Laerdal is one of the world’s premiere vendors of medical simulation and clinical education equipment.  Laerdal began their mission to “help save lives” in 1960 with the invention of the CPR training manikin called Resusci Anne.  For over fifty years, Laerdal Medical has provided the global healthcare community with clinical task training and high fidelity manikin products ranging from the Laerdal pocket mask to the Laerdal SimMan.  The company boasts more than 1400 employees in over 20 countries with as many as 50 international distributors.


Laerdal has partnered with key medical and public healthcare societies, such as the American Heart Association and the National League for Nursing, to provide educational curriculum for healthcare students and professionals.  To provide easy access to these simulation scenarios, Laerdal has teamed up with HealthStream to develop SimCenter – an online learning management system that can provide educational solutions for your medical simulation center.  Laerdal Medical supports healthcare education training in a range of fields including EMS, military, hospital, nursing, and voluntary organizations just to name a few.

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This Norwegian-based company continues to be a pioneer in the industry of medical simulation.  Almost every year Laerdal Medical Corporation unveils a new technology that will forever change the face of healthcare simulation.  Some of Laerdal’s most recent innovative products have been the SimMan, SimPad and SimStore.  Laerdal ensures their product interfaces are intuitive and user-friendly all while providing the maximum in durability and quality. provides several resources for the global medical simulation community including regional and national SUN meetings, support for the world’s leading healthcare simulation-based organizations, on-site training opportunities as well as online forums boards.

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