speakers from a range of industries with important in-sights applicable to our practice. Don’t miss an inspiring conference with unmatched networking and knowledge exchange in hands-on workshops, roundtable sessions, special interest groups and poster presentations!

Click here to Register Today for this IPSSW Pre-Con Event!

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Our Medical Simulation Newsletter Crossed Over 3,000 Monthly Subscribers!

medical simulation newsletter

This week is pleased to announce we crossed a new milestone — over 3,000 email subscribers to our free medical simulation newsletter! HealthySim started in April of 2010 with just 30 readers a month, and has continued to grow ever since with an average of over 9,000 unique visitors monthly from 209 different countries. With more than 752 articles published and over 100 medical simulation youtube videos totaling more than 60,000 views, we want to thank you for continuing to support and read this unique community resource website.

healthcare simulation newsletter

Can you guess what has been the most clicked article from our five years of newsletter writing?
It was the Top 50 Medical Simulation Articles from 2014!

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