Medical Simulation News From Around the World

healthcare simulation news from around the world

General Surgery News: Surgeon Suggests Combo Approach When Training For Robotic Bariatric Surgery – “When we start getting a sense of what movements (in robotic surgery) generate good outcomes, we can start grading surgeons through simulation, putting them on a simulator before they even operate,” said Dr. Wilson. “We can continue to grade them while they operate.”

NCBI: Factors relating to the perceived management of emergency situations: A survey of former Advanced Life Support course participants’ clinical experiences – “The results of this survey emphasise that ALS providers’ perceived ability to apply ALS skills were substantially affected by teamwork skills and co-workers’ skills. Team related factors associated with successful outcome were related to clear role distribution, clear inter-personal communication and attentive listening, as well as respectful behaviour and positive team atmosphere. Although intensity of setting was attributed to ability to apply ALS principles, this did not affect management of emergency situations to the same extent as individual and team factors.”

National Defense Magazine: Simulation, Training Industry Executives Optimistic About Future – “The reality we’re arriving at is that the modeling, simulation and training industry actually offers a lot of mitigation for declining budgets and [opens] opportunities for warfighters to hone their capabilities in a virtual environment, in a much more fiscally responsible way,” Naval Air Captain Etz said. The division has found that there is often a 10:1 cost ratio between training live and training in a simulated environment. Live exercises are important and necessary, but virtual can also enhance them, he said.”

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Federal Times: Simulation is the real thing for Air Force training – “The defense sector’s interest in simulation capabilities is surging, with the confluence of improved technologies and shrinking defense budgets creating a perfect storm of interest from the Pentagon, in particular, the US Air Force.”

The Lantern: Simulation Encourages Students to Think About Hardships of Poverty – “Members of the OSU student organization Buckeye Civic Engagement Connection led a poverty simulation for OSU students Tuesday to expose them to what it might be like to live in poverty in Ohio’s capital. The simulation was hosted by student service group Pay It Forward as part of the month-long Battle Against Hunger initiative. “The poverty simulation is an interactive three-hour program that allows participants to begin to think about poverty and discuss how communities can address (these) problems collectively,” Pay It Forward adviser Jake Cohen said in an email.”

NPR: Anesthesia Miracle: No Power, No Oxygen Tanks, No Problem – “The result was a prototype for the Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM), which delivers anesthesia without oxygen tanks or the need of stable power grid. The device sucks regular air from a room using a compressor and turns it into purified oxygen for a patient’s lungs. The UAM uses electricity when it’s available, but if the power goes off, a healthcare worker can run the machine with a hand-powered pump on top. At the same time, an electronic display, which tracks the amount of oxygen the patient receives, can switch to a ten-hour backup battery.”

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