B-Line Medical

B-Line Medical is a Washington D.C. based company that provides medical simulation centers around the world with digital recording systems and learning management solutions.  B-Line Medical was formed in 2005 around the development of their first product Clinical Skills, a standardized patient encounter audiovisual and management system.  Since then B-Line Medical has expanded their product base to include other software systems which support the process of capturing medical simulation learning environments.  B-Line Medical is now in more than nine countries with solutions that have helped over 185 healthcare based programs ranging from medical schools, nursing schools and hospitals. The mission statement of B-Line Medical is “to enhance training and improve patient safety by providing the best tools for data capture, visualization and analysis”.

B-Line Medical

Audiovisual recording and real-time playback of unfolding simulation scenarios is an important aspect of medical simulation.  While a single learner may be engaged with a manikin during a high-fidelity patient simulation, the rest of their group can watch and evaluate the learner performance without entertaining “tunnel vision”.  Playback of simulation in healthcare experiences helps learners gain a “birds-eye” perspective of the simulated scenario they just experienced providing them with an expanded understanding with regards to their patient’s care.  Facilitators of healthcare simulation can track learner performance over time by utilizing B-Line’s tracking software to indicate correct or incorrect behaviors.  B-Line Medical has elaborate reporting software that helps healthcare educators track and reflect on their training methods and learner successes. B-Line Medical has developed three primary products: SimCapture, SimBridge and Clinical Skills.

Clinical Skills allows for the management and recording of high-stakes standardized patient exams.  Utilizing web-based software clinical educators can build exam protocols and procedures in preparation for a large-scale testing event.  Developed exam templates can be saved for future use. In addition to the exam terminals themselves, Clinical Skills can also support the integration of cameras and microphones in-order to link educators with real-time or recorded encounters.

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SimBridge is the medical simulation management solution developed by B-Line Medical.  This LDAP-ready solution allows for the management of recording and assessment activities as well as the scheduling and integration of curriculum evaluations.

B-Line Medical’s SimCapture is their web-based software for capturing real-time playback of simulation in healthcare experiences.  SimCapture is a universal recording system that works independently outside of your manikin brand.  Real-time tracking of learner performance is captured through annotations made on a moving time-line.  Recently B-Line Medical announced mobile app control of the SimCapture recording process.

B-Line Medical supports the development of medical simulation through their attendance and sponsorship of leading simulation-based conferences, collaborative relationships with manikin manufacturers, as well as a robust and on-call technical support team.

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