B-Line Medical

B-Line Medical is a Washington D.C. based company that provides medical simulation centers around the world with digital recording systems and learning management solutions.  B-Line Medical was formed in 2005 around the development of their first product Clinical Skills, a standardized patient encounter audiovisual and management system.  Since then B-Line Medical has expanded their product base to include other software systems which support the process of capturing medical simulation learning environments.

B-Line Medical

Audiovisual recording and real-time playback of unfolding simulation scenarios is an important aspect of medical simulation.  While a single learner may be engaged with a manikin during a high-fidelity patient simulation, the rest of their group can watch and evaluate the learner performance without entertaining “tunnel vision”.  Playback of simulation in healthcare experiences helps learners gain a “birds-eye” perspective of the simulated scenario they just experienced providing them with an expanded understanding with regards to their patient’s care.

B-Line Medical, the first to bring web-based video capture and debriefing to the healthcare simulation industry, has been dedicated to improving health outcomes for over 10 years. We provide the most trusted and easy-to-use web-based platforms to help healthcare learners, educators and providers enhance patient safety and improve the delivery of care. The choice of more top-tier healthcare institutions than any other solution with a 98% client retention, our 100% web-based platforms are installed in 350+ institutions in 18 countries and focus on the capture, debrief and assessment of healthcare simulation training and live clinical events.

B-Line Medical’s SimCapture platform is a scalable solution that enhances simulation and standardized patient center operations and management. It allows for secure, high quality video capture with data integration, immediate debriefing and robust reporting. The SimCapture platform automates the manual and time consuming processes involved with running, evaluating and reporting on simulated events.

B-Line Medical’s LiveCapture platform is a solution focused on improving patient safety and enhancing quality improvement programs. LiveCapture records multiple video feeds, medical device data and QI checklists in a single, hospital network-based interface for real-time or post event debriefing and analysis.

SimCapture and LiveCapture accept the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry. B-Line Medical recently announced the integration of first-person point-of-view recording via Google Glass, and will continue to expand its portfolio to incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies.

B-Line Medical also offers numerous additional services; the company’s in-depth experience with simulation center design and management has helped many clients develop successful simulation programs. These professional services include: simulation center design consulting, audiovisual design and vendor management, onsite or web-based training, custom training videos and documentation, data migration and population, and a robust and on-call technical support team.

B-Line Medical supports the development of medical simulation through their attendance and sponsorship of leading simulation-based conferences like SimGHOSTS, collaborative relationships with manikin manufacturers, as well as a robust and on-call technical support team.

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